My Little Pony Monthly Issue 13 (April 1, 1998)

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Issue 13
April 1998

All The Pretty Little Ponies
(A Revisionist Interpretation of the MLP Mythos)
Chapter 2
C. Alan Loewen
For Candice and Allison

Synopsis: Megan, an eleven-year old orphan lives with her kindly, but emotionally distant Aunt Constance. One Saturday morning, Megan receives a package in the mail, a globe encasing a beautiful fantasy castle. In her bedroom, Megan is magically transported into the castle where she meets seven talking ponies including two unicorns and two ponies with wings. Passing a test of character, Megan is given the role of guarding the ponies and being warned that the ponies are in danger she is given the advice to "walk the Wood of the Worlds." Transported back home, she frees the ponies from the globe much to the dismayed surprise of her aunt. Comments and constructive criticism may be sent to

At Megan's urging, the ponies had retreated back to her upstairs bedroom. Aunt Constance sat on the sofa wringing her hands.

"The ponies will have to go to a farm," she wailed. "Our house is too small for ponies. We only have a tiny back yard."

Megan sat on the couch next to her aunt, confused as to how to help her over the shock of meeting the ponies. "Aunt Constance," she said gently, "they're not normal ponies. They talk."

"And we have no extra money to feed them."

"Aunt Constance, two of them are unicorns."

"And what will the neighbors say?"

"And two of them have wings. They can fly."

Aunt Constance turned and looked at Megan as if seeing her for the first time. "Wings? Fly?" Suddenly, she burst into tears.

Megan was beside herself with anxiety. It had never been her wish to cause her aunt so much dismay. She felt tears coming to her own eyes. "I'm sorry, Aunt Constance. I didn't think. I'll see if I can send them back."

Megan swallowed hard and left her aunt sitting on the couch. Reluctantly, she made her way back up the stairs to her small bedroom. As she made her way to her door, she could hear a babble of excited voices.

All the ponies had crowded themselves to where as many as possible could look out her window to the backyard below and chattering amongst themselves. "What's the matter?" Megan asked.

"Oh, look, Megan," Applejack said, laughing. "It's beautiful."

The ponies moved aside to allow Megan near the window. Megan lifted the curtains to the side and gasped in wonder. The small suburban backyard had undergone a miraculous transformation. Instead of a fenced-in plot of manicured grass, the backyard now bordered an ancient forest, each individual tree so huge that even an adult would not be able to fully wrap their arms around them.

"That's not my backyard," she said, not knowing exactly what to say. "My backyard doesn't have any forest."

Firefly, one of the winged ponies had squeezed next to Megan to look out the window. "That is no ordinary forest. I've read stories about it. It's the Wood of the Worlds."

"In my backyard?" Megan asked.

"Why not?" Firefly replied with a gentle laugh. "You'd be surprised how many people look for wonder all their lives and never know it was there all the time in their own backyards."

Megan paused for a moment remembering. "Before I left the castle, Dubricius told me to walk the Wood of the Worlds." She looked at the ponies expectantly.

"An adventure!" Ember cried, her dark eyes blazing. "We're going on an adventure!" The other ponies started chattering excitedly again, but Megan firmly asked for them to be quiet.

"I can't go on an adventure," she said. "I have to take care of Aunt Constance. I have chores and responsibilities here."

"But, Megan," Ember said sadly. "Didn't Dubricius say that we were your responsibility?"

Megan sighed sadly. "It's just not that easy," she said at last.

Megan plopped down on her bed and hid her face in her hands. She felt ponies nuzzling her for comfort. Eventually looking up, she saw that not all the ponies were present.

"Where's Twilight?"

None of the other ponies knew. In fact, none of them clearly remembered Twilight ever actually coming upstairs with them.

Leaving the ponies in her bedroom with a promise she would let them out soon, Megan rushed downstairs and paused near the doorway where she had left Aunt Constance. She could hear Twilight talking.

"A test is not a trial," the little unicorn was saying. "The true purpose of any test is not to punish, but to discover what we have truly learned and where we need to learn or grow more. You've needlessly punished yourself for so long, not knowing that in your test you learned honor and faithfulness and love. You proved that by taking Megan in and giving her a home."

Megan, unable to control her curiosity, entered the doorway. Twilight was standing in front on Aunt Constance, her aunt sitting still on the sofa a look of puzzlement on her face.

Twilight turned and saw Megan in the doorway and turned back to Aunt Constance. "Why don't you tell Megan what happened all those years ago? I'll go get my sisters. And remember. There is very little in this world that is done that can never be undone."

Without another word, Twilight trotted out of the room leaving Megan with her aunt. Megan heard the little unicorn walk up the stairs.

"Aunt Constance?" Megan asked.

Aunt Constance blinked and shuddered, not from emotion, but as if a large load had drooped from her shoulders.

"Megan," she said, patting the cushion next to her, an invitation for Megan to join her on the sofa. "I have a story to tell you."

Many years ago, her aunt began, when I was a little girl of eleven, a large, flat package arrived on our doorstep with my name on it. My parents had no idea where it came from and we never found out.

Inside was a watercolor painting of a castle.

I was a dreamy little girl in those days. I loved castles and horses and tales of knights and ladies. I fell in love with the picture right away and insisted it be hung in my bedroom immediately.

And that night I dreamt I was in the castle, surrounded by ponies and unicorns and ponies with wings. And because I had legs and arms, they asked me to climb a ladder to the top of the tallest windowless tower to solve a mystery, but I refused. I was too scared and I wouldn't climb the ladder.

The next morning when I awoke, the painting was still on my wall, but whatever magic there had been was gone. I never dreamed about the castle and the ponies again. I felt so badly. I felt that I betrayed the ponies with my fear.

And I forgot. I made myself forget the castle and the tower and the ponies until they all came into my foyer just an hour ago.

"The funny thing," Aunt Constance said in closing, "is that to the ponies, the little unicorn told me all this happened just yesterday."

Megan sat on the sofa next to her aunt listening to the ponies come down the stairs. Twilight stuck her head in the door. "Megan," she said. "It's time to go."

Megan took her aunt's hand and looked up into her face. Her aunt was smiling. Megan couldn't remember when she had ever seen her aunt smile. "She told me about the Wood and that you have to go on a day trip," Aunt Constance said. "Your friends are waiting for you, but they can wait long enough for me to prepare a lunch for you."

A few minutes later, Megan and Aunt Constance walked out the kitchen door followed by the ponies where they stood in awe before the forest. A well-worn path led deep into the shadows underneath the canopy of ancient trees.

"My, my," Aunt Constance said laughing. "The strange things you find in your backyard. What will the neighbors think?"

"I doubt if the neighbors see anything," Twilight said, laughing also. "There are some wonders that have to be believed to be seen."

Aunt Constance put her hand on Twilight's shoulder. "Please take good care of Megan," she asked.

Twilight nuzzled her hand. "I think that Megan will take good care of us and help us answer all our riddles."

With Twilight leading the way, Megan, Bowtie, Applejack, Ember, and Starlight walked into the forest. With a spread of wings, for the old trees were so large that there was more than enough space for a winged pony to carefully fly between them, Firefly and Medley took to the air.

