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This is the collection of My Little Pony fan-fictions that I, my friends, and my family members have written. Many of them were originally seen in My Little Pony Monthly. The author's name is noted on each story's page. These are all listed in chronological order. Before you start reading, you might want to stop by our Frequently Asked Questions. This will give you an idea of what our Ponyland is like. Rating TV-Y7 FV.
All writings contained on this site are copyrighted by their respective authors. The world of My Little Pony was originally created by Hasbro, etc. etc.


Story Level #1
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A Friend In Need
Someone is stealing the Pony Friends' picnic food...
The Trouble with Turkeys
Friendly saves the day for a number of doomed Thanksgiving turkeys.
The Case of the Tumbling Tree
Just who is knocking down Paradise Estate's Christmas tree, and is Baby Stockings' being set-up?
A Christmas Story
The Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals recieve some mysterious Christmas visitors.
A Glimpse In Time
Lemon Treats runs across an old diary... and a priceless treasure.
The Beginning
Tabby treats an unlikely patient at her veterinarian clinic.
The Solution
Cloud Dreamer solves Tabby's problem, and Tabby helps the Bushwoolies build a new home.
Tabby is Confused
Tabby searches the town for her lost library book.
Fashion Fright
Clever Clover finds a part for Berry Bright in the Friendship Gardens fashion show.
Dig in the Flatland
Clever Clover is off to an archaeological dig in the Flatlands.
The Poker Game
Was Tex really cheating at the game of poker?
April Antagonist
Tabby plays an April Fool's joke on her enemy.
Emilio Makes the Scene
Tabby is horrified when she's called upon to save the life of a tarantula.
Brightblade Warpony: An Epic
Brightblade is confronted by a mysterious unicorn by the name of Epona and must save Ponyland from doom.
Tarantula Trauma
Emilio the tarantula is missing!
Friendship Gardens Discovered
Tabby, Sugarberry, and Friendly are lost on a hike, and a pony from Friendship Gardens has to help them out.
The Mystery of the Bunny-Pony
Tabby's been turned into a bunny! Can Clever Clover save her?
The Skeleton King Part One
Tabby and gang stumble into trouble when they disturb an ancient grave.
The Skeleton King Part Two
Horror of horrors! It's all in Tabby's hooves if she'll save herself and her friends from the evil Skeleton King.
An Afternoon Chat
Tabby, Baby Lofty, and Molasses are hanging out one afternoon.
Danger in Dark Forest
A Halloween bonfire causes the return of the Skeleton King.
Barnacles and Bushwoolies Part One
Barnacle and his crew find themselves entangled in a plot of the diabolical Bushwoolies of the Apocalypse.
Barnacles and Bushwoolies Part Two
Can Barnacle and his trusty teammates save the world from certain doom???
Too Much Junk
Tabby and Sugarberry help Clever Clover clean his house.
The Quest for Atlantis
Tabby and Clever Clover are off to find Atlantis!
Silent Night
Baby Nectar has a very special Christmas experience.
Tabby's Trauma
Tabby must fight back against the rival vet clinic that has opened in Dream Valley!
Bowling Adventure
Tabby and gang go to the bowling alley.
The Killer Duck
Tabby is harassed by a killer duck from the Dark Forest.
Clever Clover's Pokemon
Tabby is exposed to Pokemon.
The Ice Sculpture Contest
Sugarberry, Tabby, and Spike enter an ice sculpture contest.
Welcome to Dream Valley!
A new pony named Chocolate Chip comes to town.
Tabby's Surprise Birthday
It's Tabby's birthday, but everyone seems to have forgotten!
Tabby's Treasure
Tabby goes on a treasure hunt and loses her job.
No Need for Boyfriends!
It's unquestionably romantic!
Beware the Ides of March
Gnomes are warning the ponies of the Ides of March.
Tabby's New Pet
Tabby catches a Pokemon!
A Change of Jobs
Is Tabby leaving the clinic?
The Tea Bunny Story
The gang goes on a picnic.
Tarquin and Tess
It's a Meowth romance!
Flashback Fantasia
The gang exchanges tales of their childhoods.
