11 Apr 2016: I'm alive! Cleaned up some dead links and added a link to this spreadsheet of Polly sets.

February 27, 2011: 2008 sets added - Designables Lofts, Designables Courtyard, Designables Convertibles, Designables Perfect Parties, and Pop 'n Swap Dance Party and Sleepover Party were added. Updates are going to slow down again as I concentrate on other projects that are also near and dear to my heart. Hang in there!

January 25, 2011: 2008 sets added - Ultimate Pool Party series, Shimmer 'n Splash Polly and Lila, Designables Shops, Pop 'n Swap Sample, Disco, Beach, City, Dance, Sport, and Superset added. Pictures for the previous update were uploaded also - oops!

January 11, 2011: 2008 sets added - Sparklin' Pets Pirouette Pairs, Sparklin' Pets Purses, Sparklin' Pets Playsets, Puppy Parade, Ride Together Ranch Giftset, Sea Chic Boutique, Fabtastic Fashions, and Mega Mall.

January 7, 2011: "New" sets for 2008 added - Sparklin' Pets Duets Series 1-3, Sparklin' Pets Mini Sets, Sparklin' Pets Mini Dress-Up Sets, Sparklin' Pets Fashions Series 1-2.

December 22, 2010: This is the first update in too long to think about! The 2005 Sleepover Kerstie set has been added; 2007 now has the Sparkle Style House, Glitz 'n Glam Pets Superset, and Totally Fab Helmet.

May 23, 2008: Glitches and dead links throughout the site have been fixed.

April 23, 2008: The guide has now been updated through 2007.

April 8, 2008: Mega huga update! I uploaded nearly a thousand new files today - and there is still loads more to do! Glitches are still being worked out.

January 16, 2006: Rainy Day Version 2; Sparkly Snowflakes Crissy and Shani; Flower Friends Polly, Lea, and Lila; Dial-A-Style Lila and Lea; Limo-Scene with Polly; Fountain Falls with Polly, Double-Decker Hot Tub with Lila, and Tropicool Pool with Crissy; Aqua and Purple Fashion Cruisers; Skate Date (Recolored); and Like 2 Bike sets have been added.

January 3, 2006: Tropicool Polly, Lila, and Lea; Compact Chicks Shani; Snow Cool Ski Shop with Drew, Sleigh Day with Lila, Winter Cruiser with Polly and Rick, and Hotel with Polly; Quik-Clik Movie Time with Lila, Pool Party with Lea, and House of Style with Polly; Adorable Storable Closet in Green/Purple and Purple/Green; Hel-car-pter in Green/Purple; Cool Concert (Recolored); Small Sets w/ Cosmetics Polly, Lila, and Shani; Small Sets w/ Presents Polly, Lila, and Shani; Assortment C5519 Polly; Snowman Styles; Advent Calendar; Sparkly Snowflakes Polly; Cruise 'n Carry Giftset; Party Surprise Polly #1, Lila, Lea, Polly #2, Polly #3, and Shani; Stylin' Pose Polly at the Shops, Lila Swims in the Sea, Rick as a DJ, Shani at the Beach, Polly at the Party, Lea at the Ballet; and Pet Boutique Lila and Polly have been added. Also, each year has been given its own page to reduce clutter!

December 18, 2005: So Hot Snapshots with Polly and Lila; Rainy Day with Polly, Lila, and Lea; Sister Style Polly and Polly and Kate and Lila and Courtney; 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza with Polly and Pia; and Compact Chicks Polly, Lila, and Lucy have been added.

August 29, 2005: Adorable Storable Case in Green and Purple; Adorable Storable Gift Set; Poolin' Around with Polly and Todd; Accessory Sets Hats, Purses, and Shoes; Shimmer-Rings Polly, Kerstie, and Shani; Happenin' Handbags Polly, Lila, and Shani; Spring Stylin' Polly, Lila, and Lea; Postcard Pals Polly, Lila, Marisa, and Kayla; Total SweetHearts! Polly, Lea, Lila, and Shani; Camping Out with Polly and Crissy; Fab Flower with Polly and Lila; and Pajama Promo Polly have been posted.

January 21, 2005: Adorable Storable, too! in Pink, Orange, and Yellow; Quick-Clik Boutique with Polly, City Pretty Lila, Sporty Style Lea, and Totally Zen Shani; and Year-Round Style have been added.

January 20, 2005: Paw-some Pets; Hip Hot Convertible in Lavender and Dark Blue; small pet sets Polly, Lila, and Rick; Snow-Day Sleigh; Snowflake Style Advent Calendar; Adore-naments Polly, Lila, and Lea; Heli-car-pter in Orange/Pink and Pink/Blue; Car-Go Playset; Fruity Cuties Polly & Ana and Lila & Lea; and Mermaid Stars Polly, Kerstie, and Lea have been added.

January 16, 2005: Rock 'n Roller Coaster Hotel; Club Groove Par-tay Bus and 2 Shop Stop; Plushious Fashions Polly and Lila; Backstage with Polly, Lila, and Shani; Pet Friends Gift Set; BBQ For Two; Fashion Beach Game; Weekend Getaway Polly, Lila, and Todd; Recolored Fabulous Fashions Polly, Lila, and Lea; Sparkle Stars Polly, Lila, Lea, and Ana; and the Glitterific Boutique have been added.

July 26, 2004: Stylin' Scooters #3; Skate Date; Spring Day Polly, Lila, and Lea; Relaxin' Resort Lila, Lea, and Shani; and Club Groove Lea and Lila have been added.

