Sporty Style Lea
Product #H1538

Note: This set was recalled by Mattel in 2007. For more information, go to the Mattel website.

The Quik-Clik clothes are hard plastic two-piece items with magnets that attach to the dolls; so each fashion item consists of a front and a back piece.

dark pink, blue, and white dress
blue top
blue and dark pink skirt
lavender and green top
lavender and green pants
green, white, and lavender top
green and lavender shorts
dark pink and white top
dark pink and blue pair of shoes
lavender pair of shoes
dark pink visor
blue and dark pink hat with orange hair
orange and dark pink hair attachment x2
orange hair attachment x2
dark pink clothing hanger (tops) x2
dark pink clothing hanger (bottoms) x2
orange mannequin stand
transparent blue and transparent orange shelf system
with dark pink and lavender beaded curtain
cardboard prop: orange drink tray
cardboard prop: green, purple, and pink backpack
cardboard prop: white soccer ball
cardboard prop: pink and purple tennis raquet