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Issue 16
July 1998

All The Pretty Little Ponies
(A Revisionist Interpretation of the MLP Mythos)
Chapter 5


C. Alan Loewen


For Candice and Allison

Synopsis: Megan, an eleven-year old orphan who lives with her Aunt Constance, has been given guardianship over seven magical ponies also known as the Seven Sisters. Megan and the seven ponies, accompanied by a great Irish Wolfhound named Madra, are now following a path through the magical Wood of the Worlds which has led them to Dubricius' Sanctuary. There, they have been told they will discover the origins of the Seven Sisters. Unknown to them they are being followed by Sarah, a girl who claims the ponies are her property and has already captured Medley and Firefly and trapped them in a magical miniature carousel. Sarah, in turn, is being followed by Aunt Constance who wants to protect Megan and the ponies from Sarah. Comments and constructive criticism may be sent to

The interior of Dubricious' Sanctuary was a huge, spacious room with a tile floor and a fluted ceiling held up by massive columns. Sunlight streaming through the windows sent dust motes dancing and illuminated a large maze-like pattern on the floor. At the far end of the room, a stairwell disappeared into the floor where Madra stood silently in expectation.

"What now?" Megan asked. "We're here, but I don't know what to do next."

Twilight pawed at the floor with a delicate hoof. "Mother Ellen told us to walk the labyrinth. Could that be the maze that's on the floor?"

The tile on the floor was jet black in color except for brilliant white tile that formed a looping path through and among the columns.

Applejack sniffed the maze suspiciously as if smell could reveal its purpose. She shook her mane in annoyance. "Well, then that's what we came here to do. Shall I start?"

"I think Megan should start," Twilight interrupted. "Then, Applejack, you follow behind. Then Ember, Bowtie, and Starlight. I'll be at the rear." The dog Madra yawned, the sound echoing through the room, whereupon he simply slumped to the ground and waited patiently in the manner of all long-suffering canines.

Megan couldn't think of any other better argument for who would or could go first on the labyrinth, so putting her foot on the white tile, she started following its looping path through the room. The hoofbeats of the ponies echoed spookily through the room, but Megan concentrated on the path so not to stray off and get lost on another meandering loop.

The path lead them behind a great pillar and Megan and the ponies gasped in wonder. There, behind a pillar where the path had lead them, an exquisite mural had been constructed from a rainbow of brightly colored stones. It revealed a great king sitting on his throne, his queen next to him. His face was serene, but spoke of authority. The queen looked out from the mural with an expression of great compassion and love.

"Megan!" Twilight said in a whisper. "The woman looks like you." Megan stood dumbfounded at the remarkable coincidence. It was like looking into a mirror, but instead of Megan as an eleven-year old girl, it was Megan as a young woman dressed as royalty.

Underneath, written in colored stones, were the words Arthurus Rex et Vennevaria.

Gently, Megan traced the letters with her finger. "I think this is Latin. I know the word rex means king. This must be King Arthur and Vennevaria must be Guinevere."

Megan turned to the ponies. "But this is all a story. King Arthur is all make-believe."

"Like talking ponies?" Twilight asked softly.

Megan stared at the mural trying to understand its import. She shook her head as if waking from a dream. "Let's see what else is here."

Again, they followed the looping path as it swung through the room; Megan concentrated on keeping her feet to the pattern. Behind another column they found another mural. The king and the queen were sitting on their thrones watching seven young girls dancing in a circle. "I think I've dreamed this," Megan muttered.

The girls were dressed in royal finery, their long hair freely cascading over brightly colored ankle-length dresses.

"I think they are the king and queen's children," Applejack said in wonder. "How happy they are."

Once again, they followed the path. It went past Madra where the great dog lay on the tile floor watching them and Megan could see that the labyrinth eventually ended up at the mysterious staircase going down into the ground.

The next mural displayed the king and queen standing before a woman dressed in dismal black robes. The expressions on all their faces were ones of anger. It was evident that Arthur and Guinevere were shielding the seven girls who stood behind them. The letters underneath the black-clad woman spelled the name Morgan.

Trembling, Megan and the five ponies walked to the next mural. There, the seven girls danced in a wooded glen. Concealed in the underbrush, the black-clad woman looked on with a dark, vengeful expression. Through the woods, running down a path, but very far away, a man clad in brown robes ran toward the clearing. Underneath him the letters spelt Merlinus.

V"That's Dubricious," Twilight said. "Can't you see it? Can't you recognize his features?"

Megan shook her head in wonder. "Dubricious may be one of his names, but I recognize the Latin. In my fairy stories, he's known as Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived."

The path of the labyrinth twisted and turned and the next mural showed the same wooded glen with Morgan in flight, her face marred by a triumphant sneer. Dubricious, a look of woe and grief looked down at the ground where lay, not seven young girls, but, as if in slumber, three ponies, two small unicorns and two ponies with great feathered wings.

Starlight was the first to break the silence. "We're not ponies; we're princesses!"

Suddenly, the five ponies all began talking at once.

"That evil woman changed us into ponies!" Ember said in anger.

Twilight shook her head in wonder. "Why don't we remember any of this?"

"Please!" Megan said loudly over the uproar. "We have one more mural."

The labyrinth led to the final column and the final mural. The king and queen, the emotion of grief so strong on their faces that Megan felt tears come to her eyes, looked on as Dubricious held a small toy castle in his hands that the ponies were fading into. Megan recognized it right away. It was the toy castle that came to her not so many days ago where she first met the ponies and Dubricious.

Megan wiped her eyes on the back of her hand. "You don't remember any of this because it was either part of what Morgan did to you or Dubricious wanted to be merciful.

"But do you see that there is a way out of this? This is why we were sent here. This is why we were sent to walk the Wood. Dubricious found a way to restore you or why would we be doing any of this at all?" Megan looked to where the path led to the stairwell.

"Mother Ellen said that there was something else we had to take on our journey besides Madra. I'll bet you it's at the bottom of those stairs."

Madra stood and yelped in delight as Megan and the ponies approached the stairwell. Down it went into darkness and Megan felt a shudder of apprehension. "Maybe you had all better stay here," she said at last. "Hooves don't do well on steep stairs and I wouldn't want you injured."

Ember looked down into the darkness and swallowed hard. "I think Megan should go, too. I'll stay up here."

Megan laughed gently at the little pony's fear. She felt a twinge of it herself.

Descending the steep stairs, Megan found herself in an unlit room; but with the small amount of sunlight from the stairwell, she could see at the end of the room a table with a large object on it.

Twilight, waiting with the ponies at the top of the stairs, stamped her front hoof in worry. "Megan. What do you see?"

Megan's voice floated up from the stairwell, faint and distant. "It's dark down here. There's a table with something on it." There was a pause. "It's a big ball-like thing. It's … it's an egg!"

"Can you carry it?" Twilight shouted. The rest of the ponies had gathered tightly around her at the opening to the stairs. Madra was busy sniffing the columns.

"No," came the response. "It's just too big. It doesn't feel like a regular egg. It's kind of leathery. It's …" Megan's voice trailed off.

"Megan?" Twilight called. "Are you okay?"

"I thought I felt it move."

The ponies stood in anxious anticipation.

"Something's coming out of it!" Megan called from below. "It's hatching!"

Suddenly, the ponies jumped as they heard a yell of surprise from Megan. Within seconds, Megan was running back up the stairs, her face white with shock. "There's a lizard in that egg!" she yelled. "A big lizard!"

