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Issue 18
September 1998

All The Pretty Little Ponies
(A Revisionist Interpretation of the MLP Mythos)
Chapter 7


C. Alan Loewen


For Candice and Allison
Synopsis: Megan, an eleven-year-old orphan who lives with her Aunt Constance, has been given guardianship over seven magical ponies also known as the Seven Sisters. Megan and the seven ponies, accompanied by a great Irish Wolfhound named Madra, have discovered that the ponies are the enchanted seven daughters of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Sarah, a young girl around Megan's age who claims the ponies belong to her, has already trapped five of the ponies on a tiny magic carousel. The carousel is now in Megan's possession, Sarah having dropped it when she was frightened by Spike, a baby dragon that has now joined Megan, Twilight, and Applejack on their adventures. Comments and constructive criticism may be sent to

Megan slept restlessly, her heart burdened by the five ponies trapped on the magical toy carousel she held tightly to her chest, even in her sleep. As their appointed guardian, Megan did not think she was doing too good a job and her dreams reflected that doubt.

In her dream she wandered the Wood of the World, hearing the cries of the ponies as they pleaded for help; but no matter where she turned, no ponies could be seen. In the midst of that dream, Megan suddenly found herself surrounded by a glowing light. Dubricius stood there looking just as she had seen him in the magical castle where she first met the Seven Sisters.

Dubricius looked at her kindly. "Megan, you must return to the Wood. Its path will take you to me and return the Seven Sisters to their parents."

"But I'm in the Wood," Megan said, pointing to the massive trees around her.

"No. You're dreaming, Megan. It's time to wake up and go back to the Wood and follow the path."

Megan jerked awake, her gasp waking Twilight and Applejack. Madra barked in surprise.

"Are you okay, Megan?" Twilight asked urgently.

Megan blinked the sleep out of her eyes. "Yes, I think so, but we have to return to the Wood now and keep going." Suddenly, she looked around in puzzlement. "Where's Spike gotten to?"

An answering squeal came to them from atop the high slate roof on top of Dubricius' Sanctuary. There, in the light of the rising sun, Spike stared into the sun as it broke over the horizon, the beams making his scales gleam like green glass.

Spike roared, a true dragon's roar; a roar of pride and honor. Megan gasped that such a sound could come from such a small creature, even though Spike almost equaled the ponies in size. Suddenly, Spike inhaled, his chest expanding, and roared again, this time spouting a crimson flame tinged with blue and green as a greeting to the sun. Megan and the ponies could feel its heat from where they stood on the ground.

"We're going to take Spike with us?" Applejack asked nervously. "We don't even know what he eats."

Megan swallowed hard, still stunned at the spectacle of a dragon greeting the rising sun. "Mother Ellen told us we had to. I think we'll be safe."

"I hope," Applejack muttered under her breath.

Spike climbed down the stone wall of the building, his long claws providing ample purchase on the rough stone. "Ssshhpike ‘ood ‘oy," he hissed to nobody in particular. At that, he began to chase his tail.

Megan shared what little was left of Mother Ellen's bread with Madra while Twilight and Applejack grazed on the lush grass that grew around Dubricius' Sanctuary. She tried to offer Spike some bread, but after carefully sniffing the offered crust, he seemed to be far more interested in pouncing on small grasshoppers.

Megan studied the toy carousel, trying to understand how it worked and what mechanism there might be to free the ponies. The miniature versions of Medley, Firefly, Starlight, Bowtie, and Ember stood frozen, their looks of sadness bringing fresh tears to Megan's eyes. Two posts—posts meant for Twilight and Applejack—stood empty and, as far as Megan was concerned, would remain empty forever. "I'm so sorry," she whispered to the tiny figures. "I'll get you to where Dubricius can free you. I promise."

Megan called the great dog to her. Madra sat, his great tongue lolling about as he panted. "Madra, find the girl. Can you find the girl that trapped us in her nets last evening? Can you sniff her out?" The great dog stared at her for a moment and, to Megan's great joy, barked and began to sniff the ground. Excitedly, the huge dog ran back and forth. Suddenly, it barked a great rumbling bark and ran down the path.

"C'mon," Megan shouted to Twilight and Applejack. "Madra's going to lead us to the girl."

Megan led the way. Unable to bear the thought of putting the carousel in the rough cloth bag that Mother Ellen had given them, she carried it cradled in her arms. Twilight and Applejack followed closely behind. Madra forged ahead, busily following the scent. Spike followed behind, pausing every so often to investigate curious oddities like earthworms and dandelions, yet somehow he still kept up with the group.

Slowly the trees changed in appearance and the sound of birds faded away until once again they were walking the path through the Wood of the World.

Aunt Constance did not sleep well. Sarah, sniffling in her sleep, lay with her head in Aunt Constance's lap while Aunt Constance sat with her back against one of the massive ancient trees.

Sarah's story was filled with dark magic and Aunt Constance would not have believed it if she herself did not now walk in the Wood that traversed time and space. It had taken Aunt Constance some time to calm the child down, but when she did, Sarah told a story that was truly remarkable.

"I live only a mile away from your house," Sarah had sniffled as she told her story through her tears. "And two days ago, a pretty lady all surrounded by light came to me in my bedroom.

"She said her name was Morgan and that she was my great-grandmother going back some forty generations. She told me the ponies were my inheritance; and the next day, I found the toy carousel and the magical nets on my bed. That night, Morgan told me where to find the ponies and how to trap them on the carousel using the nets.

"I love ponies; and when Morgan told me that two of them had wings and two were unicorns, having them was all that I thought about."

Aunt Constance sighed and stroked Sarah's hair as the young girl slept, wishing she knew a way to ease the child's sorrow at risking Morgan's wrath. At least the carousel was safe with Megan, but where did the dragon come from? Were Megan and the seven ponies in danger? Why did Morgan send a girl barely twelve years old to trap the ponies? Why hadn't she done it herself?

Aunt Constance shook her head in frustration. She had too many questions and no answers. Again, Sarah whimpered in her sleep, and Aunt Constance hoped this mad adventure would soon be over. At the very least, she longed to sleep in a bed again.

When Aunt Constance awoke, the sun was already well above the horizon, even though she could barely see it through the trees. Sarah was gone.

"Sarah?" Aunt Constance struggled to her feet. "Sarah? Where are you?"

In the distance, she heard the deep bark of a dog.

Sarah ran through the trees, away from the strange woman she spent the night with; and, hopefully, away from Great-grandmother Morgan, dragons, large dogs, magic ponies, and this horrible forest.

As if reading her mind, the forest became even more confusing. For the first time, the path began to fork and Sarah, interested only in gaining distance, took paths at random, hoping that she would eventually find some way back to her house and her own safe room.

By now, her own parents had surely discovered her missing and probably had the police and all the neighborhood out looking for her.

She ran around a large tree and suddenly gave a small scream of surprise. Morgan, surrounded by her aura of light, glared down at her.

"You've failed me, Sarah."

"I'm sorry, Great-grandmother Morgan. It was the dragon's fault. It attacked me. I barely got away with my life. I …"

"Silence!" Morgan commanded. Sarah stopped her flood of excuses and shook with fear. "I have no use for little failures. I have other tools I can use.

"I leave you here, Sarah, trapped in the Wood. Good-bye." Suddenly, Morgan vanished as quickly as she appeared.

"No!" Sarah cried. "Don't leave me here!" The Wood absorbed her pleas without a hint of an echo.

Sarah fell to her knees and started to weep.

Several hours later, Sarah still had not found the path that led home or anywhere else. Terrified she would be trapped in the silent Wood for ever, she suspected she was merely going in circles. Shaking with fatigue and grief, she slumped down at the base of an enormous gray granite boulder and wiped fresh tears out of her eyes.


Sarah jumped with surprise. The little white unicorn she last saw back at the funny stone building where the dragon attacked her stood only five feet away.

"We've been looking for you." The unicorn paused, cocking her head as she studied Sarah. "Are you lost?"

Sarah had cried so many tears; finally no more would come. "I want to go home," she said simply. "I just want to go home."

Twilight nuzzled her, gently helping her stand. "My friends are very close by. I think we'll get you home or someplace safe."

Sarah stepped back in fear. "Is the dragon chasing you? Is that big dog with you?"

Twilight whinnied gently in an equine version of laughter. "Spike is harmless. He thought you were playing with him back at Dubricius' Sanctuary. He's more interested in chasing tails than eating little girls.

"And the dog is harmless too." The unicorn studied her closely. "Sarah, what else are you going to do? Won't you come with me and release my sisters? If you do that, I'm certain we can get you home."

Sarah wrung her hands together anxiously. "But the rest will hate me! Great-grandmother Morgan has left me here. I ran away from the other woman and I trapped the rest of you in Morgan's nets."

"We won't hate you. After we found Megan's aunt, Madra the dog followed your trail, but lost it at a stream. We split up to look for you. Aunt Constance told us everything that you told her."

Sarah's shoulders slumped in defeat. Even now, facing the dragon and the dog was preferable to being alone in the Wood. With her hand on Twilight's shoulder, she glumly followed the little unicorn, almost tripping over her own feet in fatigue.

Twilight and Sarah found the little makeshift camp where Aunt Constance sat watching the setting sun. Sarah balked at the sight of Spike, but was relieved to discover the baby dragon was so soundly asleep that Sarah's presence did nothing to awaken him.

Aunt Constance looked at her and said nothing, but Sarah chewed her lip for a moment. "I'm … I'm sorry I ran away this morning. I was afraid." She stood silently staring at her own feet.

"There's no harm done, Sarah," Aunt Constance said at last. "The others will return soon. We're all just glad that we found you safe and sound."

"Great-grandmother Morgan left me," Sarah said. "She was angry I didn't capture the ponies and that I lost the carousel. She left me alone in the woods."

"She's not a nice person," Aunt Constance said, studying Sarah's face.

"I guess I'm not a nice person either," Sarah added, still unable to look anybody in the eyes.

Twilight nuzzled her again. "There's very little done that can't be undone, Sarah. We'd like to be your friends."

"You found her!" Applejack trotted into the clearing. "Shall I go look for Megan and Madra and let them know?"

"No," Aunt Constance said. "The sun is setting and they'll both be back soon enough. Sarah, I've found some berries and mushrooms. They're not cheeseburgers, but they are filling."

Some minutes later, Megan and Madra returned to the clearing. Not willing to trust her feelings, Megan simply held out the carousel to Sarah. Sarah humbly took it and unscrewed the top knob and removed the carousel's top. Gently, she slid the five ponies off their posts and placed them on the ground at a distance away from each other.

"It''ll be a few moments," was all Sarah said in explanation. As the last dying beam of sunlight faded from the darkening forest, there were five bright bursts of light and five ponies stood where their tiny figures had originally lay in the forest mould.

The reunion was one of laughter and joy. None of the ponies seemed to have been harmed by their experience with Morgan's carousel. Sarah stood behind Twilight and tried to be invisible.

With help from Starlight's glowing horn, the group sat in an illuminated circle. Sarah, at Aunt Constance's request, retold her story of how she met Morgan and her gifts of the carousel and the nets and Morgan's fury at Sarah's failure and deserting her to the forest.

"I'm very sorry," she said in ending her tale. "I've caused a lot of problems and I'm very, very sorry."

The group remained silent for some time until at last Megan spoke up.

"It's okay, Sarah. I think I speak for everybody when we say that we forgive you."

"And now," Aunt Constance chimed in, "it's time to sleep. Morning will come early and we have to see where the Wood takes us next.

"I am certain," she added to Sarah, "that we will get you home eventually , but first we have to get the ponies home."

In less then fifteen minutes, the entire group was lulled to sleep by Spike's gentle breathing as he still chased his tail in his dreams. In her own dreams, Sarah danced in a circle of laughter with Megan and seven young girls clothed in light.


Guess Who?
By Applejack

I am an Earth pony. I am orange. I have fruit on my rump. I also have freckles. Who am I?

I am a unicorn. I am white, and I blue and purple hair. Who am I?

I am a pegasus. I am pink with blue hair. On my rump is something that goes with thunder. Who am I?

I am a Flutter Pony. I am greenish-blue with bright yellow hair. I have a certain kind of flower on my rump. Who am I?


Barnacles and Bushwoolies
by Barnacle

It was a bright and sunny day in port as Barnacle, the most feared (and probably only) pony pirate of them all, lively stepped along the dock. His ship, the Lucas, was sitting tall and proud once again after having been in the Berlin Polices' custody for some time. After having swept the streets of that city for several weeks straight to get his ship back, Barnacle was more than ready to set sail in search of treasure and get as far away as possible. In fact, just that morning he had acquired a map which told the way to the greatest treasure of all time! Unrolling it to take another look, he cast a quick glance to each side to make sure no one with prying eyes was looking on.