The Feline Factor
Callie, Fuzz, and Fluff have to save the world.
Tamara's Hello
Tabby's cousin moves to Dream Valley, and Tabby isn't very happy with the arrangement.
The Trials of Hood
Sugarberry tries to write on her latest novel, but is faced with frequent interruptions.
The Cat Show
Tamara is judging her first cat show in Dream Valley, but asks Tabby to fill in for her at the last minute.
Baby Firefly's First Day of Work
It's Take Your Daughter to Work Day, and Tabby somehow ends up with Baby Firefly.
Sugarberry goes on vacation to a quiet country bed-and-breakfast.
Tabby's Battle Against the Giant Squid
Tabby goes to visit her mother in Italy.
Red Hot Chili
Sugarberry's new friend Vanguard arrives in Dream Valley just in time for the Summer Celebration.
Princess Twinkle Star Baby-Sits
Princess Twinkle Star babysits the baby Bushwoolies.
Rummage Rapture
Tabby, Sugarberry, and Chocolate Chip go to the village-wide Friendship Gardens rummage sale.
The Party Mix-Up
Princess Ivy and Princess Twinkle Star are each planning a party, but Lady Light Heart plays a prank on them.
The Necklace Dilemma
Shane-- the whale-man from Atlantis-- has come to Dream Valley with the Whale Machine!
The Ghost of Friendship Castle
It's a sleepover party at Friendship Castle!
Sugarberry's Scare
Sugarberry comes face-to-face with one of her worst fears, bats.
Silver Swirl's Chase
Princess Silver Swirl attempts to contact Twinkle Star that her cat is in danger.
Silver Swirl, Unipeg?
Silver Swirl saves the life of a My Little Piggy and is turned into a unipeg.
Silver Swirl On the Chase
Silver Swirl's Mew has been kidnaped!
Classroom Confusion
Clever Clover tries to teach Miss Hackney's class about evolution.
Butch Versus Tex... Again
Tabby helps Butch win Tamara's affections.
A Responsible Silver Swirl
Silver Swirl makes a deal with Twinkle Star to act responsible for a day.
Silver Swirl's Balloon Trip
Silver Swirl, Melisande, and Jade take a hot air balloon trip and land on an island inhabited by My Little Piggies.
A Chilling Experience
Sugarberry and Tabby work the pie table at their church picnic.
An End and a Beginning
Barnacle and his crew destroy the power source of the Bushwoolies of the Apocalypse, but end up more lost than before.
The Continuation of the Beginning Part One
Malteeze, the feline warrior, helps Barnacle and company on their journey home. On their way they rescue Protius, the parrot shaman.
The Continuation of the Beginning Part Two
Barnacle and his crew overthrow the Feline Overlords' rule of Boulder City.
The Continuation of the Beginning Part Three
Barnacle and company come to the Kingdom of the Dakytins, another city under the tyrannical rule of the Feline Warlords.
The Continuation of the Beginning Part Four
Barnacle faces the three Warlord Brothers face-to-face.
The Continuation of the Beginning Part Five
Barnacle and crew cross the Sky Bridge and meet the Xtreme Ponies.
Turkey Time Again
It's Thanksgiving again, and the turkeys are back seeking refuge from the slaughter across the rainbow.
The Time Machine Discovery
Tabby and Merry Treat travel back in time.
A Look into Tabby's Dreams
Tabby has a delusional dream.
Baby Noddins Discovers a Quest
Baby Noddins wants to know why some ponies have last names and others don't.
Christmas in Dream Valley 1999
It's Christmas in Dream Valley, 1999!
The Christmas Guest
Baby Leafy has a very special Christmas.
Sparkler Speculates
Sparkler wonders why she can't sell more engagement rings.
Tabby relives old memories at her previous home.
The Land of Nod
Tabby is pressured into babysitting Baby Noddins one afternoon.
Writer's Block
Everyone's excited over the new writer's meeting at the library.
The Story of the Magic Injections
Callie is mortally wounded. Can Tabby and Tiny the Bigfoot gather the ingredients for a Magic Injection in time?
20,000 Words Spoken Under the Sea
Baby Noddins has a strange dream after reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Further Occurances in the Dark Forest
Tabby finds two new Pokemon.
