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Issue 14
May 1998

Letters to the Editor



I really enjoyed the MLP Monthly! You do an excellent job on it. Keep up the good work!


Just wanna say the stories in these newsletters are DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of you who write them are very talented, keep it up!


All The Pretty Little Ponies
(A Revisionist Interpretation of the MLP Mythos)
Chapter 3


C. Alan Loewen


For Candice and Allison

Synopsis: Megan, an eleven-year old orphan who lives with her Aunt Constance, has been given guardianship over seven magical ponies that are also known as the Seven Sisters. With the blessing of her aunt, Megan and the seven ponies are now following a path through the magical Wood of the Worlds which will hopefully lead them to the answers for their questions: Who are the ponies? Why do they need protection? Why do they not have any memories of their lives before they awoke in the magical castle where Megan found them? Unknown to them, they are being followed by Sarah, a girl who claims the ponies are her property. Sarah, in turn, is being followed by Aunt Constance who wants to protect her niece and the ponies from being trapped in Sarah's magical nets. Comments and constructive criticism may be sent to

With Firefly and Medley flying between the massive trees that made up the Wood of the Worlds, Megan led Twilight, Bowtie, Applejack, Ember and Starlight deeper into the mysterious forest. The path was covered by a thick carpet of dead leaves which muffled their footsteps.

Megan looked around in vain for any signs of life. "This place is so quiet. I wonder why I don't hear any birds?"

"There's no sign of any birds at all," came a voice from above. Medley had landed on a tree branch wide enough for her to comfortably stand and shouted down to them. "I don't see a nest or a squirrel or anything."

Twilight sniffed the air. "I don't smell any other wildlife. I wonder where the foxes and the deer are?"

They walked farther without talking. Speech seemed out of place in this ancient Wood so they traveled in silence. An hour later, they were surprised to hear the sound of running water break the silence.

"I hear a stream," Ember cried with delight, and ignoring the cries of Megan and her sisters, she ran ahead. The rest of the group found her drinking water from a babbling brook that ran merrily over well-worn rocks. Bushes loaded with berries crowded the far side.

"The water's delicious!" Ember cried with delight, her muzzle already dripping with cold water. And with that, she found her hooves slipping on the muddy bank and she promptly fell in. The water was shallow, so the only hurt Ember suffered was the blow to her pride.

After a few minutes of laughter and giggling at Ember's expense, the other six ponies drank their fill while Megan used a plastic cup her aunt had put in her day pack. Ember, snorting water, tried to dry herself off by shaking like a dog.

"I think this might be a place to spend the night," Twilight said, nodding at the deepening darkness. "The sun is setting."

Megan had crossed the brook to examine the berries and, delighted to discover they were raspberries, picked her fill using what little sunlight remained.

Later, they all lay comfortably on the soft mould of the forest floor, Megan's head pillowed by Twilight's warm shoulder. In turn, Megan's lap once again served as a pillow for Ember who was already half asleep and, thankfully, had finally dried off. The brooding dark of the Wood was held back with the soft glow from Starlight's horn.

"I wish I would have remembered to bring matches," Megan said, as she absent-mindedly stroked Ember's mane. "It would have been nice to have a little fire."

"I don't think the Wood would have appreciated that," Twilight said gently. "I don't know how I know that. It's just a feeling."

With that, one by one, the ponies and Megan fell asleep.

And Megan dreamed.

In her dream, she awoke to find herself in the middle of a circle of seven beautiful girls clothed in light and their own cascading shining hair. Holding hands and laughing, they danced around her, their feet moving in complicated steps that moved their circle around her in a complex weave of motion. Megan could do little more than watch in awe and joy.

The girls appeared to range in age from sixteen years to the age of eight. The oldest had somber, yet loving eyes that seemed so much like Twilight's. The youngest had dark flashing mischievous eyes like Ember's.

Laughing, they stopped and without speaking, they broke the circle for Megan to join them. Embarrassed and terrified they would laugh at her clumsy steps, Megan took hold of the hands that were offered to her. Delighted, she found her feet suddenly moving to the steps as if she had been born to the pattern. Laughing and singing in an old language she did not recognize, Megan and the girls danced in the ancient forest for a long time.

And when she awoke, her head resting on Twilight's warm shoulder, hearing the comforting rhythm of the little unicorn's heart, the sun had already risen.

Aunt Constance stretched, listening to her old bones creak. Though the forest floor made an unusual bed, it didn't appear to have harmed her back. She had seen no sign of Sarah, the child she was following through the Wood, but the path remained clear and unmistakable. Somewhere, Sarah might already be stalking Megan and the ponies in the early morning mist that surrounded the trunks of these gigantic trees.

Several hours later, Aunt Constance came to a brook where raspberry bushes provided her with an impromptu brunch. In the mud alongside the brook, she made out the tracks of ponies and two separate distinct prints of shoes. Doubling her pace, Aunt Constance fervently hoped she would catch up to Sarah before Sarah caught up with Megan.

Megan and the ponies noticed the forest was changing. The trees were not as large as they had been and undergrowth sprouted up among the roots. The calls of birds could be heard and occasionally they could see small birds fluttering between the branches. Firefly and Medley had taken to walking as the trees were becoming too close together to comfortably fly between them.

"Wait a moment," Megan said in a hushed urgent whisper. The ponies looked at her quizzically. "Do you smell smoke?"

The ponies sniffed at the air. "Yes, I do," Twilight said. "Wood smoke."

"Is it a forest fire?" Applejack asked nervously.

Megan shook her head in the negative. "I think it would smell a lot stronger than that. Look! I think I see the smoke over there."

Some distance away, a small tendril of smoke rose above the trees. Megan looked at her friends and shrugged her shoulders. "We were told to walk the Wood of the Worlds, so let's see where it's led us."

They stumbled through the underbrush, the two winged ponies carefully trying not to snag their pinions on a branch. Eventually, they came to a small wattle-and-daub cottage standing alone in a clearing. Wood smoke floated up from the lone chimney stack in the thatched roof.

The door opened and an elderly lady, her cheeks ruddy and red, came out onto the small front porch. She was dressed in a simple frock with a snow white apron, her gray hair drawn up in a tight bun. Immediately seeing Megan and the ponies, a broad smile broke out on her face that made any fear and suspicion in their hearts melt away.

"Well, saints preserve me, but I've been waiting for you folk for a while now." The woman's accent was a deep Irish brogue. She stepped aside and from the inside of the cottage, the largest dog Megan ever saw joined the elderly woman on the stoop. Megan and the ponies gasped at the sight of the huge animal. As large as any of the ponies, it stood looking at them, its open panting jaws looking large enough to eat them all in a few gulps.

Again, the woman laughed. "Have no fear of Madra. He won't be hurting the likes of you."

Timidly, the eight approached the woman. Madras simply grinned at them in the way of all dogs.

"I've never seen a dog like that," Megan said. "Is it a wolf?"

"Nay, child," the old woman responded. "Madras is one of the dogs that served the Irish Kings. He's an Irish Wolfhound and the noblest of his breed."

"Can I pet him?"

"Aye, that you may. I don't think he'd favor the taste of a girl-child." Gingerly, Megan reached out a hand and stroked the dog's massive head while the seven ponies looked on with some trepidation. Madras' breath was hot and strong and Megan knew the animal could have pinned her to the ground in a split second if it had been so inclined. She felt grateful she wasn't a wolf.

