Spring-tastic Basket
with Polly, Lila, and Lea
Product #J9827

Note: This set was a Target exclusive.

white bunny
pink bunny
yellow bunny
lavender bunny
blue chick
white lamb
magenta and blue dress
pastel aqua and pink dress
yellow and orange dress
blue and pastel aqua dress
lavender and blue dress
pink dress
orange top
orange and pastel aqua skirt
blue top
blue skirt
light pink and white top
light pink skirt
magenta pair of shoes
pastel aqua pair of shoes
yellow pair of shoes
blue pair of shoes
lavender pair of shoes
pink pair of shoes
orange pair of shoes
blue pair of shoes
light pink pair of boots
magenta purse
pastel aqua purse
lavender purse
yellow egg basket
pastel aqua egg basket
lavender egg basket
pink and purple hat
blue and aqua hat
yellow and orange hat