The map showed a single small island with a towering mountain peak in the center. From the beach, a dotted line led inland, with pace counts and other notes at intervals along the way. At the end of the path was a rugged "X" with the words: "The Greatest Treasure of All Time" scrawled next to it. Barnacle chuckled to himself as he rolled the map up and put it away. It hadn't taken him long to determine the island depicted on the map was one in the Caribbean called Apocalypse Island. Now, with the ship prepared and a treasure map in hand, all Barnacle needed was a crew.

Having put the word out in all the dock-side establishments that he was hiring, Barnacle had so far had no luck. Most who came for the job could barely spell their own names, let alone sail ship. At the moment all he had were his two loyal maties, Jones and Davey. These two Bushwoolies had sailed with Barnacle often in the past and immediately signed up this time as well. However, he still needed a first mate. Without one, they wouldn't be going anywhere.

So caught up in his thoughts, Barnacle didn't even notice that a stranger was coming down the dock towards him until he called out to the pony, "Ahoy, Matie! I heard you were hiring a crew for the treasure hunting!"

Although slightly startled at first, Barnacle quickly put forth his pirate attitude and then took a look at this perspective recruit. He was a clean-cut young man with shoulder-length brown hair and a cheerful look on his face. Quite frankly, Barnacle thought he didn't look like he'd ever been on a boat before. "Aye," Barnacle said in response to the man's question. "I be needin' a scurvy son of a sea dog for me first mate. ARR!"

"I can do that!" the man said cheerfully.

"Aye," Barnacle said wearily. "Can ye work the sails?"

After a thought the man replied, "No."

"ARR," Barnacle said with a sigh. "Can ye cook?"

"Ah, no."

"Can ye navigate?"

"Um, quite frankly, last time I tried, I got the ship two days off course."

"Do you be havin' any skills a sailing ship such as mine be needin'? Barnacle asked in desperation.

"Hmmm," he said with a thought. "I have a really big sword!" With that he drew a massive two-handed sword from some concealed place on his back and twirled it around expertly.

"ARR!!" Barnacle exclaimed. "Yer hired!"

"Yes!" the man yelled and jumped into the air.

"What be yer name, matey?" Barnacle asked.

"Oh, name's Kracken," he said as he sheathed his sword.

"ARR, Kracken, that be a good sea-going name if I ever heard one. Just like some vicious sea serpent!" Barnacle replied and then, yelling to the ship, "Davey! Jones! Front end center, ARR!"

Almost instantly, the heads of two perky Bushwoolies popped up over the railing. They both looked nearly identical, from their worn Hawaiian shirts right down to the long, beaded dreadlocks they sported from the top of their heads.

"Ya mon?" the first one said.

"What ya be wantin'?" the other asked. Both of them spoke with thick Jamaican accents and Kracken barely understood them at all.

"ARR! Kracken, this be the rest of our crew: Jones," Barnacle said as he pointed to the one on the left, "and Davey," motioning to the one on the right. "Davey, Jones, this be our new first mate, Kracken! ARR!"

"Hi, mon!" Davey called out with a wave (or was it Jones?).

"Yeah, hi mon!" Jones added (or was it Davey?).

Kracken replied with a wave and an "ARR!!" of his own.

"ARR!! Now ready the ship and let's be settin' sail!" Barnacle howled as he started up the gang plank. "ARR!!"

"ARR!!" Kracken replied and followed.

"ARR! ARR! ARR!" the two Bushwoolies cried out playfully as they waved their arms and made a ruckus.

And, thus, they were off...

* * *
A few thousand ARRs and a few thousand miles later...

The sea was calm and the sun was still shining brightly after nearly a full week's voyage.
Much to Barnacle's surprise, he had discovered that his new first mate, Kracken, was a half-decent sailor.

However, his earlier warnings had been correct that he could not navigate. One time, Barnacle left him at the wheel while he went below decks. When Barnacle had returned, he found that the ship was not on its proper heading.

After that, Barnacle made sure not to let Kracken anywhere near the wheel, but instead left that task of navigating to the Bushwoolies.

Davey and Jones, too, had surprised Barnacle on this trip. Usually, the two Bushwoolies would get so out of control that they would mess something up. But this trip, they had been relatively calm; and in retrospect, that probably worried Barnacle.

Worries, though, were not entering Barnacle's mind at that moment. With the salty breeze in his face and himself at the helm, Barnacle was completely engrossed in the sailing. That is what he lived for. That is what he loved.

And it was only a cry from the crow's nest, shouted by Davey, that roused him out of his mind-set.

"Land ahoy, mon!!" Davey shouted (or was it Jones?). Barnacle made a quick glance at the compass and then consulted his map. Unless his calculations had been completely off, this was their target, Apocalypse Island!

Stamping his hoof on the deck, he cried out, "Kracken! Front and center!"

Almost instantly, Kracken appeared before Barnacle. "What do you need, Cap'n?" he said with a cheerful smile.

Barnacle growled beneath his breath. He hated cheerful people. "ARR! Ready the launch! Our quarry is sited and we will be settin' off soon!"

Kracken responded with a mock salute and an "Aye-aye" before he jumped to work on the launch.

Barnacle smiled (in an evil, pirate-ish kind of way) as he piloted the Lucas to a stop just short of the island. He could almost see all the gold and jewels that waited for him on this tropical paradise named Apocalypse Island!

As Jones dropped anchor, Barnacle made his way to the launch. "Are ye ready?" he asked Kracken.

Ever cheerful, Kracken said, "I was born ready!"'

"ARR!" Barnacle exclaimed. "Then I suggest ye be launchin' the launch."

Barnacle and Kracken boarded the launch and easily made their way to the shore. Easier though for Barnacle, since he wasn't the one rowing.

They brought the small boat onto the beach and climbed out onto the pure white sands. They both took a moment to survey their surroundings before going any further. The warm, tropical breeze washed in from the ocean and rustled through the exotic palm trees that lined the beach. At first glance, one could easily believe that no one had ever set foot on this island, it was so perfect.

But, Barnacle knew that there was treasure on this island, and that the beauty could easily be a deception. No sooner had this thought passed through his brain, then the ominous beating of a drum started from somewhere in the jungle.

Kracken nervously reached for his sword and said, "What's that?"

As if an answer to his question, no less than thirty blood-crazed creatures jumped out from the foliage. Kracken's eyes grew wide as saucers as he realized these were no common natives, but in fact...

"Bushwoolie savages!" Barnacle cried. "ARR!"

Their minds on the same wavelength, Barnacle and Kracken flipped over the launch and lept behind it, thus forming a crude barrier.

Several wooden arrows fired from the savages' bows lodged themselves in the boat. By this point, both of the pirates had drawn their swords.

"Well, Barnacle, looks like they've got us well outnumbered. What do you think we should do?"

"Well, I be seein' we have two choices. One, we might be able to reason with them and escape with out lives. Or... we could fight them to our dyin' breath."

There was a moment of silence between the two sailors as they considered their few options. Suddenly, without another word spoken, they both stood in unison with their swords raised, yelling, "Fight!"

However, as they were ready to go out in a bloody battle, a strange howl of some sort came from the far end of the beach which apparently frightened the savages so terribly that they fled back into the jungle.

Kracken and Barnacle were left dumbfounded by what had just happened. Coming down the beach, from the direction of the howl, were four squat figures.

"Oh, no," Kracken groaned as they came into view. "More Bushwoolies."

One of the four strangers, who was wearing a hooded cloak, led the other three by several paces and reached the pirates first.

Speaking with an educated British accent, this stark-white Bushwoolie said, "The islanders are easily startled, but they will return, and in greater numbers."

"ARR!" Barnacle exclaimed. "We be thankin' you for the rescue, but we be here lookin' for treasure."

"Hmm," the white one said. "We would love to help you in such an endeavor but I have to inform you that there is no such treasure on Apocalypse Island."

"What?" Kracken cried.

"ARR! What do you mean, no treasure?" Barnacle asked.

"Oh, there's been no treasure on Apocalypse Island for years and years now. It was all found nearly a decade ago.

Kracken sighed and lowed his sword as he said, "This sucks!"

"ARR!" Barnacle agreed.

"However," the Bushwoolie said, "I might be able to help you out anyway. While there is no treasure here on this island, the nearby atoll of Doomsday Island has treasure to spare.

"ARR! Which way to Doomsday Island?"

"I could show you," the white Bushwoolie replied, "but it would be much easier if me and my friends here just took you there. Speaking of my friends, let me introduce you. I am their leader, Zanatos," he said with a small bow.

Gesturing to the yellow one behind him with the devious grin, Zanatos continued, "This is Discord." Discord smiled even wider which greatly unsettled both of the hardened pirates. "Next to him is Mars." This Bushwoolie, what little you could see of him, was colored red. But most of him was covered in heavy metal armor. He merely grunted when his name was mentioned. "And finally," Zanatos said, "we have Tiny." The fourth and final one was a lime green color, dreadfully skinny, and looked to be flea-ridden to boot. His expression was far from one of discomfort, though.

"Why is he staring at me?" Kracken whispered as he ducked around to the other side of Barnacle. But Tiny's shallow gaze followed him.

"ARR!" Barnacle said as he considered the Bushwoolies' offer. "And I suppose you be wantin' a percent of the treasure as well?"

"Well, yes. But only one piece of treasure for each of us will be sufficient."

"One piece!?" Barnacle exclaimed, forgetting himself for a moment. "I mean, ARR! You've got yourself a deal."

"Excellent," Zanatos said with a grim smile.

It didn't take long to get everyone back on the Lucas, but by the time they were aboard, Kracken was exhausted from the rowing, since no one else would help him.

Zanatos quickly pointed the way to Doomsday Island and they were off with no time lost.

As Barnacle navigated the ship, Kracken made his way to his side and in a shallow voice said, "That green guy is still staring at me!"

"Aye!" Barnacle agreed. "He looks hungry. I'd watch my back if I were you!"

"Hey, that's not funny," Kracken replied. "Something about these little guys worries me."

Peeking out of the corner of his eyes, Kracken saw that Tiny, who was sitting on one of the hatches, was still staring at him ominously.

"ARR!" Barnacle said. "They do seem a little different from regular Bushwoolies. But I wouldn't worry about it."

Meanwhile, on the front deck…

As Jones tended the lines, Mars and Discord looked on without lending any help. They merely pointed and whispered between themselves. For Bushwoolies, who are usually very social creatures, this was strange behavior and Jones was more than a little unnerved by it. Finally, Mars got up from where he was sitting and walked past Jones, making a point of it to rudely bump into him.

"Hey, mon," Jones said rather irritatedly. "What ya think ya be doing?"

Mars just turned and stared at the sailor.

"He doesn't like you," Discord said as he jumped from his seat and hopped over.

"Sorry to hear that," Jones replied.

"And I don't like you either," Discord added.

Jones just looked at them like they were crazy and tuned away saying, "I'll be careful then."

As he hopped away, Discord added, "No, you'll be dead!"

Both of them started laughing hysterically, but Jones simply ignored it and went back to work.

When Zanatos informed Barnacle that they were nearly at Doomsday Island, they had only been out about half a day from Apocalyptic Island. No sooner had he said this then did Davey, who was in the crow's nest, call out, "Land ho, mon!"

After they laid anchor off shore, Barnacle made the decision that everyone would go on to the island this time. "If there be as much treasure here as they be sayin'," Barnacle said, "we be needin' all hands to carry it, ARR!"

"Indeed," Zanatos agreed with one of his evil smiles. "We will definitely need everyone to go ashore to help."

"Good," Jones said. He was still a little upset from before. "It's about time these guys did something." The last part he said only loud enough for Davey to hear.

So within minutes, the launch was loaded and everyone was off towards Doomsday Island. Even before they set foot on the beach, it was obvious this place was much different from Apocalypse Island. The shore was made of a sickly brown-colored sand and black jagged rocks that stuck out all over the place. Right beyond the beach was again a thick jungle, but this one didn't look exotic and inviting. It looked quite scarey and maybe even haunted. Plus, it grew on the sides of the rocky slopes that formed the jagged mountain peak at the center of the island.

Pointing at the top of this, Zanatos said, "That, my friends, is where we shall find our treasure."

"ARR!" Barnacle exclaimed. "Then let's not be wastin' any more time!" With that, he jumped out on to the beach. Kracken followed right behind him but for the first time on the entire journey, he was not his cheerful self. Something was beginning to worry him and it wasn't the creepiness of Doomsday Island.

The way Zanatos had said that made Kracken wonder if he was even talking to Barnacle and him at all. For some reason he had the feeling that the Bushwoolie had only been talking to his three friends-- Mars, Discord, and Tiny. But, it was only a feeling and there was little he could do about it. Everyone was now on the beach and Barnacle was already slicing a path into the jungle with his sword.

