My Little Pony Monthly Issue 11 (February 1, 1998)

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Issue 11
February 1998

P.S. I Love You
Prequel to Friends Forever
By Shining

"What do you think you're doing here? Get out this instant!" Bit A Lace roared. "And never come back!"

The dark bay filly startled out of her daydream and tore out of the big olympic arena at Glorified Acres. All she had wanted to do was to learn how to dance like Lacey. Shining sniffed back a tear and slowed to a trot.

Last year when Lacey picked the three-year-olds she was going to train, Shining had been left out. "You're much to small to leap and prance like the rest of us. Being the runt of the herd and all." Those words had stung, but Shining was determined that she was going to dance.

Lost in thought, Shining bumped into Signature Required, Lacey's star student. The big colt took a couple of steps back while Shining blushed, embarrassed.

"Hey, are you okay?" The handsome black colt asked.

"Um, yeah. Sorry," Shining looked down. Everyone knew that Siggy, as he was called, was one of the best, and by silent agreement, he was to be treated like royalty.

"Are you sure? You look upset," Siggy looked quizzically at her. "It looks like you were crying."

Shining quickly brushed the tears away. "Lacey got mad at me ‘cause I was in the ring."

"Oh. Hey, you're the filly that she turned away last year, aren't you?" Siggy realized, looking at her pretty face.

Shining's cheeks burned crimson. She studied the ground. "Yes," she said in a small voice.

"Wow. I hardly recognized you. You've really grown. I'll ask her if maybe you could start training with us. You'd probably catch up quickly," Siggy offered.

Shining looked up, surprised. "Oh, well, I don't really think that--"

"Come to the arena tomorrow at nine." And with a wink, the tall colt walked off.

Shining sighed. I can't believe that he actually talked to me, let alone try to get me into training. And he's so nice, even though he's Lacey's pet.

* * *
"No, no, no! I won't let that filly join my intense training," Lacey shrieked.

"Lacey, she has a name," Siggy defended Shining. "It's Shining."

"Shining, eh?" Lacey sneered. "What kind of name is that?"

"I like her name," Siggy looked at Shining who was too busy examining her hooves to notice the look that Siggy gave her.

"Well, she still can't join my class. And besides, you're almost done with training. Another month, and I'll have taught you everything I know," Lacey batted her eyes at Siggy. Even though she was twice his age, Lacey had decided that she was in love with her student. She tried to hint it to him every chance she got.

Siggy sighed. "Fine, another month, and then I'm outta here."

Lacey looked horrified. "Oh no, dear, after you're done training, we'll compete together as a couple for the rest of our lives. Imagine. Us. Together. Forever."

Siggy didn't say anything, but walked away. As he passed Shining, he whispered in her ear, "Hey, sorry about that. Come to my stall tonight and we can talk."

* * *
That night Shining quietly crept over to the training barn to talk to her new pal. When she stepped into the barn, Siggy spotted her immediately and nickered. "Hi, I'm glad you came. I didn't know if you would show up or not."

Shining, too shy to say anything, studied the ground intently. She had been hardly able to contain herself and wait until evening when Siggy had invited her to his stall. Shining had called her best friend, Gusty, and they had chatted for hours about Siggy, Lacey, and training.

" I was thinking that maybe I could teach you at night in the arena when no one's around," Siggy told Shining.

Startled out of her thoughts by Siggy's suggestion, Shining shyly asked, "You- you'd do that?"

"Yeah. I see real potential in you."

Shining blushed. "Okay, I guess. You're sure it won't be too much trouble?"

"No way!" Siggy looked indignant. "Not for you. I really want to get to know you, Shining. You're the only one who treats me decently. It's the least I can do."

Shining was confused. "What do you mean by that?"

Siggy sighed. "It's just that everyone's so occupied with my success as a show horse, they don't treat me as a friend," Siggy looked Shining in the eye. "Except you, Shining; when I'm with you, I feel like anyone else. I don't like to stand out, and when I'm with you, I can forget."

Shining looked at her peer in surprise. "I just treat you like I'd want to be treated."

Siggy grinned and shoved her affectionately. "C'mon. Let's go into the ring."

* * *
Shining was a quick learner. Within a month, she had mastered what it had taken her teacher a year to learn. And as Shining's training excelled and improved, Shining and Siggy grew closer and closer as friends. They told each other everything.

One night, Siggy explained how he hated the nickname everyone called him by. "Siggy is so dorky!"

Shining laughed and did a capriole. "Fine then. I'll call you Signature."

* * *
The next month brought many changes. Lacey insisted that Signature tour and perform with her, leaving Shining alone at Glorified Acres. While her friend was away, Shining threw herself into her training. Head carriages, endurance, stadium jumps; each day brought a new challenge for Shining to defeat.