The old woman nodded in appreciation at Megan's bravery. "I'm Mother Ellen and you've walked the Wood of the Worlds to reach me. Welcome to the Emerald Isle. You've walked all the way to Ireland in the year of our Lord, 1893." Megan simply stared at her in shock, the ponies simply accepting the marvel of walking over one hundred years backwards in time as a normal matter of course.

"Dubricius was here just a fortnight ago, telling me to prepare for the arrival of a young girl traveling with the Seven Sisters."

Mother Ellen leaned closer to look directly in Megan's face. "Aye, you have Arthur's eyes and Gwen's smile. They'd be proud of you."

For the first time since meeting the ponies, Megan blinked back tears. "You have me confused with somebody else. My parents' names were Roger and Miriam." She paused as she swallowed back her grief. "They're dead," she said finally.

Gently, Mother Ellen touched her comfortingly on the shoulder. "I'm sorry to hear that, child, but I wasn't talking directly about your parents."

Mother Ellen turned her attention to the seven ponies. "I'm privileged to have you all here."

She went to Twilight who curtsied in the way of the ponies. Mother Ellen laughed gently and stroked her muzzle. "You are Alcyone, the eldest."

"No, Mother Ellen," Twilight said respectfully. "You have me confused with somebody else. My name is Twilight."

Mother Ellen simply smiled sadly and went from pony to pony. "Your name is Celaeno," she said to Starlight.

"Electra," she said, stroking Bowtie's blue roan mane.

"The twins, Maia and Merope," she said, addressing Firefly and Medley.

"Asterope," she said to Applejack.

"And you are Taygeta, the baby of the family," she said smiling to Ember who had suddenly become shy and was trying vainly to hide behind Megan's legs.

The ponies simply looked at her with puzzled expressions. "All will be clear in a short while," Mother Ellen assured them. "Come. Let's sit under the shade. You have stories to tell Mother Ellen and you have to go to Dubricius' Sanctuary before the night comes. Many of your questions will be answered there."

In the brush, a pair of eyes watched them carefully. Sarah sighed and waited as the old woman, the seven ponies and the girl seated themselves under an old oak tree. Though she had more than enough nets to take care of them all, there was the dog. A big dog. And Sarah was terrified of dogs and this dog was a monster. In the brush she shuddered and hoped the dog wouldn't sniff her out. She sighed in relief as Madra finally sat itself at the feet of the old woman.

She would wait until the dog was gone and then … then she'd have them all. All seven of the ponies. And they would be hers forever.


A New Friend
by Steamer

One day Sweet Stuff was bored. She liked playing with the baby ponies quite a bit, but they were all busy doing something with their moms. Baby Ribbon was learning how to wink better, Baby Gusty was packing to go to the State History Competition with her mom, and Baby Lickety Split was practicing her ballet.

Sweet Stuff decided she would go to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shop and keep Scoops company. When she walked in to the sweet shop, Scoops could tell something was up.
"You look bored, Sweet Stuff," she said.

"Oh, Scoops, I am; all the baby ponies are busy with their moms and you know how I like to play with them."

"Yeah, I know, what you need is something to take your mind off being bored for a bit and I think I have just the thing."

Hmmmmm, what could it be, Sweet Stuff thought. You see, Scoops never told what she thought a pony could use. She liked to surprise the ponies with her creations.

Sweet Stuff sat at the counter and waited for Scoops to dish up her specialty for boredom. While she was waiting, a strange pony came in. This stranger Sweet Stuff had never seen before; the stranger had a red mane and tail almost like Moondancer's color, but it wasn't Moondancer for this pony had feet like a Big Brother Pony would have. Sweet Stuff and the stranger nodded hello.

When Scoops bought out Sweet Stuff's treat, which turned out to be a banana spilt with triple whipped cream and heavy-duty candy sprinkles, she noticed the visitor.

"Ah, Dr. Sugarloaf, how are you doing today?" she asked.

"Just fine, Scoops; just fine; just came from Sterling Dream and Prince's; looks like Sterling Dream is going to have her baby any day now."

"Ah, isn't new life wonderful?" asked Scoops.

"It sure is," replied the doctor.

A new baby; WOW! thought Sweet Stuff. Sweet Stuff thought that babies were the most precious things in the world, especially newborns.

"Ah, excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear that Sterling Dream is going to have a baby," Sweet Stuff said to the newcomer.

"Yes, that's correct, they even chose a name for it; it will be Baby Munchy," said the pony. "Oh, I'm Dr. Sugarloaf; I work at Dream Valley General and have known Sterling Dream since she was a baby herself," he continued.

"Hi, my name is Sweet Stuff," said Sweet Stuff.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sweet Stuff; I just moved here and was hoping to make some friends."

"Well, if you'd like, I could introduce you to some of my friends," said Sweet Stuff.

"I would like that; thank you," Dr. Sugarloaf said.

"You're welcome," said Sweet Stuff. And that was how Sweet Stuff made herself a new friend.


Invento Ponies


Name: Byte

Kind: Sweetheart Sister

Hair Color: metallic silver

Body Color: white

Symbol: sky blue Internet smiley- :)

by Tabby:

Name: Lemon Poppyseed

Body Color: bright yellow

Hair Color: bright yellow

Breed: Earth

Symbol: little black poppy seeds

Kind: Twice as Fancy

Name: Wild Blueberry

Body Color: deep blue

Hair Color: green

Breed: Earth

Symbol: green blueberry plants

Kind: Twice as Fancy

Name: Apple Streusel

Body Color: green

Hair Color: yellow

Breed: Earth

Symbol: red apples

Kind: Twice as Fancy

Name: Banana Nut

Body Color: creamy brown

Hair Color: cream

Breed: Earth

Symbol: yellow bananas

Kind: Twice as Fancy

Name: Nipper

Body Color: blue

Hair Color: dark blue

Breed: Earth

Symbol: pair of scissors

Kind: Newborn Twin


Name: Napper

Body Color: dark blue

Hair Color: blue

Breed: Earth

Symbol: pair of scissors

Kind: Newborn Twin

*E-mail your Invento Ponies to Tabby ( to have them printed in this section.


Did You Know...
by Tabby and Sugarberry

A new visitor center has been added to the Dark Forest National Wildlife Refuge in honor of Earth Day! Included in the center is a wildlife observation deck, a gift and souvenir shop, and interactive Dark Forest exhibits. To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, Bright Eyes, Clover, Patch, Bon Bon, Sweetheart, Starlight, and Melody organized a hiking and bicycling event following the nature trails at the refuge. Everyone was careful not to disturb migrating and nesting birds.

The Easter egg hunt that was scheduled for April 11 was canceled due to El Nino. Two feet of snow was dumped on Ponyland! The hunt, of course, had to be canceled and was held the following Saturday. Fortunately, that day turned out warm and sunny!

The Bushwoolies say that they are definitely going to start another branch of their bookstore in Friendship Gardens! Construction is scheduled to start on May 4. The name will stay the same as the old one in Dream Valley, Bushwoolie Bargain Books. The old location will remain open. Once the new store is opened, the Bushwoolies have decided that to save travel time between Dream Valley and Friendship Gardens, they will have Tabby wink them back and forth. Tabby is extremely excited to have the responsibility. Three Bushwoolies will work each day at each location.

