Club Groove
Lea with Glamour Lounge
Product #C5849

lavender, coral, and yellow dress
coral and yellow top
coral and yellow pants
lavender and coral top
lavender and blue pants
lavender pair of shoes
coral pair of shoes
lavender hat
coral purse
coral and aqua pomander
pink bottle
pink bottle
pink bottle
pink bottle
aqua bottle
aqua bottle
aqua bottle
aqua bottle
pink and aqua pot
blue cosmetics case
pink tissue box
white tissue
lavender sponge applicator
pink brush
magenta flower barrette x2
horizontal magenta clothing hanger x2
vertical pink clothing hanger x2
pink make-up case
lavender case
purple hook x4
pink stool/chair
aqua drawer/chair (right side)
aqua drawer/chair (left side)
blue, aqua, pink, and purple vanity
magazine cover