Weeks flew by and Shining continued her exercises. One warm day in June, Shining practiced her dressage. Gracefully, she arched her neck and danced across the arena.

"Shining!" A voice pierced through her deep concentration.

Shining looked up into a jet-black handsome face. One she knew, that was so familiar. "Signature! What are you doing here? I thought you were touring for two years. It's barely been a year." Shining raced over to the fence where Signature was standing.

"I quit!" Signature explained. "Lacey was way too obsessed with winning, so I walked out on her and told her that I was going back to Glorified Acres to be with you. She's probably on her way, now."

"Wow," Shining smiled. "It's so great to see you. I missed you."

"Yeah, um, do you want to dance?" Signature gestured toward the arena.

"Why of course, sir," Shining teased Signature for being so formal. Signature grinned.

They entered the ring together and began to leap. When they finished, Signature gave Shining a long look. "You look great," he said softly. It's been so long since I've seen her, but she's still so beautiful, he thought to himself.

For some reason, Shining was sure that Signature didn't just mean that her performance was good. She blushed. When she dared to look up again, Signature was still watching her. She raised her head to meet his gaze.

Signature blinked and glanced away. "Well," he said, changing the subject, "I guess we should set up a stall for you in the training barn."

Shining nodded, "That would be great. The trek to the arena every day from the broodmare barn is tiring."

"I'll set you up next door to me. Since Leo went over to Sheltered Farms, the stall by me is vacant," Signature told Shining.

When Shining was comfortably settled in her new stall, Signature cleared his throat, and stood nervously by the door. Shining looked up inquiringly. "Um," he began, "Well, I got this for you at the Congress Show. I hope you like it." Signature handed Shining a brass nameplate. SHINING was delicately engraved in the shiny brass. On the side was an etching of an elegant face.

Shining gasped at the beauty of the nameplate. "It's wonderful," she breathed.

"The face is supposed to look like you," Signature explained. "But when I described your face to the engraver, I couldn't find words to define how beautiful you were."

"Thank you," Shining whispered.

"You're welcome," Signature whispered back. "And describing you to an old gelding named Bubba is pretty difficult," he joked.

Shining smilied shyly and then yawned. "I'm beat. I'll see you in the morning, Signature."

"Good night, my Shining. Sleep well."

Shining glowed as she got ready for bed. Signature had called her his Shining. Not just "Good night, Shining," but "Good night my Shining." As Shining drifted off into a deep sleep, she sighed contentedly. Things were going her way.

* * *
"Siggy!" Shining woke up with a start. It was two in the morning. Who would be screeching in the middle of the night?

"Lacey!" Shining heard the surprise in Signature's voice.

"How dare you walk out on me at the show! I was so embarrassed! All those people there, and I had to do the routine by myself. I got disqualified!" Lacey raved.

Shining couldn't help but smile. It served Lacey right for how she treated Signature.

"I was completely humiliated at one of the biggest shows of the season!" Lacey screeched. "And it's all because of that little brat Shining! She's just fooling you, you know, Siggy. She just thinks you're the greatest because of your training. She--"

"Enough!" Signature roared. "Lacey, I'm sick of training with you, I'm sick of performing with you, I'm sick of hearing you put down Shining, I'm sick of YOU!"

Shining cautiously peered around the door to get a glimpse of the arguement. Signature had an angry scowl on his face. But the funny thing was Lacey. Her eyes had welled up with tears, and her lip had begun to quiver. Lacey slapped Signature across the face, turned on her heel, and galloped out of the barn.

"Signature, are you all right?" Shining abandoned her hiding place to see to Signature.

Signature rubbed his jaw. "I'm fine. Can you believe her? What a jerk!"

Shining giggled. "Did you see the look on her face when you told her off?" Shining tried to imitate Lacey's expression, but gave up, dissolving into laughter.

Signature joined in with a chuckle. "Well, I think that I've finally seen the last of her. Thank goodness."

Shining nodded, a smile still upon her pretty face. She looked up at Signature, dark and handsome. His face was marred by a worried frown. Sensing that Signature was unhappy, Shining comforted him. "Oh Signature, everything will be fine. And what Lacey said about your success; it's not true at all. You're a true friend for who you are. Not what you do."

Signature gave Shining a wobbly smile and walked her back to her stall. "Whenever I'm with you, I feel as if I have to impress you."

Shining frowned and opened her mouth to contradict him.

"But let me finish. It always turns out though, that I'm myself the most when I'm around you. Does that make sense?" Signature asked.

Shining nodded slowly. "I think so."

"Good," Signature smiled. And then, tenderly, he kissed Shining on the forehead where her single white star lay. "Good night," he whispered.