The Century Pony House and Village, the local Ponyland museum, is looking for guides for the summer season. All ponies are invited to an information training session.

In the spirit of Arbor Day, Spike, along with the Bushwoolies, planted twenty-five trees in the Ponyland park. The trees are doing very well, and Spike is very proud of their accomplishment.


Great Finds

Recently at a thrift store, I found a bag with four of the petite pony homes, ALL the petites, several big accessories, all the accessories to the petite homes, and a MIP baby outfit!!! Also inside was a Lady Lovely Locks treehouse playset. All for 8.00!

*E-mail your "Great Finds" to Tabby ( to have them printed in this section.


The Keep Ponyland Clean Club has decided to elect a president. Here are the candidates and what they have to say:

Bubbles: Keeping Ponyland clean is very, very important. If you vote for me, I will do my best to keep Ponyland's woods and rivers unpolluted.

Sugarberry: Keeping Ponyland in good condition is a very difficult job. If you vote for me, I will devote my time to keeping Ponyland's land in good shape.

Twilight: When you think about it, Ponyland isn't that dirty and polluted. However, we must do our best to stop what little pollution there is and keep our ground beautiful! If you elect me, I'll do just that!

Wind Whistler: Have you ever stopped and looked at Ponyland closely? All of us live here in this attractive place, but have we ever really looked closely? If you do, you will see there is much room for improvement when it comes to protecting our environment.

Sweet Stuff: Ponyland is so pretty!! We must keep it that way!

Gusty: If keeping Ponyland beautiful is important, why aren't we doing it? We have to stop what we're doing and clean up our act if we want to keep Ponyland safe for us, and more importantly, for the other animals living here.

Question asked to the ponies: What area will you be focusing on most?

Bubbles: I will be focusing mostly on our rivers and streams. There is so much work to be done there! Think of all the fish that are dying because we carelessly throw things into the rivers!

Sugarberry: I will mostly be looking at our farmlands. Do you see all the waste that is just flying around everywhere? That could seriously mess up our crops!

Twilight: I will be working on installing more trash cans in Ponyland. Maybe that would help clean it up.

Wind Whistler: There is no certain point of interest I will be focusing mainly on. Everything is equally important.

Sweet Stuff: What?

Gusty: Though I will be working on all points of our environment, I will be mainly focusing on our forests. There are so many animals abiding in our woods, we have to keep them clean!

As you can see, there are many great "views" here from each of these ponies. E-mail with your vote!!!!!!!!! Results will be posted in the next issue!!



What is your favorite MLP show episode?

E-mail what you think to Tabby ( Check the next issue for the results!

Last month's-

The questions was: If the Loving Family ponies had names besides the family name, what would they be?

I have Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet. Mommy Bright Bouquet was Shyla and Daddy Bright Bouquet for me was Hearty.


If I could name the Loving Families they're names would be:

Mommy Apple Delight~ Apple Orchid

Daddy Apple Delight~ Orchid Valley

Baby Apple Delight~ Apple Valley

Mommy Bright Bouquet~ Loving Garden

Daddy Bright Bouqet~ Loving Heart (I know that's not very farther-like, but neither is putting hearts on a dad either! :-P)

Baby Bright Bouquet~ Garden Hearts

Mommy Sweet Celebrations~ Balloon Sweetheart

Daddy Sweet Celebrations~ Fun Party

Baby Sweet Celebrations~ Balloon Party


Quest for the Cure
by Gusty

Galaxy flipped through the ancient pages of the old, worn magic book. "The cure has got to be in here somewhere. It has to be! This is our last chance."

Applejack tapped her hoof nervously. "It's in there. I know it's in there. It has got to be in there!"

Gusty paced uneasily back and forth, raising up dirt as she did. "This is our last resort. If the cure isn't in here, we're out of luck... we've reached the end of the line."

Tabby looked at the hieroglyphics on the wall. She blinked three times quickly. "This is so awful and confusing!" She thought back to what had started this whole mess:

* * *
"Catch!" Steamer shouted, launching the baseball towards Night Glider.

She caught the ball easily in her mouth. Spitting it out, she said, "Nice throw."

"Not really," came a voice behind them.

Steamer and Night Glider twirled around to face a smiling Gusty. "You have to put more into it!"

Steamer rolled his eyes. "Since when are you the baseball expert?"

"Since forever! You know very well that I'm the biggest lover of all sports in all of Pony Land!" Gusty shot at him.

"That's true," Night Glider pointed out. She smiled. "And you're good in all those sports, too."

"Thanks," Gusty replied. She picked up the ball in one hoof. "Here's how it's done!" With all her strength, she flung the ball across the field. It flew through the air with great speed and quickness. "That's how you throw a ball."

Steamer sighed. "I'll bet you don't know as much about trains as I do!"

"I bet you're right," Gusty responded, shrugging her shoulders. With that, she trotted off.

Meanwhile, in Paradise Estate, Galaxy was showing Bubbles her new magic book she had gotten from Fizzy. "This book is so advanced! Fizzy is a great friend." She opened up the book to page forty-seven. "Look at this picture!"

Bubbles peered over her shoulder at the book. There was a picture of a dark orange cloud with a pink lightning bolt streaking down from it. "Wow. What is that?"

Galaxy skimmed over the description on the other page. "This is the Slimen Cloud. It's said that it appears once every thousand years and strikes a pony with its pink bolt."

Bubbles stared at her. "It strikes a pony?"

Galaxy nodded. "That's what this book says."

Bubbles flicked her blue tail. "What happens when it strikes them?"

Galaxy continued to read about the Slimen Cloud. Finally, she looked back up at Bubbles. "It says that the pony is injected with a deadly type of magic when the bolt hits. Then the pony glows a bright red and falls to the ground." She turned back to the book and read, "The pony is not dead, but she is only unconscious. She will remain unconscious for forty-eight hours. After this time is up, the pony will glow bright red for two minutes and then--"

"Don't say it," Bubbles pleaded. "I know what happens last."

Galaxy nodded understandingly.

"But isn't there some cure or something?" Bubbles asked, cocking her head.

Galaxy turned back to the book. "It says that there is a cure. However, there is only one place in all of Pony Land that holds the key."


Galaxy read some more. Then she reread it, and reread it again. "It doesn't say."

"Does it say when it's supposed to come again?" Bubbles inquired.

"No," Galaxy replied, "but I suspect it will be soon. The last report of this was about a thousand years ago by Dream Castle." The pink unicorn read some more. "Hmm... I seem to see a pattern. Every single occurrence happened near Dream Castle!"

"Then we have to keep everyone away from there until this thing passes!" Bubbles exclaimed, jumping to her feet.

Galaxy closed her book. "Right!" With that, she galloped off to Dream Castle, followed by Night Glider.

During this time at Dream Castle, Applejack was talking with Tabby. "But Friendly said the party was two weeks from today!" Applejack exclaimed.

Tabby sat on a gray boulder. "I still thought it was one week from today."

Applejack shook her head. "I'm positive he said two!"

Tabby shrugged. "You're probably right. I don't have a great memory."

Above the two ponies, Honeysuckle was flying in circles. "I thought Friendly said it was three weeks from today!"

