My Little Pony Monthly Issue 10 (January 1, 1998)

My Little Pony Monthly
Established June 1997

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Issue 10
January 1998

New Years Resolutions

What is your New Years resolution?

Princess Tiffany: "I will attempt to mingle with the peasants more often."

Barnacle: "ARR! Once I be findin' my boat, I be goin' lookin' for the legendary treasure of the ghost pirate Le Chuck! ARR!"

Friendly: "Resolution? What a resolution?"

Sugarberry: "I'm going to clean Paradise Estate from top to bottom."

Tabby: "A resolution? Umm... well... ooh! I'm confused!"

Windwhistler: "I shall learn to speak Russian, Chinese, and Mongolian fluently."

Patch: "I'll try not to play so many practical jokes."

Posy: "I'm going to learn how to bake and not spend so much time in my garden."

Bon Bon: "I'll try to eat healthier foods."

Frilly Flower: "I'll try to spend less time at the Perm Shoppe and more time reading books."

Fizzy: "I'm going to concentrate more! What was the question again?"

Shady: "I'll try to be more confident. Does that sound okay?"



The Four Ponies of the Apocalypse

by Barnacle

Name: Thanatos

Body Color: black

Hair Color: dark purple

Symbol: skull(white)

Accessories: hood and scythe

Name: Aries

Body Color: grey

Hair Color: red

Symbol: crossed axes

Accessories: sword and armor

Name: Hunger

Body Color: lime green

Hair Color: brown

Symbol: balance scale

Accessories: staff and belt

Name: Strife

Body Color: red

Hair Color: yellow

Symbol: locust

Accessories: staff, bug, and rat

by Majesty:

Body Color: Gold

Hair Color: Red

Symbol: Chinese Dragon

Breed: Unicorn

Kind: Twinkle-eyed

Royal Wing Ponies

by Tabby

They would be in the same molds as the Summer and Windy Wing Ponies with jewels on their wings.

Name: Ruby

Body Color: dark blue

Hair Color: red

Symbol: large ruby set in gold filigree

Name: Emerald

Body Color: green

Hair Color: yellow

Symbol: large emerald set in silver filigree


Body Color: white

Hair Color: dark purple

Symbol: large amethyst set in silver filigree

Name: Diamond

Body Color: red

Hair Color: white

Symbol: large diamond set in silver filigree

Name: Sapphire

Body Color: purple

Hair Color: dark blue

Symbol: large sapphire set in gold filigree

Name: Topaz

Body Color: yellow

Hair Color: dark pink

Symbol: large topaz set in gold filigree


by Tabby

Guess who this pony is:

purple pony with pink hair, aqua flowers on rump

and e-mail your answers to Tabby at Winners will be listed in the next issue!

Last month's Mystery Pony-

The correct answer was Baby Blue Ribbon! No one got the correct answer. The only entry received was from who guessed Lucky.


Dancing Butterflies
(yellow Twice as Fancy pegasus with yellow hair, blue and pink butterflies all over her sides)

Fading Friends
by Tabby

"Oh, what a beautiful day!" exclaimed the yellow pegasus as she trotted through the meadow in search of her friends, the butterflies.

Glowing like the sun itself, Dancing Butterflies was thrilling to the perfect weather in Ponyland. It was sunny and warm with a caressing breeze wafting the fragrance of the flowers across the colorful landscape.

Expecting to see the butterflies with their usually bright colored wings, Dancing Butterflies was surprised to see them pale and dried out looking.

"You guys sure look pale today!" Dancing Butterflies exclaimed when the butterflies noticed her.

"Yes, we know," one of them said. "And we don't know what caused it!"

"Well, there's got to be something wrong!" Dancing Butterflies said. "And I'm going to find out what it is!"

"Figure something out soon!" another butterfly exclaimed. "I just can't go around looking like this forever!" She pointed to her pale wings.

"I'll try, I'll try!" Dancing Butterflies called to all of them as she started flying in the direction of Paradise Estate.

When she got there, she saw Seaflower walking around outside. Dancing Butterflies flew down next to her.

"Oh, hi, Dancing Butterflies!" Seaflower exclaimed.

"Oh, Seaflower, I'm glad I found someone!" Dancing Butterflies said. "I was just at Butterfly Meadow, and all the butterflies are losing their color!"

"That's bad..." Seaflower said. "What could've caused it?"

"I don't know, and that's what I'm going to find out!" Dancing Butterflies exclaimed.

Suddenly Seaflower started staring at Dancing Butterflies's side. "Have you looked in a mirror lately, Dancing Butterflies?" she asked. "Because-- look!-- your butterfly symbols are fading!"

Dancing Butterflies gazed down at her side. "Wow, you're right! It must have something to do with what's happening to the butterflies!"

"Maybe we should go inside. It's getting dark out," Seaflower said.

"Okay, sure," said Dancing Butterflies, and they started walking into Paradise Estate.

"You know, I think your symbol is STILL fading!" exclaimed Seaflower.

"I'm getting really annoyed by this! I've got to get to the bottom of it!" Dancing Butterflies said, suddenly running back outside. "I'll be back later!"

Dancing Butterflies flew up high into the sky, scanning the ground below her for something that would explain the butterfly's color loss. After a few minutes of flying, she noticed that her symbol hadn't faded any more since she'd set out on her flight.

"This just keeps getting stranger," Dancing Butterflies throught to herself.

* * *
Meanwhile, in a not so distant valley, in a quaint natural stone house, a tall, thin raggedly dressed man was working feverishly over his palette of colors. His shaggy, long blond hair draped over his shoulders. His intense blue eyes glittered in appreciation of the glorious array of colors. His long, bony fingers grasped an artist's paintbrush. As he worked, he talked to himself.