March 28, 2004: Hip Holidays Polly, Lila, and Lea added.

March 6, 2004: Newly added: Dare to Hair Lea; Surf 'n Sun Studio; Groovy Getaway Jet (Blue); and Springtime Flair Polly, Lea, and Lila.

February 4, 2004: Dare to Hair Shani; Flower Power Lea; Boutique to Go (Purple Bag); and Dazzlin' Pet Show Polly, Kerstie, Rick, and Lea have been added.

January 24, 2004: Winter Cool Polly, Lila, Ana, and Shani; Blue and Pink Hip Hot Convertibles; Hip Horses Honey Coat, Curly 'Do, Fancy Frills, and Sassy Socks; Dare to Hair Lila, Stretch-U.V., and Totally Video; Pajama Jam Polly and Lila; Wild Waves Polly, Ana, Kerstie, and Lea; Picnic to Go; and Flower Power Polly, Lila, and Rick have all been added.

January 21, 2004: The following sets have been posted: Designer Mall Shops Lila, Lea, and Ana; and 2-Packs Masquarade Party, Dream Wedding, and Beach Day.

January 17, 2004: The following sets have been posted: Ride-Together Ranch Giftset; Happy Polly-Days Polly, Lila, and Lea; Advent Calendar; Movie Time!; Perfect Picnic with Red S.U.V.; Recolored Stylin' Scooters; Recolored Dance World; Recolored Surprise Party!; and Recolored Ride-in-Style Ranch.

November 12, 2003: Variant Styles-to-Go Hearts and Flowers Purses items, Summer Style Polly and Lea, light pink Fashion Convertible, Cool Concert backpack, Recolored Costume Party Polly, Lila, and Lea, and the green-bag Boutique to Go have been added.

September 15, 2003: Summer Style Lila, Ride-in-Style Ranch, Holiday Dazzle, Recolored Style Scene Polly, Ana, Shani, and Rick, Fabulous Fashions Polly, Lila, and Lea, Glitter Flair Polly, Lila, Lea, and Shani, and the aqua Fashion Convertible have been added. I am in desperate need of Summer Style Lea!

September 1, 2003: I'm behind again! Eek! The magenta Snacktime Scooter, Pet Friends Polly, Lea, Ana, and Rick, dark blue, green, and dark pink S.U.V.'s, and the Designer Mall have been added. More are on the way! Also, see the note on the index page about contributing $$$ to this site to make it more accessible to everyone.

July 4, 2003: The recolored Trendy Townhouse sets, purple Rock n' Pop Stretch Limo, Groovy Getaway Jet, and Groovy Getaway Suitcase Surprises have been added.

June 16, 2003: The four Style Scene and four Stylin' Travel sets have been added.

April 17, 2003: The blue Snacktime Scooter, three Eggstraordinary sets, three Salon Day sets, and CD case have been added.

February 13, 2003: The Surprise Party! and Red Fashion Convertible have been added.

February 5, 2003: The Trendy Townhouse, Trendy Townhouse packs, blue Fashion Convertible, and Stylin' Scooters have been added.

January 5, 2003: Polly Holiday and the Sports Stars have been added.

December 21, 2002: The following sets have been added: recolored Shopping Spree, the Rock 'n Pop Concert Stages, the Rock 'n Pop Stretch Limo, and all the 2-packs.

December 18, 2002: More sets have been added: the recolored Happenin' Pet Pals, Sleepover Party Fashion Pack, the Cool Careers dolls, the recolored Perfect Picnic, and the Splashin' Fashion sets.

December 15, 2002: Well, Mattel has been busy and I've been lazy so there's a lot for me to catch up on! For today, however, I've added pictures for for silver/black Glitter Style, red/pink Wild Style, light pink Super Stylin' Bedroom, KB promo Fashion Fun! set, the three newest S.U.V.'s, the Winter Break sets, and the recolored Happenin' Pet Salon.

August 8, 2002: Pictures have been added for the variation Day-to-Night Polly recolored, Lea with Ginger, the three Sparkle Style Studios, and the Snacktime Scooter.

July 15, 2002: Pictures have been added for the Magenta Beach Style S.U.V., Happenin' Pet Pals Polly and Taffy and Lila and Cookie, recolored Day-to-Night Rick, and the Sparkle Style House.

June 30, 2002: Pictures have been added for the Party n' Play Ballet Lea, recolored Day-to-Night Polly, Perfect Picnic set, and Happenin' Pet Salon.

June 21, 2002: Pictures have been added for the recolored Super Stylin' Bedroom, Pink S.U.V., Blue S.U.V., and Party n' Play Workout Polly, Birthday Polly, and Dance Lila.

May 31, 2002: Pictures have been added for the recolored School Cool Lockers.

March 9, 2002: Pictures have been added for the Costume Party sets, Shopping Spree set, KB promo sunglasses and beachball, recoclored Stylin' Friends Pack, and recolored Wild Style and Glitter Style.

January 12, 2002: Pictures have been added for Day to Night Polly and Rick.

December 8, 2001: Pictures have been added for the Beachtime fashion set and the new Beach Style S.U.V.

November 29, 2001: Pictures have been added for the KB Promo Cheerleader Fashion and the Hip Stylin' Stage.

November 13, 2001: Pictures for Share n' Wear Polly have been added; also, there is a new Links section.

November 3, 2001: The site is up for the first time!