Applejack's eyes narrowed. "What?"

Honeysuckle laughed. "I'm only kidding!"

Tabby giggled.

Suddenly, the three ponies heard something hit a nearby tree. They rushed over to see what had happened. A baseball had struck the tree and fallen quickly to the ground. Then the ponies heard voices. They looked to their right and saw Steamer and Night Glider running toward them.

"You threw this ball from all the way over there?" Tabby asked, astonished.

Steamer stopped in front of them. Night Glider ran up behind him. "No," Night Glider said. "Gusty threw it."

"Indeed I did!" Gusty exclaimed, winking in beside Applejack. "Hey, applesauce head!"

Applejack's eyes flared. "Don't call me applesauce head, maple leaf eater!"

"Applesauce head!"

"Maple leaf eater!"

"Applesauce head!"

"Maple leaf eater!"


"ENOUGH!!!!!" Steamer shouted. He sighed. "You two can never stop arguing-- and you're still best friends! I don't get it... I just don't get it."

Applejack smiled. Her freckles bunched up beside her eyes as she did. "I know!"

Just then, another unicorn winked in beside them. It was Sky Flier. Her white and orange hair flew in the gentle breeze. "Hey, all!"

"Hi, Sky Flier," Tabby greeted.

"Everyone, get away from the castle!" a voice came.

They all turned to see the other arrivals. Galaxy and Bubbles came bounding over a nearby hill. "Quickly! You must flee from this area!" Bubbles exclaimed.

"But why?" Honeysuckle asked.

"I'll tell you all later, just hurry, please!" Galaxy shouted, ushering them away from the castle.

Once they were a good distance from the castle, Night Glider asked, "What's going on here?"

Galaxy caught her breath. "The Slimen C-Cloud," she gasped.

"The what?" Steamer inquired again. He compressed his eyelids. "What are you talking about?"

Galaxy took a deep breath. She hastily told them about the Slimen Cloud.

"Golly," Tabby said, "that's awful!"

"Yeah," Sky Flier agreed. "We'll have to issue a warning to everyone to stay away from Dream Castle."

Gusty nodded. "I'll go tell Cupcake and Posey. Then Posey can warn the babies." With that, Gusty galloped off.

"Wait for me!" Applejack screamed, running after her.

Sky Flier turned to Tabby. "You and I can warn all those in Paradise Estate."

Tabby nodded. They winked away.

Honeysuckle then said, "I'll tell the flutter ponies to stay away!"

"I'm coming with you," Night Glider said, throwing back her mane.

"I'll stay here," Galaxy told them. "You never know if someone might wander onto this area."

"I'll stay here with you," Bubbles said.

Steamer stood silent. Finally he said, "I'll stay here, too."

The days passed slowly. Everyone was cautious of this harmful cloud. However, after a month of waiting and guarding the castle, the little ponies let it slip their minds. Gusty went on playing sports. Applejack worked in the orchards. Sky Flier continued to help the baby ponies make kites. Tabby went on running her vet clinic. Bubbles started to clean up the streams again. Galaxy kept studying and practicing her magic. Honeysuckle remained at Flutter Valley talking with the other flutter ponies for longer periods of time. Night Glider worked in Paradise Estate helping Cupcake make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Steamer worked on his new train set for hours on end each day.

However, the ponies were soon reminded of this dreadful thing. They had forgotten to stay clear of Dream Castle, and before they realized it, it was too late. The Slimen Cloud appeared suddenly above the pink castle. Unfortunately, Night Glider and Honeysuckle, who had come back to visit Pony Land, were working on Dream Castle's landscape.

The large, glistening pink bolt of lightning struck down from the cloud. Night Glider and Honeysuckle didn't even see it coming. They let out two blood-curdling screams.

Gusty and Applejack, who were nearby at the time, came galloping over to see what had happened. Night Glider and Honeysuckle were glowing a bright red. Their eyes were blank now.

Gusty winked to Paradise Estate to get help. She returned with Galaxy and Tabby.

"Oh my gosh!" Tabby screeched, seeing the two ponies glowing brightly.

"The Cloud!!! We forgot about it!" Galaxy ran up to them.

The two minutes had just expired, and the two ponies collapsed to the ground. Their bodies looked lifeless. Galaxy nudged Night Glider. She bent down closer to her.

"I can hear her breathing, but it's very faint."

"What'll we do?" Applejack asked frantically.

Galaxy's mind raced. She closed her eyes when she remembered what the book had said. "There's a cure, but it's somewhere in Pony Land."

"Where in Pony Land?" Gusty questioned.

Galaxy shook her head. "No one knows for sure. However," she said, looking at the bodies of her two friends, "we have to find it within forty-eight hours or... you know."

Applejack and Gusty nodded. "Then what are we waiting for? We have to find that cure!"

"We'll need help, though," Tabby said. She cocked her head. "I'll find Steamer and Bubbles. Oh, and Sky Flier, too!"

"Hurry," Galaxy told her. Tabby winked out.

After she had located them, they decided what to do. "We have to let our hearts guide us," Bubbles said.

"How can your heart guide you?" Tabby asked curiously.

Bubbles shrugged her shoulders. "That's how it always is."

"I think we should go this way," Galaxy told them, pointing to the left.

"Fine by me," Steamer agreed. The rest of them nodded.

"Let's get going!" Sky Flier exclaimed, rearing up on her hind legs.

"WAIT!" Gusty shouted.

The ponies froze and looked back at her. "What?" Bubbles asked.

"Someone has to stay here with them. There might be some kind of side effect or something," Gusty pointed out.

"I'll stay," Sky Flier volunteered.

"Okay, then," Applejack said.

"Onward!" Galaxy exclaimed, running to her left. The rest of the ponies followed.

"Good luck!" Sky Flier called out to them. She turned to the two ponies on the ground. "Hang in there. We'll save you."

It wasn't long before the ponies decided they had run too far. Galaxy stopped and took in the surroundings. They were deep in the Dark Forest. Luckily for them, the trees during this season were hibernating and not even a tornado would wake them.

"Where to now?" Tabby asked.

"I think we should go left," Steamer said.

Gusty shook her head. "No, we have to go right."

"Why can't we just go straight?" Bubbles asked.

"No, we should go left."

"You're wrong! We have to go right!"

"Well, my heart says to go straight!"

"Enough! We don't have time to argue!" Galaxy exclaimed, stomping her hoof.
"Let's do this in a somewhat democratic form," Bubbles suggested. "All in favor of going straight, say ‘I'."

"I," Galaxy said.

There was a long pause. "All in favor of going right say, ‘Gusty's right, we should go right!'" Gusty said.

"Gusty's right, we should go right!" Applejack responded.

There was another long pause. "All in favor of going left say, ‘ME'!" Steamer exclaimed.

"Me," Tabby agreed.

"This is just perfect," Gusty muttered. "We all want to go different ways and the score is even!"

"Then we'll split up," Galaxy said. "This is better. We can cover more ground this way!"

Applejack nodded. "Good thinking."

Therefore, the ponies headed in their separate directions. They all hoped that they would find the cure soon. It was getting dark and five precious hours had past. They only had forty-three hours left to save their friends' lives.

Bubbles walked cautiously through the trees. Even though she'd never be able to wake them, she still couldn't help but be quiet around them.