"I, VanGout, will become world famous by using these special colors obtained from the butterflies!"

Suddenly, a small, elfish creature rushed into the room. "VanGout! How much longer must I run the color sucking beam?" the elf asked.

VanGout testily replied, "Until there is no color left in the butterflies!"

* * *
As Dancing Butterflies flew back and forth above Dream Valley, she caught sight of something.

"Hey, what's that beam down there!" she exclaimed. "Maybe it has something to do with the color loss! I'll see if I can follow it to it's source!"

So she flew above the beam, following it's path. After flying for awhile, she reached a valley with a quaint little stone house in it.

"It looks like the beam is coming from that window!" Dancing Butterflies said to herself. "I must have a talk with whoever lives there!"

She flew down to the door, opened it, and walked in the house without even bothering to knock. A tall, thin man that was sitting in front of a canvas looked up with surprise when he saw Dancing Butterflies.

"How beautiful! What color! What form! A true work of art!" he exclaimed.

Dancing Butterflies just frowned and asked him, "Are you the one stealing the butterflies colors? And who are you, anyway?"

"I am sending a beam out to get the colors from the butterflies to use in my paint," he answered. "And I am VanGout, the soon to be world famous artist!"

"You cannot take that which doesn't belong to you!" Dancing Butterflies exclaimed.

"I'm only using the colors of nature so my art will be magnificent! It's not like I'm hurting anybody," responded VanGout.

"But the butterflies need their colors for recognition and for protection!" fumed Dancing Butterflies. "You are stealing their identity!"

"They're only butterflies!" VanGout whined.

"ONLY butterflies? How dare you insult my friends like that!" Dancing Butterflies snapped. "All creatures are important!"

VanGout hung his head. "Sorry, didn't know I was hurting them."

"Can you restore their color?" Dancing Butterflies asked.

"Don't know, could reverse the beam," VanGout said.

"Try it!" Dancing Butterflies urged.

So VanGout called the elfish creature in the room and ordered him to reverse the beam. The elf left the room and was gone for what seemed like an eternity to Dancing Butterflies. Finally he returned. "It's reversed," the elf said.

Just then, Dancing Butterflies caught sight of herself in the mirror that hung from the artist's wall. "Hey, look, my colors are returning!" she exclaimed.

"It must have worked!" VanGout commented.

"I've got to go see the butterflies now!" Dancing Butterflies declared. But before she left, she turned to VanGout and asked, "Do you promise never to take that which doesn't belong to you?"

VanGout nodded and replied, "Yes, I will work with the colors I already have."

With that, Dancing Butterflies rushed out of the house and flew eagerly back to Butterfly Meadow. By now, the morning light was breaking over the eastern horizen.

"Dancing Butterflies!" the butterflies exclaimed when they saw her. "Our colors- they're back!"

"That's great!" Dancing Butterflies said, smiling. "I thought you'd be back to normal!"

"What'd you do to solve our problem?" one of the butterflies, a beautiful yellow and black Tiger Swallowtail, asked.

"Well, see, I noticed this beam..." Dancing Butterflies continued on with the whole story.

After she'd finished, all the butterflies looked at her admirably. They fluttered close to her and whispered their thanks. For a few minutes, Dancing Butterflies was engulfed in a shimmering kaleidoscope of color.

As the sun rose higher in the sky and the dew glistened on the flowers, the butterflies moved off to begin their breakfast of sweet tasting nectar. The soft flapping of their delicate wings was a soothing sight for Dancing Butterflies. The motion began to mesmerize her, and suddenly she realized how tired she was.

Curling up in a patch of fragrant primroses, Dancing Butterflies smiled at all her gentle friends and slowly closed her eyes and drifted off in a peaceful sleep to the melody the butterflies were singing.


by Tabby

Who is your favorite out of the new ‘98 MLPs? E-mail what you think to Tabby at Results will be in the next issue.

Last month's survey-

"What do you think of the new MLPs?" (Friendly)

They're great!

The new ponies are too skinny and fake, I like the old ones better.

(Clever Clover):

The new ponies are cool!

I don't know about anyone else, but they look cheap and not as friendly as the older ones. I'm not looking for the exact same thing all over again, but they look like knock-offs and there's no cohesiveness.

Well, I went and took my first look at the new ponies and I would have to say I'm extremely disappointed. I love the classic chubby faced, fat-bodied ponies and that was what I was expecting to see. I guess Hasbro thought the long legged ponies were better sellers. I doubt I will collect the ‘98 ponies. I would rather spend my money on the old ponies I love. says: ARR!

I am not too thrilled about the new My Little Pony style. I would have liked it much more if the ponies would have looked like they did with the original body style.


It's so great to see ponies in stores again! Finally, something good in the toy section!

The Secret Surprise Friends aren't that bad... but Beautiful Bedtime is atrocious! I much prefer the old MLP!

They are definantly different, that's for sure. I think they look more toyish now, and the new logo, I liked the old one better. Actually, I like the old ponies better. Maybe it's the pictures, I'm hoping they don't do them any justice, and they will be as pretty as the rest.


So-Soft Pony Repair Breakthrough!!

WARNING: I am putting the warning first so that you don't read the cleaning tip I have, and then regret it because you didn't read the WARNING note. The WARNING is this: This cleaning tip may not clean to your satisfaction, and it might matt down your so-soft's fur. KNOW THIS NOW!!

OK, so here's the CLEANING TIP. This TIP may be used for removing marker stains on so-soft ponies. NOTE: So far this has only been effective on marker stains that are very close to the pony's body color (i.e., orange marker on Shady). I haven't tried black marker yet.

