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Issue 19
October 1998

All The Pretty Little Ponies
(A Revisionist Interpretation of the MLP Mythos)
Chapter 8


C. Alan Loewen


For Candice and Allison

Synopsis: Megan, an eleven-year-old orphan who lives with her Aunt Constance, has been given guardianship over seven magical ponies also known as the Seven Sisters. They have discovered that the ponies are actually the enchanted daughters of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, turned into ponies by Arthur's evil half-sister Morgan. Megan is now taking the ponies back to their parents through the Wood of the World that can take them to any time and any place on Earth. Megan and the ponies are accompanied by Madra, an Irish Wolfhound; Spike, a baby dragon; Aunt Constance; and Sarah, a distant granddaughter of Morgan who is now friends with Megan and the ponies. Comments and constructive criticism may be sent to

Morgan sat alone in her dark throne room, her chin in her hand while she considered her alternatives. Sarah had failed her and Morgan had deserted her to whatever fate she might meet in the Wood. Morgan clearly needed another plan of attack or Megan would certainly bring the Seven Sisters back to King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

Sarah had mentioned a dragon which had to be the one whose egg had been kept at Dubricius' Sanctuary all these years. Evidently, it had hatched and Megan was taking it to Arthur as well as his seven daughters. And Sarah had mentioned a big dog and Morgan had no idea what that meant. Her plans were starting to unravel quickly.

Impatiently, Morgan struck a small gong near her throne. A man appeared and bowed low.

"In the kitchen there's a new scullery maid named Hilda. Bring her to me." The man left quickly.

Minutes later, a small lump of a woman was pushed into the throne room and the door slammed behind her.

Morgan beckoned the old woman to her with a crooked finger. "Come, come, my dear. Come here. We have much to talk about."

The old woman came to the throne. She was old, fat, and stoop-shouldered; her red, rheumy eyes were filled with mistrust and questions.

"When did you come to me, Hilda?" Morgan asked. "Three weeks ago with those two daughters of yours? To learn magic, wasn't it?"

Hilda cackled and wiped her nose on her sleeve. "Yes, my lady," she said, her voice cracking with age. "I came with Reeka and Draggle to learn from the great Morgan, but I can't learn anything washing dishes in the kitchen," she complained. "And I changed my name to Hydia, my lady. It seemed more fitting for a woman of my stature who wants to learn the dark arts."

Morgan bit back a retort. She needed a tool and this ancient upstart could come in quite handy if she was used properly. "As you wish … Hydia," Morgan said, humoring the old fool. "I have a job for you that requires you doing some magic. Would you like that?"

Hydia grinned. "Magic? Real magic?" She shuffled her feet in excitement and nervously pulled on the old stained shawl that went around her neck. "Magic," she said again dreamily.

Morgan's smile vanished to be replaced by a hard glare. "Then listen to me and listen well." Hydia jerked her attention back to Morgan.

"Three years ago, I turned my half-brother's seven daughters into ponies in revenge for reasons you need not know. His wizard, Merlin, sent them in a toy castle down time through the Wood of the World and I thought the Seven Sisters gone forever.

"But Merlin tricked me. They are returning and when they return, my spell will be broken."

Morgan grabbed Hydia's shawl with one hand and pulled her closer. "And they are not coming alone. They have a descendent of Arthur leading them. They have a baby dragon with them as well as some large dog."

Hydia swallowed hard. "A dragon?" Her voice shook.

Morgan laughed and let go of the old woman's greasy shawl. "Now why would the great Hydia fear a dragon? Especially when she has Morgan's book of spells?"

Hydia stared. "Book of spells?" she asked, her face a mask of lust for power. "Spells," she muttered.

"Yes, my dear. Spells. And real spells. You are to go into the Wood. Stop Megan and the sisters from returning. Use whatever spells you need and do whatever it takes." Morgan leaned closely so her face was only inches away from Hydia's.

"And do not fail me. You would not like what would happen if you failed me."

Again, Hydia swallowed hard. "But," she stammered, "why don't you go yourself? I mean, I'm glad to be of assistance to such a great lady, but why use me?"