Shining's eyes flew open, but then closed again as she smiled. "Good night," she replied, stiffling a yawn. I'll never wash my face again! she mused dreamily. It was a long time before Shining got to sleep that night. She listened to Signature move about in his stall, and eventually listened to his steady breathing as he slept.

* * *
The next morning, Shining was up with the rooster, watching the sunrise, as she did every morning. Signature stumbled out of his stall, sleepily, two hours after Shining. "Morning," he mumbled, "How long have you been up?"

Shining turned to face Signature. "Oh, I've been up since dawn."

"You crazy?" Signature teased Shining.

Shining grinned, "Always."

"Ready to practice?" Signature changed the subject.

"Yeah. What do you wanna practice today?" Shining asked.

"Anything, as long as it's with you."

The days flew by as the two young horses practiced their routines together. The shy filly and the bold colt seemed an odd combination, but they were the best of friends. Soon, they were ready to compete.

"I think we're ready for this one," Signature pronounced, studying the showbill for their first show.

Shining nodded, her head bobbing jerkily. She was nervous, but she didn't want to let Signature find out. "We've been practicing for months; we'll do fine," she reassured herself under her breath.

"What?" Signature asked, preoccupied.

"Nothing," Shining said quietly.

Signature looked up from the paper. His brow creased in concern. "You okay? You're awfully pale, Shining-girl," Signature used the nickname he had invented.

Shining gave him a wobbly smile, "Just a little nervous. This is my first show, you know."

Signature shook his head. "I always forget that because you never train and practice like a novice. You're a pro, Shining." Signature encouraged her with a confident smile, complete with dimples. "Don't worry, you'll do great."

Half-an-hour later, Shining and Signature stood in the waiting ring, ready to perform. Shining, still rather pale, reviewed their routine in her head. Signature watched Shining with growing concern. He knew that she'd be great, if only she'd believe it herself.

". . .please give a welcoming applause to exhibit number forty-eight; Signature Required along with Shining," the announcer's voice resounded through the arena.

Shining took an apprehensive step forward, and stopped to find reassurance from Signature. "Signature..." she began, her voice barely above a whisper.

Signature turned a calm eye toward her. "Shining-girl; you'll do great. I know that large crowds aren't your thing, but we have to show the world how wonderful you are. Okay?"
Shining nodded, "Okay," she whispered.

Shining and Signature entered the arena. The stopped in the center of the stadium, poised, and ready for their performance. As the music began, Signature realized with relief that Shining was loosening up, moving fluidly.

Together, the pair danced and leaped around the ring, perfectly in-tune with each other. After one particularly difficult pass, Signature heard Shining burst out with a gleeful laugh. He smiled, wondering how the skill came so easily to her.

As the strains of delicate music came to an end, Shining beamed at Signature with a sparkle in her eyes. "Thank you, Signature!" she exclaimed.

The crowed raised to their feet and clapped, as they would do so many more times in the future. Gusty, Shining's friend, in the front row clapped the loudest of all. "We love you, Shining!" she exclaimed.

Signature chuckled, and looked at the delicate filly by his side. "Shining-girl," he said quietly, "You did great! And," Signature paused, and grinned self-consciously, "Like they say at the end of letters, P.S. I love you, too." Signature kissed his Shining-girl.

Gusty whooped with joy. "Go Shining!"

Author's note:

Sorry to all of you that I told that this story would be in the January issue. Long-term writer's block and a busy life are things that I wish were non-existant. ;-)


In My Opinion....
by Tabby

The new ponies should not be criticized, and should be accepted into everyone's collection because of their cuteness.

Being produced by Hasbro, they are real My Little Ponies, just made in a new style. Flutter Ponies and Sea Ponies are real MLPs made in a different style and we accept them into our collections, why not the new ones?

In their own way, they're just as pretty as the old ones. The same plastic and ‘hair' are used in the new ones, and they each have their own symbol and unqiue personality as the old ones. And yes, they're smaller, but so were Flutter Ponies and Summer/Windy Wings.

With the addition of a jewel, their eyes are just as pretty as the old ones. The eye itself is painted on like the old ones, with a small jewel implanted in the center.

So can't you learn to accept the new MLPs as part of the MLP world? Go out now and buy those ponies!



Which pony would you most like to be?

E-mail Tabby at Results will be in the next issue!

Last month's-

"What is your favorite out of the new 1998 ponies?"

The question was: What is your favorite of the new 1998 ponies?

My favorite is Sky Skimmer. She looks a lot like Rosedust the flutter pony (with her colors), and Rosedust is one of my favorite MLPs. Plus, I've just always loved yellow ponies, especially pastel yellow - it looks so happy, friendly, and inviting!