Aunt Constance watched them walk off into the forest until they disappeared. Suddenly, she sighed and shook her head as if waking from a dream. The image of the forest quivered and faded until once again, it was once again a small suburban back yard.

She entered her house and started on the dishes, humming to herself when she was interrupted by a knock on the door. Drying her hands, Aunt Constance went to the door and opened it to find a young girl on her front porch. Her head framed by curly gold locks, she wore a pink T-shirt, bright blue jeans and wore a day pack over her back. She didn't seem much older than Megan.

"Yes?" Aunt Constance asked politely, looking down at the smiling child. "Can I help you?"

"I've come for the ponies," she said brightly. "They're mine and I want them back."

Aunt Constance cocked an eyebrow and looked at her puzzled. "I don't think anybody owns the ponies. I think they own themselves."

The girl clapped her hands in delight. "Wonderful! That means they're here." With that she ran by Aunt Constance into the house.

"Really, child! Where are your manners?" Aunt Constance protested loudly.

"My name is Sarah," the girl said, walking down the hallway looking in the various rooms. "They're not here. Did they go outside?" With that she ran through the kitchen into the backyard. Aunt Constance, following closely behind and still protesting, suddenly stopped in surprise. The Wood had returned. Seeing Sarah stride boldly toward the Wood, Aunt Constance ran ahead of her and straddled the entrance path, her hands on hips.

"Sarah," Aunt Constance said firmly, "you are trespassing on my property. You will turn around and go home or I'll call your parents or the police."

Sarah sighed and slipped her day pack off. Opening it, she pulled out a tiny hoop no bigger than her hand that contained a lacework of an intricate spider web design.

"This is a dream catcher," she said smiling. Sarah twirled it around her finger where it sparkled and glittered. "It catches ponies, but it can be used for other purposes as well." With that she spun it into the air over Aunt Constance's head where it suddenly increased in size to a large net, which dropped over her head, entangling her in its folds.

Ignoring Aunt Constance's surprised cries for help, Sarah pulled out what appeared to be a tiny toy carousel from her pack. Seven posts stood empty where carousel ponies would normally stand. "The ponies are mine," Sarah said. "And when I catch them, they will be mine forever." She spun the carousel with her finger and a sad, melancholy tune tinkled through the air.

Putting the toy carousel back into her pack, she waved at Aunt Constance still struggling in the net and walked into the Wood.

It took a while before Aunt Constance could release herself from the entangling folds of the net. When she finally got free, the net glittered and sparkled and shrunk back to its original size.

After catching her breath, Aunt Constance picked up the dream catcher and examined it with interest. Shoving it into the pocket of her dress, she turned and looked at the Wood and its path weaving among the ancient trees until it disappeared in the darkness underneath the thick forest canopy. The forest seemed old and lonely. And Megan and the seven ponies were in that wood not knowing they were being pursued by a strange little girl who viewed the ponies as personal property. Aunt Constance had an idea about the purpose of the carousel and its seven empty posts and it made her shudder.

Aunt Constance gritted her teeth and walked boldly into the Wood. If this was a second test, this time she was determined to pass it.


Mystery Pony

Who is this pony?--

white adult Earth pony with dark pink hair; bouquet of magenta tulips on green stems tied with a magenta ribbon symbol

E-mail Tabby ( your guess; if you're correct, you'll be mentioned in the next issue!

Last month's:

The correct answer was Sweet Lily!--

I think that this month's mystery pony is the Perfume Puff Pony Sweet Lily.


I say it's Sweet Lily, ‘cause I have her! :)

The Mystery pony is... Perfume Puff Sweet Lily.

(First Perfume puff pony I had, never could figure out what was wrong with her hair till I found Dream Valley and found out that nothing was wrong at all)


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as Dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 6

That afternoon, Brightblade Warpony and flame-maned Epona continued their trek; Brightblade was silent. "Why do you not continue your tale?" Epona asked.

"I need some time to gather my thoughts," he replied.

Before Epona could respond, a raven flew out of a nearby tree and perched on the Warrior's Horn. "Khaar! It is good to see you again, Warpony!" the raven kawed. "Are we nearing the end of our quest?"

"You'd have to ask Epona," Brightblade replied. The raven was silent. "Epona," said the Warpony, "I'd like you to meet Breeks." Breeks looked away from Epona, trying to look like he was simply admiring the scenery.

"Not very talkative for a raven," Epona commented.

"He clams up like this every time I mention you," Brightblade explained. "He seems not to like you; have you two met before?"

"No, of all the birds I've known, none have been this disagreeable. How is it you came to know him?"

"That will be revealed when I continue my tale. I met Breeks shortly after Ramon and I left the village of the rats."

The rats had replenished our provisions with dried fruits and nut cakes. Our water bottles were full and the wine bottle filled with the bitter herbal brew that was administered to me during my illness in the valley. The rats had also given us directions to the Temple of Light. It lay southwest of their village, beyond the Pack Lands where the wolves dwell. Though most wolves are peaceful, the rats warned us of the pack led by the one calling himself Kerberus. They also warned us not to stray too far to the west, for the lands west of the Pack Lands are ruled by Death and should be avoided at all costs.

The contrast between the green hills of the rats and the dry plains of the Pack Lands was sharp. At the base of one hill the soft green grass abruptly gave way to tall, brown, sharp-bladed grass growing in clumps. Much of the ground was bare; and many rocks, some of great size, projected from the ground. The rocks were more numerous than trees, but the trees that did grow in the Pack Lands were impressively tall and gnarled.

As we progressed further into the Pack Lands, Ramon began to grow nervous. "I think we should have asked Cassandra to send some guards with us," he said. "Those wolves could be right on top of us before we even knew they were there." I was about to agree with him when we heard from behind us, as if on cue, a threatening growl. We turned and found ourselves facing two large wolves with their fangs bared. I turned to run-- Ramon was riding on my back at the time-- but found my path blocked by three more wolves. I heard a vicious bark from my left and instinctively turned to my right and ran. Strangely, there were no wolves blocking my way.

Ramon kept me informed of the status of our pursuers, who numbered six in all. They kept an even distance from us, even when I put on an extra burst of speed or slowed from fatigue. It was as if they did not intend to catch us but instead drive us to some unknown fate.

Before I realized where I was running, Ramon and I found ourselves in a shallow canyon between two broad outcroppings of rock. In front of us the outcroppings came very close together; I had to slow my pace to avoid running into the cliff. It was then that I noticed that the tops of the outcrops were lined with wolves; we were surrounded.

A large, dark-furred wolf stepped forward from the pack. "Greetings, my victims," he began to speak but was cut off suddenly.

"KHARRRR!" cried a raven as he dove at the large wolf. The wolf, Kerberus, leapt back and ducked to avoid the raven's razor sharp beak. The entire pack seemed frightened, or at least nervous. (Breeks' chest seemed to swell with pride as Brightblade related these events.)

After his dive, the raven circled around and perched on my head. "Kharr! Flee, while you still have the chance!" he kawed in my ear. "Quickly!"