The trek to the top was a long and treacherous one. Everywhere they walked there were sharp rocks protruding from the ground. One had to be careful not to step on any or he would be in for a painful experience.

Finally, after a long and hard march, they came upon a strange structure that seemed very out of place in the jungle. Standing right before them was a squat, gazebo-like building carved of the same black stone that was everywhere on the island. A small round base formed the foundation and six pillars carved to look like twisted snakes rose up from there to support a roof which had partly collapsed long ago. The entire thing was almost completely covered in vines, and a steep slope of loose stones nearly two-feet high encircled it.

They were now so high up on the mountain that a break in the trees there provided a spectacular view of the entire island. Jones and Davey hurried to it and marveled at the sight.

"Hey, look!" Jones said, pointing down at the sea.

"Yeah, mon, you can see the Lucas from up here!" Davey said.

"Bah!" Zanatos exclaimed as he hopped up the stones that circled the structure. They shifted under his feet and made it quite hard for him to get to the top. "Why waste your time taking in a view when this is where you shall find the treasure!"

"ARR!" Barnacle exclaimed as he hurried after the Bushwoolie. "Finally I be getting me treasure!"

Discord, Mars, and Tiny tripped over one another as they all rushed to be the first one to the center of the "gazebo." Kracken, meanwhile, pulled himself away from the breathtaking sight of Doomsday Island and followed, too. Even though it was, at first glance, a rather frightening place, the view from that spot made it look quite appealing in a way.

Within the perimeter of the stone pillars, all they found was a smooth stone floor with a large hole in the center. Barnacle crouched down and looked into the darkness. "ARR, it looks ta be some kinda' well," he said.

"In a way," Zanatos replied. "Down there you will find all the treasure you will ever need for the rest of your life. But, you and your fist mate will have to go down alone; Bushwoolies are not allowed..."

"Hmm," Barnacle said thoughtfully as he considered this. "Davey! Jones! Bring the torches and rope! Me and Kracken be goin' down! ARR!"

Almost instantly, Jones popped up on one side of Barnacle with a large coil of rope in his hands and Davey on the other side holding a pair of torches.

"Kracken, get that rope tied off to something while I light these torches! ARR!" Barnacle ordered.

"Aye-aye," Kracken replied rather flatly. Considering that half of the ceiling had already collapsed, Kracken figured the pillars would not be up to supporting the weight of their descent into the well. So instead, he fastened the rope to a large tree which was growing right next to the structure. Back at the edge of the well, Barnacle took one of the torches he had just lit and tossed it down into the blackness. It only fell about fifteen feet before it hit bottom. It kicked up a bit of dust upon impact but other than that, nothing happened.

"ARR," Barnacle said. "It be lookin' safe enough. Kracken, lower the rope."

"Are you sure this is such a good idea, Barnacle?" Kracken asked as he prepared to throw the rope down. "I mean, I have a really bad feeling about this."

Barnacle looked shocked. "How can ye have a bad feeling about treasure!?!?"

"I don't really know--" Kracken started to say but Zanatos gave him a shove from behind saying:

"You idiot! Just get down into that well!"

Loosing his balance, Kracken fell face-first into the pit! He hit the bottom with a resounding "thud" which echoed around the inside.

"Kracken, are ye alright!?" Barnacle shouted.

In reply, Kracken merely lifted his hand and gave a thumbs-up but said nothing.

"Good!" Barnacle said. "I'm comin' down!" Taking hold of the rope, he too jumped down into the well. And while his descent was much more controlled than Kracken's, he still landed squarely on Kracken's back! Barnacle jumped to the side just as his first mate leapt to his feet screaming.

"What did you do that for!?" he howled.

"ARR. It was... an accident," Barnacle replied, trying to hold back laughter. "Sorry."

Kracken was about to come back with something but Zanatos interrupted. "You two stop your horseplay this instant and get on with the mission at hand! We need that treasure!"

"Man, what's wrong with him?" Kracken said under his breath.

"What isn't?" Barnacle replied. "Right! Back to the treasure huntin'! ARR!"

Kracken snatched the torch from the ground and held it aloft. The flickering light it cast about gave the place an even more eerie appearance than before. Barnacle and Kracken were standing in a round chamber that was nearly the same distance around as the structure above. It was completely empty except for a few loose stone and dead leaves scattered about. All along the outside wall were four evenly spaced doorways that each opened into a smaller room.

"You check those two," Barnacle said and pointed to two of the doors. "I'll be lookin' in these ones. ARR."

Kracken saluted and stepped into one of the chambers. Just like the main room, this one too was empty. However, instead of being dry and dusty, this place was moist; and moss was growing on just about everything.

"Shoot," he muttered. Even though he had a bad feeling about the situation, he was still disappointed not to find anything. But as he was turning to leave, his toe caught on something and once again he was falling face-first to the floor.

Just than Barnacle called out excitedly, "I found something! ARR, and it be worth quite a lot!"

Sitting up, Kracken retrieved the object that had tripped him. To his disappointment, he found that it was only a gnarled wooden stick with four pointed hooks on one end. He did a quick check of the room but that was everything.

He stepped into the center chamber where Barnacle was admiring his find, a marvelous staff of black ebony with a dark gold skull mounted on the end.

"I found a stick," Kracken said as he held the artifact up for Barnacle to see.

"Arr, but there still be two more rooms," Barnacle replied. "What are yee waiting for?"

Both of the pirates turned quickly and ran for the last two chambers. Inside one, Barnacle easily found another black staff. This one had no head piece but instead, one end was orbited by four metal spheres. How this was happening without any kind of visible support was beyond Barnacle. He simply carried this strange find back into the central room.

There he found Kracken with a unique item of his own, a huge battle axe made out of bright gold and dark crimson metals. He looked much more pleased with this than he had with the stick he had found earlier. But the moment he caught sight of Barnacle's new find, his mouth dropped right open.

"How does it do that?" Kracken asked as he waved his hand between the staff and one of the rotating balls.

"ARR, I be havin' absolutely no idea," was all Barnacle said.

"Stop gawking, you morons!" Zanatos yelled. "Tie them to the rope so we can pull them up here!"

"What?" Kracken asked. "You mean this is all the treasure?"

"Just send them up!" Zanatos snapped. "There is more treasure elsewhere!"

"ARR, matey! I don't think I be likin' yer tone!" Barnacle replied with equal fury.

Zanatos took a deep breath. "My friend, please be calm. Those four staves are the small portion of the treasure that we agreed to. Everything else on this island you may have as yours. Simply tie those artifacts in your hands off to the rope so we can pull them up. And then we shall pull you up and we shall all find the rest of the treasure. Agreed?"

"ARR," Barnacle said after a thought. "Go ahead, Kracken, tie ‘em off."

After that was done, Barnacle and Kracken stood back and watched as the Bushwoolies pulled the four staves slowly towards the opening in the ceiling and then dragged them out of the pit. Several moments followed when all that could be heard was the hooting and hollering of the four Bushwoolies from Apocalypse Island.

Then, above the other voices, they heard Zanatos cry out, "I never suspected that that anyone could be so stupid as to freely hand over the most powerful artifacts on the planet to the Four Bushwoolies of the Apocalypse! Now, with the keys to our masters' tombs in hand we shall unleash Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence on the world once again! Come, my brothers, to Judgement Day Island!"

Slowly, their laughter disappeared into the distance as they went back down the mountain side.

"Um, Barnacle," Kracken said. "I think we may have just made a little mistake."

"ARR, I think you be right."


*See pictures of the characters in this story! Go to:


School News

Miss Hackney had the returning baby ponies write a paragraph on the most exciting experience they had during the summer.

Baby Pockets-

Baby Hoppy and I got to visit Australia. We had a very, very long plane ride. When we were at the beach, a shark was spotted. Baby Hoppy was really scared, but I led her to some big rocks for safety. The shark was really, really big and scary, but I was brave.

Baby Hoppy-

I got to go to Australia with Baby Pockets. One day at the beach, we saw this humongeous shark-- it was really big. Baby Pockets got scared and started to cry, but I thought fast and told her to hide behind some rocks on the beach. I nearly saved Baby Pockets' life!


When Barnacle was home, he let me come aboard his pirate ship, the Lucas. I got to see the hold where he keeps all the treasure he finds. It was empty, but next time he comes it will be full. Barnacle said so. And he let me climb up into the crow's nest. I could see my house from up there. Barnacle's ship is really neat! I'm going to be a pirate someday!

Baby Fleecy-

I went to the fair with Baby Wooly and got to see the rabbits, goats, cows, pigs, and sheep. I just love to see the animals! Oh, and chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys, too. The rides at the fair weren't that much fun.

Baby Wooly-

My most exciting experience was riding the ferris wheel at the fair. It was almost like flying when we went over over the top and started going down. It was very thrilling. Baby Fleecy threw-up.

Baby Blue Ribbon-

Mommy and Daddy took me to the museum to see all the exhibits and stuff. It was so exciting to see the big, mean dinosaur eating the other dinosaur. He looked like he might eat me, too! I'm glad we don't have dinosaurs like that anymore.


You're Too Slow, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe!
By Bubblefish


The first to get to the middle of Ponyland were, of course, the Flutter Ponies. But the second ones were Baby Fifi and Baby Firefly who brought the Bushwoolies, the dragons, Brandy, and Twinkles. The next to come were Baby Rainfeather and Baby Flicker who had covered the grounds of Dream Castle and came back with a great deal of ponies who had been around in the gardens as well as the castle proper.

Then Baby Lickety-Split and Baby Sunnybunch came after being all over the grounds of Paradise Estate; they also came back with a lot of ponies-- even more than Baby Rainfeather and Baby Flicker had come back with.

The last to come were Baby Tic-Tac-Toe and Baby Racer with many more ponies because they had covered much more ground (they had been searching out of the way of the others).

Majesty stept forward and said, "Why have you gathered us here?"

Tootsie called from the crowd, "I told Baby Flicker that I was going to arrange this year's Sports Day." She stepped forward and stood with the Flutters. "But I will need help from my friends as well," Tootsie said, smiling. "I want the baby ponies who gathered you here and the Flutters to help me most, though," she added.


Mystery Pony

This month's--

Guess who the pony described below is:

purple pony with dark purple and aqua hair; green clover symbol

And e-mail your answer to Tabby ( See the next issue for the results!

Last month's--

The correct answer was Tall Tales! Winners are:

This month's mystery pony is Tall Tales.

That's gotta be Tall Tales!

This month's Mystery Pony is Tall Tales, a Happy Tail Pony!

The Mystery Pony is Tall Tails!

That's Tall Tales. :-)


=/\=PONY TREK=/\=
by Blu Flyer

=======Episode 2: A First Encounter=======

The Starship Lollypop was a fine-looking ship. Its slender dish had the shape of a round teardrop, which extended into two folding warp nacelles. Whenever the ship went to warp, the nacelles folded up, and then jetted the ship forward with a blast of white light.

Also, the Lollypop had a special feature that the scientists at the Academy had been working on. The Lollypop could split into three separate parts; the dish and the warp nacelles would split apart, each part controlled by the dish. Not only was the Lollypop's mission to explore space, but also to test this new development.

Captain Blu Flyer waited in the turbo lift. She was a deep blue pony, with yellow, pink, blue, and white mane. Her yellow forelock hung gently beside her unicorn's horn. She had pink and blue kangaroos up and down the sides of her body, and twinkling pink eyes. Around her neck was a red collar, complete with comm-badge and four silver studs, ranking her as captain of the ship.

The doors of the turbo opened, and the steady hum of the warp core was comforting. Flyer walked past the turbo doors and into the center of engineering. The crew milled busily about, most wearing golden collars.

Lt. Medley trotted up, green hair bouncing about.

"Captain," Medley said, standing at attention.

"At ease," Flyer said to the crew and Medley. "How's it going in Engineering?"

"Oh, just fine, Captain," Medley said, at the same time making minor adjustments on the Engineering consoles.

"That's good," Flyer said, glancing over the pegasus' shoulder. "We will be nearing un-charted space soon, and I was wondering what the estimated time is for Unit-Detachment."

Medley looked startled. "Well, it is supposed to take less than three minutes... but do you really think we're in that hostile of space?"

"I will brief the crew on that later," the captain said in a controlled voice. She didn't want the crew panicking when they found out what territory they were entering. "Thank you for the information." Flyer turned and entered the turbo lift again, headed for the bridge.

In the turbo, Flyer tapped her comm badge. "Blu Flyer to the Commander," she said.

"Tic-Tac-Toe here. What is it, Captain?" her First Officer's voice came over the comm.

"Meet me in my ready room. Captain out."

As the turbo opened to the bridge, Flyer walked briskly to her ready room. Tic-Tac-Toe was there, ready.

"Have a seat, Tacky," Blu said, walking to the replicator.