So here's whatcha do: Take an old worn toothbrush. Get it wet, and put some baby shampoo onto it. Then, GENTLY rub the toothbrush on the pony until you have a nice little lather. Almost immediately after application, take a paper towel and WIPE (not rub) the foam off. I don't like to rinse it out, and it works out just fine if you don't use water. THEN take an old, soft towel or washcloth, and rub LIGHTLY in a circular pattern on the wet spot. Do this until the fur is soft and dry. Then use a hair dryer on LOW and lightly dry the pony. Your pony's fur will still look wet, and you will think that this cleaning was a complete failure, but don't be afraid, because it takes a while for the fur to fluff out. Please do not e-mail me if you don't like it because you should have read the WARNING at the top.


Word puzzles:

HINT: try saying them out loud

Gus tea issa wuh eyed you knee korn wuh ith per pull aunt grrrr reen hah air.

Eye didden oat noth at the air wuh saw poe knee neigh medd trick ell's.

The air our men eep own ees took owl ekt, anti wee sh the at eye hah add the emma awl.


By Sugarberry

"Saw Santa! Saw Santa!" Cheery the Bushwoolie announced to the ponies gathered at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe the day after Christmas. Cheery went on to explain how late Christmas Eve, he had ventured outside because he had forgotten to leave carrots for the reindeers' snacks. To his amazement and delight, he had no sooner set out the carrots when what should appear but Santa and the reindeer! "Fat, and cheery just like me, yeah" is how Cheery described Santa. As for the reindeer, they thoroughly enjoyed the carrots and thanked Cheery by taking him for a short ride while Santa was leaving the Bushwoolies' gifts. "Awesome, wonderful, yeah, yeah," Cheery said before continuing on his way to spread the news of his Christmas adventure.

All ponies interested in entering the ice sculpture contest, Icicles and Snowflakes, should sign up by Janurary 10, 1998. The contest will be held the weekend of January 17 and 18. All entrants will be assigned an ice block to sculpt the design of their choice. The finished sculptures will be judged 1:00 PM on Sunday. Originality, beauty, and craftmanship will be taken into consideration by the judges who will be: Barnacle, Blossom, Sundance, Cloud Dreamer, and Butterscotch. Sign-up sheets can be found at any Ponyland business.

Area stores were busy with gift returns the day after Christmas. Tabby was returning a gorgeous ruby necklace from Tex; she exchanged it for a rhinestone collar for Callie. Baby Glider had received three identical My Little People Beth dolls, and she excitedly exchanged two of them for MLP Susan and MLP Emily. Cupcake surprised everyone by returning the breadmaker from Wigwam and picking out instead a gorgeous negligee; "A girl doesn't spend all her time in the kitchen," she tartly explained. Even Miss Hackney braved the long lines, exchanging "Gone With the Wind" for the latest Lillian Braun "Cat Who" mystery novel.

The tobaggan party on Friday night was a huge success! Every pony had a good time skimming down the hillside, full speed ahead! Spike was in charge of keeping the bonfire roaring; he did an excellent job. Party-goers warmed themselves around the fire in between tobaggan runs. When the evening wore down, many of the ponies gathered at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for a special hot cocoa with cinnamin sticks. When the party finally broke up, a gentle snow had begun to fall-- huge, feathery flakes. So the tired but contented ponies had a perfect ending to their winter fun.



I have an unknown pony! I need help finding out who she is. She is a green TAF unicorn, with blue hair. She has buttons and bows on her. Everybody tells me she is Buttons, but doesn't Buttons have pink hair ? Somebody tell me whether I am mistaken or do I have a blue-haired special edition Buttons : -)


by Sugarberry

"No, thanks," Berry Bright whispered with eyes downcast. "I don't think I could do that."

"Sure you could," exclaimed Ivy. "This will be the best fashion show yet!"

"Yes, Berry Bright," interjected Morning Glory. "All of us will be involved. It will be fun!"

"Certainly," added Petal Blossom as she dreamily combed her pink mane.

"B...b...but," stammered Berry Bright, "I would be too scared."

"Scared of what?" asked Morning Glory. "Everyone in Friendship Gardens is your friend!"

"I know," answered Berry Bright, "but I won't be a model in your fashion show. I just can't do it!" With that, Berry Bright burst into tears and ran from the room.

Petal Blossom, Ivy, and Morning Glory looked at one another. Finally, Ivy broke the silence. "That is so typical! That pony has no self-esteem! What is scarey about wearing stupendous fashions down a run-way?"

"I know I'll enjoy it," mumbled Petal Blossom as she slipped into a fantasy of satin and lace.

Just then the door burst open and in pranced Sundance, Sky Skimmer, and Clever Clover. The three ponies were rumpled and tired after a morning of trekking up and down the mountains and valleys surrounding Friendship Gardens.

"We discovered a waterfall on the far side of the northern-most mountain," exclaimed Sundance. "It was beautiful with the sun sparkling off the spraying mists!"

"It was truly wonderful," added Sky Skimmer. "And the flowers and birds were unbelievable!"

"And it sure worked up an appetite for me!" Clever Clover commented as he flopped into an overstuffed chair. "What's to eat?"

With that, all six of the ponies moved off to the kitchen, hungry for a snack. Luckily for them, Berry Bright had left several of her delicious berry pies on the counter. With glasses filled to the brim with milk and generous portions of pie on their plates, the ponies enjoyed a tasty lunch.

When his hunger had been appeased, Clever Clover finally noticed that Berry Bright was missing. "Don't tell me you guys hurt Berry Bright's feelings again!" he said accussingly.

"All I did was ask her to model some clothes at the fashion show I'm planning," explained Ivy. "You'd think I'd have asked her to eat spiders by the way she responded!"