Galaxy followed closely behind her. "These woods are spooky," she whispered to her friend.

Bubbles nodded. "I agree."

Suddenly, Galaxy tripped over a small root sticking up out of the ground. "EEK!" she screamed, falling forward. She bumped into Bubbles who seemed quite surprised.

"YIKES!" Bubbles screeched, jumping off to the side. She bumped against a small tree. Her blue mane got all tangled in its branches. "Ouch!"

Galaxy got off the ground, stunned. She looked at her friend, all tangled in the tree branches. "I didn't mean to frighten you! I'm so sorry." She went over to Bubbles and helped her untangle her hair.

"That's okay," Bubbles replied, once she was free. She shook her head. "Let's keep moving."

Meanwhile, Tabby and Steamer had come across a small river rushing through the forest. "How will we cross it?" Tabby asked.

Steamer cocked his head. He looked across the river. "It's too far for us to jump." He gazed down the river. "There aren't even any rocks we can climb onto."

Tabby hung her head. "We're stuck aren't we?"

Steamer didn't know what to say. He was about to agree after a minute of thinking, but unexpectedly his eyes grew wide. "I've got it!" he exclaimed, looking at a large, strong tree.

Tabby looked at him. "What?"

"Come here!" he told her, running over to the tree.

Tabby trotted after him. She looked at the tree Steamer was gazing at. "Well?"

"Don't you see? Look at this tree-- or at its enormous branches, anyway!" Steamer said.

Tabby looked at it. "It's a tree. It's no different than any other tree in this forest."

Steamer put his front hooves on the trunk. "Look closer!"

Tabby walked up to the tree so that her eyes were almost touching it. "I still don't see anything."

"That's not what I meant, Tabby!" Steamer sighed. "Look at that branch overhanging the river! It's about half-way across! I figure that if we can climb onto that branch, we can jump the rest of the way across the river!"

"I get it!" Tabby exclaimed happily. "It's a good thing you came along with me, or I would've given up right away!"

Steamer smiled to himself as he began to scramble up the tree. He had gotten but a couple of feet off the ground when there was a steep part in the trunk, and he couldn't get his grip. He lost his balance and fell to the ground. He landed flat on his back in a huge pile of mud. "AH!" he shouted, as he hit the ground. "That smarts," he groaned. "How are we supposed to get there if we can't climb the tree?"

This time it was Tabby's turn to smile. She started to giggle at the picture of Steamer lying in the mud, his mane all brown and dirty. She quickly controlled herself. "I know."

Streamer looked up at her. He was still on the ground, too tired to get up. "How?"

"I can wink up there!"

"Well, what about me?"

Tabby thought for a minute. "I've got it. Before I wink up there, you can stand on my back to jump past that steep part of the tree."

Steamer slowly got up. "Good idea." He climbed onto Tabby's back.

Tabby did her best to keep from falling over. She wasn't that strong of a pony to hold a big brother for a long amount of time.

Steamer took a giant leap and jumped up past the steep part of the trunk onto a twisted part. "Thanks, Tab," he said, continuing to climb upwards.

Tabby nodded and winked onto the branch. "I'm glad I'm a unicorn."

At the time, Gusty was leading Applejack through the forest at a gallop.

"Gusty, don't you think we should slow down? I'm getting tired!" Applejack exclaimed.

Gusty turned and looked over her shoulder. "Fine, we'll stop for a second." She skidded to a stop almost immediately.

Applejack nearly ran into her. "Whew!" she gasped, trying to catch her breath. She leaned against a tree. "Don't you think we should be going a little slower? What if we pass up clues or something?!"

"I guess you're right," Gusty replied. "We'll take it at a canter."

"A canter?"

"Okay, a trot."

"How about a walk?"

Gusty sighed. "Only for you." Therefore, the ponies walked on.

* * *
"We're not getting anywhere," Bubbles mumbled to Galaxy. They had been walking for a good hour and had seen nothing but trees and bushes.

Galaxy sighed. "I know. What'll we do?" She looked at the sky. "It's almost dark-- I hadn't thought about that."

* * *
"OOF!" Steamer exclaimed, landing on the other side of the river. "I did it!" He had successfully jumped off the branch of the tree onto the other side of the river.

Tabby winked next to him. "I didn't have to jump!" Suddenly, her hind foot slipped on some mud, and she lost her balance. She let out a deafening scream as she fell backwards into the raging river. "HELP!!!!"

"Tabby!" Steamer exclaimed, watching his friend get swept away by the rushing water. He looked to his left. Then he looked to his right. He shook his head violently. "Hang on, Tabby! I'm coming!"

"Steamerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!" Tabby shouted, getting farther and farther from her companion.

With that, Steamer leaped into the river. With all his might, he swam quickly after Tabby. "I'll save you!"

To be continued in next MLP Monthly issue!! <\____~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mystery Pony

This month's-

blue pegasus with light pink hair, pink whistles symbol

E-mail your answer to Tabby ( Results will be in the next issue!

Last month's-

The correct answer was Tulip, one of the Forget-Me-Not ponies (European). No entries were received.


Dig in the Flatland
by Sugarberry

Impatiently pacing back and forth outside the pretty little house in Friendship Gardens, Clever Clover kept his eyes on the lane before him. Finally, his nervous wait came to an end as he sighted Zip, the mail carrier, turn in his direction. Clever Clover pranced eagerly towards Zip.

"Good morning, Zip!" called Clever Clover. "Any mail for me?"

"As a matter of fact," stated Zip as he reached into his mail bag, "I do have a letter for you today. And it's Special Delivery!

"Thanks!" grinned Clever Clover. "It's from Flatland University about my temporary job!"

"Well, good luck!" Zip warmly replied. "I'll miss seeing you around!"

With a wave of his hoof, Clever Clover galloped into the house, slammed the door shut, and tore open the letter. He skimmed over its contents, and let out a loud "All right!" which brought Sky Skimmer and Sundance running into the room.

"What is going on?" asked Sundance. "It sounds like something big!"

"You bet it is," beamed Clever Clover. "I've been accepted to work at the Flatland pre-historic dig site for a month!"

"Wow! Congratulations," smiled Sky Skimmer as she shared in his joy at a dream come true.

"When do you leave?" asked Sundance, already feeling sad to think Clever Clover would be away for four entire weeks.

Clever Clover looked down at the letter and read through the information more slowly. "Let's see," he mumbled as he read. "I have to report by 8 AM Monday morning."

"That's only two days away!" yelped Sundance. "How long will it take you to get there?"

"One day of steady travel should get me there on time," stated Clever Clover. "That gives me today to get packed and ready to go!"

"We'll help!" chimed Sundance and Sky Skimmer in unison.

"Help with what?" asked Morning Glory, Ivy, Petal Blossom, and Berry Bright as they entered the house after a morning at the mall.

After filling in the ponies with the news, Clever Clover sighed. "I've got a million things to do! Where do I start?"

Morning Glory asserted her organizing ability to meet the need, and began assigning responsibilities to each pony. "Ivy, you and Sundance go to the mall and buy the clothes he will need; Berry Bright, bake some healthy food he can pack for the trip; Petal Blossom and Sky Skimmer, you two can dig out his backpack, camping gear, and supplies; I'll go with Clever Clover to the bank to get enough jangles for his expenses. Does that cover it?"