Tic-Tac-Toe smiled at the old nickname. She and Blu had gone to the Academy together, and only by chance had Blu ranked Captain and Tic-Tac-Toe had missed her promotion.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" Blu asked.

"Sure. Whatever you're having," Tic-Tac-Toe agreed amiably.

Blu faced the replicator.

"Two raspberry iced-teas, with straws," she said. In a moment two tall glasses of replicated ice-tea with pink straws materialized. Almost immediately the glasses started to fog, tiny water droplets forming on the outside of the glass. Blu set the glasses on the clear glass table in the middle of her ready room.

"So...?" Tic-Tac-Toe asked.

"Well, you do know where we are headed, don't you?" Blu asked.

"I know the general direction," Tic-Tac-Toe said.

"We will be entering the Katari system in twenty hours," Blu said, sipping her tea. "You know who they are?"

"Yeah," Tic-Tac-Toe said, clearing her throat. "They're a race of hostile, warp-capable beings. Bi-pedal, not equine like us." Tic-Tac-Toe stopped. "Why are we entering their system?"

Blu Flyer hesitated. Then she shrugged. Tic-Tac-Toe was her First Officer, after all. "I just got a recent message from Pony Command. A renegade group of Katari have taken hostage five PonyFleet officers. They are holding them on Katar 5, the fifth planet of the Katari system. Because we are the closest ship to Katar 5, Admiral Night Glider has sent us on a side mission to save the officers."

"Who are they? The officers, I mean," Tic-Tac-Toe asked.

"They are two lieutenants, and three ensigns," Blu said sadly. "Tacky, I want you to keep cool about this; there's no need to have the crew panicking. I want you to take a group of ten officers including yourself, and prepare the phasers. Then, when we enter the orbit of Katar 5, you will take those officers in a shuttle craft and fly to the surface, and rescue the hostages. We'll cover you. This is a dangerous mission; choose only the best. And good luck," Blu said, finishing her tea.

"Yeah," Tic-Tac-Toe agreed.

"Dismissed," Blu said, taking the glasses back to the replicator. She turned her back, and heard the four-beat cadence of Tacky's hoof beats, and then the whoosh of the doors.

* * *
"Captain, there are five Katari ships on an intercept course with us," Chief said.

"Put the ship on yellow alert," Flyer said, standing. The lights on the bridge dimmed to throbbing yellow lights. "Hail them."

"Channel open," Chief said.


The view-screen flickered, and then turned on to show the strange, simian-like face of the bi-pedal being. It had no snout, its whole face seemed like it had been flattened by a giant hoof. But the Captain had had experience with strange-looking alien beings.

"I am Captain Blu Flyer, of the Starship--" she began reciting her title.

"What are you doing in our territory?" the Katarian asked, interrupting.

"We are on a mission of peace," the Captain said. She felt almost guilty, but no one said that evading the truth to the enemy was a sin.

"You are invading our territory."

"We mean no harm. We have heard that you have--"

"Leave our space now or we will fire!" the Katarian interrupted again, and abruptly closed the channel.

Flyer sighed deeply, pondering on what to do. The Lollypop could readily take on the five enemy vessels. But did she want to? She shrugged, mostly to herself. It seemed they had no choice.

"Chief, ready the detachment sequence," she said steadily, then tapped her comm-badge.

"Captain to Lieutenant Medley," she said.

"Medley here," the Engineer responded.

"We're going to detach. Estimated time?"

There was a pause.

"No longer than three minutes," Medley finally answered. She sounded almost afraid, but refusing to show it to her Captain.

"Flyer out." The Captain turned to Tic-Tac-Toe. "Please report to Bridge Two," she said.

"Yes, Captain," Tic-Tac-Toe replied, briskly walking off the bridge.

"Chief, report to Bridge Three," she said to the Lieutenant-Commander. He bobbed his head and followed where Tacky had gone. A younger Lieutenant stepped out from somewhere, filling in the space at Ops.

Flyer's comm-badge chimed.

"Ready, Captain," came Tic-Tac-Toe's voice.

"Ready, Captain," said Chief.

"All decks: prepare for Detachment Sequence," Flyer's voice came over the loud-speakers. Then to Steamer: "Put the ship on green alert. Begin Detachment Sequence on my mark." The unicorn turned to Ops. "Hail the lead Katari vessel. All channels."

"They're not responding, Captain," the Lieutenant at Ops said.

Blu Flyer gave one more moment, asking subliminally for the Katari to respond. Please, please say something, she thought. I don't want to fire!

But it was to no avail. It seemed the Katari were as stubborn as they.

"We gave them a chance," she sighed. "Alright, Steamer. Begin Detachment."

There was a faint rumble throughout the ship, and then the inertial dampers kicked in. Two identical ships appeared on the aft view-screen, flanking the dish, Bridge One.

"Detachment successful," Steamer said. Blu could tell from his voice he didn't like this idea any better than she did. She sighed again.

"Fire at will, Lieutenant," she said, and tapped her comm-badge.

"Blu Flyer to Tic-Tac-Toe."

"Here, Captain," the First Officer replayed.

"Send the shuttle craft with a rescue team. We'll cover you. Get in there and rescue the people. And hurry!" Flyer braced herself as a shudder crept over the ship as the Katari fired.

"Aye, aye," Tacky's voice said faintly.

"Shields?" asked Flyer.

Steamer fidgeted with the controls. "At eighty-six percent, Captain. The third Katari ship is damaged."


Flyer looked. The five ships hung in space.

"Tacky's launching a rescue mission...Cover that shuttle!" Flyer said to Steamer.

"Tacky...?" Steamer inquired, but asked no more when he saw the shuttle his Captain referred to. Ensign Ribbs, at the Conn, maneuvered the dish nicely, putting it in between the shuttle and the Katari ships.

"Continue fire on their phaser banks," Flyer ordered. "I don't want to kill them." She looked on as the shuttle disappeared behind the Katari planet. "Hold them until the shuttle returns," and then, "Blu Flyer to Tic-Tac-Toe and Chief."

"Here, Captain," Chief's voice came over the comm.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Prepare for the Re-joining Sequence as soon as that shuttle comes back."

"Aye, aye," the two Officers replied simultaneously.

It was no trouble holding off the Katari. The Lollypop's three parts were too fast and had top-of-the-line mechanics. As soon as the shuttle returned, bearing the captive ponies and crew, the ship's weapons went off-line just long enough to strengthen the Shields for the short time it took to re-join the parts.

As Tic-Tac-Toe and Chief returned to Bridge One, the ship was hailed.

"On-screen," Flyer said through a closed mouth. It was enough that they had had to fight the Katari. It was bad enough that they had had ponies taken hostage. Now she had to talk with them? She groaned inwardly as the view-screen flickered on.

The flat face of the Katarian leader faced her. She stared on, her pony stubbornness keeping her hooves rooted and face straight.

"Capitan of PonyFleet," he said above the electric sparks and smoke behind him. "You have made an enemy today." He glared at her with his little simian-like eyes, then closed the channel.

"They are retreating, Captain," Steamer announced.

Blu Flyer collapsed in her chair.


Cooking With Applejack
By Applejack

Rice Cake Creations
Yes, yes, I know that rice cakes are bland and gross. But now they have flavored ones and they can taste really good!!!! Here are some creations with them. P.S. They are also healthy!!

Peanut Butter Cup Rice Cakes

1 chocolate flavored rice cake

1 tablespoon of peanut butter (you pick: creamy or chunky)

Put the peanut butter on the rice cake and enjoy!!!!

Strawberry Rice Cake Surprise

1 strawberry flavored rice cake

1 tablespoon of strawberry jam

Put the jam on the rice cake and enjoy!! Mmm, yummy!

Bananna Nut Rice Cake Snack

1 bananna nut flavored rice cake

1/2 of a banana

some peanuts

Put all of the items on the rice cake and enjoy (this one's a little messy :) )!

Caramel Crunch Rice Cakes

1 caramel flavored rice cake

1 of anything you want :)

Create your own!! Hehe!

Forever Yours
By Shining (

Standing at the altar, On My Honor felt nothing but happiness. The delicate bay mare's eyes wandered over the horses and ponies that had come to see her married. Honor sighed blissfully. Today is the best day of my life, she thought.

Honor glanced at her parents, Signature Required and Shining. Together, the two had become world famous as champion performers. They're the perfect couple, Honor contemplated. Honor and her mother, Shining, could have passed for twins. Both were dark mahogany in color and had a delicate-looking frame.

But although Shining and Honor were not twins, Honor and her brother, In A Moment, were. Honor cast a look at her handsome brother. Moment was gleaming jet-black like their father. Even though Moment and Honor were siblings and best friends, both were very different from each other. While Honor loved competing like Shining and Signature, Moment had found his passion in art. Moment was more reserved and calmer than his sister, who was bold, outgoing, and determined never to fully grow up. But even as reserved as he was, Moment had a great sense of humor. Honor giggled silently when Moment caught her staring. He winked and stuck his tongue out at his sister, cross-eyed. She quickly looked away, for fear that she might laugh out loud.

Honor's gaze rested on her new friend, Liberty Bell. Libby was a baby pony from the nearby Little Pony community called Dream Valley. Libby had introduced herself to Honor at Honor's first competition. Because of Libby's confidence in her, Honor had won her class.

Sighing, Honor turned her finely-shaped head to face Caesar, her soon-to-be husband. Caesar's dark forelock fell in his eyes and he grinned at Honor as he carelessly brushed it away. Honor had always been captivated by Caesar's eyes. They held mystery and darkness from some past that he could never forget, yet was unwilling to share with anyone else. But Honor felt that staring into those eyes, he could see right to the very being of her.

Caesar was unwilling to reveal his horrific history. All that Honor knew was that he had been in a terrible train wreck that had killed his parents. He had come to Glorified Acres, Honor's home, several months after the accident. Several times, Honor had tried to ask Caesar about what had happened, but he was reluctant to explain.

Caesar's dapple gray coat gleamed in the bright sun. Together, Caesar and Honor had succeeded in tying for first place as the world's best performers on the show circuit. Of course, they had tied with Honor's parents. All of them were very proud of the accomplishments.

Honor shivered with anticipation. Soon, they would be married, able to spend the rest of their lives together. Honor and Caesar had decided together that they would spend their honeymoon in London, England. Since they were getting married during a lull of activity on the show circuit, Honor and Caesar planned on spending a long time in London, as their schedules during the busy show season were so hectic. London held some of the fondest memories either could remember. The last time they had been there was when Shining and Signature had toured the world on the Global Equine Olympic team. That had ended in disaster, but Honor still had the time of her life.

The minister brought Honor back to the present. "Do you, Noble Caesar, take this mare, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forth, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish till death do you part?"

"I do," Caesar replied.

Turning to Honor, the minister asked the same question, "Do you, On My Honor, take this stallion, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forth, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish till death do you part?"

And Honor's answer was the same, "I do."

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife," the minister declared, smiling fondly at the young couple. "You may kiss the bride."

The kiss was full of love and Honor wanted to stay in that moment forever. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Caesar smiling at her. "We'd better get out of here before the rice starts flying," he teased.

Honor laughed. "We'd better get out of here before our plane starts flying without us!" She took Caesar's foreleg and walked back down the aisle.

* * *
"Take care of her, okay?" Moment demanded with brotherly protection.

"I promise," Caesar winked. "But we had better board our plane." He turned toward Honor, who was being embraced by Baby Gusty, a long-time family friend. "Ready to go, Honor?"

"Coming!" Honor's voice was muffled by Baby Gusty's shoulder. "But I think that I owe Moment a slug for making faces during the wedding."

Moment held his front hooves up in defense. He put on his best I'm-just-an-innocent-kid face. "Hey, Honor, you gotta believe me on this one. That's my regular expression, you just didn't realize that till now! I wouldn't dare make faces at my sister's wedding!"

Honor advanced toward her twin with a look of mock anger on her face. She raised her hoof as if to strike Moment, but pulled him into a bear hug. "Do great at art school, Moment! Make me something and send it to me so I don't get homesick!"

Moment embraced his sister. "Consider it done," Moment assured. "But you really should go so you don't miss your plane."

Laughing, Honor allowed Caesar to put his foreleg around her shoulder and guide her to the waiting airplane. "I think they want to get rid of us, Caesar!" she joked.

Moment snorted. "You finally caught on! The only reason I'm going to art school is to get away from you. You're so--"

"Good-bye everyone!" Honor called with a dramatic wave of her hoof. "I love you too, Moment!"

Once settled on the plane, Caesar leaned over and kissed Honor. "This is going to be great," he predicted.

Honor nodded, agreeing. "If only we didn't have to go to that show circuit dinner party. Ironic that it's being held in London at the same time we're there, isn't it?" She made a face.

Caesar shrugged. "I'd rather not attend, either, but it's just one evening. We'll talk, we'll dance, make small talk with horses we've never met, and pretend to eat all the little goodies they've set out for us."