Megan turned at the top of the stairs to see if there was any pursuit. The ponies stood trembling at what might appear at the bottom of the stairs.

The creature lumbered into view. Its hide consisted of green iridescent scales that glinted and gleamed even in the dim light that filtered down the stair case. It blinked its emerald eyes. Slightly smaller than the ponies, it lashed its long tail like a cat.

"That's a big lizard," Ember whispered in fear.

Suddenly the creature hiccuped loudly. Dark smoke dribbled out of its nose and mouth and rose up toward the ceiling.

"That's not a lizard," Twilight moaned in terror. "It's a dragon."

"I think we should run now," Starlight whispered.

And with that they all turned and fled toward the far door.


Decipher the hidden meaning of each of the following set of words (the pony name next to each puzzle is an indirect clue to the puzzle). Have fun! Answers at the end of the issue***


CC Barnacle

NE1410S Gusty

WORD YYYY Windwhistler


LO VE Heart Throb






A World of Fear
by Mimic

As Twinkler ran through the field of wildflowers surrounding Paradise Estate, she began to wish that she could fly in this infernal game of earth-pony tag. She came to a halt in front of a tree, which was just the right size for what she wanted to do. Twinkler climbed the tree, and after much rustling of leaves trying to find a comfortable position to settle in, closely spied on the game of tag below.

"How'd you get up there?" Sundance called from the bottom, running up to the large tree and staring into the leaves at the not-so-well-hidden Twinkler.

"I climbed up," Twinkler said, swishing her tail in annoyance. Soon the other ponies would find her, and she'd have to get down.

"Don't worry… I won't tell anyone. As a matter of fact…" Sundance yelled up to Twinkler, not bothering to finish her sentence. She jumped gracefully onto the tree branch and struggled to get into a comfortable position.

"How DO you do that?" Twinkler asked in a low whisper.

"I was born with it… and with a bit of practice, I got my landings right, too!" Sundance laughed hysterically, almost falling out of the tree.

Twinkler smiled and turned back to the game at hand. Bowtie was chasing Star Hopper, while Star Hopper, by the look on her face, tried desperately not to wink out.

Twinkler yawned, fluttered down from the tree, and landed with a not-so-graceful THUD in a large patch of wildflowers. She got up and started walking towards Paradise Estate.

"Wait for me!" Sundance cried, jumping out of the tree and landing upside-down. She ran after Twinkler, while waving to Bowtie to show that she was out of the game.

"Why so blue?" Sundance asked, looking at Twinkler who was looking at the ground.

"I want more excitement! Back when you were created, there were monsters to battle, people to save! Good times to be had! Now there's just peace and happiness, and I'm tired of it!" Twinkler said, kicking dirt up with her hooves.

"Aw, that isn't true… Why, just a couple of months ago we found Friendship Gardens! That was more excitement then could be handled in one day for me…" Sundance laughed. "Honey, you'll get your chance. But until then, how about some apple pie? I just helped Applejack gather apples this morning." Sundance smiled.

"No, but thanks anyway… I'm going out to look for adventure!" And with that, Twinkler took off, flying over the game of tag and a bewildered Sundance.

"Have you seen Sky Rocket?" Sunspot asked, prancing into Paradise Estate and rearing. "I haven't seen her anywhere, and we were supposed to hold a fireworks display tonight!"

"Sorry… can't help you," Buttons said, keeping her eye on the bubbling pot on the stove while washing some dishes.

"Thanks anyway!" Sunspot gasped, running out the door.

"Hey, Napper, could you help me out with this pasta?" Buttons said, watching Napper walk slowly towards the door.

"Sure," Napper sighed, trotting over to the stove. "Anything to help."

"Have you seen Sky Rocket around?" Buttons asked.

"Nope. Not today. Why?"

"Sunspot needed her. Oh, well." Buttons went back to washing the dishes.

"OOF!" Star Dancer cried, tripping over Sparkle Baby Gusty.

"Sowwy Star Dancer… me no mean to." Baby Gusty blushed.

"That's okay… just look where you're going next time." Star Dancer sighed, and jogged along the dusty path.

Suddenly, Sunspot turned the corner, galloping right into Star Dancer.

"OUCH! Why me?" cried Star Dancer as she was knocked over again.

"Oh, so sorry Star Dancer. I'm looking for Sky Rocket. Have you seen her?" Sunspot breathed deeply.

"Sorry… I haven't… but I can help you look for her, if you want," Star Dancer said, picking herself up from her second, and probably not last, fall of the day.

The two ponies trotted for a while until they came to a small path. The sun was setting off in the distance, and the sky shone like dying embers in a flame.

"Think we should turn around?" Sunspot asked worriedly.

"Well, it is getting kind of dark. Maybe we should go home."

And with that, the two ponies turned around, just in time for Twinkler to run into them. All the ponies were knocked over in a rolling hubbub of pony whinnies and kicks as they all tried to get up.

Finally, when everyone was on their feet and dusting off, the last golden ray of sunlight went down beyond the far-off mountains.

"Three times in one day," Star Dancer groaned, eyeing her legs to make sure they weren't scratched up.

"Why were you flying so low?" Sunspot asked Twinkler, staring at the sky.

"I was searching for Sky Rocket. Why were you guys so far from Paradise Estate this late in the afternoon?" Twinkler asked, turning around on the trail and getting ready to head for Paradise Estate.

"We were searching, too. I'm worried. She's never out this late." Sunspot trotted along-side Twinkler.

"Maybe she's already back home, waiting for us!" Star Dancer said, urging the ponies into a gallop-race home.

Sky Rocket ran through the dark forest, whinnying as loudly as her small lungs would let her, trying to stay ahead of the black darkness coming after her.

She burst into an open field, still running as fast as possible. Suddenly, with a loud crash, Sky Rocket toppled over, landing face-first in a large pile of mud.

Craning her neck, she screamed as the large thing that had been following her crashed out of the forest, sending sprays of splinters everywhere.

Sky Rocket felt searing pain in her back legs for a moment, but ignored it as she jumped out of the pile of mud and started to run. She had no idea how far or how long she had run, but she finally came to a large gate. Jumping as hard as her legs would let her, considering every step she took was excruciating, she landed on her back on the other side.

She could go no further, for right in front of her was a large stream. In her condition, she couldn't even doggie paddle, let alone swim to the other side of the river. So she did the only thing possible; she turned over and faced the thing that was just now coming up to the fence. She sat there, her heart beating so fast she felt it would pop out; but suddenly the creature stopped. Sky Rocket sat bewildered and looked the thing over.

It was darker than the night, seemingly shaped out of a sky void of stars. Its legs and torso looked like that of a hunch-backed dog, while its face was that of a human, except that it had two long, sharp fangs protruding from its upper lip. The only light on it was its small, arrow-shaped eyes, burning like a bonfire.

Suddenly, after what seemed like an eternity, the thing spoke.

"I have come to Ponyland in the name of Blackheart. He sends me to rule over this world. Those who do not obey shall be punished." The creature spoke in an altering voice made up of what sounded like the moan of something injured and the scream of a large cat, rolled together into a low-pitched, horrific sound.

Suddenly, it howled. This made Sky Rocket's blood run cold.

"But I shall start my reign tomorrow, for now I hunger." The beast stared at Sky Rocket, and suddenly darted a long, dark paw out at her.

