Groovy Getaway Jet (Blue)
(with Polly)
Product #B2627

brown dog
purple and white dress
pink and aqua top
pink and aqua skirt
teal and orange top
teal and orange skirt
purple pair of shoes
teal pair of shoes
pink hat
teal video camera
orange pillow
orange blanket
yellow suitcase
yellow headphones
yellow cell phone
pink coffee maker
pink coffee cup
pink pail of ice
horizontal yellow clothing hanger x2
vertical yellow clothing hanger x2
yellow clothing rack
yellow and pink serving cart
teal chair x2
orange seatbelt x2
green and brown palm tree
tan and blue island in ocean
cardboard meal tray x3
roll of stickers (2 each of pink flower, orange and
yellow sun, pink and blue surfboard, and tan starfish)