"You make it sound so easy," Honor said, rolling her eyes. "What should we do first when we get to London?" Honor asked, changing the subject.

"Big Ben," Caesar said promptly.

Shaking her pretty head, Honor suggested, "We should go see the changing of the guards."

"Last time we were her, we spent the most time watching the guards," Caesar reminded her, gently poking her in the ribs.

Honor shifted in her seat. "That's because it's the best part of London, silly," she challenged.

"When you think of London, you think of Big Ben," Caesar argued.

"I think of the changing of the guards," Honor informed him.

For the better part of an hour, Caesar and Honor argued good-naturedly, finally agreeing to disagree. The disagreement ended with Honor contentedly asleep on Caesar's strong shoulder and Caesar's head resting on hers. Before she fell asleep, Honor giggled. "Gosh, Caesar, we're already fighting like a married couple." Sleepily, she gazed at the strong stallion at her side.

Caesar leaned over and gave her a goodnight kiss. "I'm loving every minute of it," he whispered.

* * *
"We're finally here!" Honor cried as she stepped off the airplane. She began making her way to the luggage carousel when Caesar stopped her.

"Honor," he began, "I just want you to know that you're the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful horse I've ever met. And I really love you with all my heart." The handsome gray stallion searched Honor's pretty face, so close, she could feel his warm breath brushing her with each exhalation.

Blinking back tears of happiness, Honor smiled. "Oh Caesar, I love you so much," she whispered, her voice quavering with emotion. Caesar leaned even closer to Honor and gave her a deep and loving kiss, in the middle of the airport.

When they had pulled away, Honor grinned impishly. "Does that mean we can see the changing of the guards first?" she giggled.

Rolling his eyes, Caesar batted Honor playfully. "Yes, we'll go see the guards first. But we really should get our luggage. Otherwise, we're going to have to spend our whole honeymoon in the airport, trying to track it down."

"Oh wouldn't that be romantic!" Honor exclaimed.

Over the next several days, Honor and Caesar toured through London. They visited Big Ben, watched the changing of the guards, got an exclusive tour of the Queen's Royal Stables, and visited the London Art Museum.

Each place they visited brought them closer together. The two young horses didn't really know why. Perhaps it was because it would become a memory both could share. Or maybe it was just because they were together, in love. Neither had an answer, but they decided that they really didn't care, as long as they were both having fun.

* * *
"Honor, you'd better hurry up or we'll be late!" Caesar called. It was the night of the Show Circuit Banquet.

The night was important for a few reasons. Although Honor had griped about attending, they had been pleased to be invited. Only the most excellent and famous horses were invited, so this put into the celebrity category. The night was also Honor and Caesar's last in London. The next afternoon, they would be on their way back home.

"Coming! I'm coming!" Honor assured Caesar.

A knock on the hotel door distracted Caesar. He answered it and the hotel manager handed Caesar a small package. "Special delivery for On My Honor from In A Moment," he announced.

"Thank you," the dapple gray said politely. "I'll go give it to her." As Caesar turned and closed the wooden hotel door, Honor walked into the room. The sight of her made Caesar gasp. "Honor, you look beautiful," he said softly.

Blushing, Honor's eyes sparkled. "Thanks," she whispered. And Honor did look stunning. She had groomed every last hair on her gleaming coat until it shone. Her black mane was swept up into an intricate braid that tumbled down her perfectly arched neck. Honor had braided the outside strands of her thick silky tail into a tiny fishbone weave so that it encircled the center of her tail.

On her fetlock, she wore her engagement anklet. It was made of lustrous silver, with small, elegant horses, galloping in endless circles, divided by perfect hearts. Caesar reached for Honor's front hoof and kissed it, bowing slightly. "Sometimes I wonder if you're an angel," he murmured, his voice filled with awe. He stared deep into her with his dark eyes.

Honor laughed, a laugh that tinkled like thousands of bells that filled the room. It was the most beautiful music Caesar had ever heard. "What's that?" Honor asked, gesturing to the package Caesar held.

Caesar looked down at it, as if he were surprised to see it in his hoof. "Oh, it's a package from Moment," he replied, handing her the parcel.

Emitting a small squeal of excitement, she exclaimed, "This must be something that he did at art school. I can't wait to open it!" Honor's eyes glittered happily. She stuck it in her small handbag and walked to the door. "But I'll open it later when we have more time," she winked.

Chuckling, Caesar added, "Like during the banquet when they make their speeches and strut around the stage importantly."

"Someday that could be us," Honor reminded him.

With a look of false horror on his face, Caesar asserted, "That'll never be me! Honor, promise me that if I ever even think about trying to be one of those aloof horses, you'll smack me and bring me back to my senses!"

* * *
"So this is the Annual Show Circuit Banquet. I guess I should be impressed," Honor stood in the doorway of the large ballroom, observing the sights and sounds of so many famous horses waltzing and mingling with one another.

Shrugging, Caesar said, "We can pretend. We wouldn't want to hurt their feelings, now, would we?"

"Oh we wouldn't want to do that," Honor replied, smiling. "Too bad Libby's not here. She'd get a kick out of this." Honor began walking over to the dance floor where several couples were dancing to the classical music provided by a live orchestra. "Let's dance, Caesar," she ordered.

Caesar came and put his forelegs around Honor's smooth body and twirled her around to the three-four time of the waltz. In perfect harmony, the two horses glided around the dance floor. Closing his eyes, he kissed Honor softly. "I'm in love," he murmured.

When the waltz had ended, Caesar led Honor to their table. They seated themselves and waited for their food to arrive. "I wonder how good this dinner will be," Honor asked aloud.

"Not very, I'm afraid," a voice answered with a distinct British accent, behind the two. Caesar and Honor turned around to face a young, tall roan stallion. "Hello, then," the stallion greeted, "You must be Caesar and Honor."

Nodding, Honor outstretched her hoof. The roan took it and shook it firmly. "A pleasure to meet you. My name is Smoothie."

"Smoothie as in Smooth Movin?" Honor inquired.

"One and the same," Smoothie answered cheerfully.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Caesar shook Smoothie's outstretched hoof. "You're Smooth Movin, Britain's greatest horse," he said, as if trying to convince himself that he was wrong.

Smoothie grinned and moved aside. "Mind if I sit down?" he questioned. When no protest was taken, he made himself comfortable at the table. "Well, here you two are, the legacy of two of the greatest horses in history. You know, Shining and Signature Required had a lot of influence on me. They've been great role models."

Honor enjoyed hearing praise for her parents. "They're great horses," she replied. "I grew up wanting to be just like them."

"Don't we all," Caesar added.

"From what I hear, you two have gotten pretty close to matching their abilities," Smoothie informed them.

Caesar shook his head. "That's really kind of you to say, but we all know that no one could ever compare to them," he protested.

The waiter brought them their food, setting it down in front of them with a flourish. Wrinkling his nose, Smoothie stabbed at his plate with his fork. "Same as last year, the lettuce is wilted, they've overcooked the carrots, and the rolls are somewhat stale," he complained. But brightening, he asked, "Are you planning on doing any world tours, Caesar?"

"We'd like to keep it a possibility, but when we get back home, I think we're going to be working on some new stuff," Caesar answered.

Smoothie looked up with interest. "Oh, really? I've always wanted to come over to your neck of the woods by Dream Valley. I had been planning on flying into Dream Valley sometime next month."

Honor couldn't help herself. "Maybe you could come with us," she blurted out. "We're leaving tomorrow night. And you could stay at Glorified Acres." When she had realized that she had made a foolish offer, she blushed and intently examined a wilted piece of Romaine lettuce.

But Smoothie beamed. "Really? I'd love to!" he exclaimed.

By the end of the night, the three were chatting like they had known each other forever. They made plans to travel home with Smoothie and what they would do once they got back to Glorified Acres. "I guess this night wasn't as boring as I thought it would be," Caesar said to Honor on their way out the door.

"Not in the least," Honor agreed. She leaned on Caesar's shoulder as they walked down the dreary sidewalk. "Let's go on the underground train, Caesar," she suggested.

With the mention of going on a train, Caesar froze. "I can't," he whispered. His eyes developed a trapped look and he searched her face wildly.

"Caesar," Honor tried to soothe him.

"Honor, please," he pleaded, "we can't. Let's just walk."

"Okay, Caesar, we can just walk," Honor consented nervously. "It was just a suggestion. I'm sorry I got you upset."

Honor could see Caesar visibly relax. "Thanks," he said breathlessly. "I'm sorry I got upset. I just get apprehensive about trains." He brought Honor to him and embraced her, as if she might disappear if he didn't hold her. "I love you," Caesar whispered with emotion.

Together, Caesar and Honor resumed walking down the long London sidewalk. A few brave stars shone determinedly through the thick fog. A mist created a hazy screen over the full moon. "It's a pretty night," Honor observed.

"Yes, it is," Caesar conceded. "Let's dance." He swooped Honor into his forelegs and whirled around.

Honor gave a short cry of surprise. "Here?" she asked incredulously.

"Right here," declared Caesar. "Under the stars." Slowly, the gray stallion and the bay mare swayed back and forth along the walkway. "I never want to let you go," Caesar said, barely audible.

Laughing, Honor and Caesar twirled around, faster and faster. "Oh no, I dropped my purse!" Honor cried as her sequined handbag flew in a graceful arc into the empty street.

"I'll get it," Caesar proclaimed valiantly. Caesar stepped into the road and headed toward Honor's small bag. In an instant, the quiet London avenue turned into a horror scene.

Making a dangerously tight turn, a car sped down the roadway, crazily out of control. "Caesar!" Honor cried. "Watch out!" The car continued its wild path, coming closer and closer to Caesar.

Honor watched in horror. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. She watched as Caesar turned to face her, a look of panic upon his handsome face. Honor's legs began to shake. Caesar tried to lunge out of the way of the rapidly accelerating vehicle, but it was too late.

Honor collapsed as the car hit her beloved, making a terrible thudding sound. Blood roared in Honor's ears so loud that all she could hear was the thud over and over again. "Caesar!" she cried again. Frantically she made her way over to Caesar's broken form.

"Caesar, please be okay!" Honor begged. Kneeling over Caesar's frame, she desperately felt for a pulse. Taking a deep, ragged breath, Honor willed herself not to panic any more. "Good, okay. You have a pulse. You're still alive. You'll be okay," Honor babbled, trying to convince herself.

Raising her head, she looked around. "Help!" Honor screamed. "Somebody! Please help!" Then she began to sob. Cries wracked Honor's slim body as she lay her head down on Caesar's smooth side. "Please be okay, Caesar," Honor prayed. She closed her eyes and listened to the wailing ambulance in the distance.

* * *
"On My Honor? On My Honor..." a voice floated through Honor's dreamless slumber.

Why are they calling me by my full name? Honor wondered. Where am I? In an instant, all the horror came back to her and she was awake. "Yes? What? Where is he?" Honor fired the questions rapidly. Dr. Tornado's face gave no hint.

"We have done what we can for him, ma'am," the doctor announced. "We had to do emergency surgery to try to stop internal bleeding, but it wasn't very successful," the doctor paused, waiting for Honor to respond. When she didn't, he went on. "Noble Caesar has had two blood transfusions, but the bleeding hasn't completely stopped yet."

Honor managed to swallow and sat down in an uncomfortable hospital chair. "Is he going to be okay?" she whispered.

Dr. Tornado hesitated for an instant. "We won't know until a while later. If he makes it through the night, I'll give him better chances," he explained.

Honor nodded mutely and closed her eyes. "Can I see him?" she asked.

Shaking his head, the doctor replied, "It's too soon after surgery. I'll let you go up and see him in about an hour." Running a hoof through his tangled mane, Tornado tried to comfort the poor mare that looked so lost and alone. "We have the best doctors in London taking care of him. I know that you're not from around here, but do you know anyone from London who could come and help you here?" Dr. Tornado asked.

Honor began shaking her head, but stopped herself. "Yes, I have a friend." She blinked, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall and took a deep breath.

"I suggest that you might want to give your friend a call," the doctor advised. And with that, he left, into the melee of horses and ponies in need of help.

In a daze, Honor made her way to the telephone. She glanced at the wall clock as she punched in the phone number given to her only a few hours before. Three o'clock in the morning. The phone rang and tears began cascading down Honor's face. "Hello?" a sleepy voice answered.

"Smoothie?" Honor gasped and tried to end her weeping.

The voice was more alert now. "Honor! What happened? Where are you?"

Honor squeezed her eyes shut and took another deep breath. "I-I'm at the hospital. Caesar got hit by a car. I can't... he's hurt..." Honor couldn't tell if she was making any sense at all.

"Okay, hold on, love," Smoothie comforted. "I'll be right over." The phone clicked and the dial tone hummed in Honor's ear.