Morgan gritted her teeth in frustration. "Because the Wood has a will and the Wood has a way. It has barred magicians and sorcerers. I can send my image, but I cannot walk its paths. Yet, magical things can enter; magical things like toy castles and toy carousels and books of spells.

"Stop the girl and the sisters. And when you return, I will make you what you wish."

"And my daughters?" Hydia stammered. "Can my daughters come with me? I want them to learn, too."

Morgan waved a hand in dismissal. "Take your waifs with you. Just do what I command."

Hydia bowed low and stared at the book that had magically appeared at her feet. With twitching fingers she picked it up, and holding it close to her chest, she fled the dark throne room.

It was their second day after they had left Dubricius' Sanctuary, and Megan and her friends still walked the Wood of the World. After two days of berries, mushrooms and raw herbs, Megan hungered for a pizza. The ponies were well-fed from the thick patches of grass they occasionally found, and Madra and Spike seemed to live off the very air they breathed.

"I wonder where this Wood is taking us?" Megan asked for the third time that day.

Aunt Constance said nothing, but Megan could tell she was worried. And probably hungry. Sarah, on the other hand, had no complaints at all. Megan suspected she was still in shock from being deserted by Morgan in the Wood; and aside from keeping a wide berth from the great dog and the baby dragon, Sarah stayed close to Twilight and said very little unless she was spoken to.

With a rush of feathers, Medley and Firefly landed and carefully folded their wings along their sleek backs.

"There's a small waterfall up ahead," Medley said excitedly. "With a great big pool."

Megan looked at her ragged little party. Her clothes, as well as those of Aunt Constance and Sarah, were heavily stained from travel and sleeping on the ground. Aside from washing hands and faces in the small streams they had found, they were very dirty. And the ponies were filthy, too.

"If the water's clean, we probably could enjoy a bath," Megan said. "Lead us too it."

Minutes later, they could hear the sound of falling water which led them to a small waterfall that filled a large pond with crystal clear water.

To the surprise of everyone, Spike dove in immediately with a great splash. Moments later, he came to the surface, a huge trout in his jaws.

"Spike caught a fish," Sarah laughed in delight, the first time she had laughed since they first met her. "Good going, Spike," she called.

Spike threw the fish in the air and caught it head-first in his teeth where it disappeared immediately.

"Fish," Spike said clearly. "Ssshhpike caught fish." With that, he dove again.

"Now we know what he likes to eat," Megan said in relief.

Minutes later, they were all enjoying the clear water, washing off the stain of four days journey. Spike had so far caught several fish and was now undulating through the water like a miniature version of the Loch Ness Monster.

After drinking his fill, Madra watched from where he lay on the shore, where no amount of coaxing could make him come into the water.

The ponies rolled in the shallows, turning the water a dirty brown from four days of dust and dirt.

The waterfall served as a natural shower and, though she dearly wished for soap, Megan was able to wash the leaves and dirt from her hair. Sarah had already used the waterfall to wash herself, using a fine clay she had found as a mild abrasive to get some of the darker smudges off her face and arms. Aunt Constance was content to simply dangle her feet in the water from the edge of a rocky lip.

Curious, and forgotten by the others in the pleasure of the pool's water, Sarah climbed up the slanting and fractured sides of the cliff from where the waterfall tumbled. There was no danger of falling; handholds were plentiful and the slope was not that steep.

Sarah climbed well above the tops of the massive trees that made up the Wood. Though the trees at the top of the cliff blocked her view to the north, she saw a green carpet of treetops as far as she could see. Struck by the simple beauty of the Wood, she looked to the south.

At first, she simply stared in wonder, not understanding what she was seeing. Moments later, she was scrambling back down the cliff as fast as she could.

Sarah found that Megan had finished her impromptu bath and was drying in the sunlight by the waterfall. "Megan," she whispered urgently. "Megan, you've got to come with me."

"Why?" Megan asked, annoyed at being disturbed. She stopped at the look on Sarah's face. "What's the matter?" she asked quickly.