"Poor Berry Bright!" sighed Sky Skimmer. "She is so shy that she misses out on lots of fun stuff."

"Yes," agreed Sundance. "She wouldn't even go hiking with us."

"But her berry pies are the greatest!" said Clever Clover as he swallowed the last bite of the berry pie.

"Well," said Ivy, "the fashion show will do fine without her. Sky Skimmer, you are slated to model all the casual outfits; Petal Blossom will model the sheer, filmy pieces; Clever Clover gets all the sportswear; Sundance, you must wear all the safari outfits; and I will, of course, model the evening gowns. That leaves Morning Glory, who has volunteered to design the stage and setting, and will act as emcee the night of the show."

Later as Clever Clover was practicing his basketball moves outside on the patio, Berry Bright came out of the house.

"Where are you headed?" asked Clever Clover, bounding over to Berry Bright.

Blushing as she always did when near Clever Clover, Berry Bright was barely able to answer, "To the market."

"I'll go with you," decided Clever Clover in an instant. "I need some more power snacks!"

So off they went, with Clever Clover chatting enough for the two of them. Berry Bright wasn't entirely clear on what slam dunks, field goals, or base hits were, but she nodded appropriately from time to time.

When they got to the market, Berry Bright selected apples, cherries, and peaches while Clever Clover meandered through the aisles of candy bars and Gatoraid. After making their purchases, they headed back to Pony Garden.

"Oh, by the way," remembered Clever Clover. "Those pies you left for us today were the best yet! No one can create pies like you do!"

The usual blush lit Berry Bright's face as she stammered, "Thanks, Clever Clover."

When they reached the Pony Garden, Clever Clover went straight to Ivy. "Ivy, when you were listing off everyone's responsibility at the fashion show, I don't remember anyone in charge of food or refreshments."

"Who needs food when one if surrounded by the glamour of gorgeous fashion?" snapped Ivy.

"Me, for one," muttered Clever Clover under his breath. But in his most cajoling voice he said to Ivy, "Berry Bright would be the one to handle the food."

"Hmmm," thought Ivy. "I suppose you might be right. We can work the food table into Morning Glory's overall plan, and Berry Bright can be in charge of the goodies. Thanks for the idea, Clever Clover. With yummy food available, the ponies will be doubly pleased with my fashion show."

"Come on, Berry Bright," said Morning Glory. "Let's get started!"

And because no one had asked Berry Bright her opinion, she didn't have a chance to say "no."

The night of the fashion show was perfect; Morning Glory's set of flowers and fountains made a pleasing backdrop for the stunning styles the ponies modeled. The apparel, whether in silk or khaki, was met with "oohs" and "aahs" from the audience.

And the refreshments were so tasty, Berry Bright was kept too busy keeping the food tables loaded to have time to blush--and even if she had, Clever Clover would still have thought that she had never looked more beautiful!


Continued from last issue...

The Story of What is to Happen
By Heart Throb

"Wha?? Vex??? Chief???" Magic said confusedly as she ever so slowly began to come back to the real world instead of her dream world in Chiefy-dom. "Oh! Call him…" sighed Magic, flushing pink when she realized that she revealed how much she liked Chief.

"Come on Magic! Call!" yelled Heart Throb as she bounced onto the bed and threw a pillow at her friend.

"B…B…But…" Magic hesitated as she shrank back from the phone.

"That's it!" yelled Heart Throb bouncing from the couch and landing almost perfectly next to Magic.

"Hey, watch it Heart Thr-"

"What?" questioned Heart Throb, almost bursting into immediate laughter.

"Hey, I know that look! What are you going to do?! Heart Throb, tell ME!!!!!" Magic paused slightly. "On second thought-- maybe I really don't wanna know…"

"Oh, yes you do!!!" bellowed Heart Throb as she grabbed for the phone. Magic almost reached it before Heart Throb, but Heart Throb's devious little hooves got there first. Heart Throb began to dial the numbers but Magic was smarter than that and just kept hitting the switch hook.

"See Heart Throb! I'm not that dumb! I can do just as well as you!"

"Oh yeah! Well watch this!" Heart Throb said as she leapt up on the table. She jumped on top of the phone trying to cover it with all four hooves and landed with a KABOOM! "Woops, maybe I shouldn't have done that!" giggled Heart Throb. Magic laughed so hard when she saw the phone explode from the impact of Heart Throb's fall that she giggled for hours! Well, she would have if Heart Throb's mom hadn't come up when she heard the noise.

"Girls! What are you doing up there?!" shouted Mommy Heart Throb in a worried voice.

"Nothing, Mom!!!" giggled Heart Throb.

Mommy Heart Throb sighed as she plodded up the steps to see what Heart Throb had done this time. Can't be as bad as the time she ate all the sugar in the house and galloped around screaming through the house that she needed to find caffeine, thought Mommy Heart Throb. Took days for the doctors to get the sugar out of her system! I just hope…Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see, she thought to herself as she turned the doorknob of her daughter's room.

"Hi, Mrs. Heart Throb," sighed Magic as she waved a hoof.

"Hi, Magic," replied Mommy Heart Throb in the same tone as she searched Heart Throb's face for an answer of what she had done. But besides the, I'm so ready to laugh that I'm gonna pee my pants look, Mommy Heart Throb could sense nothing. Finally she said in an adamant voice, "Heart Throb, tell me this instant what you did or Magic will have to go home."

"Yes, Mother," said Heart Throb imitating a peasant begging to a queen; you know, in one of those high pitched voices that makes you want to... Mommy Heart Throb shot a menacing look to her daughter and that (yeah, I know this is a shocker) shut her up for maybe the first time in her life.