The Story of the Royal Twins
Royal twins have just been born in Dream Valley!
Party, Wah!
Tabby feels left-out when she and Tamara share a birthday party this year.
An Unexpected Visit
Is Clever Clover's dream a warning of evil?
The Game
Clever Clover leaves on a journey through the Flatlands.
The Flatlands Strike Back
Clever Clover sings a strange song as he travels with his two Pokemon.
Isle of Destiny
Clever Clover rents a boat to cross the lake.
Clever Clover reaches the island and finds out about his mysterious past!
The Three Challenges
Clever Clover sets out the break the spell cast upon his land.
Clever Clover is the main attraction at a royal party at Malachite Castle.
Clever Clover fights a Pokemon battle before arriving back home.
Ain't Love Grand!
Lemon Treat's Valentine's Day evening isn't going as planned.
Mimic's Return
Tex's old sweetheart comes back to town and challenges Tamara's place in his life.


Story Level #2
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Return to Atlantis Part One: Disco Furbys
It's a flashback to Atlantis' last days.
Raptor Attack
Sugarberry falls in love with an adorable kitten with an uncaring owner.
Spring Break
Chocolate Chip goes back home over spring break.
A New World for Tamara
Romance has a crush on Tamara, but will he be able to tell her how he feels?
Return to Atlantis Part Two: Possessed Furbys
Tabby finds that her destiny is deeply entwined with Atlantis, and what does Thomas have to do with it?
Princess Practice
The young princess practices for her future role.
A Fair Exchange
Vanguard gives Sugarberry a startling announcement.
Silver Swirl's Obligation or Silver Swirl's Obsession?
Silver Swirl takes "helping" too far.
Superspritz and Coombie
Baby Noddins and her friends watch their favorite Saturday morning cartoon.
Return from the Himalayas
Who is the mysterious stallion who appears outside Tabby's old home?
Home Sweet Vulcanopolis
Vanguard adjusts to his new life in Vulcanopolis.
A Wild Time
Sugarberry, Wigwam, Chocolate Chip, Baby Noddins, and some others explore a Native Pony cave.
Silver Swirl on Sunset Island
Silver Swirl visits Sunset Island for the first time.
The Honorable Decision
Tabby's having a difficult time deciding who her maid of honor should be.
In Memorial
Who were Thomas' parents?
The Millinery Mystery
Vanguard makes friends in Italy and stumbles across a mystery.
Silver Swirl's Guest
Sandstone visits Ponyland.
Sugarberry tries to figure out why the exchange teacher from Italy, Giorgio, disturbs her so much.
Reverie's Journal
Sandstone stumbles across his mother's old journal.
Antique Store
Brightblade becomes a business owner.
The Wedding
Tabby and Thomas are getting married!
For Your Consideration...
Is Tiffany going to dump Toby for the rich and arrogant Guido?
Atlantean Alliance
Tabby and Thomas enjoy their honeymoon in Atlantis.
The Winner Is...
Clare is shocked by the announcement Guido and Tiffany make.
The Great Apple Festival
The Bushwoolies host a fall apple parade.
Kyrene Undercover
Kyrene goes undercover to find out more about the cheating scam.
A Broken Match
Vanguard's life in Italy continues.
Change of Heart
Wishbone is caught cheating on his college math test.
The Haunted Shop
Brightblade's store is ready for its grand-opening.
A Wrenching Problem
Shane escapes from prison and it's up to Barnacle to stop him from unleashing his powerful mind control device.
Shattered Trust
Giorgio's scam is at an end.
Kyrene's Further Adventures
Kyrene continues to gather more information from Sable under her alias.
Punk Poult
One of Rex and Nestor's poults goes extreme.
Of Cats and Other Things
Tabby tries to win the trust of her new housemates, Sophia and Melinda.
Christmas in Dream Valley 2000
It's Christmas-time again!
The Outrageous Big End-Of-Year Story
It's up to the whole crew to save the world from the worst evil ever threatened: the Ponies of the Apocalypse.
Puss in Boots
Strawberry Baskets tells an old story with a new twist.