Alison, aka Baby Firefly

My favorite of the new ones is Clever Clover, he is darling! My second favorite is Petal Blossom :)

My favorite new MLP is Ivy.


My daughter's favorite new pony (she's 5 so I have to respond for her) is Berry Bright. She says she loves that basket on her back (and I say it has something to do with those neon colors!).

---Nicole and Ashley



by Barnacle:

The Four Bushwoolies of the Apocalypse

A special mail-in offer for sending in the proofs of purchase off of all four of the Ponies of the Apocalypse.

Death: white bushwoolie with a cloak and staff

Pestilence: yellow bushwoolie with staff

Famine: lime green bushwoolie, really skinny

War: red bushwoolie in full plate armour

by Baby Firefly:

Valentines' Sweetheart Ponies

All are earth ponies with jewel eyes and glittery symbols.

Be Mine - white with red hair and silver tinsel, bouquet of red roses symbol

Sweetie Pie - pink with dark pink hair and white tinsel, several chocolate candies for symbol

Luv Ya - pastel yellow with pastel pink hair and silver tinsel, different sizes of red and pink hearts for symbol

Yours Truly - red with white hair and pink tinsel, symbol is the words "Love" and "XOXO" with one white carnation


Special Edition Twins: "Baby Winter Wonderland" and "Baby Silver Bells"

Both twins have a pearlized silver body with white hair, and clear crystal jewel eyes. Baby Winter Wonderland's symbol is pine tree with glittery snow flakes falling around it, and Baby Silver Bells' symbol is two silver bells tied together with red ribbon, with glittery snowflakes falling around it.


by Applejack:

Name - Dexter

Body Color- beige

Hair Color- brown

Symbol - a book

Breed - Earth

Name - Sticky

Body Color - white

Hair Color - pink with a white stripe

Symbol - a bottle of glue

Breed - Unicorn

Name - Day Dream

Body Color - light purple

Hair Color - very light blue

Symbol - a pink Cloud

Breed - Pegasus

Name - Santa Pony

Body Color- white

Hair Color - red w/ green

Symbol - a Santa hat

Breed - Male Earth

Accessories - would come with a Santa suit, a red bag w/ mini toys in it (for the baby ponies), and a beard

Names - Megabyte and Baby Byte (a mommy and baby set)

Body Color - mint green

Hair Color - white

Symbol - Mommy - a computer; and baby - a mouse (a computer mouse)

Breed - Earth

Precious Metal Ponies - These ponies have shimmering bodies with the names of precious metals

Name - Goldy

Body Color - shimmering gold

Hair Color - gold

Symbol - a gold ring

Breed - Unicorn

Name - Silver Streak

Body Color - shimmering silver

Hair Color - silver

Symbol- a silver streak of lightning (bigger than Firefly's)

Breed - Earth

Name - Wiry

Body Color - shimmering copper

Hair - copper

Symbol - a roll of copper wire

Breed - Earth


I was reading the part in the newsletter that had ideas for new ponies. Here's an idea: Astrological ponies! Have a pony with a bull, and one with rams, and one with twins... etc.


by Majesty:

Name: Valentine

Color: pink

Hair color: white, red

Type: Twinkle-Eyed unicorn

Symbol: heart

Name: Cupid

Color: gold

Hair color: red, white

Type: flutter pony

Symbol: heart w/ arrow through it

Name: Angel

Color: white

Hair color: gold, white

Type: Twinkle-Eyed unicorn, and has a variation of pegasus wings-- angel wings, a little bigger, wider wings

Symbol: angel w/ halo


Crunch Berry
(mauve Sundae Best earth pony with bright yellow hair and ice cream sundae on rump)

Ice Cream Escapades
by Tabby

"Hmm, that might be interesting to interview for!" Crunch Berry thought to herself as she saw a sign posted outside of the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe that Scoops was looking for a new worker. "I'm going to try for it!"

So she walked inside and up to the counter. "Scoops, I saw that sign up outside that you're looking for a new worker?"

"Oh, yes!" Scoops said. "Here's an application to fill out, if you're interested." She handed an application to Crunch Berry and added, "Ever since I hired that Lava Demon and Ice Orc a little while ago, I realized how nice it was having more workers!"

Crunch Berry quickly filled the application out and handed it back to Scoops.

"Okay, I'll call you back in a few days if you get the job!" Scoops called to her as she headed towards the door.

"Great, I can't wait!" Crunch Berry replied enthusiastically.

* * *
Two days later, Crunch Berry's phone rang. She jumped up, and grabbed the receiver. "Hello?" she said into it.

"Crunch Berry? This is Scoops."

"Scoops!" Crunch Berry squealed.

"I've selected you for the job," Scoops continued. "You can start this afternoon; come in at 1."