I trotted as rapidly as I could through the narrow of the canyon. The canyon floor rose or the cliffs dropped, I couldn't tell which, but we soon found ourselves in open country again. We could hear the angry shouts of Kerberus as he tried to marshal his pack against us. "Quickly, toward those rocks!" the bird kawed.

As I galloped toward the rocks, I asked the raven, "Who are you and why did you help us?"

"I am Breeks," he replied, "and I helped you because you are the Warpony."


The Only True Love
By Shining (

"Why?" Shining cried quietly. "Why did this happen to me?" The delicate dark bay mare limped painfully around her roomy box stall. Six months had passed since she had crashed into the jump standard, shattering her right foreleg.

"Baby, are you okay?" Signature Required, Shining's handsome jet-black mate, poked his dark face in the stall.

Shining hastily brushed her tears away. "I'm fine," she said quickly.

Signature frowned. He knew that she had been crying, he knew that she was resentful, and he knew that she didn't want him to worry about her; but he loved her so very much. He pulled her to him. "We're going to be okay, Shining-girl. Trust me," he whispered tenderly.

Tears began once again to cascade down Shining's beautiful face. "But it's so hard, Signature," Shining murmured.

Signature comforted Shining as best he could. "I know, Baby. But you promised me that you wouldn't give up. Who'll sing to Honor and Moment at bedtime?" Signature asked, referring to the couple's twins.

Shining gave Signature a teary smile. "I suppose I'll have to go on just to sing to Honor and Moment. You have such a terrible voice, Signature," Shining teased him. In reality, Signature had a wonderful baritone, but nothing could compare to Shining's exquisite soprano.

Signature kissed Shining lovingly. "I have a good voice," he chuckled. "I'll prove it." Signature began serenading Shining, but his ballad was interrupted by a knock on the stall door.

Signature got up and walked over to the entrance of the stall. There stood a pretty palomino filly. She offered Signature a bold smile. "Hi! My name's Sheza Classic Jewel. But everyone calls me Classy."

Signature raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Nice to meet you, Classy, but--"

Classy interrupted, "I read in the Pony Post that Shining would never walk again--"

"She'll walk again," Signature said quietly.

"Yeah, whatever. Anyway, I've been practicing really hard on my performances, so I thought that maybe you'd need another partner to show with since Shining can't," Classy finished.

Taken aback by Classy's bold behavior, Signature took a step back. "Well, um, I hadn't really thought about shows lately--"

Classy interrupted again, "Look, I know that you're really concerned about Shining and all, but don't you want to show again, even if she can't?"

Signature sighed. He admitted that he had thought about showing again, but he couldn't leave Shining now. "I'm sorry, Miss... Classy, wasn't it? Yes, well, we're not looking right now to find another performer." He began shutting the door, but Classy blocked it with her hoof.

"Aw...c'mon! Can't you just watch me? If you still don't want me, I'll leave. I promise," Classy looked up at Signature, batting her long eyelashes.

"No, I really don't think that....." Signature declined.

Shining had slowly and painfully limped over to the door and now stood beside Signature. "Signature, I've watched you for the past six months. You always get that far-off dreamy look when I mention showing. You need to do this," Shining said quietly.

Signature turned towards the elegant mare at his side. "But Shining, I can't leave you. I don't want to show without you."

"Oh, of course you can!" Classy butted in. "You did when she was pregnant."

Signature sighed, finally giving in. "All right, we'll try one show together."

Classy squealed girlishly and surprised Signature by leaping towards him to plant a kiss on his noble nose. Signature quickly glanced at Shining. She had turned away, pretending not to notice. Signature felt his heart sink.

"Shining-girl, do you want to come down and watch? I can carry you over to the arena," Signature offered.

Shining smiled wryly. "No thanks. I should stay here to sing to the twins. Have fun."

Signature knew that what she really meant was, "No, if I go down to the arena, it'll break my heart." He frowned. "I can stay up here with you, if you want."

"No! You're not going to stay up here any longer like an old crippled invalid! You need to get out of here for a while," Classy shrieked.

Shining blinked. Classy's words had hit her like a slap in the face. An old crippled invalid; that's all I am anymore, Shining thought sadly.

Signature and the attractive filly made their way down to the Olympic-sized working arena. All the while, Classy chattered on and on about her previous trainings. Signature listened politely. ".......and then, I trained with this very prestigious mare named Lacey--"

"What was that name?" Signature had her full attention now.

"Lacey. Her full name was Bit A Lace, or something quaint like that," Classy responded. "Do you know her?"

Signature nodded grimly. "Unfortunately," he said. Lacey had been the one that had caused Shining to careen into the huge triple oxer. Lacey had been banned from Glorified Acres.

Signature reached the arena and smoothly changed to a trot. He circled and began warming up. "This feels great. I haven't done this in a long time," he told Classy.

Classy winked. "See? What did I tell you?" She grinned smugly.

Throughout the workout, Signature was surprised at how well-schooled the young filly really was. She moved fairly elegantly, and had a sort of aristocratic air about her.

Signature slowed and trotted to the center of the ring. Classy followed. "You're pretty good," Signature told her.

"I know," Classy said confidently. "I'll bet I'm as good as Shining, aren't I?"

Taken aback, Signature shook his head quickly. "No one could ever compare to Shining's capabilities. Not even me."

Classy rolled her eyes. "We'll just see about that. I'm sure I can be even better than that mare. I've had better training."

Signature didn't say anything, but turned and walked back toward the barn. Classy tagged along. "Should we practice tomorrow? I think that if we work hard, we can be ready for a show in a month."

Signature stopped and stared at her. Slowly he nodded his head. "Be here at seven o'clock."

Classy nodded agreeably. "I was thinking that since we're training together, I could stay at Glorified Acres."

"Yes, there's an extra stall in the fillies' training barn. You can stay there," Signature told her.

"Why can't I stay in the main barn? It'd be closer to you, in case I needed anything," Classy pouted.

"Classy, that's mine and my family's private quarters. You'll stay in the fillies' barn or find other lodgings," Signature said firmly. Classy stomped off toward the training barns.

Signature entered the main barn and was toppled over by his two adorable foals, Moment and Honor. "Hi, Daddy! Guess what we learned in Ms. Hackney's class today?" Honor greeted him.

Signature grinned at his daughter. "I dunno. What did you learn today?"

"Well, we learned about this wizard-guy who helped save Ponyland. He gave Megan a piece of rainbow. His name was Mr. Moochick," Honor told him matter-of-factly.

Signature raised his eyebrows. "And what did you learn, young man?" he asked Moment.

"I learned that girls gots cooties!" Moment declared impishly.

"We do not!" Honor defended herself. She stuck her tongue out at her brother. Signature chuckled and left the twins to sort our their "disagreement." When he walked into the stall, he snuck up behind Shining.

She was looking through a photo album. One picture showed the two of them with a first place trophy. Another showed Shining leaping over an immense water jump, a look of pure joy upon her face. A single tear fell on the page, blotting the caption of the photos. "Signature?" Shining said.

"What, Shining-girl?" Signature asked softly.

Shining look up at Signature. "Signature, I want to walk again."