New Beginnings
Hydrangea uncovers a mystery surrounding her birth.
Is Manitou going to abandon Wigwam for a she-wolf?
Lamplight Legacy
Buck is framed for robbery.
Dungeons & Ponies
Strange things are happening in Brightblade's back room.
Hometown Ambrosia
Sugarberry visits Vanguard's hometown.
Ambrosia, Vulcanopolis Style
Mooncurl unmeaningly causes trouble in Vulcanopolis.
Say What?
April Fool's!
The Cave
Sugarberry and friends are transported back in time.
Storm in the Heartland
Buck comes home after graduating and must sort out his feelings for Columbine.
From This Day Forward
Sugarberry and Vanguard are getting married!
For Better or For Worse
Sugarberry is kidnaped on her honeymoon with Vanguard.
Unhappy Birthday
Baby Huckleberry runs away from home.
Tamara Finds Love!
Is there really a stallion for Tamara...? 
Doctor's Orders
Toby finds a collapsed mare on a stroll through the park.
Silver Swirl's Mew
Silver Swirl is afraid Melisande will leave her and Jade.
Imperceptible Force
Toby and his father attempt to heal the paralyzed Enrica.
Dark Forest Distress
A cruel wolf moves into the Dark Forest area.
Dark Night Enchantment
Clever Clover encounters evil on his way home from work.
The Red Mare
Garnet finds a welcoming atmosphere in Dream Valley.
Fern finds out the truth about her grandmother's will that left her nothing.
Belle Star
Clever Clover gets the job of showing a new archeologist the ropes.
Toby and Fern keep in touch through letters during Fern's stay in Bushley.
Two Roads Diverged
Garnet finds a place in the home of a country family and is forced to make up her mind on her future.
The Date
Clever Clover has to decide who to take with him to the wedding at Malachite Castle.
Three's a Crowd
Is Petal going to dump Wishbone?
Girl's Day Out
Sugarberry, Tabby, and Faline go shopping.
The Royal Wedding
Clever Clover and his date take part in a royal Christmas wedding.
Christmas in Dream Valley 2001
Christmas has come around again, but this time most of the celebrating is going on outside of Dream Valley.
Behind the Cupboard
Belle Star and Enchantment discover a secret passage.
New Year's Eve
Tabby has mixed feelings over Elaine's new romance...
Looking Back
What begins as a get-together filled with gossip ends in a dramatic realization for Fern and her aunt.
Jack is back in town and is plaguing Miranda.
No Need for Demon Pirates!
Now Clever Clover has to face off against a demon pirate.
Quarterback's Valentine's Day
A juvenile soccer game had a surprising end for Quarterback and Merry Moments.
You Win Some...
Poor Nello is heartbroken when Mooncurl falls for the egotistical Ignacio!
Fallacious Findings
Vanguard grows increasingly jealous of Giorgio...
Icon�s Imbroglio Part One
Icon visits his brother in Dream Valley to get his mind off troubles at home.
Icon�s Imbroglio Part Two
Can anyone beat Macrohard in court?
Elaine's Decision
Elaine makes an earth-shatting announcement!
Birth of Spring
Can Dreamcatcher survive through her difficult labor?
Something is wrong in Clever Clover's homeland...
Mother's Day
Vanguard and Sugarberry visit their relatives for Vanguard's birthday.
Left in the Lurch (or Rather, the Church)
It's Butch and Sparkler's wedding day! What could go wrong...
Blind Rage
Garnet fights with Wishbone and discovers some long-lost relatives.
Magical Pony Girl Enchantment
Magical Pony Girl Enchantment makes her come-out!
The Bigfoot Hunter
With a bigfoot hunter in town, Tiny must learn to face his fears.
Blind Love
Wishbone tries to overcome his difficulties with his recent disability.
Just Who Did Kill Cock Robin?
Tabby uncovers a conspiracy in a book of nursery rhymes.
No Need for Clever Clover!
Clever Clover and his girlfriends have to fight evil once again.
Sweet Revenge
Icon struggles in the romance department.
Pets are disapearing... who is responsible?
Autumnal Episode
Garnet and Wishbone visit their farm friends.
There are two new baby ponies!
