Hip Hot Convertible (Dark Blue)
(with Polly)
Product #C0792

Note: Items marked with a * are the same as those included with the Pink Hip Hot Convertible.

dark blue convertible
*tan and brown dog
*orange and blue top
*orange and blue skirt
*blue and dark pink top
blue and dark pink shorts
*light pink and purple top
*purple and light pink shorts
*purple pair of shoes
blue pair of boots
*light pink pair of shoes
*orange and blue dog sweater
blue and dark pink dog cape
*light pink and purple dog sweater
blue pair of sunglasses
*orange pair of sunglasses
*purple cell phone
*purple, orange, and pink pinwheel hubcap cover x4
*purple, pink, and blue flower hubcap cover x4
*purple, orange, and pink star hubcap cover x4
*purple, orange, and pink pinwheel mirror decoration
*purple, pink, and blue flower mirror decoration
*purple, orange, and pink star mirror decoration
*sheet of stickers (10 stars, 7 pinwheels, and 7 flowers)