Sky Rocket didn't have time to react, for the paw went straight through her. She stared at the black thing in front of her, but began to feel an icy force flowing down through her body. She tried to fight it, but it reached her heart. Then it began to squeeze. Sky Rocket tried to make a sound, do something, but she was slowly being suffocated, the icy grip squeezing her heart like a clamp. She let out a long wheezing sound, and suddenly slumped over.

The beast pulled its hand from her with a satisfied grunt.

At Paradise Estate, Twinkler told everyone that the fireworks display was off due to the mysterious disappearance of Sky Rocket.

All of the ponies gasped and began to chatter among themselves.

Twinkler, Sunspot, and Star Dancer gathered up the Big Brothers, forming a search party. They gathered up the necessary provisions, and walked off into the night.

The beast was just about to pick up its dinner when a flash of bright light lit up the field, blinding the beast for only a second.

There, in the middle of the field, stood the tall, thin figure of what looked to be a queen. The figure hovered in the air, staring at the beast. The beast shrunk back as the queen hovered towards it.

She gave it an icy stare but floated past it, landing next to the fallen pony. She looked at her with sad eyes, and put her hand on the pony's chest.

Suddenly, there was a rhythmic pulse under her hand. She picked Sky Rocket up and smiled as the pony's eyes fluttered open.

Sky Rocket looked at the beast, then at the queen, and promptly fainted. The queen laid her back down, and started towards the beast.

"Who sends you, Wrath?" she questioned him in a not-so-happy tone of voice.

"Blackheart sends me, Queen Pasteral," it answered, staring up at her; the queen was several yards taller than Wrath.

The queen picked Wrath up by the scruff of his neck and shook him thoroughly. "Why does Blackheart send you?" she asked him more severely.

"He sent me to rule over this land." Wrath cringed, and put his tail between his legs.

The queen threw Wrath into the air and took a deep breath. Then she blew at him with all her might.

Suddenly, a large white portal opened in front of him and he was violently sucked through it.

After his whole body had gone through, Queen Pasteral closed the portal and turned towards Sky Rocket, who was just beginning to wake up for the second time.

"Where am I?" she asked the queen, staring at her.

"The field. Don't worry, I got rid of that monster, but you are all in great danger here," the queen told her.

"Why are we in danger? What did we do? And, who are you?" Sky Rocket was puzzled.

"I am Queen Pasteral from the land of Kyralic. In answer to your other questions, I must begin a long tale, but you must promise me that you will tell it to the other ponies when you get back to Paradise Estate. It is extremely important that you do so." The queen sat down next to Sky Rocket.

"I will," Sky Rocket promised, staring up at Queen Pasteral.

So, the queen began unwinding a tale of the past of Ponyland, but I'll save that for another time.

Allo all you pony lovers out there! I'm new to writing long, continuous stories with many parts, so please tell me what you think about this story! I need to know how much you liked it, or there may not even be a second part! Wouldn't that be dreadful! So please, email me at and tell me what you think!


MLP Quiz!
Are you obsessed with MLPs? (I am!)
by Applejack

Take this quickie quiz and find out--

1. When you see a pony you like in a thrift store or other source you:

A-- scream and do a happy dance followed immediately by buying the pony.

B-- say, "Oh my gosh!" and buy it.

C-- say, "Hmm, it's too much money."

2. You really need this MLP and you can't find it anywhere; you:

A-- get really mad and do a mad dance.

B-- hope you find it.

C-- say "Oh, well!"

3. You:

A-- spend all your money on MLPs.

B-- spend your allowance on MLPs.

C-- spend your spare change on MLPs.

If you answered mostly:

A's-- Yes, you are obsessed with My Little Pony. It's okay! Hold your head up high!

B's-- You LOVE MLP a great deal. Yes! This is great. The world needs more of you.

C's-- You like MLP (this is good!).


Saving Caesar
By Shining (

The young gray colt watched silently. The two horses in the ring danced together in harmony. Something familiar stirred in the deepest part of his brain but he pushed it away impatiently like he always did. He had tried for so long to forget. He didn't want to remember. He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and walked forward. Taking a deep breath, he slowly walked toward the two. He knew that they would help him. They would help him forget.

* * *
The delicate bay mare danced lightly in the dirt arena. Shining was excited. Two months ago, she and her mate, Signature Required, had been invited to participate in the tour of the Global Equine Olympic team. They had been practicing diligently and were now ready to perform.

"Great takeoff!" Signature called to Shining as she easily cleared a brush fence.

"Thanks!" Shining answered the handsome pure jet-black stallion.

"Coming through!" Entering the Olympic-size arena following behind her mother, On My Honor sailed over the obstacle in perfect form. Anyone could tell that Honor was sure to follow in her mother's footsteps as a champion. But the similarities did not stop there. Honor had inherited Shining's delicate frame and beauty. The two bays could have easily passed for twin sisters.

Although Shining was not a twin, Honor was. She had a twin brother, In A Moment, who looked much like their father. Moment was a black colt with a bright blaze across his handsome face and a single sock on his foreleg. He had learned the basics of the dancing techniques, but his heart was dedicated to art. Moment loved to paint, draw, and sculpt.

The twins had just graduated from high school. The Olympic tour was going to be the last family adventure before the foals went their separate ways. Honor was to stay with her parents to perform, but Moment had been accepted to the Equus School of Art, a very prestigious art school.

Honor and Moment had always been the best of friends. Honor was sad that Moment would be leaving, but still very proud of him for pursuing his dream. They had been together through thick and thin.

Honor sighed with happiness. If only life could stay like this forever, she mused as she flew over an oxer. Everything's perfect.

The bay filly slowed and made her way to the center of the huge arena at Glorified Acres, where she lived. Signature smiled fondly at his daughter. "That was great, sweetheart," he told her.

"Thanks," Honor replied, "but do you think that I should have tucked my knees higher?"

"It looked lovely!" Moment called from the railway. He had a sketch pad in his hoof and was busily putting strokes onto the paper.

Signature laughed, "It looked perfect to me, too." Signature looked around for Shining, and found her staring intensely at the other end of the arena.

Quietly, Signature approached Shining. "What's up?" he asked.

Shining looked into Signature's eyes briefly. "There's a horse over there," she said. "He looks young, like the twins' age."

Honor had noticed the visitor, and cautiously walked toward him. "Can I help you?" she asked.

The dapple gray colt nodded. "Yes," he said, "I need help."

Honor stopped when she was face-to-face with him. She peered into his eyes and was startled. He had dark eyes that she felt led right to his soul. She saw despair and unhappiness brooding in the big orbs. They were the most beautiful and sad eyes she had ever seen. "What is your name?" she whispered.

The eyes stared into Honor's as he answered, "Caesar."

Signature and Shining joined Honor. "Where are you from, Caesar?" Signature asked.

Caesar broke his gaze with Honor and looked at Signature. "My parents--they told me to come here."

"Who are your parents?" Shining asked gently.

"Without A Doubt and Sky's The Limit."

Honor heard her father take a sharp breath. "Weren't they--" Signature began.

"Yes, they were killed. They were on the train that killed Lord Ainsley," Caesar said softly. "They told me that if I needed help, I should come here."

"It's a good thing you came today, Caesar," Shining spoke up. "We're leaving tomorrow for the tour. You'll come with us, won't you?"

"Of course."

* * *
The first stop on the tour was Dream Valley, a small pony town near Glorified Acres. The performance was a huge success and all of the horses on the Olympic team were ready for more.