Christmas in Dream Valley 2002
It is Christmas 2002!
Dark Regrets
When Garnet's parents show up in town there is sure to be trouble.
Midwinter Nightmare
Enchantment not only has to worry about Hemlock but also his sister Nightshade.
You Can't Go Home Again
When a theft occurs in Riverside, Blackcap is automatically accused.
Enter the ESL
The Xtreme Ponies are ready to show their stuff in the new Extreme Sports League... but what problems must they face?
And This is Fate!
Vanguard's cousin Chiffon and Toby's brother Tribute come to blows.
A continuing story about a young pony with a gypsy upbringing and mysterious past. Last chapter added 02/08/03.
Valentine Intrigue
Is romance in the air for Kyrene this Valentine's Day? Or something far more intriguing? Watch out for Blunt Objects!
Clever Clover and Morning Glory go to the Isle and discuss business.
A New Wind a Blowin' Part One
Dreamcatcher's sister and Wigwam's brother come to town. But what's Bittersweet to do if both Wigwam and Teepee are infatuated with Chocolate Chip?
And This, Too, is Fate
Oh dear! Tribute has come to Woodlawn and Chiffon has to deal with him on a day-to-day basis.
Minoko and Clever Clover take their youth hockey team to the finals in New Pony!
Fate Stalks On
Chiffon and Tribute still hate each other. Or-- do I smell a romance brewing?
Friends, Foes, and Secrets
What's the deal with the apparent cheating in the Extreme Sports League, and can the Xtreme Team do anything about it?
A New Wind a Blowin' Part Two
Chocolate Chip remains difficult, and Bittersweet schemes on behalf of her sister, nevermind Wigwam and Teepee's turmoil over the mares!
The Bigfoot Hunter: Rockdogs
Cazador, the Bigfoot Hunter, faces off against the Purple Mountain's Rockdogs!
A New Wind a Blowin' Part Three
Chocolate Chip leaves, Wigwam mopes, and Tabby gets annoyed.
Of Weddings and Babies
Get an update on the lives of some of the ponies who have been rather ignored lately.
An Unexpected Visit
Check out Waterlily's Froggy Fancy Dress!
Fate's Finale
Are Chiffon and Tribute destined to be together, or forever seperated? 
Another Baby Falling Leaves
The Falling Leaves family is added onto.
Victory or Bust
Cliff realizes his responsibilities to his team, but can his leadership make a win for the Extreme Team?
Butch Returns!
Everyone's favorite outlaw from Bolivia is back!
Anniversary Adventure
Zaverio is up to no good and seeks revenge upon his nemesis, Giorgio!
Brightblade and his bison friend, Sitting Bull, have to battle an evil spirit.
Cocklebur's Crush
Tabby takes on Cocklebur as her new protege.
Beach Weekend
It's karaoke time!
Affairs of the Heart
More conflict between various couples. Will anybody ever figure anything out? 
From Whence We Came
Clever Clover and his buddies make an interesting find on a mesa in the Crystal Desert.
The Flute
How Sapphire and Macarius' rivalry got started.
Mission: Possible
Have Cliff and his team gone bad as they help a mysterious stallion by breaking into Mr. Yanus' office?
Anchor and Sails
Yeah, it�s another wedding... n� there�s a reception... n� stuff happens. 
Find out more about that possessed pony from Wendigo.
The Forfeit
It's Tabby and Thomas' third anniversary... n' Tabby forgets... n' stuff happens. 
Nightshade offers Minoko a partnership with the Night Clan.
The Triumvirate
Oh dear, Minoko has joined up with Nightshade and Hemlock, how sad...
Cazador and crew intrude on Wishbone and Garnet's honeymoon. Oh, and they have to rescue a baby sea pony.
A New Nemesis?
Introducing Dr. Marina!
Moving On, Looking Back
Blackcap and Sassy adapt to life in the country.
Dark Army Rising
Yes! Hemlock's gang will no longer be outnumbered against Clever Clover's girls!
Crossing the Rubicon
An old college buddy of Vanguard comes to town.
The Story in Which Dietrich and Caprice are Rescued, and Thomas Proves his Worth
The title is rather self-explanatory on this one.