"Well, you see-- Magic and I were-- We were going to-- And I accidentally--"

"Looks like I better get going…My mom must be worried about where I am by now! Yeah, I better get home!" said Magic uncomfortably.

"That's ok, Magic. Why don't you go downstairs and get yourself some ice cream. Heart Throb will probably be down in a minute," replied Mommy Heart Throb apologetically.

Magic took the opportunity to get out as fast as she could, even though it was only to the kitchen. But hey, there was ice cream, and what pony would actually turn down the chance for ice cream?

After Heart Throb "explained" what had happened with the phone she was allowed downstairs. She even convinced her mom that it wasn't her fault, but her mom still made her pay for a new phone. Of course this time, the new phone would be in the shape of an ice cream sundae!

"Ok, this time we do it! No buts about it! Buts are what you sit on, not things that you merely go around using as fictional pieces of language to use as excuses when you are tired of something! You got that?"

"Ummmm, yeah Heart Throb…Whatever you say…Uh huh," Magic said in a pathetic tone.

Heart Throb dialed each number perfectly. She placed her hoof on the numbers in only a way Heart Throb could, announcing to the world that she had just dialed a SIX. And with a final over-enunciated wave of her hoof ever so gently into the air, she dialed the last number.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

Meanwhile, Chief was getting ready to go biking with Logon and Jumper. Suddenly, the phone rang.

"I got it!!!!!!" yelled Chief's little brother, Baby Ribbs. Baby Ribbs ran to the phone and the look on his face when he picked up the phone was an absolute Kodak Moment! "Oh Cheee-eef!!!! Your GIRLFRIEND'S on the pho-one!!!!!"

What in the world is that crazy pest talking about, thought Chief. He was about to ask whom, but thought better of it after the way his brother just acted. So Chief merely trotted over to the phone apprehensively.

"Hello. Who? Oh… ( Oh my gosh! Not Heart Throb!!!! She's the most loud mouthed annoying pony in the whole school!!!) Yeah whatever… (Magic!!!! Yes!!!!!!!) Alright… Bye…"

"Soooo, Chief?" interrogated Baby Ribbs.

"So what?" asked Chief.

"When are you picking her up???" asked Baby Ribbs with a half mad look on his face as he ran away to avoid a severe beating by his big brother.

"Hi!!!! Yeah, ok," said Heart Throb into the receiver that she had so "effectively" put on speaker phone. But as soon as Magic heard Baby Ribbs scream "girlfriend" through the house she left and I mean left. She raced out of the house as if her butt was on fire.

"Hi!!! This is Heart Throb!!!! What do you mean who???? I ONLY sit next to you in math!!!" said Heart Throb very loudly… more loudly than usual.

"Wait, Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled. Heart Throb sighed and picked up the phone. "Well, Magic really likes you!!! I thought you should know. So, are you going to ask her out?!!" After a very LONG pause she continued, "Ok, well, I guess I'll see if she'll call back tomorrow, KK???!!!!! Bye Chief!!!!!!!" exclaimed Heart Throb in a wild excited manner because she was so pleased with herself.

* * *
Heart Throb was a quitter by no means whatsoever. She would make Magic call if it killed her, well, maybe not if it messed up her hair or gave her laryngitis, but that's beside the point. So, she set out the next day and knocked on Magic's door bright and early. She rang the door bell once and rang the doorbell three insistent times. When no answer came she repeated her usual three knocks and then started to beat on the door. Well, enough was enough for Heart Throb and she had no patience whatsoever, so she beat down the door with both hooves and rang the doorbell until Magic's mom, who was still wearing a robe, gazed out the door tiredly.

"Well, good morning, Mommy Magic!!!!!" Heart Throb said in her sweetest most angelic voice.

"Heart Throb, what a pleasant surprise," said Mommy Magic somewhat less


"Is Magic home?!" Heart Throb shouted, peering through the doorway.

"Magic is asleep and if you continue to yell then she just might wake up, so I suggest you--"

"MAGIC!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!!!! MAGI--"

"Heart Throb, hush!" said Mommy Magic wrapping a hoof around Heart Throb's mouth. She was about to let go three separate times but had to cover the pony's mouth again lest all Ponyland wake up. On the fourth try, Heart Throb finally got the point.

"But I thought you said that if I were to yell she might wake up?" questioned Heart Throb.

"That's exactly what I said!"

"So why did you stop me from yelling? Is Magic awake yet?!" said Heart Throb her voice beginning to climb the decibel-meter.

"Shush, Heart Throb! No! We should let her sleep!"

"Well," said Heart Throb, clearly confused, "why would we wanna do that?"

Getting a little exasperated, Magic's mom finally asked, "Heart Throb, does your mother know you're here?"

"I told her on the way out!" protested Heart Throb knowing where the conversation would lead.

"Was she still asleep, Heart Throb?"

"I dunno, Mommy Magic…" said Heart Throb suprressedly.

"Heart Throb, go home and you can come back and play with Magic later, in several hours," said Mommy Magic, her patience surprisingly returning.

"Well, ok," Heart Throb said, pondering the thought. "I'll talk ta ya later, Mommy Magic!!! Nice seeing you again! Buh-Bye!!!!" said Heart Throb, deciding she could handle the first parts of the plan by herself. As Mommy Magic shook her head and disappeared behind the door, Heart Throb jounced happily along the path towards home.

When Heart Throb got home, Mommy Heart Throb was still asleep. Heart Throb sighed and plopped down on the couch. "I wish Magic were here," she said aloud. Oh well, she thought, Magic will just get a big surprise!!!! Yay!!!! Heart Throb giggled and started planning out how she would get Magic to call. Hmmmmm, her first thought was to bribe Magic with ice cream, but, would there be enough left for herself? Heart Throb eventually decided that she would just make Magic call if she had to tie her down to a chair to do it! She raced to Magic's house precisely at 8:05am. I hope she's up by now thought Heart Throb. As usual she pounded on the door as loudly as she possibly could, made a knock, and then rang the doorbell a small number of times. Mommy Magic answered the door politely and let Heart Throb in.