"There's something you need to see." Sarah grabbed Megan's hand. "It's right up here."

"Let me get the others," Megan protested.

"I want you to see it first," Sarah implored. "Please. Later, if you think they need to see it too, we'll show it to them."

The two young girls climbed back up the cliffside. Megan too was struck by the sea of green until she looked to where Sarah was pointing.

In the crystal clear air, they could see the wall even though it was still far away. They saw the gate and its Guardian and the garden that lay beyond the wall, a garden of exquisite beauty with an indescribable array of color and form. They could see the flaming sword the shining Guardian held, and Megan and Sarah felt a peculiar sense of immeasurable loss and regret.

"Let's not tell the others," Megan said a while later. "I think that's the Heart of the Wood, and I don't think it right that too many people see it."

Quickly, though reluctant to leave the vision behind, they climbed back down the cliffside. Aunt Constance had dozed off to the sound of the water and the warmth of the sunlight while the ponies quietly grazed on the lush grass that grew near the pool. Madra had disappeared to who knew where and Spike still swam in the pool's cooling waters.

Their clothes dried quickly in the sunlight and, with two hours yet to go before sunset, they continued following the path to wherever the Wood was leading them.

"Reeka! Draggle! Get up, you lazybones!" Hydia stormed into the room they used as both bedroom and living room. Trash covered the floor and it stank. "The great Morgan has given us a real job besides cooking gruel and washing tureens."

Draggle lay sprawled on a filthy sleeping pallet. Barely fifteen summers old, she was as thin as a rod and her shock of red hair looked like it had never been combed. She rubbed sleep out of her eyes.

"Mother," she complained. "I want to sleep."

Hydia glared at her and clenched her hands into fists. "I … I mean, Hydia," Draggle said quickly.

Reeka sniggered from where she sat in a corner. Two years younger then her sister, Reeka was as fat as her sister was thin. Grinning, she ate two-day old gruel out of an old wooden bowl with her fingers. "I've been up for fifteen minutes," she said, her voice thick and oily. "I'm not a lazybones like Draggle."

"Stop fighting," Hydia ordered, pawing through the trash. "Get up, get dressed, and help me find some things. We've got a job hunting ponies."

"Little horsies?" Draggle asked gleefully. "We're going to hunt little horsies?"

"Ponies," Hydia corrected her. "Magical ponies that Morgan wants stopped."

She grinned at her daughters. "We're going to be real sorcerers."

Later, the three stood outside Morgan's castle. Draggle and Reeka held the large book while Hydia intoned ancient words and moved her hands in ornate motions.

The first spell was a failure, temporarily turning Draggle's hair a brilliant green in color. It took several minutes of threats before Reeka could compose herself to hold the book still. Reeka's muffled giggling broke Hydia's concentration and the next spell had them running for their lives from a large, enraged bull that magically appeared out of thin air.

On the fourth try--- the third having given Reeka a bad case of hiccups--- the air shimmered and the Wood appeared. With a cry of triumph, Hydia ran down the path followed by Draggle and a hiccuping Reeka where they disappeared into the Wood.



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Last month's--

The question was: How much has collecting My Little Ponies influenced your life?

I think MLPs have had an 80% influence on my life. Ironically, I got my first MLP the year that my parents got divorced. I'm an only child, so it was hard on me. I used to role-play with my ponies, and they were (and still are) my friends when I needed someone to talk to.

Oh, definitely 100%!!!!!


New Pony in Town
by Sugarberry

Humming with the hustle and bustle of the first day of school, Miss Hackney's classroom was a flutter of activity as the students found their seats and organized their notebooks. Snips of conversation filled the air. "I broke my lead already!" "Bright Eyes, that outfit is great!" "Have you heard the latest gossip?" "Meet me at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe after school."

The chatter continued until Miss Hackney entered the room, followed by some pony the returning students had never seen before. All eyes settled on her as she stood by Miss Hackney at the front of the classroom. A snicker was heard from Melody as she leaned close to Patch and whispered, "What an ugly pony!"