"That's wonderful!" Crunch Berry exclaimed. "I'll be there! Thanks so much for picking me!"

"Oh, well, see ya!" Scoops said, hanging up.

* * *
At 1:00 that afternoon, Crunch Berry had just arrived at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.

"Okay, put this apron and cap on," Scoops instructed, handing them to her. Crunch Berry tied them on, and Scoops went on, "Now, start by taking this tray of sundaes out to that table." She pointed to one of the tables.

Crunch Berry took the tray from her, and Scoops went into the back room. She had just walked out in front of the counter when the tray began to tilt, and one of the sundaes started to slide off.

"Oh, no!" Crunch Berry gasped as the sundae fell right on top of the Lava Demon's head, who was just walking by.

"AHHH!!!!" the Lava Demon cried out in pain.

"I'm so sorry!" Crunch Berry frantically grabbed a towel off the counter and wiped all the ice cream off the Lava Demon. He muttered something, and walked off angrily.

"Crunch Berry!" Scoops, who had come out of the back room and had been watching what had happened with the Lava Demon, exclaimed. "Please try not to do that again. If he gets too angry, he might quit, and he's a very valuable worker." She added under her breath, "Unlike some."

"Oh, I'll be extra careful next time," Crunch Berry mumbled, embarrassed.

"Why don't you go unpack the new shipment of ice cream we just got in?" Scoops suggested. "The boxes are in the back room; just unload each carton into the freezer."

"Okay, great, I'll do that!" Crunch Berry said, backing away.

She walked into the back room and opened one of the boxes of ice cream.

"Ooh, Fudge Ripple, my favorite!" Crunch Berry exclaimed, examining the cartons.

Suddenly she realized how hungry she felt. "Scoops'll never notice if I snitch just a little..." She carefully pried the lid off one of them and dug her hoof in.

"Yum!" she thought to herself, licking her hoof. "This is even better than I remember it!" Before she could stop herself, she dug in for another taste, and another, and another--

"CRUNCH BERRY!" Scoops roared, standing behind Crunch Berry and tapping her hoof on the ground.

Crunch Berry's face went bright red. "Well... umm..." she stammered.

"Look, why don't you just go home for today?" Scoops said, exasperated. "Come in at 1 again tomorrow."

Crunch Berry wordlessly nodded her head and ran out the door, and past the Ice Orc whom Scoops had called in to finish unpacking.

* * *
The next day at 1, Crunch Berry got to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe again. Sweet Blossom, Songster, Mainsail, and Sweet Lily had just walked up to the counter as Crunch Berry quickly slipped into her apron and hat.

"Your order, please?" Crunch Berry said breathlessly to the group.

"I'll take a strawberry sundae," said Mainsail after studying the menu.

"A chocolate shake for me!" added Sweet Blossom.

Crunch Berry frantically tried to keep all the orders straight in her head.

"A chocolate cone with sprinkles," Songster decided.

"And a peach cobbler!" Sweet Lily said.

"Okay, you can all sit down, and I'll bring them out as soon as I have them ready!" Crunch Berry said, heading off to prepare the order.

"Let's see-- Mainsail wanted a sundae, and Sweet Blossom wanted a shake. It was a strawberry shake and a chocolate sundae, I think. Yes, it must have been!" Crunch Berry thought to herself, and prepared the two things. "Now... Songster wanted a cone with sprinkles, but chocolate or vanilla? Oh, well, I'll do it twist-- I'll be at least half right. And then Sweet Lily! Gosh, I know there was fruit in it... so it must have been a banana split!" She hurriedly made the last two items, and loaded everything on a tray. "I sure hope that's right!"

Crunch Berry headed towards their table, being careful not to tip the tray like last time. She set the tray down on the table. The four ponies inspected the tray with confused faces.

"Is everything all right?" Crunch Berry asked weakly.

"Are you sure this is the right order?" Sweet Blossom asked.

Then Scoops walked over; she had been watching the scene from the other side of the room. "What seems to be the problem here?"

"Crunch Berry screwed-up our order!" Songster exclaimed.

Scoops sighed wearily and looked at Crunch Berry. "I'll take care of it," she said, picking up the tray. She whispered to Crunch Berry, "You can have the rest of the day off again. Just come in tomorrow at the same time."

Crunch Berry, dejected, walked out of the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.

* * *
The next day, yet again, Crunch Berry walked into the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.

"You can manage the counter again today," Scoops instructed her, and added, "And here. Write down the orders so they don't get messed up." She handed her a paper and pencil.

"I'll be careful not to mess any up!" Crunch Berry promised, nodding her head.

"Come get me if you run into any problems," Scoops said. "I'll be washing dishes if you do need me." She headed off.