"Sounds good," said Petal Blossom. "Everyone, off you go!" With that, the ponies headed out.

* * *
Later that day, the ponies regrouped to help Clever Clover pack his bags and organize his equipment. When everything was ready and waiting for Clever Clover's departure in the morning, Berry Bright quietly reminded the ponies that it was time to eat. She led the way to the kitchen where a banquet of Clever Clover's favorite foods awaited them: pizza, lasagna, garlic bread, nutcups, and milk.

"Golly, Berry Bright!" whistled Clever Clover. "Where'd you find the time to do all this cooking?"

Berry Bright blushed and shrugged her shoulders. "It was nothing. I just wanted you to enjoy your last meal at home before you leave."

"Thanks, Berry Bright," Clever Clover smiled and tousled her mane. "This meal will prepare me for anything!"

* * *
Early the next morning, with the sun just peeking over the mountains, Clever Clover said farewell to his dear friends, and after hugs all around, donned his battered fedora hat, picked up his blackthorn walking stick, and began his journey to the Flatlands. Sundance and Sky Skimmer walked with him to the base of the mountain.

"We'll miss you," Sundance whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Be safe!" called Sky Skimmer as Clever Clover moved up the side of the mountain.

Turning around, Clever Clover waved one last goodbye to his friends.

* * *
Clever Clover whistled cheerily as he moved on down the far side of the mountain. He caught an occasional glimpse of wildlife as he descended towards the Flatlands, and when he stopped to eat the lunch Berry Bright had provided, a friendly striped chipmunk perched on a rock near him and shared the crumbs of his blueberry pie. By the time he had re-packed his backpack, Clever Clover realized that the sun had retreated under the clouds. Soon, in the distance, jagged streaks of lightning cut across the dreary sky. Clever Clover quickened his pace.

As he neared the bottom of the mountain and began to cross the huge prairie that gave the Flatlands its name, Clever Clover was pelted by huge, cold drops of rain. He pulled the brim of his fedora low over his face and plodded westward through the falling rain. Picking up strength as it blew across the plains, the wind became wicked, driving the raindrops hard into Clever Clover's body. The bad weather slowed Clever Clover's progress so that he was forced to pitch his tent for the night before reaching the digsite. By the time he had fought the wind and the rain to get his tent set-up, he was too exhausted to eat. He snuggled into his sleeping bag and fell asleep, serenaded by the moaning of the wind and the crashing of thunder. His last thought before falling asleep was of his friends back home in Friendship Gardens.

* * *
Waking early to the steady beat of raindrops on his tent, Clever Clover moaned as he remembered where he was and the miles he yet had to travel to get to his destination before 8 AM. A rumbling stomach reminded him that he hadn't eaten since lunchtime yesterday, so he took time to eat one of the granola bars that Berry Bright had so thoughtfully provided. Then he packed up and again headed to the west through the cold falling rain.

As the morning grew lighter, Clever Clover was finally able to see the camp where he was due to report. As he grew closer, he could see a crowd of ponies already gathered, so he hurried to join them only to hear, "So that's your instructions, ponies. Now get to work!"

Clever Clover watched as the group broke up and moved off to different areas of the dig site. The rain was still falling, making plopping noises as it fell into numerous puddles across the muddy terrain. He stood glued to the spot as if his hooves were made of cement. Who should he turn to? Which of these ponies was the crew chief? What should he do? None of the ponies looked in his direction as they plodded through the rain to their assignments.

Suddenly, a voice boomed out, "What are you standing around for?"

Looking to the source of the unfriendly words, Clever Clover's heart sunk at his first glimpse of the boss for this operation. A stocky brown pony with mane and tail of orange was glaring at him. Clever Clover gulped and began explaining. "I'm from Friendship Gardens and was slowed by the rain so I arrived too late for the instructions...."

The stocky pony stamped his hoof impatiently. "Late, were you! That's no excuse! Now I have to waste my time to go over everything again!"

Clever Clover meekly followed the pony, whose hat bore the name SARGE, to an area set aside for living quarters.

"You can set your tent up here when you get time. As for your food, you can purchase it for two grainlets a day. Right now I want you to get to work clearing brush from the north edge of this site. You did bring your own tools?"

"Yes, sir," replied Clever Clover, relieved that he could now get to work. He dug his kit out of his backpack and went to the brushy area Sarge had indicated. Several other ponies were already busy cutting down the bushes and brambles, but the wind and rain made conversation impossible. Clever Clover set to work. "At least," he thought to himself, "some hard work will help warm me up!"

* * *
By lunchtime, all the ponies were more than ready to stop and eat. After washing the mud off his aching body, Clever Clover stood in line for food. When he reached the head of the line, he held out two jangles.

"Sorry, pony!" the cook informed him. "We don't take jangles here."

Clever Clover lowered his head and moved off to the spot where he'd set his equipment. Fortunately, Berry Bright had included a generous supply of granola bars, so Clever Clover munched down one for lunch. By this time the rain was easing up, and Clever Clover hoped the weather would improve.

After clearing more brush throughout the afternoon, Clever Clover was exhausted when quitting time came. He felt very lonely as he moved off to set up his tent. When he was finished with that, he built a campfire to stay warm and nibbled on a granola bar. He wondered what he'd do if they ran out before he received his first pay in grainlets.

Clever Clover had just stood up, planning to crawl into his sleeping bag early, when he heard voices coming his way. Two ponies came up to his campfire and smiled at him. One, a pale green pony with sky blue mane and tail, introduced himself, "Hi! My name is Dandy Digger, and this is my co-worker, Sunflower."

Sunflower was aptly named as she was a brilliant yellow with green mane and tail. She held out a hamburger and a cup of cocoa to Clever Clover.

"My name is Clever Clover and I'm from Friendship Gardens," Clever Clover hastily informed them. "Is this food for me?" He suddenly realized how famished he was for some hot food.

"Sure is," replied Dandy Digger. "Cook told us you didn't have grainlets to purchase food, so we thought you might be hungry."

"You thought right! Thanks!" Clever Clover took the food and started eating. He motioned with a hoof for Dandy Digger and Sunflower to sit down. When he'd finished eating, he offered each of them a granola bar and told them about Berry Bright and his other friends back home. Just talking about them made him feel warm inside and a little less lonely.

After sharing some time around the campfire, Dandy Digger and Sunflower finally took their leave.

"Work starts early in the morning," yawned Dandy Digger. "Oh, and by the way, here's a loan of twelve grainlets for the rest of the week. You can pay me back on pay day."

"Wow! You'd do that for me?" asked Clever Clover.

"Of course," Dandy Digger explained. "Most of us have worked at sites in the Flatland before, but we know it takes some adjusting for a newcomer. See you in the morning."

* * *
When morning came and Clever Clover stuck his head out of the tent, the birds were singing and the sun was rising over the eastern horizon. As he stretched, he thought of Friendship Gardens and the friends he'd left behind. He wouldn't be seeing them for four more weeks. But his heart felt glad because of the warmer day; at least now the work would be more pleasant.

Then Dandy Digger and Sunflower came by on their way to breakfast. "Come join us," called Sunflower. "Pancakes and sausages are on the menu today!"

"Great," smiled Clever Clover, "I'm starving!" And he fell into step with his two new Flatland pony friends.