Granted, the new pony didn't look exactly like any of the other students. For one thing, she was much smaller, very petite. She held her head high, though, and smiled (admittedly a bit nervously) as Miss Hackney introduced her. "Girls, this is Midnight Rose. Her family has moved to Dream Valley from Friendship Gardens. I'm sure you will all make her feel welcome."

Patch did her part by applauding the new pony; and the others, except Melody, joined in. Midnight Rose's blue eyes sparkled brightly at this friendly reception, and she slipped her magenta body into the desk indicated by Miss Hackney.

As the school day began, Melody caught Sweetheart's eye and whispered, "Skinny little thing, isn't she? Must be hungry." Sweetheart smiled, but returned her attention quickly to the lesson on prime numbers that Miss Hackney was explaining. Melody turned her gaze on Midnight Rose and thought again, "Boy, is she ugly. Probably stupid, too!"

At that moment, Melody realized that Miss Hackney had just asked her a question. "Wa...what?" she stuttered.

Is seven a prime number, Melody?" Miss Hackney repeated.

"It's never been important to me," responded Melody. The rest of the class tittered.
"Midnight Rose, can you explain to Melody whether seven is prime?"

"Yes. Seven is prime because its only factors are one and itself," concisely explained Midnight Rose.

"Skinny creep," muttered Melody to herself.

When biology class started, Miss Hackney assigned each pony to a partner for lab work. "Melody, you and Midnight Rose will be lab partners. Please show Midnight Rose where we keep our lab equipment."

Melody clomped to the cupboard at the back of the room, and pulled out an equipment box. Brusquely, she shoved it at Midnight Rose and said, "Here's the stuff."

The ponies set-up their microscopes and Miss Hackney handed out prepared slides for them to view. Melody grabbed the slide from Midnight Rose, and adjusted the magnification. After peering at the globular organism for a few seconds, she pushed the microscope toward her saying, "It's fat and ugly."

Midnight Rose spent several minutes examining the minuscule creature under the lens and thoughtfully said, "Look at the fluid grace of its movements, though. It may look fat and ugly to us, but for an amoeba, it is the perfect shape."

Leaning forward to rest her chin on her hoof, Melody sneered, "I suppose you think its pretty!"

Gazing once more at the amoeba on the slide, Midnight Rose explained, "Well, maybe not pretty. And yet, to another amoeba, maybe she is beautiful!"

"Fat and ugly," returned Melody decidedly.

"Lunchtime is my favorite part of the school day," stated Bon Bon as the ponies gathered under the huge maple tree shading the school yard. She bit into the fudge brownie she'd packed for dessert, closing her eyes and savoring the chocolate flavor.

"Shouldn't you eat your sandwich first?" asked Clover, chewing on a crisp apple.

"This brownie was begging to be eaten!" Bon Bon replied. "Besides, my priorities may be different from yours!"

"That's true," agreed Starlight. "Think how boring life would be if we were all carbon copies of each other."

Off to the side where Melody had drawn Patch so the two could speak privately, Melody was complaining, "...and how can anyone be so skinny and ugly? She looks like a lizard!"

Patch rolled her eyes, and tried to placate Melody. "She is really very pleasant and fun to be around, Melody. Sure, she's thinner than us, but she definitely isn't ugly."

"She is too! Skinny and ugly," griped Melody.

"Wait until you get to know her better."

"I don't want to know her better, the ugly thing," was Melody's reply as the bell called the ponies back to their desks.

As Melody walked into the classroom, she pulled her tummy in tight and held her head high, trying to mimic Midnight Rose's trim figure, and nearly stumbled into Miss Hackney. Miss Hackney looked at Melody curiously, and asked if she was feeling okay. "You don't look yourself, Melody."

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly. History and grammar were soon finished, and then it was time for the last class of the day--physical education.

"The parallel bars are set-up in the gym," began Miss Hackney, "and I want you to practice what you learned last spring."

With a burst of energy and enthusiasm, the ponies rushed to the gymnasium and formed an impromptu line to take turns on the bars.