Crunch Berry stood behind the counter, waiting for someone to come in. After half an hour, she had filled a few orders with no complaints. But then her best friend, Swirly Whirly, walked up.

"Oh, hi, Crunch Berry!" Swirly Whirly exclaimed when she saw her friend. "You'd told me you'd gotten a job here, hadn't you?"

"Yeah, I'm not doing such a good job at it, though," Crunch Berry sighed.

"That's too bad," Swirly Whirly said sympathetically. "You'll have to tell me all about it sometime."

"Well, anyway," Crunch Berry said. "What do you want?"

"Hmm..." Swirly Whirly thought about it. "Make it a twist cone!"

"Coming right up!" Crunch Berry called, making one twist cone and another for herself. "We can talk right here," she said to Swirly Whirly, setting the cones down on the counter.

"Okay, great!" Swirly Whirly picked up her cone.

"See, on the first day I..." Crunch Berry started to explain everything that had happened to her. The two ponies got deep into their chat. Crunch Berry forgot all about her duties.

"CRUNCH BERRY!" Scoops yelled furiously, who had just come up behind her.

"Oh, Scoops, I was just... ah... well..." Crunch Berry defended herself feebly.

Swirly Whirly stood there uneasily.

Scoops was sick and tired of having Crunch Berry make all these mistakes, and would do anything to get her out, but she didn't want to outright fire her. Suddenly, she came up with an idea.

"Crunch Berry," Scoops started again, trying to sound calm. "I have an idea. I'll offer you free ice cream whenever you want it if you stop working here."

"Oh, wow!" Crunch Berry said, excited. "You'd really do that?"

"Yes," Scoops nodded her head firmly.

"I'll take you up on your offer, then!" Crunch Berry exclaimed. "Come on, Swirly Whirly! Let's go do some shopping!"

So the two ponies ran out of the shop, and Scoops smiled at the thought of no longer having Crunch Berry around behind the counter.

Mystery Pony

Guess who this pony is-

white baby pony with pink hair with tinsel in, glittery castle on rump

and e-mail Tabby at Winners will be listed in the next issue!

Last month's-

The correct answer was Petal Blossom, one of the Secret Surprise Ponies! Although, there is another pony that pretty much fits her description also, Flowerbelle the Flower Fantasy Pony. One person guessed her,, so she basically got the right answer too! The ones who guessed Petal Blossom are:


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 4

As Brightblade and Epona set out on their quest, Brightblade continued his narration.

Ramon and I built a small fire near the gorge. There was no sign of activity in the shadows on our side, but we could hear chattering from the far side. The night passed uneventfully.

As the bleak dawn broke, we broke fast on dried mushrooms. They were chewy and flavorless but they filled our stomachs. As we began our trek, I quickly realized that our progress would be slowed as we climbed out of the valley. Fortunately there was no sign of the inhabitants of the valley, at least not during the first day's journey. That evening we finished the last of our mushrooms around a small fire.

The next day we set out with only some water in our stomachs. It was about midday when I realized that Ramon was no longer with me. "Ramon!" I called, "Ramon, where are you?" I began to panic; my heart almost stopped when I heard a noise in the brush. "Who's there?" I uttered weakly.

Ramon appeared from the thorns carrying two fresh mushrooms. "Don't worry," he said "It's only me, but you should be quiet. I've seen signs of those things. We're not out of the woods yet."

We rested and ate the mushrooms; they were better than the dried ones, less rubbery anyway, and they tasted rather bitter. As we resumed our travel we again heard the sounds of the mysterious inhabitants of the valley following us. That evening, the eerie character of the fire again haunted me. A strange feeling in my stomach made it hard to sleep.

Walking the next day was as difficult as sleeping had been the night before. I pleaded with Ramon to let me rest a day, but he insisted that we press on. My legs felt like rubber but I made my best effort to walk. My memory of the rest of the day is fuzzy, but I got the impression that we were not making much progress.

As I lay near the fire Ramon built that evening, he opened the wine jug and gave me a drink in hopes that it would ease my ailment. It was strong stuff and it burned my thought, but it numbed the pain in my gut.

That night as I lapsed into and out of consciousness, I recall that Ramon was talking continuously, though I cannot say what he talked about. I couldn't make any sense of it as Ramon's rambling was intermingled with strange dreams and hallucinations.

The next day we did not travel. I lay incapacitated by my illness while Ramon scurried about gathering firewood. That night Ramon was silent, at least when I was conscious. At dawn Ramon told me that he was going to scout ahead, to see if he could find help. Before he left, he made me take another drink of wine and told me to keep the fire burning night and day. I was too weak to argue with him.

I remember little of the next day-and-a-half save fear.