"But before you get more, I need you to sign some forms," the chestnut called out over the buzzing din. Everyone groaned. The manager, Trump, had the team signing forms all day.

Honor and Moment stood with their parents in line to sign more forms. Caesar had gone off on a walk. "This is boring," Honor declared. "Do I have to sign any papers?"

Shining shook her head. "You're not performing; I didn't think," she teased.

Honor made a face and then smiled. "Next year," she vowed. "Well, if I don't have any papers to sign, I'm going to go explore."

"Okay," Shining agreed. "But be back before five. We have to go pick up Baby Gusty before we take off."

Honor wandered around the fairgrounds where the show had taken place. Two years ago, she and her mother had been kidnaped here. She shuddered, thinking about it.


The filly turned, hearing her name called. Caesar was walking toward her. She noticed that he was smiling, but the sorrow had not left his eyes. "Hey," she greeted him.

"Walk with me?" he asked.

"Sure," she answered. As they strolled, she could tell that Caesar was unhappy. "Are you okay?" Honor looked into his eyes with concern. They had walked into the barn where everything was quiet. Honor cringed when her voice shattered the silence.

Caesar sighed. "My parents were going to be on the team," he said wistfully. Honor said nothing. Caesar turned and looked at Honor with his deep stare. A tear trickled out of the corner of his eye. "Why did they have to die?" he whispered. "Why did they leave me?"

Honor was moved by the gray colt's grief. "They didn't do it on purpose," she said softly. "They loved you."

Tears now streamed down Caesar's face. "It makes me so mad, and scared, and sad, and lost. I just wanted to forget about them, so it wouldn't hurt so much, but it just gets worse," his voice trembled.

"It's not your fault," Honor whispered. Now tears threatened to roll down her face. "I know that you don't want to hear that I'm sorry that they're gone. You don't want to hear that I know how you feel, because I don't. I can't bring them back. All I can say is that I can be your friend and you can trust me."

Caesar looked up, startled. "Can I?" he asked in amazement. Honor nodded. "I trust you," he decided. "You're really the only one I think understands."

Honor smiled sadly. She quickly gave him a hug and wiped her eyes.

Caesar laughed ruefully. "You know, my full name is Noble Caesar, and here I am bawling my eyes out. I've never told anyone how I feel until now. I came to Glorified Acres to try to forget them. But remembering my parents makes me feel better."

"You're safe with us," Honor told him. "C'mon, we'd better go. I have to introduce you to Baby Gusty. She used to be my nanny, but now she's like a big sister."

* * *
The next stop on the tour was London. Honor found the huge castles wonderful. She loved the quaintness of everything and the immenseness of the Queen's Royal Stables.

Shining, on the other hand, wasn't thrilled. "The fog and rain make my leg ache," she complained. Several years earlier, the mare had taken a fall during a practice, shattering her right foreleg. Now, whenever it rained, she could feel it in her leg.

Signature kissed Shining and gently rubbed her foreleg. "Better?" he asked.

Shining winked. "Much, thank you."

Honor smiled. Her parents were so much in love. They acted like they were still young foals. Honor hoped that when she grew up, she could have as much love as her parents did.

The three young horses excitedly toured the sights and sounds of London together. Caesar liked Big Ben the most. "It's so dependable," he explained. "It always keeps the time. It doesn't change. The clock always chimes." The dapple gray peered into Honor's face, searchingly, looking for understanding.

Honor loved watching the changing of the guards. She decided that she could watch the big black horses that guarded the queen all day. But Moment had other plans.

"Hurry up, Honor! I want to go to the British Art Museum," Moment whined.

Rolling her eyes, Honor let out an exasperated sigh. "Moment, you have a high school diploma. You don't have to whine like a yearling."

Moment mocked a pout. "Yeth I do," he said with a babyish lisp. "You alwayth get your way, Honor. It'th not fair to everyone elth."

Honor immediately picked up the role of the mother hen. "Now, Moment, you must respect your elders. Sit up straight; don't slouch. And for heaven's sake, cure yourself of that annoying speech impediment."

Caesar laughed for the first time since the twins had met him. "Are you guys always such good friends?" he asked, still chuckling.

"Always," the twins said in unison.

Abruptly, Caesar looked away.

"Are you okay?" the bay filly asked carefully.

"You guys are so close. And you've been really nice to me. I know it's just because you're too polite to exclude me, but it's really been fun pretending that I had such good friends." Caesar looked down at the ground, intently studying the patterns the pebbles made in the cement.

Honor and Moment looked at each other, surprised. "Caesar, we're not pretending. We've always thought of you as a friend," Moment said gently.

"Yeah," Honor agreed, putting a foreleg around her friend's shoulder. "I mean, if you hadn't come along, I would have been stuck this whole trip with Moment, listening to him ramble on and on about DaVinci and Monet."

"Hey!" Moment cried in protest. "DaVinci's work is very impressive. And Monet has techniques that--"

Moment's speech was cut short when his twin grabbed him and pulled the unsuspecting colt into a group hug. "Best friends!" Honor cried.

A flash blinded the three surprised horses. "You know, I forgot to tell you to say cheese," a cheerful voice called.

Blinking, Honor looked around. "Baby Gusty! I didn't know you were here."

The long-time friend of the family winked. "Your parents designated me as official spy. I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on you three, but I stopped for more film," she said, holding up a camera.

"You'll have to give us copies," Honor insisted.

"Of course."

Checking her watch, Honor declared, "We have to get back to the showgrounds. Mom and Dad are performing in two hours."

"But I never got to go to the art museum!" Moment wailed.

"Now, Moment," Honor began, "we've gone over this time and time again. You don't always get your way. We'll go tomorrow."

Moment stuck out his tongue, but quickly put it away, seeing the mock glare on Honor's face. "Yeth, Mama," he said sheepishly.

"What do you say?" Honor tapped her foot impatiently.

Sighing, Moment resigned. "I'm thorry. We can go to the mutheum tomorrow."

Unable to contain herself, Honor broke out into a fit of giggles. Moment joined her, and even Caesar managed to crack a grin.

* * *
When the three young friends returned to the London Showgrounds, Honor could sense trouble. Most of the spectators had not yet arrived, and the hushed fairgrounds seemed rather eerie to her.

Piercing the silence, Honor heard her father's strong voice. It sounded angry. Caesar, Moment, and Honor jumped in surprise. "What? You can't do that!" Signature cried from far away.

"What was that?" Baby Gusty whispered in a hushed tone.

Cautiously, the foals and Baby Gusty crept towards the backside barn. Peering inside, Honor gasped. Her heart leaped to her throat. Caesar put a protective foreleg around Honor, but she didn't notice. She was too preoccupied with the scene she saw in the barn.

Trump, the manager, was roughly pulling Shining away from Signature who had a dark, angry look on his face. In Trump's hoof, he held a piece of paper and a whip. Signature took a step forward, but was forced back by a flick of Trump's fetlock. The snapping end of the whip slapped Signature viciously on the chest.

"Stay back! I can do anything I want. I own you. See? You signed this form. And if I say that you are going to do eight shows a day, you will do eight shows a day," Trump cackled evilly.

Shouting as if possessed, Trump cracked the whip at Signature's dark hooves. "Dance! Dance you fool!" he screamed. Helplessly dodging the whip's stinging end, Signature leaped high into the air.

Honor squeezed her eyes shut. Slowly, she opened them and stared into Caesar's. His eyes held the despair she had seen before. Caesar held a steady stare into the filly's eyes, and Honor watched in amazement as his dark eyes changed from despair into anger. "No!" he screamed, to everyone's surprise.