Bright Eyes was the first up, followed by Clover, Starlight, Bon Bon, Sweetheart, and Patch. When Melody's turn came, she smugly began to balance herself across the bar, her blue mane flowing gracefully behind her. She glanced at Midnight Rose to see if the skinny pony was watching the graceful beauty of a real pony when she slipped and fell. She ended up as a blue and pink tangle on the gym mats.

"Now, Midnight Rose, it's your turn," said Miss Hackney after verifying that nothing more than Melody's pride had been hurt. "Are you familiar with this equipment?"

"Oh, yes," grinned Midnight Rose, her eyes glittering with mischief. "Gymnastics is my favorite sport."

So saying, Midnight Rose sprang onto the parallel bars and began a routine that had the other ponies standing open-mouthed in surprise and admiration. As she did a perfect dismount, every pony but one clustered around her in praise.

"Way to go, Middy," called Patch.

"That was fantastic!" added Sweetheart.

Each one was generous with her compliments except for Melody who hung back wearing a sour expression that marred her ponyishness. "It makes me sick to see that ugly pony get all the attention," she muttered to herself. "I wish she'd never left Friendship Gardens!"

The rest of the gang took Midnight Rose to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe after school to introduce her to the finer things of Ponyland, namely ice cream and chocolate malts. Over a banana split, Midnight Rose explained to the ponies that her dad had been an Olympic gymnast gold medal winner, and he had begun training her for that same goal when she was born.

On the way home, Patch was intercepted by a restless Melody who wanted to know what had been going on.

"Where were you?" questioned Patch.

"Just hangin' out," explained Melody. "I didn't want to be with you while that ugly pony was around."

"Melody, stop calling Midnight Rose ugly. Just because she's a little different than us, she is still a pony, and a very pretty one at that."

"But she's so skinny! No pony can be that skinny!" continued a snarling Melody.

Patch sighed. "Melody..."

"Skinny and ugly! That's all she is. You'll see, Patch. I'd stay away from her if I were you. You might start looking like a lizard yourself someday."

"That's enough, Melody." Patch finally reached her boiling point. "If you are going to continue running down Midnight Rose just because she's not the same as you, than do it somewhere else. I don't want to listen anymore."

With that said, Patch tossed her mane and headed home. Melody watched her go, and tossed her mane in turn. "She'll see it my way sooner or later," she thought to herself. That pony is ugly, no doubt about it. Skinny and ugly."

An exhausted Midnight Rose crawled into bed that night after her first day of school. Her mother came and sat on her bed and smiled down at her. "I haven't tucked you in since you were a little pony; but after your big day with new friends, I thought maybe you could use some special attention."

Midnight Rose's eyelids were heavy, but the sparkle in her eyes still remained. "Mom," she confided, "I was really scared going to a new school without knowing any of the ponies in my class, but every pony was so nice that it turned out to be a great day." She didn't worry her mother with the fact that one of the ponies had been rather cool towards her. "I think I'm going to fit in just fine."

After her mom left the room, Midnight Rose fell asleep almost immediately. Her dreams were filled with colorful images of new friends and good times.

Only once, close to midnight, did Midnight Rose appear restless as a strange dream flitted across her subconscious. In this dream, the colors were still vibrant, but the creature wasn't a pony. It was an amoeba, a big pink amoeba. But she had a flowing blue mane. And Miss Hackney's voice said, "Melody, it's your turn now." And the pink amoeba oozed up onto the parallel bars and crept across the bar, her blue mane swinging side to side with the motion of her efforts, when suddenly she lost her grip and landed with a sickening squish.

In the way of dreams, the action shifted suddenly to a magical meadow where Midnight Rose and Melody were laughing and talking together like the best of friends. They were surrounded by a multitude of ponies in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Fat ponies, thin ponies, ponies with glasses, ponies on crutches, ponies in wheelchairs, tailless ponies, princess ponies and ragamuffin ponies, large ponies and tiny ponies; every pony was enjoying a gorgeous day, sharing her joy with every other pony. No cliques here!