Within minutes, Smoothie was at Honor's side, hugging her while she sobbed. "Smoothie," Honor wept, "Caesar has to live. I love him too much."

"I know, love," Smoothie whispered. Tears stung his own eyes. He and Caesar were about the same age. Smoothie had really enjoyed Caesar's company and already considered him a close friend.

Dr. Tornado reappeared, stethoscope around his neck, tongue depressors, swabs, and what-not jammed into a white lab coat, looking very much like a busy surgeon. "On My Honor, you can go see him now," he volunteered. "He's in Intensive Care in room number forty-eight. He's not conscious right now, but he might come to when you go see him."

Honor couldn't answer, so Smoothie nodded. "Thanks," he said.

"Oh, and here's your purse." Tornado handed Honor the sequined satchel before disappearing again into the chaos.

When Smoothie and Honor entered Caesar's room, Honor thought she might be sick. It was too empty, too cold. She realized what her father had gone through years earlier when Shining had been in a terrible accident during training.

Caesar lay pale on the cool hospital sheets. Tubes ran in and out under the bed linen, ending somewhere inside Caesar. The machines beeped and blinked around him.

Honor crept over to Caesar's bedside. She sat gingerly in a hospital chair and held his cold hoof in her own. "Caesar," she whispered. "Caesar, you can't leave me. I don't know what I'd do without you." Her eyes, swollen from crying, searched Caesar for any signs that he might have heard her.

Looking away, Honor blinked back tears. "He looks so sick," she said to Smoothie. Honor shifted in her uncomfortable chair, letting her purse fall to the ground. When it hit, the package from Moment spilled out.

Eager for something to do rather than worry, Honor began opening Moment's parcel. "Oh, it's a painting," she breathed. Moment had painted a picture of the three of them, Honor, Moment, and Caesar in London. Baby Gusty had taken a photograph of them last time they had visited, and Moment had drawn it.

The picture showed the three of them smiling without a care in the world. They were in the middle of a group hug. Buckingham Palace stood proud in the background Honor remembered how happy the three of them were that day. The sun had been shining, they had had fun all day. The faintest smile crept upon Honor's face, remembering.

"It's beautiful," a weak voice rasped.

Honor turned to Caesar. "Caesar, you're awake!" she cried. Tears of mixed worry and relief fell down her dark face once again.

Caesar's eyes, which once had been deep and clear with knowing were now clouded over with pain. "Honor, it hurts," he voiced painfully. Caesar winced, trying to turn his head.

"Caesar, I love you," Honor sobbed. "Please don't go."

"Remember all the great times we had together?" Caesar reminisced. "Dancing in he fall leaves, making snow angels, moonlight walks... I cherished every minute of it, Honor."

"I remember." Honor wiped her tears away. "You have to go, don't you?" she asked, dreading the answer.

"Please let me go," Caesar murmured. "It hurts too much. Honor, I love you so much." Caesar blinked slowly and his eyes focused on Honor's beautiful face. For just an instant, Honor thought she saw Caesar's eyes clear as he stared at her. But then the agony was back, making his eyes sink deep into his pale, think face.

"I love you, too, Caesar," Honor assured him. "So very much." Honor attempted to choke back a sob. She could feel herself going into a daze, but tried to shake herself out.

Caesar's eyes closed slowly. "Remember those times, Honor. Those were the best times." Honor watched as Caesar's face relaxed. Caesar opened his mouth to speak and Honor could barely hear him. But she knew what he had said. "I am forever yours." A smile crept onto his face and he shuddered as his last breath left his body. And then Caesar was still.

For a moment, Honor stared at Caesar, unable to comprehend. And then it hit her. He was gone. Her face crumpled and she heard herself begin a low moan.

Honor felt herself being gathered in Smoothie's forelegs. She could feel herself steady in his strong embrace. "Honor, love, sh... sh..." Smoothie soothed.

"Oh, Smoothie, he's gone!" Honor hiccoughed. "Caesar's gone..." Just when Honor thought the grief would tear her in two, she felt a wave of calm sweep over her. Caesar's words echoed throughout her. I am forever yours........

The Tabby and Sugarberry Gossip Hour!
by Tabby and Sugarberry

Tabby: All right, Sugarberry. Come on, let's start! We haven't time to waste!

Sugarberry: Tabby, we're five minutes early.

Tabby: Ooh. I thought it was later than that.

Sugarberry: Well, what's the first item on the agenda?

Tabby: Bushwoolies! We must talk about Bushwoolies!

Sugarberry: It's apple harvest time, and the Bushwoolies have been very busy with it.

Tabby: They pick and pick and pick...

Sugarberry: Then they're going to bake them into pies and such--

Tabby: And have an apple party! They'll serve their apple pies and apple juice.

Sugarberry: And apple fritters, I heard.

Tabby: Fritter? Fritter? What's a fritter?

Sugarberry: It's kinda like a doughnut with apples in it.

Tabby: Hmm... that actually doesn't sound all that bad.

Sugarberry: They're really yummy!

Tabby: Well, anyway. Everyone's invited to the party! So be sure to come!

Sugarberry: You're going, I presume?

Tabby: Obviously, Sugarberry. It's hosted by the Bushwoolies; it has to be good! Unlike most parties.

Sugarberry: It won't be formal, with the Bushwoolies involved.

Tabby: All the better!

Sugarberry: It'll be held next Friday, at the Bushwoolie holes.

Tabby: And another part of the festivities is that Applejack will be declared Apple Queen of the day.

Sugarberry: The Bushwoolies are also going to make a special crown of apples for her.

Tabby: Those Bushwoolies sure are energetic!

Sugarberry: Yes. They have to keep running both Bushwoolie Bargain Books locations through all the party planning.

Tabby: It's a good thing there's so many Bushwoolies.

Sugarberry: They never run out of things to do.

Tabby: Anyway, there was big news in Friendship Gardens!

Sugarberry: Yes! The Friendship Garden ponies won the coveted Ponitarian Award for their aid to the tornado-devastated Flatlands this past spring.

Tabby: Isn't that the reward where the recipient gets, like, 20,000 jangles from the United Pony Fund?

Sugarberry: That's the one, Tabby!

Tabby: Wow! Lucky them!

Sugarberry: The Friendship Garden ponies, under the leadership of Clever Clover, organized a search and resue team at the onset of the destruction, manned shelters for the homeless, organized fundraisers back here in Ponyland, and joined in the construction of new homes.

Tabby: That's a lot of stuff they did! I didn't know Cleve Clove could organize so much-- he's not a very orderly pony, you know. Just look in his house some time.

Sugarberry: That's why the UPF honored them with the prestigious Ponitarian Award! Because of the stuff they did-- not the disorderly condition of Clever Clover's house.

Tabby: Yep!

Sugarberry: Here, have a black licorice twist, Tabby.

Tabby: Nooo, Sugarberry! Get that awful thing away from me!

Sugarberry: But thery're so tasty!

Tabby: No, they're disgusting! They're the vilest thing in all of Ponyland!

Sugarberry: Oh, you must be thinking of the strawberry licorice twists.

Tabby: All licorice is nasty! Let's just get on to the next topic.

Sugarberry: That would be the new Ponyland postage stamp.

Tabby: Stamp? What new stamp?

Sugarberry: Where have you been, Tabby? The Ponyland Postal Service issued the Queen Serena postage stamp.

Tabby: Ooh, Queen Serena! I haven't seen the stamp yet; I'll have to buy some.

Sugarberry: It's a beautiful full-length portrait of Queen Serena dressed in her purple coronation robe.

Tabby: That sounds nice. Didn't I hear about some new Bushwoolie stamps, though?

Sugarberry: I was just getting to that. In connection with the Queen Serena stamp, the Ponyland Postal Service is also issuing a companion series of six stamps, each featuring one of the Princesses' Bushwoolies.

Tabby: Yay! I'm gonna have to get tons of those.

Sugarberry: And now, Tabby, what do you want to talk about?

Tabby: Spike's Godzilla movie!

Sugarberry: What's happening with that production?

Tabby: Well, Tiffany had a bit of an accident.

Sugarberry: Oh, what happened?

Tabby: She had on those big moth wings, you know. Since she's playing Mothra.

Sugarberry: And?

Tabby: Then, she was coming in for a landing in one scene, and a wing fell off!

Sugarberry: That's awful! Did she get hurt?

Tabby: She fell onto the ground, but escaped with only a sprain in one leg. It won't take long to heal, from what I've heard, so she can fortunately keep filming.

Sugarberry: I can't wait to see the movie!

Tabby: It'll be great seeing Tiff as Mothra. It's so fitting. That's why I'm so glad she didn't get a more serious injury-- they'd have to get someone else to do Mothra!

Sugarberry: And it'll be great to see what Godzilla does to Mothra.

Tabby: Yeah!

Sugarberry: Let's move on, Tabby.

Tabby: What's next?

Sugarberry: Barnacle!

Tabby: Yay! He was back in Dream Valley for a visit a few weeks ago.

Sugarberry: Yes. He docked his ship, the Lucas, in the Ponyland Harbor.

Tabby: Ponyland is always a brighter, happier place with Barnacle home!

Sugarberry: Isn't that the truth? He has a great sense of humor.

Tabby: But, unfortunately, he had to leave again.

Sugarberry: Yes, on another great adventure, I'm sure!

Tabby: Oh, for the life of a pirate!

Sugarberry: This is your favorite time of year, right, Tabby?

Tabby: Yes, the baby ponies are back in school!

Sugarberry: It's so quiet without their musical laughter.

Tabby: Their laughter is far from musical, Sugarberry. Annoying is more like it.

Sugarberry: Now, Tabby. Admit that you miss their little smiling faces around Ponyland.

Tabby: Never!

Sugarberry: Do you have a favorite memory of your school days with Miss Hackney?

Tabby: Well, I can't remember anything good that happened. But...

Sugarberry: Spit it out, Tabby!

Tabby: I remember that time in sixth grade when Tex put worms in my lunchbox. And you ask why I don't like him!

Sugarberry: Ugh! Did Tex really do that?

Tabby: Yes, of course, seriously! And there were those really ugly inchworms-- tons of them!

Sugarberry: Gross!

Tabby: I'm glad you agree.

Sugarberry: And did you happen to do anything to Tex that forced him to do such an awful thing?

Tabby: Well... actually, yes. I told him to cut-out that fake-sounding Texan accent of his.

Sugarberry: Tabby, Tabby!

Tabby: So how about you, Sugarberry? Do you have any memories from your school days?

Sugarberry: That's a tough one. I don't have any school memories.

Tabby: Come on. There has to be something.

Sugarberry: I'm thinking... okay. In fifth grade, one day Chief passed a note to me and asked that I give it to 4-Speed. Well, Miss Hackney caught me passing it on. All three of us had to write one hundred times "I will not pass notes." It was so humiliating!

Tabby: Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Sugarberry: I was an innocent victim.

Tabby: You're right.

Sugarberry: I suppose you've noticed it's football season again.

Tabby: Yes, unfortunately.

Sugarberry: That's all Quarterback is interested in. He's gotta go to all the games and root for that green and gold team.

Tabby: Football is just so boring. I just don't see how anyone could enjoy watching it-- or playing it!

Sugarberry: I agree with you there, Tabby. Give me a good mystery novel any day.

Tabby: Hey, how's the writing of your new mystery coming along?

Sugarberry: It's in its final typing and will be ready to send to the publisher by the end of the week.

Tabby: Yay!

Sugarberry: Got any last words to say, Tabby?

Tabby: Nope. Nothing at all.

Sugarberry: Well, that's it for this time, then.

Tabby: Yep, that's it.

Sugarberry: Goodbye, Tabby.

Tabby: Goodbye, Sugarberry.

Sugarberry: This is getting repetitious.

Tabby: Just be sure to tune in next month, okay?



How much has collecting My Little Ponies influenced your life? 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0%? Please explain how you determined your percentage, and e-mail your answer to Tabby ( The results will be in the next issue!

Last month's--

The question was: Do you have any pet animals named after MLPs?

Animals I have named after MLPs:

Well, I have a Beagle named Spike, a parakeet named Angel, and another one named Sweet Stuff (or Sweetie for short). The funny thing is I wasn't even thinking about MLPs when I named them but when you mentioned it I was suprised to find out three of our five animals share names with MLPs.

I named my first bird, a lutino cockatiel, after an MLP. I don't have her anymore, but I remember playing with a blue unicorn when I was little. I asked my mom if she remembered her and she said her name was Sunbeam, so that became the bird's name. She was a gift from one of my mom's friends. One of the parents had a disease, though, and the poor little bird only lived for a couple months, but she was the sweetest little thing and I'll never forget her!