Masquerade Party!
Tabby hosts a Halloween party at the mansion. Lots of mindless entertainment!
Ghost Stories
Hemlock recieves a visit from his dead father. Oooh, spooky...
The Ring
Clever Clover's girlfriends wonder if he's planning something momentous.
The Time is Now
Chocolate Chip finally gives up the big city and returns to Dream Valley... but is she already too late to secure her heart's desire?!
Christmas in Dream Valley 2003
It's the annual Christmas story, with Christmas-y stuff n' stuff.
New Year, New Start
A surprise reunion between Tiffany and Guido ends in unexpected results!
Holiday Hijinx
It's the holidays, and Clever Clover's girls keep competing over him.
Agatha vs. Caprice, Part One!
A rivalry develops between Faline's grandmothers, and Agatha is out for blood!
Wedding in White
What?! Can Wigwam and Chocolate Chip finally actually be getting hitched?!
Agatha vs. Caprice, Round Two!
Agatha sues Caprice in the Bushwoolies' Court.
Dinner, Dancing, and Diamonds
It's a sweet Valentine's Day story - at least after you remove the crazy ex-girlfriend from the scene.
A suspicious pony dressed in wolfskins shows up in Friendship Gardens. This doesn't sound good for Clever Clover.
The Storm
Clever Clover and the girls go snowshoeing, and there's a surprising announcement.
Shift in Direction
Sugarberry wouldn't pack up and leave Dream Valley, would she?
Drifter and Twilight Jewel try their hoof at a new restaurant.
Say What? Part II
It's a continuation of our crazy alternate reality, made special for April Fool's Day.
Burning Bridges
Feisty Burgundy Lace is given a second chance at love.
Minoko the Fool
There's an angry pitchfork-wielding mob in Friendship Gardens. What else could you ask for?
Tabby and Thomas' second daughter is born.
The Female of the Species
Boxey gets into trouble, and Licorice is irate. I can't help but suspect a romance down the road. 
Belle Star makes a new friend.
Old Friends, New Friends
It's June, and time for more weddings! This year it's Splotch and Icon, and Chiffon and Tribute.
A Story of Various Things
Morning Glory and Minoko still don't believe that Clever Clover is engaged, and Jack-O-Lantern is planning something.
Brightblade and Medley Get Married
This story has absolutely nothing to do with weddings. Just kidding.
Nesting Place
Sugarberry is in Vulcanopolis and no one gets kidnapped.
Sister Troubles
The younger Birdsong crew goes on a rattlesnake hunt.
Royal Court
Don't you hate it when starched-up officials tell you not to marry the pony of your dreams?
Tina Times Two
Supermodels just always cause trouble. Hopefully everyone can hold onto their sweetheart.
Tilly and Bess
Poor Xavier is scorned by Lollipop, but conveniently a new mare lands in his life.
Into the Darkness
Clever Clover falls down a hole and hits his head. 
Tried and True
This tells the tale of Toby and Fern's wedding.
Better to Have Loved and Lost
Clever Clover has lost his mind! Or his memory. Or maybe both.
Strange ponies wander in and out of Clever Clover's dreams while he's unconscious.
Parting Ways
Clever Clover turns out to be a real jerk. 
Christmas 2004
It's the traditional Christmas crossover story.
Holiday Blues
Belle Star and Coral head to New Pony, and meet an eccentric rich pony. However, there are no giant robots destroying the city.
No Looking Back
Can Lattice let go of her indepedence for the stallion she can't get out of her mind?
Fallen Prince
Clever Clover's evil clone tries to take his throne.
The Life of Riley
Wigwam becomes involved in a casino-mystery, Vulcanopolis style.
Lattice reconsiders.
Boxey is up to her old pranks.
How long do you wait until love dies?
A Puzzling Occurence (Part One)
Cocklebur and crew have a riddle to solve, and there's a treasure at stake.
The Story of Clever Clover's 2005 Christmas Party
It's Christmas, Clever Clover is back to normal, and everyone's there to celebrate!
Shadow Clover
Jack-O-Lantern tries to convince the king and queen of Malachite castle of the sense of his plan.
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