Momentarily, Midnight Rose's eyes flickered open and a smile crossed her face. "Every pony is beautiful in the eyes of the Lord," she whispered as she once again drifted off to a place in her dreams where all ponies were equally valued.

And in a house across Ponyland, a pink pony with a blue mane was having the same dream.


School News

This month the baby ponies were assigned to write Halloween Haiku.

Fat orange pumpkin

Eyes glowing in the darkness

Sitting on the porch

by Baby Gusty

Tail swinging slowly

Black cat on the wooden fence

Yowl like a banshee

by Clipper

Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop

Candy dropping in my bag

I love Halloween

by Baby Starflower

Soft, silky, lacy

Strands of delicate beauty

Spider web builder

by Baby Firefly

The streets of our town

Full of monsters, ghosts, goblins

I want my mommy

by Baby Stockings

Moon shining brightly

A bat hovering high up

He looks so spooky

by Baby North Star


=/\=PONY TREK=/\=
by Blu Flyer

======= Episode 3: A.I: Part One =======

Medley breathed a sigh of relief. She stooped over the console in engineering, trying to figure out a complex disturbance in the warp-manifold.

She fluttered her wings a bit in frustration, and some of her green mane fell over her face. She sighed again, sweeping it back behind one ear with a throw of her head. She heard the four-step beat of hooves behind her, and turned to see Ensign Baby Countdown standing beside her.

"I've taken a look at the neural plasma in the warp field," the Ensign said, gesturing at his PADD. "It looks like... well, it's nothing anyone taught at the Academy. You better take a look." Medley shook herself into a composed stance, took a deep breath, and followed the young Ensign.

They walked towards the center of Engineering where the warp core stood. It had a pleasant hum about it, and the colors inside swirled like some drowning rainbow... in a beautiful way, of course. Medley stared at it, watching the blues and purples blow and shift inside the giant column.

"Lieutenant?" Countdown asked.

"Humm? Oh. Yes. Show me what you found." Medley's attention snapped back into the heightened mathematical awareness required for technical engineering work.

"I was noticing that the core is... well, Lieutenant, it seems like it's pulsing."

"Pulsing? In what way?" Medley asked, taking a look at the console.

"At undeterminable intervals the core's temperature rises. The period lasts for about a second, and then drops down to normal temperatures. That's why we've been having trouble with the manifolds. The conduits that control plasma flow--"

"I know, they shut off when the temperature rises. Safety protocol," Medley interrupted. She stared at the console, and studied the numbers. Rise at Oh- Four-hundred hours, and again at Oh-Seven hundred, and again at Oh-Nine hundred... something clicked in her mind.

"The pulses are getting faster," she said, still looking at the console.

"Um, yes, I guess they are."

"Keep an eye on this," Medley said. She tapped the pendant that hung from her golden collar. It chimed.

"Lieutenant Medley to the Captain," she said, walking towards the turbo lift. The Captain's voice came over the comm.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" The Captain sounded cool and collected. Medley stepped into the turbo.

"We've got a situation in Engineering. Can I see you?"

"Is it serious? Is anyone hurt?" the Captain's voice asked worriedly. Medley could visualize her Captain jumping out of her seat and getting ready to come down.

"Oh, no, Captain. Nothing serious. I just... can I just have a moment?"

"Yes. Of course. Meet me in my ready room. Flyer out." The chime over the comm notified the Chief Engineer that the Captain had logged out. She tapped her own comm-badge and shut it off as the turbo opened onto the bridge. She trotted briskly across the room, receiving an inquiring look from Ensign Ribbs at the conn.

Medley hurried into the Captain's ready room. Inside, the Captain and First Officer were seated.

They were strange company, and although Medley knew the Captain and Commander to be nice ponies, but still... the Captain of the ship... drinking soda?

"Please sit down, Lieutenant," Commander Tic-Tac-Toe said. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Um, no. No thank you," Medley said, sitting down.

"What did you want to tell me?" asked the Captain.

"Well, there's some sort of.... situation going on in engineering. The warp core-- it's pulsing heat. And the pulses have been getting faster."