Trump lowered his whip and narrowed his eyes. "Don't get in my way, orphan!" he sneered. "I don't know how your parents could stand you. Maybe that's why they left." With a quick crack of his whip, Trump coiled the snakelike end around Honor's black leg. He yanked it hard and Honor fell with a fearful cry of dismay.

Anger blazed in Caesar's dark eyes. Without any notice, the dapple gray leaped into a perfect capriole, knocking Trump to the ground. "Hurry! We have to leave!" he called frantically to Signature.

Together, Shining, Signature, Baby Gusty, Moment, Honor, and Caesar fled from the backside barn. Trump hollered angrily from the barn entryway. But none of them looked back.

"We're a safe distance away," Caesar called after a while. Honor glanced over at her friend running beside her. She noticed that the angry fire had not completely disappeared from his eyes.

The group slowed and Signature breathed a sigh of relief. "That was quick thinking, Caesar." he commented. Caesar nodded his head in recognition.

"What I suggest," Shining spoke up, "is that we go home and try to forget that this ever happened."

"Sounds like a good idea to me, Mom," Honor agreed.

"But I never got to see the art museum!" Moment cried.

"Here's an idea," Caesar said, almost smiling, "you stay here and see the art museum, and we'll go home without you."

Moment stared at Caesar with a false look of haughtiness on his dark face. Then he looked up. "I didn't really want to see that old art museum anyway," he said quickly.

Honor laughed at Moment and Caesar's antics. "I like your idea of leaving him behind, Caesar!" Honor playfully punched her twin.

"You're supposed to be on my side!" Moment said in a dramatic stage whisper. "That was your cue to say, ‘Caesar, how could you be so mean to such a wonderful guy like Moment?' Now let's try that again."

"Let's not," Signature put in with a smile, "we need to get to the airport and get outta here."

After the group had gotten safely on the plane home, Honor finally relaxed. She sighed and shifted in her seat. Caesar, who was sitting next to her, leaned over. "Sleepy?" he asked.

Blinking, Honor nodded. "I never got to thank you for saving me," she said.

Caesar smiled and shook his finely sculpted head. "I didn't get to thank you for saving me. If you hadn't been there and understood, I don't know what I would have done. Thank you."

Honor leaned over and rested her head on Caesar's strong shoulder. Saving Caesar was a lot of fun, Honor mused sleepily. I'm sure we're going to have a lot of fun in the future, too.


The Tabby and Sugarberry Gossip Hour!
by Tabby and Sugarberry

Sugarberry: That's a lovely bracelet you're wearing, Tabby!

Tabby: Huh? Bracelet? Oh! No, this is just a roll of packing tape. I'm packaging some of my extra My Little People to be sent.

Sugarberry: It sure looks like a bracelet, though. Big and clunky.

Tabby: Anyway, you know I never wear jewelry, Sugarberry!

Sugarberry: That's true.

Tabby: What IS the point of jewelry, anyway?

Sugarberry: It.. it beautifies the pony figure.

Tabby: Like I said, what's the point? But, we're supposed to be gossiping, not wasting time talking about jewelry!

Sugarberry: Technically, we're wasting just as much time gossiping about other things as we are about jewelry.

Tabby: ANYWAY!

Sugarberry: Right! We've heard from the Bushwoolies that the Friendship Gardens branch of their Bushwoolie Bargain Books store will be having its grand opening on July fifth!

Tabby: For that day only there will be a special sale on all books: buy two, get the third free!

Sugarberry: And there'll be a raffle, too.

Tabby: The prize is a copy of the "Life of a Bushwoolie" book, autographed by all the Bushwoolies!

Sugarberry: Plus, don't forget about the free balloons for the baby ponies!v Tabby: THEY DON'T DESERVE BALLOONS!

Sugarberry: Tabby, Tabby...

Tabby: Well, it's true! Why should we waste all that money on balloons for the baby ponies?

Sugarberry: Well...

Tabby: Then there's the "Save the Sea Turtles" dance this Saturday evening.

Sugarberry: The sea ponies are hosting it; they'll be providing music the entire evening. You have to pay five jangles admission...

Tabby: But all proceeds go towards saving the sea turtles!

Sugarberry: Which is a very worthy cause.

Tabby: Not that I'm going. It's a DANCE, after all. Disgusting.

Sugarberry: Well, I'm going. Just think, Tab, your five jangles would help the sea turtles! Wouldn't that make the dance worth it?

Tabby: I'll just SEND in five jangles!

Sugarberry: I guess that'd work...

Tabby: I'll even up to it TEN jangles! I'll be better than those going to the dance!

Sugarberry: I'll talk you into going eventually.

Tabby: NEVER!

Sugarberry: That's what you think.

Tabby: Then there's the other part of the sea ponies' "Save the Sea Turtles" campaign.

Sugarberry: Oh! The swimming race!

Tabby: So, the sea ponies will be racing against each other to see who's the best swimmer.

Sugarberry: They'll be charging admission, of course, if you want to see it.

Tabby: Five jangles for each pony! No discounts for the babies! The sea ponies know what they're doing, I guess!

Sugarberry: This exciting event will be taking place this Monday.

Tabby: Don't forget to go! We gotta save the sea turtles!

Sugarberry: Exactly!

Tabby: Okay, so what's next?

Sugarberry: The baby ponies have been busy playing on the beach these days!

Tabby: And then when they come back, they track sand all over Dream Valley!

Sugarberry: But at least they're not bugging you all the time they're playing.

Tabby: But you have to walk over all that gritty sand! Even at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe!

Sugarberry: You could sweep it up.

Tabby: Why would I wanna do that? It'd take too long.

Sugarberry: Or you could use a vacuum.

Tabby: That's too loud.

Sugarberry: You should really vacuum Callie!

Tabby: Hey, she never gets out of my house! All the fur she loses stays inside!

Sugarberry: It floats out from under your door and gets all over Dream Valley, just like the sand.

Tabby: Don't you think you're exaggerating a bit there, Sugarberry?

Sugarberry: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Tabby: Anyway, if you make me vacuum Callie, I outta make you vacuum Fluff!

Sugarberry: Hmm...

Tabby: Let's just forget about this topic.

Sugarberry: Then there's the Fourth of July festivities on the fourth of July!

Tabby: WHAT are we doing celebrating the FOURTH OF JULY? That's an American holiday!

Sugarberry: Well, we little ponies love to celebrate, so it's a good excuse to have yet another celebration!

Tabby: Whatever.

Sugarberry: There will be a parade, and then fireworks later in the evening.

Tabby: And probably MORE free balloons for the baby ponies.

Sugarberry: The balloons keep them happy, Tabby!

Tabby: Why do we wanna keep them happy?

Sugarberry: Anyway, be sure to come to the Fourth of July festivities! This July fourth!

Tabby: Ooh! Ooh! And this bit of news is the most exciting yet!

Sugarberry: What's this?

Tabby: This is the THIRD ISSUE in a row that Tex has not been mentioned!

Sugarberry: You realize you just ruined it now, don't you?

Tabby: Oh, SHOOT!

Sugarberry: Now you'll have to start all over.

Tabby: Hmph. I think Tex is losing popularity anyway.

