So Hot Snapshots
(with Polly and Lila)
Product #G8622

blue and light pink dress
light pink, pink, and green dress
green and pink top
green and pink skirt
pink, light pink, and aqua top
aqua and pink skirt
orange and pink top
orange skirt
orange, pink, and green top
orange and light pink skirt
light pink and pink pants
green and purple top
purple and green pants
green and purple pants
purple pair of boots
purple pair of shoes
light pink and pink pair of shoes
green pair of shoes
pink pair of shoes
orange pair of shoes
green pair of shoes
blue pair of shoes
blue and pink camera
light pink photo booth
roll of stickers for camera
roll of stickers for photo booth
4 sticker sheets
4 cardboard pictures
pink, purple, and light pink picture frame
lavender sticker album