"Ah," said Captain Flyer, who accepted the strawberry soda that Tic-Tac-Toe offered her. "Do you have any theories?"

"No, Sir. Not at this moment."

"Please, call me Captain," Flyer said.

"Yes, Captain. I--" Medley was interrupted by a chime on her comm badge. The Captain nodded. Medley tapped her badge.

"Lieutenant?" came Ensign Countdown's voice over the hum of Engineering.

"Yes, Ensign?"

"The pulses... they've stopped getting faster. They're at the rate of ten every fifteen seconds."

"Thank you, Ensign. Medley out." Medley looked at the Captain.

"Thank you for telling me, " Flyer said. "I wish to know what this is all about. The crew is at your disposal. Dismissed." The Captain rose and headed out the door.

Medley looked around, and caught Tic-Tac-Toe's eye as she brought the glasses back to the replicator. The Commander smiled, eyes twinkling. Medley walked out the doors and caught a turbo back to engineering.

As she walked in, checking various consoles, Ensign Countdown trotted up to her.


"Lieutenant, I think you ought to see this." He turned and headed towards the warp core. Medley followed.

The warp core looked the same to her, and she was about to ask what to look for, when suddenly the core flashed. The burst of light lasted about a half a second and then was gone. A second later, it flashed again. Medley looked to Ensign Countdown questioningly.

"It flashes every time it pulses," he explained. Medley nodded and checked the console near the core.

"Look at this," she said, pointing.

As she accessed the energy output of the core, suddenly a long screen full of numbers and symbols spilled over the monitors. Countdown gasped.

"Get a decoder in here now," she said quietly. Ensign Countdown hurried to the other nearby console and brought up the decoder. Medley watched her screen as the red cursor scanned over the readings. Medley hit her comm badge.

"Lieutenant Medley to Captain Flyer," she said.

"Yes, Lieutenant?"

"The core is putting out patterned energy readings, Captain. We're decoding it now."

"How long will it take?"

"An estimated four hours. It's a long cryptogram."

"Really. Well, tell me when it's done. I want to see it right away."

Medley nodded, even though the Captain couldn't see her. She watched as the monitors translated the first segment of cryptics.

--{ I L I V E ! }--

To be continued....


Mystery Pony

This month's Mystery Pony--

pink pony with white hair; silver glitter stars symbol

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Last month's--

The correct answer was Clever Clover! Winners are:

My other guess is Clever Clover.

This month's Mystery Pony is Clever Clover, a 1998 Pony!

Is it Clever Clover!!!


Invento Ponies
Halloween Ponies
by Tabby

Name: Pumpkin Delight

Body Color: Black

Hair Color: Black with Orange Streak

Symbol: Orange Pumpkin

Breed: Earth

Name: Twilight Walker

Body Color: Orange

Hair Color: Orange with Black Streak

Symbol: Black Cat

Breed: Unicorn

Name: Spooky Spectre

Body Color: White

Hair Color: White with Black Streak

Symbol: Black Outline of a Pony Ghost

Breed: Pegasus

Name: Halloween Surprise

Body Color: Orange

Hair Color: White with Orange Streak

Symbol: Black Outline of a Haunted House

Breed: Unicorn

Name: Bone Pile

Body Color: Black

Hair Color: White with Black Streak

Symbol: Black Outline of a Pony Skeleton

Breed: Earth

Name: Midnight Flier

Body Color: White

Hair Color: Orange with White Streak

Symbol: Black Bat

Breed: Pegasus


Sugar Belle
(blue pony with light pink and magenta hair; magenta purse symbol)

Fun With Flowers
by Tabby

One autumn day Sugar Belle was taking a walk through one of the many meadows in Friendship Gardens. The birds were singing a pleasant tune and Sugar Belle was thoroughly enjoying being so close to nature.

Just then the colorful leaves on the bush that she was walking past started to shake. Sugar Belle jumped back in alarm. "What's that!"

Something within the bush started to giggle, and then a white head popped out of the bush. "Hey, Sugar Belle!"

"Light Heart!" Sugar Belle yelped. "Why did you do that?"