With all the truth in the world, Signature looked Shining in the eyes. "I know you will, Shining-girl."

"But it's not just that, Signature. I want to compete again," Shining looked up at Signature, teary-eyed.

Signature hesitated. Both he and Shining knew that chances were slim that she would be able to compete again. "Shining, you can do whatever you want if you believe."

"Okay," Shining smiled. "How did your practice go?"

"It felt great to practice again," Signature said. "Classy's better than I thought, but way too confident. Nothing like you."

"You two will do well on the show circuit this year," Shining pronounced, perhaps a little wistfully.

"Next year we'll show together," Signature assured her.

* * *
Over the next few weeks, Signature and Classy practiced more and more to get ready for the show season and spent more and more and time together. So far, they had won several major classes. Classy flirted constantly with Signature.

"Oh, you look so cute when you leap so valiantly over those fences, Signature," Classy batted her eyelashes.

Signature rolled his eyes. "Classy, that jump was two feet off the ground."

"But you're so handsome," Classy cooed.

Signature unconsciously blushed. Classy caught on to his uncomfortable moment and took advantage of it. "We do, you know, make the perfect pair. Black and cream go together so much better than black and bay. It's like we were meant for each other," Classy winked.

While Signature and Classy continued training, Shining had formed her own physical therapy program. Each morning, she would walk the mile over to Dream Valley with Moment and Honor.

She'd drop them off at her young friend, Baby Gusty's house, and go to the Dream Valley Swimming Pool. At the pool, Shining could build her muscles without putting any pressure on her foreleg.

After her swim, she'd walk over to Baby Bonnet's School of Dance and practice leg lifts on the barre. When she had finished, Shining would pick the twins up and take them to Lickety Split's Ice Cream Shoppe for a sundae before heading back to Glorified Acres.

Shining was well on her way to recovery. She could walk with only a trace of a limp and her legs were getting stronger every day. She longed to jump again, but wisely decided to wait until she was completely back in shape again.

* * *
By the end of the summer, Shining was fully fit again. Signature and she made plans to start practicing again. But first, Signature had to tell Classy that she wasn't needed anymore.
Classy was waiting for Signature in the arena. "Hey, big guy, what took you so long? I've been waiting here forever."

Signature looked around uncomfortably. "Shining's in top form now. So, from now on, I don't think that you need to be here."

Shining had strolled down to the barn after Signature, but stopped when she figured out that they were having a conversation.

Classy sighed. "Signature, run away with me."

Signature's eyes widened. "Classy, I--"

Classy stepped closer. "Leave Shining. She's holding you back. If you came with me, you could be the best in the world," she whispered urgently.

Shining's heart skipped a beat. No! How could she? Take her Signature away? Shining choked back a sob and took off. She knew she was going too fast, but she couldn't stop.

Hearing Shining's flee, Signature whirled around. Cringing, he watches helplessly as Shining tripped on a hidden rut in the ground. Shining fell to the earth with a gasp.

Terrifying memories ran wild through Signature's mind of Shining's fall six months before as he rushed to her side. "Classy! Call Dr. Rosedust! Her number's in the office," Signature called.

When he reached Shining, she had sat up, but was cradling her right foreleg. "It's not broken," she informed him.

Signature blew out a breath of relief. "What happened, Shining?" He brushed a stray lock of hair out of his eyes.

"I-I was walking up to the barn and I overheard your conversation with Classy....." Shining didn't finish. A look of sorrow came over Shining's pretty face.

Signature hugged Shining gently. "Shining, I would never never leave you. Especially not for Classy. You're the only one I'll ever love."

Shining smiled quietly and looked up into Signature's handsome face. "Really, Signature?"

"Always," Signature whispered. He bent down and kissed Shining, smelling her sweet aroma. "So, how's your leg?"

Shining wrinkled her nose and sighed. "It hurts," she said simply.

Signature laughed. "I could have guessed that."

"Then you're a good guesser," Shining teased.

Dr. Rosedust, the friendly doctor of Dream Valley, arrived with her comforting black medical bag. She shook her head and clucked her tongue. "Tsk. Tsk. What have you gotten yourself into now?"

Shining smiled shyly. "I tripped."

Dr. Rosedust gently palpated Shining's sore leg. Shining winced when Rosedust touched her fetlock. "It's a sprain," the doctor diagnosed. "RICE it for about a month. You do know what RICE is, don't you?" Rosedust asked.

Signature nodded. "Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. We learned that the first day of first aid."

"Okay," Dr. Rosedust approved. "After about a month, come in to my clinic and I'll take a look at it again." With that, Rosedust left with a wave of her hoof, on to care for her other patients.

"Do you think that you can make it up to the main barn okay?" Signature asked with concern.

"I'll be fine," Shining assured him.

"Okay, I'll be right up," Signature said.

As Shining made her way up to the main stable, Signature turned to search for Classy. He found her around the corner of the indoor arena, leaning against the sturdy wall.

"Hi," he said cautiously.

"Hi," Classy replied. "I heard you guys over there. You really love her, don't you?"

Signature nodded. "I really do. And I love Honor and Moment. I wouldn't-- I couldn't-- leave them. Not for anything. I hope you understand that."

"Yeah," Classy nodded, "yeah, I do. I'll be on my way then. I'll see you around."

Signature waved, "Bye."

Classy and Signature each turned and each began walking in opposite directions. Classy was walking away from Glorified Acres, in search of another dream. But Signature walked towards the dream he had already found. His true love.



If your Loving Family ponies each had a name besides Baby Apple Delight, Mommy Bright Bouquet, etc., what would they be?

E-mail Tabby ( what you think. Look in the next issue for the results!

Last month's-

How much do you think a foreign MLP is worth?

I think the most a foreign pony (in auction) would be worth is $120, but in general out of auction I guess $60.


(yellow big brother with dark pink/dark blue hair and cacti on rump)

Editor's note-- As most of you know, I despise Tex; you may be wondering why I chose him to be Pony of the Month. Well, it's not my fault. Friendly the Bushwoolie forced me into doing it.


April Antagonist
by Tabby

It was nice, sunny April 1st in Ponyland. Tabby and Sugarberry were at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. Then Tex walked in.

"Mind if I join you two?" he asked, walking over to their table.

"Actually, yes..." Tabby started, but Sugarberry kicked her from under the table and interjected, "Oh, yes, sit down!"

"SUGARBERRY!" Tabby screeched.

So, Tex sat down. "I've been wanting to talk to you girls about a mystery I have." He set a piece of paper down on the table. "I got this note last night."

Sick pet?

See the vet

When you leave

Proceed twenty paces

For further traces.

"Ooh!" Sugarberry exclaimed. Tabby was staring boredly up at the ceiling.

"I thought it might refer to your vet clinic, Tabby," Tex said.

"Well, OBVIOUSLY!" Tabby rolled her eyes. "Any idiot could figure THAT out."

"I guess I'll go check it out now," Tex said, standing up. "You can come with me if you want," he added, glancing at Sugarberry and Tabby.

"Come on Tabby, let's!" Sugarberry said. "It'll be fun!"