By the time that Brightblade reached this point in his tale, he and Epona had reached the pleasant fields of Ponyland. It was near noon and as they sought a place to take lunch, they encountered three ponies, Sundance, Firefly, and Tabby, who were out on a picnic. "Hey, Brightblade!" Sundance called. "Who's your new friend?"

Brightblade introduced Epona to the ponies.

"Where'd you get the cool hat?" Firefly asked.

"That's a long story; I was just telling it to Epona."

"Why don't you join us on our picnic and tell us all the story?" suggested Tabby.

"I don't know if we have the time for that. We're on a very important journey."

"Oh, nonsense," said Epona. "Time is not that short that we cannot afford to be sociable."


Package Back Stories

Flowers for the Garden

Four o'clock-- time for tea! The Flower Fantasy ponies waltzed to their favorite flower garden for an afternoon snack. On a white wicker table were teacups, a pot of tea, tiny sandwiches, and sweet cakes. Everything was ready, except... all the flowers had disappeared from the garden! With a quick wink and whispered wish, the ponies magically made the garden bloom. Roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, and more pretty flowers appeared. The Flower Fantasy ponies marveled at the beautiful blossoms, and sat down to enjoy their tasty snack.

A Splash of Color

One warm, sunny day, the Sundazzle ponies went to the beach for a day of surfing. Hopping on their surfboards, they paddled out to sea, yelling with excitement as they rode the waves back to shore. A bit of magic would make the day even more wonderful, they thought, so they blinked their eyes and... the waves turned into bright, wet rainbows to ride! Then, the sun touched the ponies' hair and added a pink streak that matched the rosy stripe in the waves. How magical the beach can be when the Sundazzle ponies are there!


Skippety-Doo's Macaroni and Cheese

2 cups dry elbow macaroni

1 ½ cups milk

½ tsp. salt

2 cups grated medium cheddar cheese

First, cook the macaroni as the package directs. Drain well when cooked.

While the macaroni is cooking, generously grease a 9x9 baking pan. Also, combine milk and salt in a pan and cook over low heat to just boiling.

Combine cooked macaroni, heated milk, and the grated cheese so that the cheese gets evenly distributed.

Pour into the greased pan and cook at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Covering the pan with a cookie sheet while baking will keep the macaroni soft; if you prefer a crisp top, bake it uncovered.


School News

The baby ponies were asked to write verses for Valentine's Day this month. -Tabby

Valentine's Day

A day for hearts and candy

And bouquets of flowers red

It sure is neat and dandy

To have a special day ahead.

by Baby Noddins


If I could draw a picture of love,

It would be red and white and pink,

All soft and warm and caring

And framed in lace and flowers

by Baby Graffiti


Cut and snip

Paste and glue

Paper hearts

Just for you!

by Baby Snippy

My Love

Flowers for you

My pony love

Soft and sweet

A pastel dove

by Baby Whirly Twirl

Valentine Party

It's time to party

So don't be late

Eat up hearty

There's candy and cake.

Hearts and streamers

A big bowl of punch

Dance with the dreamers

And drink a whole bunch

by Baby Ribbs


Each of you mean so much to me

And now is the time to show it

With a Valentine that states my love

I wish it was carved in granite!

You all are special and kind

As ponies are meant to be

The best friends anyone could ask for

Sharing and caring and fancy free.

by Baby Sweet Stuff


Did You Know...
by Sugarberry, Tabby, and Barnacle

At the annual school Valentine party, Spike recited a touching love poem, only to become so caught up in the thrill of the moment that he accidently breathed fire which lit his box of Valentines. Due to their fragile and frilly nature, the Valentines were soon engulfed in flame, and completely destroyed. Quick thinking on Miss Hackney's part spared any further damage. Spike was so saddened to lose all his precious Valentines that each student presented him with one of their Valentines so he could still enjoy the day.

Sources tell us that Barnacle has finally located his ship, the Lucas, in Berlin, Germany. How it got there no one can say but it had been impounded by local authorities for numerous unpaid parking tickets. Barnacle, in turn, was apprehended when he tried to sneak into the impound yard to retrieve his ship. Sentenced to one hundred hours of community service, Barnacle is serving out his sentence by sweeping the streets of Berlin (the day care gig just didn't work out). When asked for comment he replied, "ARRRR!"

The monthly meeting of the Ponyland Running Club will be held Saturday, February 21, at the meadow. Opening the day will be a 3 mile run, with a one and one-half mile walk beginning at 1 PM. This will be followed by refreshments and a business meeting. All club members are invited to attend, as well as any other interested ponies.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the Bushwoolies baked a large quantity of their special Woolycakes in heart shapes. These delicious confections were then sold at a festively decorated booth at Bushwoolie Bargain Books at the Mall. Many satisfied customers took advantage of the event. "Yummy, yummy Woolycakes, yeah, yeah," commented Hugster.