School News

This month, the baby ponies wrote about the flowers they grew for their mothers for Mother's Day. -Tabby

Violets are my mommies favorite flower and thats why I grew them. The violet I grew is purple. I just know Mommy will be very happy when I bring it to her. Baby Glider

The pitcher plant eats bugs. I think that is so cool. I know my mom will like it, too. It will eat the bugs that get in the house sometimes. Baby Drummer

My mommy carried a boquet of daises when she married my daddy. So I grew some for her. They are very beautiful. Baby Sunnybunch

We have so many flys at home I thought a Venus fly trap would be a good present for my mom. Now when those pesky flys buzz in the window they will get eaten up by the plant. Baby Racer

I can't grow flowers very good at all so I decided on petunias because they are easy to grow. They grew well. I was suprised. My mom will be, too. Baby Starburst

Marigolds are the best smelling flowers I know of! Some ponies don't think so. They are very colorful, too. The one I grew is yellow. Yellow is Mommy's favorite color. Baby Waddles


by chamber@www.LakeNet.COM

"And they're off!" the announcer shouted. "Wonder has taken the early lead. She is coming into the race as the favorite, but Lightning Bolts is just behind her; Letmerun is in third as the pack is spreading out."

"Go, Wonder!" Dancer, Magic, and Storm shouted. Whizzer sat on Magic's shoulders to get a better view.

"As they are heading into the stretch, Lightning Bolts is gaining on Wonder. Letmerun is falling back. Wonder has found another gear! She is going faster. Wonder has led the way from wire to wire to win the Kentucky Derby!" the announcer said.

"Way to go, Wonder!" Magic said.

"That was sure fast!" Dancer gasped.

"Yeah! Super fast!" Whizzer giggled.

* * *
"Congratulations, Wonder!" Dutchess said as they came home that afternoon.

"Thanks. I'm exhausted. But it was worth it!" Wonder smiled.

Whizzer ran outside and raced around with Lucky and Baby Lofty, his new friends.

"When will you go back in training, Wonder?" Dancer asked.

"Maybe next week," Wonder told her. "I'll be training for the Preakness next."

"Let's go outside," Storm said to Dancer and Magic.

* * *
"Race you!" Hope yelled as she, Dancer, Star, Storm and Mindy galloped across the beautiful green pasture.

"I'm so glad it's finally spring!" Star whinnied.

"Yeah!" Dancer and Magic giggled.

Dancer reared up and spun on her hooves. "Storm is it!" she yelled as she galloped away from him.

"Oh, no, you don't!" Storm shouted as he chased after Dancer.

They played tag for the rest of the afternoon.

"You never told us how Dutchess adopted you two and Star," Storm said.

"Dutchess adopted Mindy, Star, and I after my mom got sick. She had been like an aunt to us anyway. My mom wanted the best for us. We haven't seen her since," Hope said.

"We are not related but we have always been together," Star said.

"We are glad we met you, Dancer. You and Storm are really nice," Mindy smiled.

Just then Whizzer and Baby Glory galloped up. "Hi, Dancer!" Whizzer said. "Dutchess said we can go to the mall tomorrow!" he told everyone.

* * *
"Let's split up!" Dancer said as they got to the edge of the mall.

"Okay; you guys can go wherever; I have to show Dancer something," Storm said.

"Okay; meet you at the food court later!" Magic said as she and Wonder led Baby Glory and Whizzer to the arcade. Hope, Mindy, and Star walked over to the music store.

As Storm and Dancer walked around the corner they ran into Honor and Moment, Shining's twins. Dancer remembered Wonder telling her about the successful Shining and her mate, Signature Required. They were champions, and Dancer wanted to be just like them.

"Hi, Honor! Hi, Moment!" Dancer greeted them.

"Hi, Dancer! Long time no see!" Honor said. Since Dancer and Storm were almost the same age as Honor and Moment, they saw each other often at school.

"I heard Wonder won the Kentucky Derby; congratulations!" Honor said.

"Thanks. How is your mom?" Dancer asked.

"She's okay. C'mon, Honor; we gotta go!" Moment said.

"Bye!" Honor and Moment said as they trotted off.

"They are nice," Dancer said.

"Yeah," Storm agreed.

"So, where are we going?" Dancer asked Storm.

"You'll see," Storm said.

As they walked around another corner, Dancer couldn't believe her eyes.

"Storm; wow! It's beautiful!" Dancer gasped. "I didn't know they opened it yet!" she laughed.

They were standing at the gates to Tiny Land, a giant theme park with everything extra big.

"Tiny Land is run by us Bushwoolies!" Hugster said as he walked past them.

Storm and Dancer looked at each other. "Let's go!"


You are cordially invited to the



Ponyland's new queen


May 16, 1998


The Royal Paradise

3:00 PM

Reception and Dance Following

The Race for the Promotion
by Steamer

Rosy Love had been working very hard all week on an important project for her work. The completion of this project would determine if she got that big promotion that was coming up-- vice-president of the company. If she could complete this project before her vacation next week, she'd have the promotion; if not, it would go to her partner, Liz, who was also her best friend. They both had plans to go to France for their vacation, so they both wanted to get the project done first and get the promotion. Rosy was one of those ponies who didn't like working against her best friend to reach a common goal. But if she wanted this promotion, that's what she had to do.

On her way home that day, Rosy stopped by the pond. While she was there, she saw some sea pony friends of hers named Seawinkle, Sunshower, and Waterlily.

"Shoo be doo Shoo Shoo be doo," sang the sea ponies.

"Hi, you guys," said Rosy Love.

No matter how much she tried to hide it, the sea ponies could tell Rosy was worried. "What's wrong, Rosy?" asked Sunshower.

"I can't get anything by you, can I? I have a project that I'm competing against my best friend to complete before I go on vacation next week. If I complete it first, I get promoted to vice-president."

"Oh, and you don't like competing against your best friend, right?" asked Waterlily.

"Exactly," said Rosy.

* * *
That Saturday, Rosy's friends were planning a celebration for her promotion. They were so sure she was going to get it, that Boysenberry Pie was going to bake one of her special pies that Rosy loved.

The plans were all made; all that needed to be done was the food preparation. In fact, they had finished a whole day ahead of schedule. Friday was going to be the food prep day.
Everyone was going to be there, including Rosy's good friend, Wind Whistler, whom she hadn't seen for a month; Wind Whistler had gone on a month-long trip to see the world's sights.

Steamer, Moondancera, and Lofty were going to bring Baby Clover, Baby Pegasus, Baby Steamer, Baby Blaze, and Baby Lofty to the celebration, since the baby ponies were such good friends with Rosy, too.

* * *
Well, Rosy did finish her project first, and is now vice-president of the company, and is very happy because her best friend is with her; Liz is her professional advisor and is happy too, which makes Rosy happy.

Rosy also loved the party her friends threw for her. And that was the race for the promotion.

The End

The author of this story would like to thank his friend Lisa for her assistance.


(aqua Magic Motion pony with pink/purple hair and purple ivy leaves symbol)

Springtime Splendor
by Tabby

Ivy laid back in her chaise lounge and took a sip from her teacup. She was on the patio of the house and wearing a brand-new pastel pink dress.

