Club Groove
Polly and Shani with Par-tay Bus
Product #C5847

magenta and aqua top
aqua and magenta top
pink and black top
aqua and pink top
black and magenta top
pink and black top
magenta and aqua skirt
pink skirt
magenta and aqua skirt
aqua and black pants
pink pants
black pair of shoes
magenta pair of shoes
magenta pair of shoes
aqua pair of boots
black pair of boots
black hat
pink purse
aqua purse
black purse
aqua purse
silver sunglasses
black sunglasses
aqua heart necklace
aqua studded necklace
pink star barrette x2
pink flower barrette x2
silver headphones
silver disc x2
aqua plate x2
pink bottle x2
magenta sponge applicator
green mirror
green brush
green comb
magenta case
pink towel
magenta and aqua popcorn maker
pink popcorn bowl
silver disco ball
aqua tuffet seat
black chair x2
pink stand
green stand w/ pink rope x2
horizontal green clothing hanger x2
vertical green clothing hanger x2
cardboard menu
magenta light-up dancefloor
blue, pink, magenta, and green transforming bus