Sugarberry: Oh! And if you noticed School News isn't in this issue--

Tabby: It's because the baby ponies are on summer vacation. I wanted to lock them up in a tiny cell and not let them out until they wrote something, since I'm editor of the newsletter and in charge of School News--

Sugarberry: But I wouldn't let her do anything so nasty.

Tabby: So instead, we're having postcards that ponies on vacation have written. I hate postcards; you can hardly fit anything on them.

Sugarberry: Next, we'll tell you about what Spike's been busy with.

Tabby: Yes! Spike is working on directing a new Godzilla movie!

Sugarberry: The title is "Godzilla Comes to Ponyland."

Tabby: What fun!

Sugarberry: Patch got the lead role of Godzilla, and therefore gets to wear the rubber Godzilla suit!

Tabby: Ooh, ooh, a rubber suit! How thrilling. And then-- here's the best part of all!

Sugarberry: About Princess Tiffany?

Tabby: Exactly! Oh, this is absolutely hilarious! See, Tiffany bribed Spike into giving her the second-biggest part by offering to pay for the entire budget of the film!

Sugarberry: But she agreed to do this before finding out WHAT the second-biggest part was.

Tabby: So she got stuck playing MOTHRA! A GIANT MOTH! How fitting!

Sugarberry: By the time she found out, it was too late to back out.

Tabby: Mainly because everyone ELSE had found out, too, and we were all absolutely dying to see her as Mothra! So if she backed out, it'd totally ruin her reputation!

Sugarberry: The movie should be in theaters within the next few months.

Tabby: I just can't wait! Tiffany as a moth!

Sugarberry: Anyway, onto the next gossip piece.

Tabby: That's the camping trip, right?

Sugarberry: Yep. The Big Brothers are going on a camping trip in the Dark Forest overnight.

Tabby: What kind of an IDIOT would stay in the Dark Forest overnight?

Sugarberry: Yeah, it is a spooky place.

Tabby: I mean, in the daytime it's okay. But at night it's too scary, even for me.

Sugarberry: But, Tabby, maybe a big monster'll come along and pack Tex away.

Tabby: Hey, that's true!

Sugarberry: Did you find any My Little People at the flea market in Friendship Gardens yesterday?

Tabby: Oh, yes. Zillions of them!

Sugarberry: Zillions?

Tabby: Okay, so maybe that's's exaggerated a bit. But I did find a lot.

Sugarberry: And did you have to fight for them?

Tabby: Oh, no. I was the only one there. I got there at 6 o' clock.

Sugarberry: Didn't it open at seven thirty?

Tabby: Yeah, but I went early. Petal Blossom sold them to me even thought it hadn't officially opened yet.

Sugarberry: I'd say that's showing favoritism.

Tabby: Aw, I just got there early!

Sugarberry: Do we have anything else to say?

Tabby: Aren't you writing a new mystery novel?

Sugarberry: Oh, that's right; I am! I've got the first few chapters written.

Tabby: Ooh! Ooh! Can you read us an excerpt from it? Huh? Huh?

Sugarberry: Well, I guess so.

Tabby: Yay!

Sugarberry: I'll be right back.

Tabby: Okay, while Sugarberry is gone getting her notes, I'll have to entertain you myself! Hmm... what is there to talk about? I can't think of anything; oh, well.

Sugarberry: I'm back!

Tabby: Okay, read!

Sugarberry: "Tessy slowly advanced toward the ornate chest in the corner of the dimly lit parlor. Could the answers to all her questions lie within that cumbersome piece of antique furniture?

"With trembling hands, Tessy inserted the gold key into the lock. Fearfully, she turned the key, jumping nervously as the lock clicked open. Then she slumped listlessly to the floor in front of the trunk as a thought struck her-- did she really want her questions answered?"

Tabby: Ooh, it's so thrilling! I can't wait ‘til you're done! Though, as always, it has too much description.

Sugarberry: It'll be available at Bushwoolie Bargain Books when I'm done! I'll even give a book signing!

Tabby: Yay! And that concludes it for this time.

Sugarberry: Don't forget to tune in next month!



These are postcards ponies on vacation have sent.

Hi, fellow Ponylanders! Visited South Dakota and the site of the Crazy Horse monument. The mountain carving has only begun, but it will be impressive when it is done; the horses head itself will be twenty-two stories high! See you soon.


It was a long flight to Australia, but we arrived safely. We've seen lots of kangaroos already, and will be seeing more before we come home. Baby Pockets says I'm more of a wallabye because I'm small.


Baby Hoppy

Oh, the miles and miles of sandy beaches at Barbados are too much! This makes the pool at Paradise Estate look like a bathtub. Having a great time! Might stay an extra week! Or an extra month!


Pina Colada


Package Back Stories

Sweet Suds

"It's bath time!" Sweet Suds called to the Newborn Ponies as she filled the tub. Reluctantly, the little ponies scampered in. "We'd rather make mud pies and jump in the leaves," they sighed through dirty faces. Sweet Suds smiled and poured her special bubble bath into the water. Suddenly, the bubbles began to pop, changing into big, colorful balloons that danced around the tub! "This is more fun than a circus!" the newborns laughed, asking Sweet Suds if they could stay in longer!

Brilliant Bloom

While taking a stroll, Brilliant Bloom spotted an unusual flower garden behind a big oak tree. "These flowers will look lovely in my hair," she thought as she reached down to pick some. Suddenly, the flowers started to dance and jump, and magnificent jewels twinkled in their centers! Then a giggling tulip popped up and kissed Brilliant Bloom's forehead-- leaving a dazzling jewel for her to wear-- while the others arranged themselves on Brilliant Bloom's sparkling hair.


by Night Glider

A-- What kind of pony has a heart in its eye?

B-- What kind of pony has two animals as its symbol?

C-- What Baby Sparkle Pony doesn't have what all the others do?

D-- What group of Baby Ponies all have a rainbow in their symbol?

Answers: A) Secret Surprise Ponies

B) Hug n' Twirl Ponies

C) Sparkle Baby Firefly-- Stars

D) Baby Rainbow Ponies


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as Dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 8

Night fell. The Warpony; his guide, flame-maned Epona; and the warrior raven, Breeks; made camp on the forest path. Tomorrow they would leave the path behind. Fortunately, there was little underbrush in this part of the forest; traveling through it would not be too difficult.

As the trio ate their evening meal, Brightblade continued his tale.

Breeks drove us hard through the Lands of Death. After we cleared the rocks, we found ourselves on a lush, grassy plain. We traveled quickly; though there was no sign of Kerberus' pack, there was something; I still felt as though we were being followed. We traveled through our first night on the plains and camped the next day. The next five nights we traveled until, near dawn on the fifth night, we came upon a shallow but very wide valley.

"Here is the border of Death's lands. In the hills beyond is the Temple of Light, and the Warrior's Horn," explained Breeks. If we travel through the day we could be halfway to the Temple, and beyond Death's lands by nightfall."

"Sounds good to me," Ramon asserted. "The sooner we leave Death's lands behind us the better."

"That's easy for you to say," I replied. "You don't have to walk or carry supplies."

Ramon jumped down from my back. "I'll walk it if I have to, to get out of here quicker."

"I agree with the rat," said Breeks. "This rout was a last resort. Now that Kerberus is no longer a threat, it would be to our benefit to leave these lands as quickly as possible."

"Very well then, we travel through the day." I didn't really mind; I had become used to long treks without rest, even though that day's journey seemed slow and long due to my lack of sleep. However, since we were descending into the valley, we made good time. That night we camped on the bank of the river that ran through the valley.