A sunbeam hit her chair and she sighed happily. She thought of how much she liked spring-- the sunshine, warmth, birds, flowers, butterflies-- everything!

"It's such a wonderful day, don't you think, Sundance?" Ivy called to Sundance, who was working in a new flower bed she was making.

"I suppose so," Sundance said wearily as she brushed some dirt off her pair of tattered coveralls. "But it's hard work, making a flower bed."

"Ooh, what flowers are you planting?" Ivy asked curiously.

"Oh, lots," Sundance replied. "Petunias, calla lilies, pansies, begonias, alyssums-- and more!"

"I can't wait ‘til it's done!" Ivy exclaimed. "It'll be just beautiful! Calla lilies are my favorite!"

"Well, it'll be quite awhile yet," Sundance said. "I haven't even started planting the flowers!" She raked over the dirt again.

"I'm sure it won't take you too long!" Ivy took another sip of tea and picked up a magazine to flip through.

"Well, I can start planting, finally!" Sundance said. She pulled up a tray filled with an array of colorful flowers.

Ivy looked up from her magazine. "I think spring is the best season of all," she remarked. "They're so many pretty things to look at!"

Sundance started to dig a hole for one of the pansies and noticed a worm in the soil. "Uh huh. So many pretty things," she said under her breath. "She sits on the porch doing nothing and I'm down her working, but she doesn't even offer to help!"

"What would the world be like without flowers?" Ivy commented dreamily.

"If you like flowers so much, come over here and help me!" Sundance exclaimed.

Ivy looked alarmed. "But... but... I'll get my hooves dirty!"

"It'll wash off; don't worry!"

"And I just put on hoof polish! It'd get chipped off!"

"Reapply it after you're done!"

"And..." Ivy searched her head for another excuse, as she really didn't want to get dirty working in the flower bed. "I'm in the middle of reading a really exciting article in this magazine!"

"If you don't help, I won't plant the calla lilies!" Sundance threatened.

"Not plant the calla lilies? You have to!" Ivy exclaimed. "Oh, okay, then. I'll help." She got up from her chair and walked over to Sundance.

"You'll let me do the calla lilies, won't you?" Ivy asked.

"Sure," Sundance said. She picked up one of the calla lily plants.

"How do you plant them?" Ivy questioned.

"Use the spade to dig a hole big enough for the bulb and roots to fit in," Sundance instructed.

Ivy gingerly picked up the spade from the ground and pushed it into the dark brown dirt. "Is that hole good?" she asked Sundance.

"Make it just a little bigger," Sundance said.

Ivy did as she was told, then picked up the plant. "Just stick it in?"

"Right," replied Sundance.

After Ivy did that, she pushed more dirt in the hole to cover over the roots and bulb. But she screamed and jumped back. "THERE'S A WORM!"

"It won't hurt you, Ivy!" Sundance reassured her. She tossed the worm over to the other side of the flower bed, far away from where Ivy was working. "There, it's gone now."

Ivy got back up and looked down at herself in dismay. "My dress is full of dirt now!"

"If you just wash it, it should be good as new," Sundance consoled her. "None of it's ground in too badly."

Then Ivy felt something under her hoof. She lifted it up and screamed again, turned around, and ran towards the grass. But in her frenzy, she failed to notice the big, plastic water bucket in her path. Ivy ran into the bucket, tipped it over, and landed in a heap, covered with water which the bucket had spilled on her.

Sundance ran over to her. "Are you okay?" she asked, concerned. Her friend could be annoying at times when it came to getting dirty, but Sundance still liked her very much and wouldn't want her to get hurt.

"I guess," Ivy said slowly. "But my dress must be ruined now! And it's all that fat, disgusting grub's fault! If he hadn't been under my hoof, I wouldn't have run and tripped over the bucket!"

"You shouldn't be so scared of worms and grubs," Sundance told Ivy. "They can't harm you!"

"But they're so ugly!" Ivy argued.

"Let's just finish planting," Sundance sighed.

"There better not be any more icky things!" Ivy exclaimed.

Sundance wordlessly went back to planting and Ivy nervously dug another hole for the next calla lily.

* * *
That evening, Ivy was in the shower, scrubbing off all the dirt. She and Sundance had finally finished with the flowers. As soon as she had gotten done, Ivy had put her dress in the washer and then she'd gone into the shower.

The cascade of warm water felt wonderful on Ivy's sore, bruised body. When she felt she had washed off every speck of dirt from her day's experience, she dried herself and went to check on her dress in the washer.

The dirt had come off, but washing could not erase the big tear up one of the seams on the side.

"Oh well," Ivy said to herself. "I might be able to sew it back up. She was so exhausted, though, that she decided to go straight to bed and try to mend it tomorrow. So she went off to her bedroom and wearily climbed under the covers of her bed.

* * *
Ivy squirmed and tried to free herself from the grip of the giant worm who had captured her. She tried to scream, but no sound came out of her mouth. Suddenly, a pit filled with bubbling, hot mud appeared in front of her and the worm. The worm tossed her in! His evil laughter echoed throughout the room as Ivy hit the surface of the bubbling mud--

Ivy sat up in bed and tried to sort out her thoughts. "It was all a dream!" she suddenly realized. "Thank goodness!"

Then she noticed sunlight streaming through the window. "Whew! It's morning! I don't have to worry about having any more dreams, at least!"

She climbed out of bed, went downstairs, and brewed herself a cup of tea. She picked up the cup and went out onto the patio.

The sight was spectacular. It had rained during the night, and the raindrops glimmered and sparkled in the sunlight. The newly-planted flower bed looked even more magnificent. The flowers seemed even brighter than before; the raindrops glittered, making the petals look like beautiful jewels; butterflies were fluttering to and fro between the blossoms; and the soft breeze that was blowing completed the scene.

Ivy gasped with delight. "It sure was miserable planting them, but to get such a wonderful result in the end-- it was worth all the trouble, after all!" she realized, and smiled. She couldn't wait for Sundance and all the other ponies to wake up, so she could share this splendor with her friends.


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Sunny Bunch

Sunny Bunch had a special trick to perform for the magic show at the Ponyland Fair. After letting a bunch of colorful balloons float into the air, she swished her tail and POP-- the red balloon burst, turning into a bouquet of red roses. Then Sunny Bunch blinked her eyes and POP-POP, two green balloons burst into a shower of fluttering maple leaves. Soon the sky was filled with bright flowers and leaves! The other ponies were so thrilled they gave Sunny Bunch a surprise of their own-- a beautiful cape decorated with flowers!

Brilliant Blossoms

Brilliant Blossoms put on a cape and hat decorated with colorful flowers and hearts, then joined her friends for a fun day at the Ponyland Fair. "Let's go on the swings," she suggested, hopping on a swing, laughing as it began to spin around and around! Suddenly, a gust of wind caught her cape and sent it fluttering through the air! Brilliant Blossoms blew a kiss at the cape, and it magically changed into hundreds of paper flowers and hearts that showered all over the delighted ponies at the Ponyland Fair!


MLP Monthly Policy Statement: All submissions are expected to meet the innocent qualities exemplified by that Hasbro My Little Pony toys and TV shows that have endeared the ponies to children and adults since 1982. Any articles not meeting these standards will be rejected. Basically, this means that if Mr. Rogers wouldn't accept it, neither will MLP Monthly.


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