The only one that's semi-close is my kitten, Twinkle. I know it's not exactly a MLP name, but it's pretty close to Twinkler, don'cha think? ~holds up Twinkle~ Ain't she cute? ~.^


Satin n' Lace
(pale lavender pony with light pink hair; wedding bells with a blue ribbon symbol)

by Sugarberry

Satin n' Lace sat on the sofa in her living room paging through her wedding album. As she flipped the pages, beautiful memories of that special day flooded her mind.

The faces of her bridesmaids-- Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Blossom, Minty, and Cotton Candy-- smiled out at her from the pictures. And little Lucky, the ring bearer, looking stiff and uncomfortable as he waited for the ceremony to begin.

As she turned the pages again, Satin n' Lace's eyes sparkled. There before her was her favorite photo-- she and Tux n' Tails were posed ready to cut the eleborate wedding cake. Oh, how she loved this dashing pony with whom she had shared wedding vows!

Satin n' Lace's thoughts ambled back in the past to the first time she had met Tux n' Tails. She had taken her young cousin, Lucky, on a hiking trail through the Dark Forest. They both enjoyed nature, and Lucky was exuberant to be out in the midst of the huge trees, melodious birds, and curious wildlife.

The afternoon had been pleasant, but Satin n' Lace was getting tired. She knew they had a long walk back home, but Lucky pushed on. There was always one more tree to climb, one more hole to explore, one more vista to behold.

Eventually, Satin n' Lace, her mane tangled with prickly seed pods, put her hoof down. "Lucky, we are heading home this instant!"

"But..." began a whining Lucky.

"No ‘buts'," commanded Satin n' Lace firmly. "About face and march!"

At the resolute sound of Satin n' Lace's voice, Lucky stopped following an elusive squirrel and returned to his weary cousin.

"Okay, we can go home now," he grudgingly agreed.

The day had gotten hot and sticky; Satin n' Lace was sweaty and uncomfortable. She wished she'd packed a lunch and some cold water, but she didn't mention that to Lucky for fear he'd start griping about being hungry and thirsty. Instead, she managed a tired grin. "You lead, but stay on the path."

Lucky took off down the path toward home with more energy than Satin n' Lace thought she'd ever have again. She was grateful that Lucky was still enjoying their outing. As for herself, she wanted more than anything to be home.

Suddenly, Lucky called out, "There's a berry bush off to the side of the path. I'm hungry! Can we eat some? Please?"

"Oh, yes," Satin n' Lace replied quickly. "That sounds likes a good idea."

Both ponies moved off the path and began pulling the plump, juicy blackberries from the bushes. Neither pony talked as they were too busy eating the tasty berries.

Satin n' Lace thought nothing had ever tasted so good. She gave herself over to gorging on the fruit before her when unexpectedly a harsh rattle broke the silence of the Dark Forest.

"What was that?" she asked Lucky as she looked in his direction on the other side of the bush.

Oddly, Lucky had stopped eating berries and was staring sharply at something on the ground. It's like he's frozen, thought Satin n' Lace as she noticed his hoof poised in mid-air with a tempting berry clutched there.

"What are you looking at, Lucky?" she questioned as she began to move in his direction.

"Don't move!" whispered Lucky without changing his posture.

Satin n' Lace sensed the urgency in Lucky's voice and stopped in her tracks. "What's wrong?"

"Rattler," was all Lucky said. And Satin n' Lace felt her body grow cold and her heart drop like a stone.

Rattler. A rattlesnake. Thoughts bombarded Satin n' Lace as she tried to remember what she had learned about these poisonous reptiles. She couldn't see the snake, but could picture its brown coil and vibrating rattles. She wanted to grab Lucky and pull him to safety on her side of the bush, but a sudden movement might startle the snake and cause it to strike. Lucky understood the situation, and stoicly remained motionless.

"Good afternoon!"

Satin n' Lace spun around in dismay; who was walking into this tense scenario with such a cheerful voice? Behind her on the path stood a smiling blue stallion outfitted with a backpack and carrying several buckets full of berries.

"Sorry if I startled you," began the stallion; but upon seeing the fear in Satin n' Lace's eyes, he quickly added, "What's wrong?"

"Rattlesnake," replied Satin n' Lace. "It's close to Lucky on the other side of the bush. What can we do?" Her eyes pleaded with the stallion for help.

Sizing up the situation, the newcomer set the buckets on the ground and picked up one of the mossy rocks that littered the forest path. Quietly moving close to Satin n' Lace, he handed her the rock and instructed, "Throw this behind the snake, away from Lucky."

Not fully understanding his strategy, yet completely trusting this purple-eyed stranger, Satin n' Lace heaved the rock to a point which she calculated would be to the opposite side of the snake from Lucky. As the rock crashed to the ground, the stallion swiftly grabbed Lucky and swung him around to the safe side of the bush. The rattler, deciding this was not a safe place for snakes anymore, slithered off into the underbrush.

Satin n' Lace scooped Lucky close and amid a shower of tears asked, "Are you okay? You were so brave! The snake didn't bite you, did it? I was so scared!"

Lucky wriggled away from Satin n' Lace's embrace and tried to regain some dignity in the eyes of the stranger smiling down at him.

Satin n' Lace's attention moved to the blue stallion who had taken on the appearance of a guardian angel in her eyes. "Thank you so much for saving us," she gushed.

Lucky rolled his eyes as he brushed leaves and twigs off his body, and complained, "The snake would have left after awhile anyway."

"You're right," agreed the stallion. "He no more wanted a confrontation than you did."

With a wink at Satin n' Lace, he continued, "You're way too big for a timber rattler to swallow whole!"

Lucky stood tall and seemed to grow several inches with pride.

Suddenly, the excitement and trauma got the best of Satin n' Lace and she swayed gently and then collapsed on the forest path.

* * *
Slowly coming to her senses, Satin n' Lace wearily opened her eyes. Her guardian angel was keeling beside her, bathing her flushed face with cool water from his backpack. Lucky was there, too, looking more concerned than when faced with the rattlesnake. She smiled weakly to alleviate their anxiety, and managed to form the words, "I'm okay."

With help from the blue stallion, she sat up against a tree trunk and slowly regained her senses. After drinking some ice-cold water, she began to feel her head clear and was soon back to normal.

Eying the "guardian angel" as he re-packed his bag, she realized that she didn't know his name.

"Who are you?" she asked.

The stallion stuffed the thermos in the backpack, and extended a hoof to Satin n' Lace. "The name's Tux n' Tails," he grinned. "Kinda out of place here in the forest, huh?"

Satin n' Lace grasped his hoof in hers and smiled in return. "Satin n' Lace," she giggled. Sensing the irony of the situation, she hopelessly tried to straighted her disheveled mane into shape.

"I'm her cousin, Lucky," interjected Lucky from the sidelines where he was beginning to feel left out somehow.

"Well, Lucky and Satin n' Lace," said Tux n' Tails as he helped Satin n' Lace to her feet. "I'm very pleased to meet you both! Now, as dusk is rapidly approaching, may I escort you both back home?"

So Lucky scampered on down the trail with Satin n' Lace and Tux n' Tails side-by-side behind him. In what seemed no time at all, they were home. Lucky immediately went off to share his adventure with all his buddies; Satin n' Lace and Tux n' Tails simply stood looking at each other.

"Maybe we could..." they both began simultaneously, then laughed.

"Maybe we could have dinner together some night this week," finished Tux n' Tails.

"I'd like that very much," confirmed Satin n' Lace.

So on the following Friday night, an elegantly dressed couple dined in a quiet corner of the Estate Manor and danced until closing time.

* * *
Satin n' Lace closed the wedding album as she heard her stallion coming home. Tux n' Tails entered the room carrying a box topped with a pert yellow bow.

Satin n' Lace excitedly jumped up from the sofa and quickly removed the lid from the box, only to hear an ominous rattle from inside. She slapped the lid back on the box and stepped back, staring at the box in horror.

"There's a snake in the box," she whispered. Her wide eyes were haunted with fear.

Trying not to grin, but failing miserably, Tux n' Tails explained. "Yes, there's a snake in this box, but..." he hastened to add as Satin n' Lace took another step backward, "it isn't a real snake. I was at Pony-Mart and saw this nifty motion detector; it looks like a coiled rattler; and when someone comes near, it rattles-- just like the real thing, as you found out!"

"Why did you get me such an awful thing?" wailed Satin n' Lace.

"If you'll think back, I never said the package was for you. Someone jumped to a conclusion before I could say anything!"

Satin n' Lace sheepishly admitted that she had responded a bit hastily.

"Remember what tomorrow is?" Tux n' Tails asked curiously.

Thinking to what date it was, Satin n' Lace's puzzled countenance suddenly cleared, "It's Lucky's birthday!"

"Yes, And when I saw this rattler, I knew it would be the perfect gift for him! Can you imagine the fun he'll have scaring all his friends?"

Satin n' Lace groaned. "Fun for Lucky. What about the rest of the ponies?"

"Think of it as an educational experience," replied Tux n' Tails. "Everyone in Ponyland will know exactly what a rattlesnake sounds like by the time Lucky is through."

"Maybe the batteries will run-out quickly," muttered Satin n' Lace.

"Spoil-sport!" teased Tux n' Tails. "Come on, I can't wait until tomorrow to give this to Lucky, so let's go over to his house tonight!"

So the two set off for Lucky's house, and several inhabitants of Ponyland wondered why the pair who normally walked closely side-by-side, seemed to have some distance between them this day.

As Posey commented to Snuzzle, "You'd have thought a snake was going to rise out of the box Tux n' Tails was carrying by the way Satin n' Lace was keeping her distance."

And unfortunately for Posey, she'd soon enough find out why.


Invento Ponies

by Merry Treat:

Name: Brook

Type: ‘98

Breed: Earth

Body Color: White

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Green; green-blue jewel

Symbol: Rushing water, a wave splashing on a rock in the middle

Names: Yin and Yang

Type: Newborn Twins

Breed: Earth

Body Color: Yin-- White Yang-- Black

Hair Color: Yin-- Black Yang-- White

Eye Color: Yin--Light Blue Yang--Dark Blue

Symbol: a black and white Yin-Yang

Name: Splasher

Type: Adult Sea Pony

Breed: Sea Pony

Body Color: Sky Blue;spots are maroon

Hair Color: Green Blue

Eye Color: Green Blue

Symbol: None

Name: Baby Peace

Type: Baby Pony

Breed: Earth

Body Color: White

Hair Color: White, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow

Eye Color: Yellow

Symbol: a big yellow peace sign; a smaller one on her left cheek

Name: Rocking Horse

Type: ‘98

Breed: Unicorn

Body Color: Jade Green

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Dark Green; purple jewel


by chamber@www.LakeNet.COM

As Dancer slipped out the door and shut it quietly, she realized that this was her last chance. She had tried to run away from the orphanage before, with no luck.

"I'll come back for you someday, Sunflower," Dancer said, speaking of Baby Sunflower, her only friend.

Now free and trotting away from the orphanage, the yearling wondered where she would go. "Someplace where someone knows who I am, where I came from, why I was lost," she said to the stars in the sky.

* * *
About noon, Dancer found herself wandering past Dream Valley's racetrack. "I wonder if there are any racehorses here today," she said outloud as she trotted to the stands.

As she looked down to the track, she saw that a race had just ended. "There was a race!" Dancer said.

"Jazzman is the winner by five lengths!" the announcer said. "This is the stallion to watch, everyone!"

Dancer watched as the bay stallion left the winner's circle. As Dancer went to the snack stand, she tried not to make eye contact with anyone, so that she wouldn't have to talk to anyone.

Because Dancer was not looking to see were she was going, she collided with someone. "Uh, sorry," she stammered as she looked up. It was Jazzman!

"No problem. Where are your parents?" Jazzman asked.

"Um, I don't have any parents," Dancer told him.

"You don't?" Jazzman asked, trying to hide the shocked expression on his face.

"I left the orphanage to become a racehorse, and to try to find out abut my past," Dancer said.

"Why don't you come with me to Whitebrook? That's where I live," Jazzman offered.

* * *
As soon as Jazzman walked into the main barn, Wonder trotted up to greet him.

"Who is this?" Wonder asked as she looked behind Jazzman.

"Her name is Dancer; I thought she could stay here for a while. She wants to be a racehorse," Jazzman told Wonder.

"Psst! Dancer!" someone whispered. Dancer turned around and saw that a palomino filly about her age was standing behind her. "I'm Mindy; want to go play?" Mindy asked.

"Sure!" Dancer said, then walked out of the barn with her new friend.

* * *
"Dancer could use this stall, since it is right next to Mindy's," Wonder suggested awhile later.

"Where did those two go, anyway?" Jazzman asked.

"After I gave them lunch, Mindy took Dancer on a tour of the farm," Magic said as she joined her two friends.

"Thanks, Magic," Wonder said.

"Dancer will make friends quickly," Jazzman said.

"I'm sure she will. She is very nice," Wonder told him.