Tabby snorted. "I knew you'd force me into it, Sugarberry. Fine, I'll go. But only because you're making me."

* * *
The three has just gotten to Tabby's vet clinic. Tex was walking twenty paces from the door; he came to the lamp post in front of Pony-Mart.

"There's a paper duct-taped to the post!" he exclaimed.

"What does it say?" Sugarberry asked.

Tex unfolded the paper:

Clothes and games

Shoes and frames

Computers and bikes

Something doesn't fit?

Do the refund bit.

"Maybe it means Pony-Mart," Sugarberry suggested.

"That must be it," Tex said. So they went inside, Tabby trailing along behind unwillingly.

"How'll we possibly find it? This is a big store, ya know," Tabby pointed out.

"That's right," Sugarberry said.

"The note says ‘Do the refund bit,' so they probably left it at the courtesy counter," Tex said. He walked up to it.

"Oh, Tex!" Starflower, who was working behind the counter, exclaimed. "I bet you're looking for this!" She pulled out an envelope from under the counter.

"Thanks, Starflower," he said, taking the envelope from her.

Starflower smiled at him. "Bye!" she called as he walked away.

"So what does this one say?" Sugarberry asked anxiously.

"Let's see..." Tex opened the envelope.

Up and down

Circle around

I'm getting dizzy!

Back and forth

Back and fourth!

The three ponies pondered over this one for awhile. At least, Tex and Sugarberry did.

"This one's harder," Tex commented.

"Yes," Sugarberry agreed. "I wonder why ‘fourth' is misspelled.

After a few more minutes with no ideas, Tabby appeared to be getting bored. "It must mean the playground at the grade school!" she burst out.

"Good thinking, Tabby," Tex said.

"So let's try it!" Sugarberry exclaimed.

* * *
At the playground, the three spread out to look for the next clue. Tabby, of course, was being uncooperative, though, so she really wasn't looking at anything.

"I think I found it!" Sugarberry called out. "It's taped to this tree over here!" She pulled it off and handed it to Tex:

Feeling smarter?

Getting older?

Ready to go on?

Time yet to roam?

Get on home.

"These rhymes sure sound stupid," Tabby remarked.

"But what could it mean?" Sugarberry asked.

"Maybe something at the high school, since it talks about getting smarter," Tex suggested.

"That would make sense," Sugarberry said. Suddenly her eyes lit up. "I'll bet it's in the baseball diamond! On home plate!"

"What's a baseball diamond?" Tabby wondered as they went off.

* * *
"Yes, here it is! On home plate!" Tex exclaimed after they got to the baseball diamond.
Sugarberry ran over to see what the clue was. Tabby continued to wander around aimlessly.

It read:

Drop in your jangle

Hold out your hand

White, green, pink,

Red, yellow, blue,

Chew, chew, chew.

"It could mean a gumball machine," Tex said, after thinking about it.

"Like the one in front of the Perm Shoppe! That's not far from here!" Sugarberry exclaimed. "Tabby, come on! We're leaving!"

* * *
At the Perm Shoppe gumball machine, there was, indeed, another note duct-taped to it. Tex peeled it off:

Round and furry

Always in a hurry

Watch your step!

Keep your eyes down

What's under the ground?

"The Bushwoolie holes!" Tabby exclaimed, her face brightening a little. "Yay! Bushwoolies!"

So they ran off again.

* * *
"Hi, Tex!" Friendly greeted him as they reached the Bushwoolie holes.

"Hi, Friendly!" Tex replied. "Have you seen any notes around for me?"

Friendly paused and thought for awhile, then hopped down into one of the holes. He came back holding a slip of paper. "Here, this for you!" He handed it to Tex.

"Thanks!" Tex said to him. Then he unfolded the paper:

You've done well

As you can tell

Time for a break

Something cold, you scream?

How about ice cream?

"That has to be the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe!" Tex exclaimed.

"Let's go!" Sugarberry said excitedly.

Tabby hid a mischievous grin behind her hoof.

* * *
Once they arrived there, Tex got a big surprise. There was a big "April Fools!" sign set up in front of the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.

"But... what... how..." he stammered.

"HA!" Tabby grinned evilly. "I set the whole entire thing up! It was all a joke! April fools, Tex!!!!"


Package Back Stories


As Tabby skipped through a field, the long grass tickled her tummy, making her giggle. Her magical tail twirled as she laughed, brushing against the rainbow. Suddenly lion cubs scampered down the rainbow and tumbled around Tabby! "We love to tickle each other!" they shouted to Tabby, pouncing on each other and tickling their furry tummies. Tabby joined the baby lions in a game of tickling, until they were all tired from giggling so much! In Ponyland even tickles are magical!


Squeezer was planting flowers in her garden but soon grew tired of digging holes in the ground. Just then, adorable little puppies romped by. Squeezer had a wonderful idea! "Let's play a game," she said to the puppies. She began to dig a hole, and the puppies eagerly began to dig holes too! When the puppies finished digging, Squeezer twirled her tail and the flowers magically popped into the holes! "What a fun way to plant flowers!" laughed Squeezer, joining the puppies for a nap under the trees.


Dancer's Story #4

Storm ducked just in time to avoid getting a snowball between the eyes. "Hey! No fair, Dancer!" Then he threw one back at Hope and another one at Star.

"So, Storm, are you nervous about the race next week?" Wonder asked.

"No, I'm not really," Storm answered, then kicked snow up with his hooves. "I have practiced on the oval every day, and I can out-run any horse my age," he said.

Then they stopped the snowball fight and made snowmen. It was starting to get cold, so they galloped up to the Ski Hut for some hot chocolate.

* * *
"And they're off!" the announcer said. "This should be an exciting yearling race this year! Storm has taken the lead. With K.C. right behind him, and Ghost in third."

"Go, Storm, go!" Dancer, Hope, Star, and Wonder shouted.

"Storm has a four-length lead over the rest and is leaving K.C. and Ghost in the dust! If he keeps it up, Storm's Fury will set a new record for a win in the yearling race. As they head down the home stretch, K.C. and Ghost are tiring. Storm is leaving them further and further behind.... Ladies and gentlemen, Storm's Fury has won the yearling race by a new record of eight lengths!"

Dancer and the others ran down to where Storm was standing. K.C. and Ghost walked by Storm and gave him a dirty look. Then Dancer said, "WOW! Storm, you did do it!"

Storm smiled. "Yeah, I did."

Photographers came and took Storm's picture for the papers, and then he was presented with his trophy and prize money.

* * *
The next day they all went to a party. It was Princess Fancy's victory party for Storm. Fancy never got along with Dancer, who was only invited because she was a princess. Fancy had a terrible crush on Storm, and would do anything to make Dancer jealous.

It was a wonderful day, and the sun was shining on the snow. Fancy walked up to where Dancer was talking to Storm and pushed her back.

"Enjoying the party, Storm?" Fancy asked. Fancy saw that Dancer was getting angry. "Storm, want to go out on a date tomorrow night? There's the dance at the school."

"Sorry, Fancy. I've already asked Dancer to go," Storm said as Hope walked up, then walked off to join a snowball fight.