"Welcome back, Heart Throb. How pleasant it is to see you again," said Mommy Magic. "Would you like to join us for breakfast Heart Throb?" questioned Mommy Magic hesitantly.

"Well, if it wouldn't be too much trouble…"

"Actually we were almost finishin--"

"I'd absolutely love to join you for breakfast!!!" shouted Heart Throb. "What are you having?"

"We're having blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. Come on, let's set an extra place for you," sighed Mommy Magic.

"Gosh, that's awful nice of you! You're sure it isn't any trouble?"

"No trouble at all."

Heart Throb walked into the kitchen and waved to Magic as Mommy Magic prepared a plate full of pancakes for Heart Throb. Heart Throb eyed the pancakes hungrily and couldn't wait to taste them.

"Magic, I have the most glorious news to tell you!!!" shouted Heart Throb as the pancakes were set down in front of her. She took a mouthful. "Woo nooo duuhh hoo hoo?" she asked with a mouthful of pancake.

Magic started to giggle, but hushed Heart Throb. "Shhhh! Don't talk about the ho-- umm.. with your mouth full!"

"Oh, sowwie!" Heart Throb said as she swallowed the food in her overstuffed mouth. She ate, and ate, and ate…

"Come on! Let's go!!!" said Magic to Heart Throb as Heart Throb finished her thirteenth pancake.

"Oh, all right. Thanks for the pancakes, Mommy Magic!!!! They were absolutely delicious! I wish I came over here every day for breakfast!"

"Oh, that's nice," was all Mommy Magic could say.

Heart Throb and Magic went back to Heart Throb's house to "use the phone." Hehehehe

Ring ring ring…


"Talk, Magic!" whispered Heart Throb.

"Ummm, hi," said Magic shyly.

Magic and Chief were both really nervous and the only one who was talking was Heart Throb who was shouting at Magic really loudly to start talking. Chief was working on his computer trying to install something, happy to have something else occupy him when he was talking to a *girl.* Magic started hyperventilating and insisted that she had to call Applejack, Butterscotch, and Tabby before she could actually talk.


Limerick Votes

These are the voted recieved for the limericks:

2 for's

1 for's


by Ace

A day, many years ago, I was playing with my old friends in my old place of residence. At the time, I was very happy. I was unaware of what was going to happen to me later in the day. My friends and I were playing Hide and Seek when it happened. My best friend, Windwhistler, my girl-friend, was it. I was hiding further than my friends were. A long time passed, and yet I waited. Windwhistler was very smart. She knew this game really well so I thought this was a trick. It turned out that I was wrong. Very wrong.

Darkness settled on the land. I was beginning to feel scared. By now I was sure that all my friends were back at Paradise Estate. I wanted to go back, but I lost the direction home. I didn't know which way I came, or which way to go. I decided to stay where I was and wait for morning. I found a clump of bushes to sleep under and started to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by voices. I got up and started to run as fast as I could toward the voices. I started to get excited because I thought my friends had come looking for me. When I finally saw who was talking, I stopped dead in my tracks. It was some Humans. But that was impossible. No humans can come to Ponyland without coming on the back of a Pegasus.

I told myself that I should find out how they got here. I crept closer towards them so I could hear better. It didn't do any good. Even with my great hearing, all I could hear was muffled whispers. But I caught some key words like "another one" and "the boss" and yet another "big bucks." By now I heard enough.

I wanted to get as far away as I could from them. I started to back up. As soon as I started, one of them looked my way as if they could see me. I froze in my tracks. When they started whispering again, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was almost away when I tripped over a fallen branch. As I fell, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle. Both beings stopped whispering and started running towards where I was. I tried to get up but when I tripped, I twisted my ankle.

Before I knew it, both Humans had found me. Both of them were very happy. They started to congratulate each other about finding me. I saw them up close now. The male had brown hair, blue eyes, and was very muscular. The female on the other hand, so to speak, was the opposite. She had blond hair, hazel eyes, but she wasn't very muscular.

I learned soon enough what they wanted with me. They were sent to find a pony like me to take back with them. I tried to put up a fight, but when I kicked one of them, all I got was a few punches to the jaw and got the pleasure to be bound, blind-folded, and gagged.

After I was tied up, they carried me back to where they worked, a huge farm. I was taken to the house where the owner lived where I was untied. As the two that brought me here left, they told me that I would meet the boss in a few minutes. During those minutes, I tried to figure out what had happened. I also tried to get the numbing sensation out of my legs.

After those minutes, the boss called for me. As soon as I stepped in his office, I became frightened. This guy had muscles on his muscles! That was the first thing I noticed about him. He also had wavy blond hair, light green eyes, and was about seven feet tall. He asked me my name and I answered "Ace, sir." He introduced himself as Seth Hackney. He told me that I was brought here to work on the fields. I was to plow, hoe, and help in the garden. When he said the last one, I thought, Why didn't you bring Posey for that one?

He called for the two goons that brought me here and told them to take me to the fields. When I got there I saw about one hundred acres of fields. I also saw about twenty workers. I was then introduced to the workers and told to get to work. One worker whose name was Jack helped me with my first few days of work until I got the hang of it. He was my only friend since then.

After an eighteen-hour work day, we were able to go home. Since I didn't know how to locate my place of residence, I couldn't leave. I went up to ask the boss where I should sleep and he said that I could sleep on an old blanket in one of the rooms. I didn't know what to think of it, but I was tired so I said okay. I was so tired that day that no matter how uncomfortable the floor was, I slept like a log all through the night.