In the morning, Breeks led us southwest, along the river, to where it could be crossed. There was no bridge, only a broad, shallow ford. Around the ford grew a grove of willow trees. It was the most idyllic site I had seen on my journey. We could not linger long; but since we were beyond the Lands of Death, we made camp after crossing even though it was not yet midday.

We resumed our journey the next morning, refreshed. The traveling was easier than it had been in a long time, even though we traveled uphill. By evening, we were in the hills where the Temple of Light lay.

"Where to now?" I asked Breeks.

"Khaar! Must I guide you by the hand through the entire quest?" he shot back. "What would you have done had I not joined your quest?"

"We'd just wander through the hills until we found the Temple, I guess. I figured you'd just lead us to the Temple for expediency."

"You'll not be a hero with that attitude," replied the raven.

"I don't think he knows where the Temple is," observed Ramon.

"Khraa! O' course I do!" kawed the bird. "It's in the hills…somewhere."

"Well, we'd better get looking then."

The next morning we began to search the hills for the Temple of Light. Breeks flew high overhead, scanning the ground with his keen eyes, while Ramon and I searched the numerous caves and groves of trees. It was the middle of the afternoon when we crested a hill and saw, in the valley below, a white, domed structure ringed with columns, set into the slope of the opposite hill. We had found the Temple of Light.


Applejack's Cleaning Tips!
by Applejack

Did you ever find a MLP with goo on its face or body? No problem! I have found them like that and it's easy to remove! But like all cleaning tips, it needs to be done carefully.

1-- Emerge the MLP in some warm, soapy water and let her/him soak for five minutes.

2-- Return to the water with a Q-Tip or a nail brush.

3-- Gently buff the dirty area (use soap if desired).

4-- Towel dry your MLP!



If a tornado came through your house and your entire MLP collection was lost, which pony would you most regret losing?

E-mail what you think to Tabby (; the results will be in the next issue!

Last month's--

The question was: Which pony has a personality most like your own?

Gusty is probably the pony with the closest personality to my own. She's stubborn, but compassionate. In my mind, I make her to like all sports (since she is athletic), which is like me, also.

Wind Whistler is also kind of like me. She's smart and always willing to help. However, sometimes she gives out too much information, which is also like me. :^)

Whizzer is also a bit like me; the fact that she likes to do things quickly!

I think I'm most like Magic Star from MLP the Movie. She's always trying to adjust people and is the unofficial leader. "Bubble down, Fizzy! We're never going to get anywhere if you don't stop talking!" "Try thinking *positive* for a change, Shady!"

Ummm, well, I've only seen three of the MLP episodes, but in my Herd (a totally different kettle of fish) Lily is most like me. (Hence the name!) Or Ribbon, possibly. Maybe even Windwhistler! (Judging from the UK Comics...) I must watch some more of that show...


by chamber@www.LakeNet.COM

Continued from last month...

"I thought I knew the way, too!" Whizzer moaned. "Well, we could have drifted farther then we thought!"

"You mean farther then YOU thought!" Lucky yelled. "I'm going to find my own way home! Who's with me!?" he challenged.

Baby Firefly, Baby Glory, and Baby Gusty walked over and stood behind Lucky. The wolf pup stayed by Whizzer.

"Fine! Go your own way!" Whizzer cried and stomped off with the pup following him.

"We don't need him to help us get home, anyway!" Whizzer heard Lucky say as the rest of his friends followed Lucky away.

* * *
"It's okay, Whizzer," Wolf said as they woke up three days later.

"Thanks, Wolf." Whizzer smiled. "I wonder where the others are," he mumbled.

"We will find them again," Wolf said.

"You're right. Let's get going, Wolf!"

That day Whizzer and Wolf followed the river upstream.

"I miss Dancer and Storm and the others," Whizzer explained as they looked for a place to sleep that night.

"Hey! Who goes there?" a voice shouted.

"We... we didn't mean anything, honest!" Whizzer gasped.

"What are you two young ‘uns doing out here all alone?" an old dog said as he walked up to them.

"Who are you?" Wolf asked.

"The name's Togo. Now come inside and tell me where you're from."

* * *
The next day, after telling Togo their stories, his younger son, Balto (named after the famous sled dog), promised to help the two return home to find their families.

"Thanks for helping us, Balto," Whizzer said.

"Sure, it must have been hard, your friends leaving you; sure hope they are alright," he said.

"I think they are," Whizzer told him.


Invento Ponies

by Night Glider:

Pony Name: Boomer

Breed: Earth

Type: TAF

Symbol: Pink and Blue Kangaroos

Body Color: Pastel Blue

Hair Color: Yellow

Eye Color: Pink

Sex: Male

Pony Name: Tsunami

Breed: Unicorn

Type: Brush and Grow/Twinkle Eyed

Symbol: Tidal Wave

Body Color: Aqua

Hair Color: Blue with Blue Sparkles

Eye Color: Green

Sex: Female

Pony Name: Lady Blue

Breed: Unicorn

Symbol: Castle

Body Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Gold

Eye Color: Blue

Sex: Female

Pony Name: Stile

Breed: Earth

Symbol: Stile (a bridge between fields)

Body Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Aqua

Eye Color: Green

Sex: Male

Pony Name: Sheen

Breed: Earth

Type: TAF/Twinkle Eyed

Symbol: Computer

Body Color: Neon Green

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Silver

Sex: Female

by Merry Treat:

Name: Dolly

Breed: Earth

Type: ‘98 pony

Hair Color: Jade Green

Body Color: Light Orange

Eye Color: Blue; jewel is Green

Symbol: doll with blond hair and a purple dress

Name: Baby Ice Cream

Breed: Pegasi

Type: Baby Pony

Hair Color: Blue

Body Color: Light Blue; three white freckles on nose

Eye Color: Blue

Symbol: ice-cream cone with a cherry on top

Name: Baby Peppermint

Breed: Unicorn

Type: Baby Pony

Hair Color: Red and White

Body Color: White

Eye Color: Mint Green

Symbol: a wrapped peppermint patty and three maroon dots

by Lily:

Name: Anemone

Body Color: Purple

Hair Color: Light Green

Symbol: A Red Fish and Blue Bubbles

Breed: Flutter

Name: Highlander

Body Color: Orange

Hair Color: Red with Yellow/Pink Stripe

Symbol: Bagpipes

Breed: Big Brother

Name(s): Rula and Brittania

Body Color: White

Hair Color: Rula: Red; Brittania: Blue

Symbol: The UK Flag

Breed: Newborn Twins

Name(s): Hickory, Dickory and Dock

Body Color: Pink

Hair Color: Hickory: Red; Dickory: Purple; Dock: Yellow

Symbol: Hickory: A Clock; Dickory: A clock face (Time - 1 o'clock); Dock: A Mouse

Breed: Newborn Twins (well, Triplets...)

Name: Baby Leprechaun

Body Color: Light Green

Hair Color: Green

Symbol: A Leprechaun and 4-leaf Clovers

Breed: Baby Unicorn

NOTE: This is NOT the original of this pony, I can't remember her properly! :)

by Applejack:

Name- Heart Song

Breed- Earth

Symbol- heart with a music staff

Hair Color- Pink

Body Color- White

Name- Trip

Breed- Earth

Symbol- A Cast

Hair Color- White

Body Color- Mint Green

Name- Blink 182

Breed- Earth

Symbol- The Blink 182 Bunny

Hair Color- Green

Body Color- White

Name- Teddy

Breed- Unicorn

Symbol- Bear

Hair Color- Pink

Body Color- Light Brown (Flocked)


(yellow Earth pony with gold hair; teapot symbol)

Teatime Troubles
by Tabby

Crumpet set the floral teacups around the table and surveyed the scene. "Perfect!"