"This is all your fault!" Fancy said, then pushed Dancer down into the snow.

"You should have stayed away from MY boyfriend! You brat!" Dancer got up and grabbed Fancy's tail.

"OWW!" Fancy said. "Let go of my tail!" she yelled.

Hope tripped Fancy and she fell face first into the snow. Just then Dutchess, Majesty, and Wonder ran outside.

"What on earth is going on here!" Dutchess and Wonder said.

"They started it!" Fancy said.

"Did not! You did!" Dancer yelled. "You were trying to steal my boyfriend!"

Dancer was about to push Fancy again but Dutchess stepped in between them. "Fancy, go in the house right now," Dutchess said. "You are grounded!"

Fancy spun around and ran into the mansion with everybody laughing at her.

"Wow! You sure showed her!" Hope said.

"Yeah! But you helped!" Dancer laughed.

* * *
"Dancer!" Storm yelled. "Wait up!"

Dancer waited for him as he ran across the yard and down the trail "Hi," she said.

"Hey! That was cool yesterday, what you did to that stuck-up Fancy!"

Dancer smiled.

"Everybody is talking about it. Ha ha!" Just then a black object flew past Dancer and Storm, and landed in a snowbank.

"Woah! What was that?!" Storm looked at Dancer and together they walked over to it. It was a small black pegasus with a white mane and tail.

"ME NEVER GONNA LEARN HOW TO FLY!" he said with a sigh. "Hello," he said. "My name is Whizzer. I'm a pegasus... that is, shunned by my fellow pegasus herd because I can't fly."

Storm looked down at Whizzer. "Aren't you too young to fly?" he said.

"No, all the others my age have been flying for weeks. I've come here to live with the My Little Ponies. Can you take me to their leader?"

Just then Majesty came around the corner with Baby Lofty and Baby Firefly. "Hello, Dancer, Storm. Who have you here?"

Dancer introduced Whizzer while he introduced himself to Baby Firefly and Lofty. Together the three played in the snow.

"Dancer," Majesty said. "Wonder found you, and now you find Whizzer here. Why don't you see if he can live at Whitebrook with you and the others?"

Dancer smiled. "That would be a great idea!"


Great Finds

Last year I told my pen-pal, Gemma, that I love MLPs, and she said she had some that she didn't want any more. I asked her for them and so she sent them over here. I was expecting nothing to come out of this as people have said they'd send me ponies before and they didn't, but a large box of ponies came including Spike the Dragon, Glow, and a mystery pony that we think is from the UK!

A bit later after advertising in a children's paper, I received a letter from a girl called Cherry, who is now my friend, saying that she was selling her MLP collection, and would I like to go to her house and take a look at them. I went, and it turned out that she had MLP Tutti Fruity from the party pack, Firey the UK dragon, Buttons and Shady the UK non-so-soft versions, Princess Pearl/Tiffany, and others, plus combs, a bag, and other accessories! I got the lot for £5! (About $7 I should think)

*E-mail your ‘Great Finds' to Tabby ( to have them published in this section



This time the baby ponies wrote about their favorite April Fool's joke. -Tabby

One time, I sent a box filled with nothing but packing peanuts to my friend Baby Glider. I was visiting her when she got it, and she was so confused! She dumped all the peanuts out on the floor and couldn't figure out what was going on! So finally I yelled "April fool's!" She sure was surprised! -Baby Dots n' Hearts

Last April 1st when we were at breakfast in the nursery I put plastic flies in some of the other's oatmeal. That sure was fun! Baby Sunnybunch and Baby Starburst started screaming. After I said April fools Starburst picked out the flies and flung ‘em at me. -Baby Paws

I remember once I stuck a frog in Baby Bow's backpack. And it was a live one, too, not one of those fake plastic ones! When she found it when we were walking home she was so scared! She wouldn't even touch it so she could get it out of the backpack! Then I told her it was a joke and she started yelling at me but finally she admitted it was a good joke. I took the frog out for her. -Baby Leaper

Last year I think it was I invited Baby Dots n' Hearts and Baby Waddles and Baby Glider over for some Kool-Aid. But I'd made it without any sugar! So it was really sour! They were really surprised after they'd drank some of it! But then I brought out another pitcher I had made with sugar. -Baby Splashes

I bought some fake hairballs to put around Paradise Estate. It was a few years ago I did this. So I put them around. Everybody blamed Callie, Tabby's cat. Then Tabby got really mad because everyone was blaming Callie and she said Calli has never gotten out of her room so she couldn't've done it. I was kinda afraid to admit to doing it then, since Tabby hates us baby ponies and all. But I did, when Tabby wasn't around. So by the time she found out, I was long gone. -Baby Bows

I set my parents' alarm clock once for 3 o' clock in the morning. Boy, was that a mistake! They didn't think it was funny at all! And I got grounded for a week! -Baby Countdown


Pony Tails- Pony Wear, Tear, and Care

Hi! My name is Skydancer and this is my little column on how to fix and care for your MLPs. I'm going to try to keep up with this monthly, so if you have any tips or questions write me at and I'll try to address your question in later columns.

This month I want to talk about stains and saddle sores.

Saddle Sores- Pink stains that are created by MLP saddles and bridles (like the ones from the Pretty Parlor or the Show Stable) when they are left on the pony for an extended period of time. You may want to check ponies who are wearing these items before you purchase them.

Everyone has a pony that has a rust spot here or ink ‘lipstick' and ‘eyeliner' there and may have no idea how to clean them. Well, there are a couple of ways to do this. Probably the cheapest and most common way to try to remove these stains is to use a commercial acne cream like Oxy10 or Clearasil. These have been effective on surface ink stains, particularly on the lighter colored and white ponies. Simply apply the cream, wrap the area in plastic wrap, leave her in a cool, dark place and let it set on the pony for a day or so, wipe off and then repeat until the stain is gone. I have not tried this on the darker colored ponies like Medley or Firefly and cannot vouch for what will happen. Sometimes there are stains that you just can't get off like this, like ink that has bled all over, rust, or saddle sores. For these you're going to need a fairly strong chemical remover and I tend to recommend Removezit. Removezit is made by a company called Twin Pines which specializes in doll care products including a deodorant (which I have yet to try) and a surface cleaning solution (that I love). I've been using their products on most of my dolls and have generally been pretty pleased with the results. Like the other creams, you apply it to the affected area and let it leech out the stain, reapplying as needed. The problems with using Removezit are as follows: 1.) It will remove any decal or paint it encounters. 2.) It may leave the area a lighter color when completed. I removed a whole name from the side of my Sparkler (light blue unicorn), but the entire area was a shade or two lighter than the rest of her body. It is not extremely noticeable in my opinion and does not bother me especially. Pony Perfection Purists may not want to try it. If you do, look for their ads in Doll Reader Magazine. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any losses or damages that you may incur by attempting or trying any of the described processes or products; they are to be undertaken AT YOUR OWN RISK. Removezit and Twin Pines are the properties of Nick Hill. Clearasil and Oxy10 are the property of their respective companies. I am in no way associated with them and the opinions expressed are my own.