The next morning was as busy as the day before. But today the job was a little easier. I went like that for six long months. Seth payed us a little money, but not much. At the end of the sixth month, I was free to go. I only made ten jangles. I was very happy to return home. But I still didn't know the way. I asked Seth if he could tell me the way back to Paradise Estate. He wrote it on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I took it in my mouth and hurried back to Paradise Estate as fast as my hooves could take me.

As soon as I left the farm, it started raining. From then on it seemed like my trip was all bad luck. I got lost seven times, fell into a creek, and got caught in some trees while trying to fly. But after two long days of traveling, I finally made it back to Paradise Estate. As soon as I went through the blue gate, I knew something was wrong. I started searching all the rooms, calling to everyone. But even when I started, I knew it was hopeless. My friends had disappeared.

To be continued.



The winter morning was beautiful. The big snowflakes were falling from the sky, and there was already four deep feet of snow on the ground. Any other filly would be running around with all her friends, but not this one. She was a small black filly with four white stockings, and a white diamond on her forehead. She was walking alone on a ski trail near the top of Paradise Mountain.

* * *
Who am I? Where did I come from? And where am I? she wondered. Thousands of questions that couldn't be answered raced through her head. All she could remember was waking up in a box between two pine trees. Was I kidnapped? Or was I born near here?

She was starting to get hungry just about the same time she heard voices. She watched from behind a tree and saw a whole herd of colorful ponies and horses skiing and sledding on the hill. Then she saw a table with lunch bags on it. She walked out and grabbed two, and ran back to the box without stopping or looking back.

When she got there, she set the two lunches down and saw something she hadn't noticed before. A present wrapped in red paper was sitting in the snow. She opened it and found a blue horse blanket and halter inside. Both sides of the blanket said "Together Forever" in white letters. It said the same thing on a brass plate across the side of the halter. "Whoever gave me this must really care about me," she said out loud. She put them on and felt warmer.

* * *
After eating one of the lunches, she picked up the other and started walking back to the ski hill.

"I have to find out who I am. I want to be with my family and...." She spun around, dropping the lunch. Wonder and Magic were standing behind her. "Who are you? Leave me alone!"

Wonder took a step forward and said, "Don't worry, we won't hurt you. I am Wonder, and she is Magic. Are you lost?"

The black filly walked over to Wonder and started crying. "I'm lost. I don't know what my name is! And I don't know where my family is... or who they are!"

Wonder looked down at the frightened filly. "Why don't you come with us. I will help you in any way I can. You don't have a name? How about Midnight Dancer?"

The filly looked up at Wonder and said, "I love that name!"

* * *
Back at Whitebrook Mansion, part of Whitebrook Stables, Wonder led Dancer to a large room. She ran over to the window and saw the training oval below, and Paradise Mountain, which was two miles away.

"Is this gonna be MY room?" Dancer asked.

"It is as long as you want," Wonder said.

"I like you, Wonder. I want to live here with you forever! And it beats the box any day!" Dancer laughed.

"OK, good," Wonder said. "If you need me I will be in the kitchen downstairs."

Dancer walked over to a huge bed and flopped down on it. "So this is what it feels like." She rolled over to the other side and found a toy box full of stuffed animals, figurines, and My Little People dolls. Next to the toy box was a bookshelf full of books. Finally she walked over to a dresser and found a hair brush Wonder had left for her. As she brushed her short black mane and tail, she looked out the window. "I just know I will love living here!" Dancer said happily.

Created by:


Majesty's Long Lost Daughter
by Majesty

The Cast:

Moondancer: Glory's best friend, is having a quarrel with her family

Glory: Moondancer's best friend, recently got job at Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe

Wigwam: Moondancer's husband

Salty: the Royal Announcer, has a crush on Fizzy

Majesty: Queen of Dream Valley, is searching for her daughter

Others Mentioned:




Baby Moondancer


"Here ye, here ye! Majesty has announced the search for her long lost daughter today. Blood types and DNA will be studied in the Little Pony Division of Sciences at noon today. If your blood type fits, interviews will be held at Dream Castle at 4:00 PM. Be there or be square."

"Salty, you really didn't have to throw on that last sentence, did you?" Moondancer said with a roll of her eyes.

"I think it put a nice touch on such a boring speech."

"Yeah, well, I don't think so," Moondancer said grumpily. "Do you really think that someone here, in Dream Valley, could be Majesty's Long Lost Daughter? I mean, what if, when we're having the interviews, someone lies?"

"Lie detector," said Salty.

* * *
Meanwhile, Glory and Medley were over at Moondancer's house at a sleepover. At 10:00 in the morning, the Royal Announcement had woken them up, and they were getting ready to go at noon and they were VERY excited. Especially Glory.

"Imagine me as PRINCESS!! Wouldn't it be great? I'd sit on a throne all day, and have my servents feed me Pony Snacks, and I would sleep in this huge canopy bed and have a monsterous feast every day..."

"Glory, cut it out! Do you know how HARD it is to be princess and queen?" Medley said, a little annoyed.

"The only hard part would be choosing all those gowns and dresses, and the balls I'll attend."

"Glory, SNAP OUT OF IT!!! You don't even know if you have the right blood type. You might not remember your parents; your mother might as well be Majesty, but think of how many ponies there are in Ponyland!!"

"Yeah, you're right... come on, we have to get ready. Majesty wouldn't be happy if we came in our pajamas."

* * *
A line started to form at the My Little Pony Division of Sciences at about 11:30 AM. Twilight, who was ALWAYS an early bird, was first in line. Shady was behind her, constantly complaining about the blood test.

