Tabby's Dream Valley

Welcome to Tabby's Dream Valley! Here you'll find all sorts of information about the world me and my friends created for My Little Pony. All our stories are included, most of which were first published in the My Little Pony Monthly newsletter. We began basing our stories in Dream Valley, but we've grown far beyond that and introduced many new groups - the metropolitan Vulcanopolis, ancient Atlantean regimes, the mystical Green Isle, the pirates' hangout of Calimidad Island, and much more. Besides the stories, we have an index of characters, pictures, bonus spin-off series, and the complete run of the newsletter that started it all!

All of us here on staff - Tabby, Sugarberry, Clever Clover, Barnacle, Spike, and Friendly - invite you to pull up your hooves and immerse yourself in our reality. We also like getting mail, so drop us a line!

My Little Pony Monthly
All 101 issues of the original My Little Pony
fan newsletter that ran from 1997-2006
The stories that make up our world
Character Index
Pictures and information on the characters
Sugarberry's Novels
The literature that became a hit in Ponyland
The Mimic and Tabby Chronicles
A comic strip by Mimic
The Insane Crossover Story
Striving to create the most ridiculous crossover ever
Having fun playing with our ponies
Meet the Authors
Who are we, anyway?