Mermaid Stars
Polly with Aquarium
Product #G8602

Note: This set was recalled by Mattel in 2007. For more information, go to the Mattel website.

aqua dolphin
green and pink fish
yellow and blue fish
orange and white fish
purple, pink, and green mermaid top
purple and green mermaid fin
orange and blue swimsuit top
orange swimsuit bottom
blue swimsuit top
blue swimsuit bottom
purple swimsuit top
purple swimsuit bottom
blue pair of shoes
blue bag
blue and orange visor
orange sunglasses
purple necklace
purple necklace
yellow necklace
yellow necklace
orange necklace
purple bracelet x2
orange bracelet
purple fish comb
purple seahorse comb
orange bottle
yellow clothing hanger
orange clothing hanger
aquarium, pool, and elevator playset