"I'll never be the princess! I don't even know why I'm here! When they do the blood test, I'll probably squirm and scream and it'll hurt so bad and--"

"Shady, have some self-esteem! Everybody that can't remember their parents can be princesses. A lot of ponies can. Moondancer's parents are still alive in the Country Gardens Pony Living Center! And Scoop's parents are still both working at the Sweet Shoppe all day! You should be proud to be here."

Shady got a teary look in her eyes. "How can I be proud to have no parents to love me?"

* * *
"Glory, you look FINE. The castle's a little bit of a walk from my house, so Wigwam is picking you up in about 15 minutes. I have to go to the hospital now; Baby Moondancer has an awful fever. Give me back that blue hairpick this evening, okay? Medley, Glory, good luck! Gotta run." Moondancer lunged for her pocketbook and ran out the door. Glory fingered Moondancer's blue hairpick, her favorite.

"Glory, Wigwam's here," Medley said excitedly.

"Okay, let's get this show on the road!"

* * *
"Attention please!! Would the first five ponies in line please come into Lab room number 1, the next five into room number 2, and so on. Please register in the lobby."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Salty totally tensed up when he said that."

"Go figure. Fizzy is standing right over there, talking with Windy. He has a HUGE crush on her," Sprinkles said, who was about three ponies back in line. All ponies now emptied out into the lobby, filling out forms and going to their assigned test rooms. At 3:00 PM, the Royal Announcer announced who was to be at the interviews at 4:00.

"The ponies who all have Z blood type, like Majesty's, are Pinwheel, Firefly, Masquarade, Medley, and North Star."

"AAH! Was that me? He said my name? Glory, catch me..." And at that Medley fainted away.

* * *
"Here ye, here ye. Two ponies fit the description of Majesty's daughter. Although this has not been thought of before, the Queen might have had twins. Please welcome the two new princesses of Dream Valley, Medley and Firefly!!

A cheer went up from the crowd. Everyone was screaming. Except Gusty.

"Gusty, what's wrong?" Shady said. "Did someone die?"

"No. Nothing like that. My parents... they found out I got married to Steamer."

"What's so bad about that?"

"Well, Steamer's family and mine... there has been a family feud. When my step-parents got divorces, the two families went into a feud and.... my side of the family is steaming mad. No pun intended. Shady, don't laugh."

"I'm not. This is serious."

"Yeah. They said they'd never talk to me again unless we broke up."

Well, Gusty seems to be in a fix right now!! The solution to this problem will be in the next issue, along with the Grand Gala Party for Firefly and Medley. Stay tuned!


Package Back Stories

Flower Bouquet

One night, all the ponies hurried to the Ponyland Fair to see Flower Bouquet's light show. As the ponies waited in the dark fairground, Flower Bouquet flipped a switch to turn on the lights, but nothing happened! Quickly, Flower Bouquet flew into the air and touched the lights with a moonbeam. When she touched the last light, the lights burst into pink, yellow, and blue flowers glowing brightly in the darkness! She wove some flowers into a beautiful cape and headband for herself as the ponies applauded her fantastic flower show!


Surprise was traveling through the clouds and saw Spike's small head poking out of a run-away hot-air balloon. "Are you lost?" Surprise shouted to Majesty's little pet dragon. "Yes, please take me home," pleaded Spike. So Surprise gently guided the balloon all the way back to the Dream Castle and Majesty gave Surprise a royal "Thank you!"


Answers from last issue's Trivia Game:

1. Scoops

2. 1984-1985

3. Lavender, mint green

4. Windwhistler, North Star

6. 1998

BONUS QUESTION: A common manufacturer's mistake is when the head of a pony is a little darker than the body


Movie Blunders
By Sparkler

Guess what I just found??? "Escape from Midnight Castle" or "Firefly's Adventure," whichever you prefer. I found a few mistakes; first of all, there is a pony that they never made in there. It looks like Starshine, but it's an earth pony, and in one sequence it magically grows a horn like Baby Surprise did in "Escape from Catrina." The scenes in which this pony is in is the first sequence, when all the ponies run out of Dream Castle. And the sequence in which all the ponies go out to greet Meagan. The part in which the pony grows a horn is when the ponies run from the dragons the second time. Pause your tape when it comes to that particular pony rearing up and you will see it magically grow a horn. NOTE: This pony has no symbol. The other mistakes are:

1.) You see Lickety-Split or at least a pony that looks like her on the drawbridge when Firefly goes to get help.

2.) You see a Baby Bubbles standing on the hill when Meagan says: "Come on, we'll save our friends... somehow."

3.) They have some seaponies that they never made during the Seaponies sequence.

4.) At the last sequence, when they're all laughing at Ember, you see Twinkles and Sundance. Sundance is by Twilight, and Twinkles is on her back. You have to pause it to see it, but they're there. I promise!!!

If ya'll notice any more blunders, tell me, I'd like to know. Thanks. :)



Locket's Soft Breadsticks

1/4 cups margarine or butter

1 1/4 cups flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

2/3 cups milk

Garlic Powder



Grated Parmesan Cheese

Heat oven to 450 degrees. In square pan (9x9x2), melt margarine in oven white the oven is preheating. (Remember to remove pan once the margarine has melted.)

Mix flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Add milk. Stir about 30 strokes, just until dough forms.

Drop dough onto a well-floured cloth-covered board; roll dough through flour to coat it. Knead about ten times.

Roll out dough into a square shape the size of the pan. Cut dough in half, then cut each half into eight strips.

Dip each strip in the melted margarine in the pan, coating both sides, and lay the strips in two rows across the pan. Sprinkle with garlic powder, oregano, basil, and grated parmesan cheese. Bake 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Excellent with spaghetti.


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