The tea party she was hosting was this morning and she had just finished setting the table on the gazebo in the back yard of her house.

Crumpet ran back into her house to make sure the tea was ready and to check the time.

"Nine fifty-five!" she exclaimed out-loud. "Only five more minutes!"

She rushed back out to the gazebo, gripping tightly onto the teapot handle. She placed it in the middle of the table and waited for the guests to arrive.

"Am I the first one here?" Twilight called as she walked into the backyard.

"Yes, but here comes Angel!" Crumpet replied, looking past Twilight. "Welcome, you two!"

"It's a wonderful day to have a tea party," Angel remarked, staring up at the clear, blue sky.

"Sure is!" Twilight agreed, taking a seat at the table.

Just then Taffy, Bangles, and Hippity Hop walked in.

"Everyone's here now!" Crumpt announced. "We can start!"

"Hooray!" Bangles cheered.

All the ponies took their seats at the table. Crumpet picked up the teapot and was just about to serve everyone when suddenly a soft, furry thing rushed past her legs. She shrieked slightly, but luckily didn't drop the teapot.

All the others had seen the thing run onto the gazebo and they all anxiously peered around to see what it was.

"Oh, it's a baby fox!" Hippity Hop exclaimed. "He's hiding under the table!"

The baby red fox was panting heavily. The six ponies looked at him curiously.

"‘elp... me..." the baby fox gasped out. "They... chasing after me..."

"Oh, no! Who would do such an awful thing?" Crumpet exclaimed.

Suddenly, they all heard a loud commotion. The baby fox looked alarmed and then cowered. "It them! They're coming! Swave yourselves!"

"What'll we do?" Taffy whined.

Crumpet looked at the thing that was running towards them. "Why... it's just a group of baby ponies!"

"That them; they trying to capture me!" the baby fox whimpered. "Hide me!"

Crumpet looked back and forth between the fox and the baby ponies. The baby ponies had reached the gazebo and had halted at the steps.

"Now, what're you doing here?" Crumpet asked the baby ponies.

"We twying to get our pwet fox," Baby Glory clarified.

"Do you actually own the fox?"

"Nwope. Not yet," Baby Blossom said.

"But we wanted a pet!" Baby Snippy added.

"We swaw the two foxes," Baby Beachball explained.

"We chase after tha wittle one, but can't catch!" Baby Milky Way exclaimed.

Hippity Hop looked horrified. "You separated him from his mother?"

Baby North Star thought for a second. "Well, guess so. The other was bwigger."

Meanwhile, the baby fox was still cowering in a ball under the table with his thick, bushy tail curled protectively around him.

Crumpet looked at the baby ponies sternly. "Now, you can't just separate baby animals from their mothers like that."

Baby Glory looked confused. "We CAN'T?"

Some of the baby ponies started to crowd onto the gazebo to get near the fox, but Crumpet stood protectively over the fox.

Angel interjected, "Without their mothers, they don't get the proper care, and they'd get sick!"

"The same goes for adult wild animals," Crumpet explained. "They have to stay in the wild to survive."

The baby ponies looked dissapointed.

"Bwut we wanted a pet!" Baby Beachball said sadly.

"You just can't have a wild animal for a pet," Crumpet said gently. "Why not get a cat or dog or something at the pet store?"

The baby ponies contemplated this.

"Gwuess that'd be okay," Baby Snippy decided. The other baby ponies nodded in agreement.

"We gotta say bye to da wittle fox, though," Baby Milky Way said.

"Okay, you can do that," Crumpet said, and allowed them to come near the baby fox.

The baby fox looked nervous. "They not goin' to kill me?" he asked Crumpet suspiciously.

"No, I'm sure they won't," Crumpet replied. "I'll be watching them."

One by one, the baby ponies petted the baby fox.

Suddenly, another streak of red ran onto the gazebo.

"The mother!" Twilight whispered.

All the ponies, babies and adults, watched in silent awe as the mother fox carried her baby off the gazebo and into the nearby forest.

"Ain't they cute?" Baby Blossom sighed dreamily.

"Wasn't that beautiful?" Twilight commented.

Everyone had to agree. They talked excitedly for awhile.

Crumpet finally realized the baby ponies were still there. "I'd better take you guys home."

"Aww, we no wanna go!" Baby Glory whined.

"No, it's back to the nursery for you," Crumpet said. "I'll take you."

The baby ponies looked disappointed, but agreed to go willingly.

Crumpet turned to her friends. "I guess you'd better go home now, too."

"We didn't get any tea, but at least we got to see the foxes!" Taffy giggled.

Crumpet led the baby ponies off, and her friends went their different directions.

* * *
That evening, Crumpet was alone on her gazebo, staring off into space and thinking.

Suddenly, she heard rustling coming from the woods. She looked over and saw the two foxes again!

The mother picked up her baby and headed out of the forest-- into Crumpet's yard!

What are they doing? Crumpet wondered.

The mother was heading in a straight line toward the gazebo! She reached the gazebo and took her baby under it.

So that's it! Crumpet realized. She was moving her home under the gazebo!

Crumpet sighed happily. Now she had her own, personal fox family under her gazebo!


MLP Jumble
by Applejack

Unscramble the letters to reveal MLP names!







Tex and Truly's Taco Treats
by Lofty

1 taco shell

1 slice of cheese

favorite taco sauce

Break taco shell in half; put cheese over the two halves; put as much sauce on as you want, and microwave for twenty-two seconds. Obviously, for two people, double.

If you like nachos or tacos, try it. It's a delicious snack.


Written in the school yearbook--

Something to think about this summer-- What happens if you get scared half to death twice? -- Teddy

It's been a great school year even though I often felt like I was diagonally parked in a parallel universe. -- Clover

Wasn't science class great this year? But Miss Hackney was never able to tell us how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges! -- Bright Eyes

To sum up this school year, I'd have to say: Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it. -- Ace

Computer class was the best! But artificial intelligence is still no match for naturual stupidity. -- Starlight

Physics class was the pits. So what if we learned the speed that light travels; what I want to know is what's the speed of dark? -- Melody


Mystery Pony

This month's--

pink unicorn with white and green hair; black cloud symbol

E-mail what you think to Tabby ( See the results in the next issue!

Last month's--

The correct answer was Snuzzle! Winners are:

Snuzzle is this month's mystery pony.

I hope that this is right: Snuzzle?

I think the mystery pony is Snuzzle!

The mystery pony is: Snuzzle!

The mystery pony is Snuzzle.

That's easy! This month's mystery pony is Snuzzle! :)

The mystery pony is:


That's easy! It's Snuzzle!!

The pony for this month is "Snuzzle."

Simple! :) She's Snuzzle, one of the original 6 MLPs.

The June mystery pony is Snuzzle!

SNUZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I LOVE her!!! She's my favorite pony! :)


I think it's Snuzzle.

The answer is Snuzzle.

Is the Mystery Pony Snuzzle?


***Answers to the puzzle:

Barnacle: Mutiny on the high seas.

Gusty: Anyone for tennis?

Windwhistler: Word to the wise.

Heart Throb: Head over heels in love.

Posey: Tip toe through the tulips.


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