Did You Know...
by Tabby

During the recent election of Queen, these comments were taken at the poll booth:

"I'd like to vote for Primrose, please! It was a near thing between her and Sparkle."

"I'd like to vote for Princess Serena, she is the only one that didn't have a fault in the questions."

"Princess Tiffany should be queen."

"My vote is for Princess Serena."

"I'm voting for Princess Sparkle. I think that actually taking in a homeless pony is the best thing you can do."

"I think Princess Royal Blue is the best princess."

"Princess Serena has all the qualifications necessary for the Queen of Ponyland."

"Uhh... well... you know... Princess Sparkle!"

"Serena deserves to be queen!"

Friendly the Bushwoolie voted for a name that wasn't printed on the ballot-- Tex. When I questioned him on this, he explained that he wanted a king rather than a queen to rule Ponyland. When Clever Clover heard of this, he contemplated voting for Tex, too, but in the end, after throwing darts at a board, decided to go with Serena instead. Princess Tiffany was furious when she found out Friendly hadn't voted for her, his own princess.

An Easter egg hunt for the baby ponies is being organized by Sweet Scoops, Skyflier, Quackers, and Sprinkles' pet duck, Duck Soup. It will be held on April 11th. Baby ponies who want to participate in it should meet at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe at 2:00 that afternoon.

There're rumors going around that the Bushwoolies are thinking about opening another branch of their Bushwoolie Bargain Books store in Friendship Gardens. Chumster tells me that on their last visit, the ponies from Friendship Gardens bought quite a few books. Well, we'll just have to wait and see what the Bushwoolies decide!

Spike proudly announced that he's gone two weeks straight without accidentally breathing flame! Congratulations, Spike! Sounds like there'll be less of a fire hazard around Ponyland now!

The record for repeat visits by one patient at my veterinarian clinic has just been broken by Emilio, Tex's pet tarantula, with eight visits! That even beats Princess Starburst's Siamese cat, Jewel, who has had six visits!

Daisy Sweet and Cranberry Muffins held a used book-sale last Friday to benefit The Dark Forest High School Scholarship Fund. It was run from 6 to 9 in the evening. They raised a total of 1,200 jangles!

I've heard that there are new frame tray My Little People puzzles out in stores! Unfortunately, our Dream Valley Toys 4 Ponies R Us doesn't seem to have them in yet. I'm going to have to check out the one in Friendship Gardens!

And some news from chamber@www.LakeNet.COM...

In an interview with Sterling Dream, she announces plans for a Dream Valley Mall. With the help of Ivy and Steamer, the mall should be having its grand opening soon.

Congratulations to Sterling and her friend's mare, Deidra. Deidra gave birth to a healthy baby colt. He is 3-weeks-old now and his name is Drafty Hill's Royal Dusty.


MLP Word Game- You can play this game in an easier fashion; print it out first then fill it in :-)
by Applejack

M _ _ _ _

Y _ _ _

L_ _ _ _ _ _

I_ _ _ _

T _ _ _ _

T _ _ _ _ _ _

L _ _ _ _ _ _ _

E _ _

P _ _ _ _ _ _

O _ _ _

New life = Spring

Y _ _ _


I am a flat foot pony. I have clovers on me.

You make this kind of log near Christmas time.

I am a sweet that many ponies enjoy!

Eskimos live in these. Not the ponies!

I am a pony with a cat on my rump, I am also the editor of this newsletter.

I am a pony with lollipops on my rump.

___________ Lace.

I am a girl sheep.

I am the kind of diapers the baby ponies might wear.

I am the dog on Garfield.

The baby ponies (and adults too!) do this when they are tired.


Clever Clover's Nut Cups

You will need:

½ cup butter, softened

1/4 cup powdered sugar, sifted

1 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon vanilla

½ cup finely chopped hickory nuts

Cream butter and sugar; gradually blend in flour, salt, vanilla, and hickory nuts. Chill. Press into greased muffin tins and bake 15 minutes at 375 degrees. May be filled with fresh fruit or pudding and topped with whipped cream. Makes 8 cups.


This story is dedicated to a very good friend of mine named Honeysuckle.

Queen for a Day
by Steamer

One day Rosedust called a meeting of the Flutter Ponies. "I have decided to have a contest to pick a queen for a day," she announced. This announcement was met by a cheer from the rest of the Flutter Ponies.

"The winner will have all the rights and responsibilities of a queen," she continued.

"What will the contest be?" asked Honeysuckle.

"The contest will be an event that will test the skills of the Flutter Ponies," Rosedust answered.

* * *
The contest was held the next day. It tested every skill and ability the Flutter Ponies had. Utter Flutter speed, normal flutter speed, nothing was left out. At the end of the day, Rosedust made another announcement. "The winner of the contest to determine the Queen for a Day has been determined. And the winner is Honeysuckle." This was met by a loud cheer for Honeysuckle. And so the next day Honeysuckle began her reign as Queen for a Day.

The End

Tarantula Trauma
by Sugarberry

"Well, I'm off to my vet clinic," Tabby announced to Sugarberry, who was just finishing her breakfast of blueberry muffins. "What're you doing today?"

Sugarberry rubbed a napkin across her mouth, and slumped back in her chair. "I'll be in front of the keyboard. I'm stuck on the plot to my latest mystery novel."

"You'll do fine once you start work," Tabby urged. "I'll be home for lunch. See ya!"

As the door slammed behind Tabby, Sugarberry thoughtfully finished her glass of orange juice and then cleared the table before heading to the computer, and, hopefully, to some intriguing ideas.

Meanwhile, Tabby slowly trotted towards her clinic; it was early and the dew was still on the grass. The morning was chilly, even with the sun peaking over the horizon; but the canopy of blue sky promised a gorgeous day.

"Such a beautiful morning," smiled Tabby contentedly. But immediately the smile turned into a frown. "Oh, great! I just remembered that the one appointment on my calender this morning is with Tex at 10:00! What a waste to a lovely day!" And, as if on cue, a little puffy black cloud came into view in the otherwise clear sky overhead.

As Tabby approached the clinic, her smile returned as she thought to herself, At least I'll have Emilio for a couple more hours. Emilio was the reason for Tex's visit scheduled visit; he was a rose hair tarantula that Tex kept as a pet. And although warned by Tabby to keep Emilio confined to prevent needless injury, Tex refused to limit Emilio's freedom. Which was why Emilio ended up at the vet clinic so often. And that's why Tabby had developed such an attachment to him.

This time, Emilio had gotten himself stuck on a fly trap which had caused him to lose a large patch of his pinkish gray hair; Tabby had wanted to keep a close eye on him to make sure the hair would grow back properly. And it had, so Tex was taking Emilio home today.

Humming softly, Tabby unlocked the door and entered the clinic. She pulled up the blinds to let the golden sunshine in the room, and then headed for the containment room where any overnight patients were housed.

"Good morning, Emilio!" she gaily called as she flipped on the light. "How's my favorite patient....." Tabby's voice faded away as she reached the plastic case that served as Emilio's quarters and found that the lid was pushed askew.

