Snowflake Style Advent Calendar
(with Polly)
Product #C5542

Note: Like last year, the 2004 Advent Calendar seems to have been sold primarily in Great Britain, with very limited distribution in Canada and the United States.

purple and white dress
magenta and white dress
magenta and white coat
pink and white top
pink and white skirt
coral and purple top
coral and lavender pants
dark pink and white top
dark pink and white pants
blue and green top
blue and green pants
purple, green, and white jacket
purple and white pants
turquoise, magenta, and white cape
turquoise and white pants
green and blue goggles
pink and white pair of mittens
blue pair of shoes
purple pair of boots
magenta pair of boots
purple and white pair of boots
turquoise pair of boots
pink and silver pair of skates
blue and white snowboard
green, purple, and burgandy skis