Are you overwhelmed by the millions of sites on the World Wide Web? Streaky, the Ponyland librarian, can help. A one-hour session covering the basics of using the internet will be offered at the library each Tuesday in February. A variety of useful sites will be covered including travel, fashion, news, and sports. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. Call Streaky for further information.


Heart Throb's Valentine Puzzle

See if you can fit these words into this puzzle!




















Dancer's Story
Part Two

Within the next few days, Dancer made friends with all the baby ponies, and all the foals and fillies like herself. They went sledding all afternoon, and Dancer came home to hot chocolate and nummy meals made by Wonder. Meanwhile, Wonder was doing everything possible to find where Dancer came from. Princess Serena and Princess Tiffany helped her search papers and ask around.

When Queen Majesty came to see how the search was going, Wonder said, "There are no missing babies in all of DreamValley. So someone must have brought her here."

Majesty looked at the three princesses and said, "Well, it would be impossible to search everywhere. Wonder, she loves you, so why don't you adopt her?"

Wonder's mouth dropped open. "I really could? Oh, WOW! Majesty, thank you!"

* * *
Wonder waited to tell Dancer until the papers went through; and with Majesty's help, and the fact that Wonder was one of the Princesses, it only took four days.

Then when Dancer came home from Baby Firefly's house, Wonder told her.

"I can't believe it!" Dancer said excitedly. "I finally have a mommy! Does this make me a Princess too?"

Wonder looked down at her and smiled. "It sure does."

That afternoon they went out and celebrated. They went shopping and bought some new CDs, the new My Little People dolls, and a purple scarf for Dancer. Then they went to see "Anastasia" at the movie theaters. When the movie was over, they went to Party Time's Pizza Parlor for supper. Dancer was very sleepy when they got home, so Wonder tucked her into bed.

"Goodnight, Wonder, thanks for the great time," Dancer said. Then she drifted off to sleep.

* * *
The next day was another big day for Dancer. She had been invited to Hollywood's birthday party. Hollywood was one of the coolest yearling fillies in Dream Valley. They ate cake and played hide-and-seek, tag, and had races to win prizes. While Dancer was at the party, Queen Majesty came over. "Wonder, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Dutchess, the Queen of horses, has just told me that her daughter, Princess Clover, and Clover's husband, Lord Ainsley, have been killed in a train hijak."

Wonder's mouth dropped open. "WOW! That's awful..."

But Queen Majesty said, "That's not all. The hijackers kidnapped their only child. A black thoroughbred filly. They have been arrested, but the filly is missing. There is a reward for her safe return."

Wonder hung her head. "I was all she had as family. I adopted her... and her parents are dead. Do you think she would still be mine?"

Majesty thought for a second and said, "It will be up to Dutchess who takes care of her. Let's go get Dancer and take her to see her Grandmother."

* * *
Wonder, Majesty, Magic, and Dancer took the bus to the Palace. Nine hours later they arrived. As they walked through one of the hallways, Dancer looked at the paintings on the wall. "So, do you think this is where I came from?"

Magic looked at her and said, "We're about to find out, Dancer."

Majesty waited outside with Dancer, and Wonder and Magic went into the throne room.

"Come in. Come in," Dutchess said. "I have been told about you two. You both are heros. But I have seen enough missing princesses to last a lifetime."

Wonder stepped forward and told her, "I am sure I found the Princess." Then Magic opened the door and Majesty walked in with Dancer. Dancer told the whole story of waking up with no memory, walking through the woods, and then added that she had a lot of fun with Wonder.

"Could you possibly be forgetting something?" Dutchess asked.

Then Dancer remembered the mysterious blanket and halter that said "Together Forever" on them.

Dutchess said, "I had given that to you the day you were born. It's you! You are my lost grandaughter!"

Created by:


Pony Hair Tip
by Sparkler

You know when you want to make your ponies' hair into a french twist or somesuch and you have a hard time finding a hairband??? Or when you can't get the hairband off after putting it on? (Happens w/ rubber bands all the time.) Well, I've got a solution. Get a needle and thread and twist your ponies hair into whatever style you want,then sew it into place. You're probably saying: "Won't the thread show???" Get it the same color as (or close as you can get) to your ponies' hair,and it looks like they were made in that style. Now the way you get it off??? You get some baby fingernail clippers and be SURE to feel for the thread!!! And cut the thread off. Then you don't have to deal with that mess of the ponies hair getting stuck on those nasty little hairbands and getting ripped out. Try it!!! And e-mail me to tell me if it works for you or not. (NOTE: if you don't know how to sew, get somebody who does, and is willing.)

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