"Emilio? Are you there?" she anxiously cried as she peered into the case. But there were no beady eyes starring back at her; all that was in the case was the rock and twig terrain that made up Emilio's home-away-from-home.

Tabby quickly looked around the room for any sign of the missing critter. She checked all the holding cages and all the cupboards and even the garbage can, but no Emilio. Then she stood at the center of the room and tried to think back to yesterday and her last sight of the tarantula. She closed her eyes and tapped one hoof nervously on the tiled floor. "At quitting time I came in and fed and watered him back in the case and set the lid on top and was just going to snap it on tight..." --and Tabby's eyes opened wide-- "when the phone rang and I went to answer it!"

With sinking heart, Tabby realized that she had taken the call (which had turned out to be a wrong number) and then had left the clinic immediately after. Emilio had the entire night to push the lid to the side and explore every inch of the clinic. But where was he now?

Tabby began searching the examining room, turning everything topsy-turvy in her frantic effort to locate the stray. When finished there, she concentrated on her office, which was untidy even on her best days; and after her whirlwind attempt to uncover Emilio, it looked like a Tasmanian devil had gone through. All that was left was the waiting room, and it didn't take long to cover that area.

Tabby ran her hoof through her mane in distress. "What am I going to do?" she wailed.

Deciding that two ponies might have a better change of finding one lost tarantula, Tabby called Sugarberry. "You've got to help me find Emilio," Tabby begged.

"Anything's better than staring a blank computer screen," Sugarberry responded. "I'll be right there!"

Tabby continued to look, and, when Sugarberry arrived, they both began a thorough search all over again. By the time they'd peered into every dark corner, behind every possible hiding spot, up into every ceiling fixture, and under every piece of furniture, both ponies were exhausted and completely hopeless of ever finding Emilio.

Resignedly, Tabby and Sugarberry plopped their tired bodies into the waiting room chairs.

Tabby was near tears of frustration. "It's almost 10:00; what am I going to say to Tex when he comes and Emilio is gone? Especially after all the lecturing I've done to him about keeping Emilio safely contained!"

Just then, the door of the clinic opened and there stood Friendly, the Bushwoolie. He entered the room carrying a plastic bucket in one hand, and frantically waving the other hand through the air. "Tabby! Tabby!" he shouted.

Startled at seeing Friendly so excited, Sugarberry and Tabby jumped to their feet. "What is it, Friendly?" asked Tabby.

"Don't be mad, Tabby!" Friendly began. "Mistake! All a mistake!"

"Mistake? What's a mistake?" said Tabby in exasperation.

"Cleaned clinic last night," Friendly continued. "Went home. Took brushes and buckets with me."

Sugarberry looked at Tabby and shrugged her shoulders. Of course Friendly cleaned the clinic weekly for Tabby. But what was he do wound-up about?

"Home! Got home! Put bucket and brushes in closet! Morning came, got bucket out." Here Friendly blushed. "Spilled pancake syrup on Cheery! Had to clean him up!"

Tabby rolled her eyes. "Friendly, why is this so important? You didn't hurt Cheery, did you?"

"Tabby!" Friendly finally got to the point. "Look!"

Friendly held out the blue bucket toward Tabby. Tabby peered into its depths to see a cleaning brush. But then, Tabby did a double-take. For the bristles of the brush had a familiar pinkish gray tint to them.

"It's Emilio!" Tabby screeched. She reached gently into the bucket, lifted him off his bristly bed, and looked at him closely. He appeared to have suffered no harm in his nighttime excursion to the Bushwoolie hole. In fact, he yawned and stretched as if he had slept through the entire incident.

Tabby was still holding Emilio while Sugarberry and Friendly smilingly looked on when Tex's voice was heard at the door. "Howdy, y'all," he drawled. "What's up?"

"We lost..." began Sugarberry, but she broke off when Tabby gave her a swift kick.

"Yes, yes! Lost..." Friendly helpfully tried to fill in only to have Tabby push him out the door.

"Err... yes, Tex," Tabby took over. "We lost your... umm... the bill I had prepared for the cost of Emilio's confinement, so this trip to the vet is on the house!"

"Why, that's awfully sweet of you, Tabby," acknowledged Tex as he reached out a hood to let Emilio crawl onto it. "I appreciate your excellent care of this little fellow. He looks great!"

"I'll miss him here at the clinic," admitted Tabby, "but I'm glad he's all healed."

Tex turned to leave, then stopped and looked back at Tabby. "What, no lecture on keeping a better eye on Emilio? This is a first!" And he and Emilio went on their way.

Once Tabby was sure Tex was gone, she grinned at Sugarberry and explained, "Sorry about that kick, but I don't want Tex to ever know that I lost Emilio for all that time. He would never let me forget it!"

"That's okay, Tabby," replied Sugarberry. "Your experience has solved my writer's block dilemma."

"How's that," puzzled Tabby.

"My villain will smuggle out the stolen diamonds in the maintenance crew's cleaning pail, just like Friendly accidentally took Emilio out. It works perfectly with the rest of the mystery I'm writing," Sugarberry explained.

"Cool," said Tabby happily. "Hey, I don't have any more appointments; let's go to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for a celebration sundae."

"Sounds good to me!" exclaimed Sugarberry.

"And I want to include Friendly, I feel terrible about shoving him out that way," admitted Tabby.

Just then, Friendly appeared in the doorway. "Need bucket," he stated.

"How about a sundae instead?" laughed Tabby as she, Sugarberry, and Friendly headed across Dream Valley for the biggest sundae ever.



by Tabby:

Easter Ponies with Easter Pony Friends

Name: Scrambles

Kind: Earth

Hair Color: pastel pink

Body Color: pastel blue

Symbol: yellow and green Easter egg

Name: Omelet

Kind: Chick

Hair Color: pastel blue

Body Color: pastel pink

Symbol: yellow and green Easter egg

Name: Sugarcube

Kind: Pegasus

Hair Color: pastel yellow

Body Color: pastel pink

Symbol: pastel green Easter basket

Name: Carrots

Kind: Bunny

Hair Color: pastel pink

Body Color: pastel yellow

Symbol: pastel green Easter basket

Name: Wink

Kind: Unicorn

Hair Color: pastel green

Body Color: pastel purple

Symbol: pastel pink Easter lily

Name: Frolic

Kind: Lamb

Hair Color: pastel purple

Body Color: pastel green

Symbol: pastel pink Easter lily


Message from Queen Serena

When asked her feelings about winning the Queen of Ponyland election, Serena had this to say:

"It was a pleasure to learn that the ponies have so much confidence in my abilities to rule Ponyland. I promise that I will live up to their expectations by being a just and compassionate queen."

Serena went on to extend an open invitation to all of Ponyland to attend her Coronation Ceremony on May 16. Further information will be announced as plans are finalized.


MLP Monthly Policy Statement: All submissions are expected to meet the innocent qualities exemplified by that Hasbro My Little Pony toys and TV shows that have endeared the ponies to children and adults since 1982. Any articles not meeting these standards will be rejected. Basically, this means that if Mr. Rogers wouldn't accept it, neither will MLP Monthly.


Our next issue will be sent May 1st.


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