Dazzlin' Pet Show
Rick with Magic Rabbits
Product #B7082

Note: This set was recalled by Mattel in 2007. For more information, go to the Mattel website.

yellow and aqua bunny x2
light pink and pink bunny
orange and white top
black and white pants
red, orange, and white top
blue and orange pants
blue cape
black pair of shoes
red and orange bunny vest
blue and red bunny vest
orange and white bunny vest
red bunny tophat
blue bunny bowtie
orange bunny flower
orange trophy
orange wand
red and orange magic hat
red and lavender hat base
horizontal orange clothing hanger x2
vertical orange clothing hanger x2
green, blue, and lavender cardboard sign
lavender, green, and red table
green, aqua, and purple magic closet