* * *
"Ignore him, Dancer," Mindy said as a chestnut colt walked up to them.

"Who's the new filly?" the colt said.

"Triumph, this is Dancer. Dancer is staying with Wonder," Mindy said to the colt.

"You gonna be a racehorse?" Triumph asked Dancer.

"Yes," Dancer told him.

"You won't be good," Triumph sneered.

"I bet I could beat you!" Dancer challenged.
"Deal!" Triumph said.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Mindy asked Dancer as they followed Triumph to the track.

"I'm fast. I know I can beat him," Dancer said.

"Jazzman, clock us. We are going for it," Triumph told Jazzman as they walked onto the track.

"Okay, Triumph. Wonder! Come watch this," Jazzman called to Wonder. "Go!" Jazzman said as Dancer and Triumph galloped off.

* * *
"Go, Dancer!" Mindy cheered. Dancer and Triumph were approaching the finish line at the track when Dancer decided to put Triumph in his place.

Dancer could hear Triumph gasp as she galloped her fastest, and crossed the line four lengths ahead of Triumph.

"Way to go, Dancer!" Mindy yelled from the side of the track.

Triumph was glaring at Dancer as he walked off the track.

"Looks like Dancer is the fastest yearling here," Wonder said. "Before she came, Triumph was the fastest. You did the half mile in unbelievable time, and the last quarter in twenty-two flat!" she said.

Triumph frowned deeper, then turned and walked off.

* * *
"Hollywood, I'd like you to meet Dancer. She is new at Whitebrook," Mindy said to Hollywood; it was a week after Dancer's race with Triumph.

Hollywood, the pinto filly, smiled. "You like it here?" Hollywood smiled.

"Yeah, except for Triumph," Dancer said as she made a face.

Mindy laughed and Hollywood nodded. "Yeah, he is a pain. Has he tried to race you yet?" Hollywood asked.

"Yes!" Mindy exclaimed. "And she beat him, too!"

"Wow! Way to go, Dancer!" Hollywood laughed. "Finally, someone to put him in his place. Before you came, he bragged that he would always be the fastest," she said.

"We better get back to Whitebrook. It's getting late, and Wonder will be upset if we are late for supper," Mindy said.

"Okay! Are we all going to the mall tomorrow?" Hollywood asked.

"Yeah!" Mindy said.

* * *
"Mindy, Dancer. We need to talk to you," Wonder said as the two fillies arrived back at Whitebrook. "It seems that the entry fees for the upcoming races and the money box they were in are missing. Triumph said he saw you take it, Dancer."

Dancer gasped. "I didn't take it!" she said.

"Until we find it, I'm placing both of you on twenty-four hour barn arrest. After supper, you will both go to your own stalls," Jazzman said.

* * *
"Dancer?" Mindy said as she looked at her friend.

"Yeah?" Dancer asked.

"I know you didn't take it. I think Triumph just did it to get back at you," Mindy said.

"If they can't find the money, will Wonder still take me to Arabia with her?" Dancer asked.

"I'm not sure. She is trying to adopt you, but Jazzman will stay here. I don't know," Mindy said.

"Oh, okay," Dancer said.

Mindy turned and walked back to her stall.

* * *
"Now the training schedules are gone!" Jazzman said as he walked out of the office a few days later.

"Well, we know it can't be Dancer or Mindy; they don't come into the office," Wonder said.

"You go tell Dancer and Mindy they are un-grounded," Jazzman said.

* * *
"What do you think you two twerps are doing?" Triumph said as he saw Dancer and Mindy walk out of the barn.

"We aren't grounded anymore," Mindy said.

"And we know that you are the one stealing things," Dancer added.

"So what if I am? They won't believe you, orphan," Triumph spat out. Dancer turned around and stared at Triumph.

"You better leave me alone, Slowpoke!" she told him.

* * *
"So, I just know that Truimph did it, to get back at Dancer," Mindy told Hollywood later that day.

"Wow, I didn't think he would stoop that low," Hollywood said. "I just hope you get to go to Arabia with Wonder."

"Tomorrow is the day that Wonder and Jazzman pick the yearlings they are going to train," Dancer said. "Wonder will take the Distance yearlings, and Jazzman will train the Sprinters. Magic will be training the Jumpers."

"Great! I know you both can race the distance, but that means you will have to put up with Triumph!" Hollywood laughed.

* * *
Later that night, Dancer and Mindy crept out of their stalls and over to the training barn.

"Who do you think we should start tomorrow?" they heard Jazzman ask Wonder as Dancer and Mindy stood outside the office door.

"Well, Oliver, April, and Queenie all look like Sprinters to me. I think Triumph, Dancer, and Mindy will be the star yearlings this year," Wonder said.

Mindy looked over at Dancer and smiled.

"We better get back to our stalls before we get caught," Dancer said.

* * *
Dancer and Mindy were awoken by shouting in the middle of the night.

"Dancer, did you hear something?" Mindy asked.

"Someone is shouting," Dancer told her.

"It sounds like, ‘Fire!'" Mindy said.

As the two fillies walked out of the barn, they saw that the storage shed was on fire. Chief and his crew were already working to put it out.

"What could have happened?" an exhausted Jazzman asked Red, Chief's helper.

"We won't know ‘till we examine it, but it's a good thing that nothing was in there, " Red told him.

"Jazzman, I know who did it!" Truimph said. "I saw Mindy and Dancer outside the training barn earlier. They could have set it on fire to get back at me."

"Now, why would they want to get back at you?" Jazzman asked.

"They probably think that I'm trying to frame them, so they'll blame me for taking those other things," Triumph said.

"Triumph, go back to bed," Jazzman sighed.

* * *
"We didn't do it!" Mindy said the next morning as Wonder and Jazzman stood outside their stalls.

"Triumph said he saw you by the training barn. What were you doing there at that time?" Jazzman asked.

"We wanted to see who was going to start training tomorrow," Dancer said.

Just then Red and Chief walked up. "Jazzman, it looks like the fire started by accident; probably from the electrical wiring in the shed," Chief told him.

* * *
"That was a dumb thing to do, Triumph," Dancer told him after Wonder and Jazzman had left.

"I didn't do it. But I'm sure you're not going to Arabia with Wonder now," Triumph sneered.

"She is going, ‘cause Wonder adopted her," Mindy said.

"Nobody will think that I hid the money or the training schedules. They will blame the orphan, since she is the only one who would do something like that," Triumph snorted.

"You did it?" Dancer gasped.

"Of course I did it; I'm the star here; you never will be!" Triumph shouted at Dancer.

"TRIUMPH!" Magic thundered as she came out of the office. "I heard the whole story. Get packing. I'm sure Wonder and Jazzman will agree on what is going to happen to you."

Triumph spun around and strode off.

"Don't worry, Dancer," Magic said as she nuzzled her and Mindy. "I know you didn't do it. Jazzman and Wonder knew that, too."

* * *
It was a week later. "Dancer! Mindy!" Hollywood called as she cantered towards her two friends who were waiting at Scoop's Ice Cream Shoppe. "Okay, tell me everything!" Hollywood said after she ordered a hot fudge sundae.

"What I told you on the phone was the whole story," Dancer said.

"After Wonder and Jazzman found out that Triumph had framed Dancer, they transfered him to Townsend Acres," Mindy said.

Townsend Acres was the large farm that often competed against Whitebrook at the races. Mindy had been born at Townsend Acres and had come to Whitebrook when she had been turned away by the Townsend trainers.

"I also heard he is changing his name to-- get this-- Townsend Triumph." Dancer laughed.

"Nice name, though. Rotten horse," Mindy said.

* * *
"Dancer, have you figured out what you are going to pack for our trip?" Wonder asked a few nights later.

"Yeah, I packed a few books to read, a notebook, a drawing pad, and a camera-- to take my own pictures of you when you win!" Dancer said.

Wonder smiled and nuzzled Dancer.

"I like it here," Dancer sighed.

"I like you being here, too," Wonder told her. "I know you aren't comfortable calling me Mom, so why not just Wonder?" Wonder said as she tucked Dancer in.

"Okay, Wonder," Dancer said before she fell asleep.


MLP Decorating Ideas
By Applejack

Are your MLPs making you room look cluttered? Here are some handy helpers for taming your My Little Pony clutter.

1- Try arranging them on a bookshelf (that's what I did-- hehe).

2- Line them up in a corner.

3- Line you desk and dresser with them.

4- Make action scenes!! Hehe-- like a pony parade!!!

5- If you have any playsets (Paradise Estate, for example), set the ponies up in it; it looks really cool and these sets hold a lot of ponies, so they don't take up so much space!

6- At places like K-Mart they sell these big, white plastic crates; you can try storing your ponies in one, but be careful; their hair gets crinkly and it curls in odd directions, so you've got to brush them all a lot if you keep them in the big crate.

Well, I hope these help you guys.


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as Dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 10

The trio followed the river for the rest of the day. At night, they found a clearing in the thorns where they could make camp. Brightblade was awakened the next morning, to his surprise, before sunrise. "What's up?" he asked flame-maned Epona.

"We are near a stepping stone, but we must be there at dawn. Come, we have no time to waste."

They continued their journey in the dark, with Breeks complaining all the way. As the soft glow of the sun was just appearing on the horizon, the trio found themselves at the foot of a thundering waterfall. Epona stepped forward and touched her horn to the fall just as the first rays of sunshine touched the shimmering water. Brightblade and Breeks gasped in awe as the waters of the fall parted, revealing a huge, dark doorway.

"Here we begin the next leg of our journey, in another world," Epona explained. "Now, Warpony, continue your tale as we proceed. It will help to prevent distraction."

The unreal unicorn stepped toward us. "Which of you is the champion who should claim the Warrior's Horn?"

"I... I am," I replied.

"Then defend yourself!" The unicorn guardian lowered his horn and lunged toward me. Ramon scampered off and hid behind a column while Breeks flew about overhead, kawing his encouragement. I sidestepped but almost tripped on my own hooves. The guardian swung his horn; I ducked and head-butted him, and nearly knocked myself out. The guardian, though moving like a living thing, was still as hard as stone.

I regained my senses quickly and jumped backwards as the guardian reared up and drove his fore-hooves down where I had been a moment ago.

"You're quick, but it will take more than that to prove your worth," the guardian taunted.

I staggered backwards as the guardian advanced, swinging his horn to and fro. As I ran out of room to withdraw, I ducked under the guardian's horn and kicked him with my hind hooves, catching him on the side. The jade unicorn was knocked off his hooves but was back up in an instant. "Well done, Warpony, but it will take more than that to keep me down." With that the guardian renewed his attack.

I evaded the guardian and tried to keep to the center of the domed chamber. Though I was becoming somewhat fatigued by the constant dodging, I found it was becoming easier to anticipate the guardian's moves. I waited for the right moment, feinted to the right and quickly doubled back to the left and kicked the guardian in the side of his head as he turned to follow my feint. The guardian fell to the ground. I turned quickly, reared up on my hind legs, and drove my fore-hooves down hard on the guardian's whorled horn. The horn shattered and the guardian faded away.

I looked around the chamber. Ramon crawled out from his hiding place and Breeks perched on top of my head. "K'haar!" he cried. "You did it, Warpony! You won!"

A brilliant white light shone forth from the arched doorway to the temple's inner chambers. "I... won," I said, almost in disbelief.

As Brightblade Warpony remembered that luminous portal, it seemed the antipoint to the dark passage he now traversed.


Pony Puzzles

Can you decode the secret message found in these words? You'll find the answers at the end of the issue**

1. Barnacle found this written on a treasure map:


2. Melody jotted this down on her reminder sheet:



3. This notation was found on Quarterback's chalkboard:





Package Back Stories

Baby Leaper

Baby Leaper wanted to leap high into the air, so he asked the friendly frogs to show him what to do. Soon, Baby Leaper was jumping so high, he touched the clouds! The frogs were amazed because they had never seen anyone leap so far into the sky! "Hop on!" Baby Leaper called to his frog friends, and when they did, he took them all the way to the moon!

Baby Waddles

"It's a wonderful day to visit Mr. Penguin," thought Baby Waddles, hopping on a cloud and sailing to the South Pole. Icebergs glittered in the sun as he peeked over the edge of the cloud, looking for his friend. "Hello, Baby Waddles! You're just in time to go ice skating with me!" called Mr. Penguin, waving a flipper. Baby Waddles eagerly joined his friend for an afternoon of skating, then returned to Mr. Penguin's house for a cup of hot cocoa!


All submissions are expected to stay true to the sweet, innocent nature of the MLPs. This means nothing immoral and nothing violent. I shall reject any submissions I do not think meet these requirements.


**Answers to Pony Puzzles:

1. A step backwards.

2. Harmonize.

3. Fullback, halfback, quarterback.


Our next issue will be sent October 1st.


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