Light Heart was overcome with laughter. "Because it's-- fun!"

Sugar Belle shook her head good-naturedly. "I suppose."

Tossing her mane, Light Heart fully emerged from the bush. "So, whatcha up to today?"

"Nothing in particular; I was just taking a walk."

"You must have more excitement in your life than that!" Light Heart exclaimed.

"Oh, but walks can be quite exciting. You can see a lot of wildlife," Sugar Belle defended herself.

"Yes, that's true." Light Heart nodded her head. "But I was just going to head over to Ivy's place."

"I guess I should head back home, too; I promised Petal Blossom I'd help her decorate for the big party she's throwing," Sugar Belle explained.

"Yes, and I'm having my hair done for that big occasion!" Light Heart exclaimed. "It's gonna be great!"

Sugar Belle waved to Light Heart as she trotted off in the direction of Petal Blossom's house.

* * *
"Hello, Sugar Belle!" Petal Blossom greeted her from the door. "Come in!"

"How has the party preparation been going so far?" Sugar Belle questioned.

"Pretty good," Petal Blossom replied. "Things are coming along just fine."

Sugar Belle smiled. "And where are the flowers that I'm supposed to decorate the place with?"

"Well, they haven't arrived yet," Petal Blossom said. "That's the only thing that isn't coming along fine."

"They'll get here soon!" Sugar Belle said cheerfully.

"Yes, they should... the flower pony did say he'd have the cart here by four o' clock, and it's only a few minutes to four now."

"Is there anything else I can help with before they get here?" Sugar Belle offered.

"Oh, that would be great!" Petal Blossom exclaimed. "I haven't gotten all the cupcakes frosted yet; you can work on that."

"Sure!" Sugar Belle agreed.

Petal Blossom led Sugar Belle into the kitchen and pointed to the cupcakes on the counter and the bowl of frosting. "Here, take this knife, and you can start frosting."

Sugar Belle took the knife and spread frosting over one cupcake. "Oh, these smell good, Petal Blossom!"

"I hope they taste good, too," Petal Blossom smiled. "In the meantime, I'll be over here working on the fruit salad."

"Are you putting whipped cream in the fruit salad?" Sugar Belle questioned as she kept working on the cupcakes.

"Oh, of course!" Petal Blossom said from the other side of the kitchen, where she was cutting up a banana.

"Maybe you ought to make some without whipped cream, too," Sugar Belle suggested.

Petal Blossom stopped and considered this. "Hmm, that's a good idea! In case anyone's on a diet, they wouldn't want all that whipped cream."

"Or if they just plain don't like whipped cream," Sugar Belle added as she set another frosted cupcake in the lineup of cupcakes.

Petal Blossom giggled. "Like Tabby over in Dream Valley! She absolutely hates the stuff!"

"I remember one party a little while ago; she complained that everything was ruined because it all had whipped cream in it!" Sugar Belle recalled.

"I just can't imagine anyone not liking whipped cream," Petal Blossom sighed.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It's such good stuff!" Sugar Belle exclaimed.

Just then Petal Blossom perked up her head and looked out a window. "Oh, look, the flower cart just arrived!" With that she dropped the knife she was using and ran out of the kitchen; Sugar Belle followed her.

Petal Blossom had just opened the front door. "Oh, Spike's with the flower pony!" she said to Sugar Belle. "But where are the flowers? I don't see them!"

"And the flower pony looks so forlorn," Sugar Belle remarked. "What happened?"

Spike hopped down from the cart and ran towards Sugar Belle and Petal Blossom. "Oh, the flowers are ruined!" he sobbed. "It was just one little hiccup! Really, really!"

Petal Blossom ran out of the house and over to the cart. "There's only a burnt mass left!"

"What exactly happened, Spike?" Sugar Belle questioned the purple baby dragon.

"See, I met up with the flower pony and he invited me to come along," Spike explained. "So I went and sat down, and one time during the trip I hiccuped and flame came bursting out and caught the flowers on fire! I didn't mean it!"

"We know you didn't mean it, Spike," Petal Blossom sighed. "But how are we going to get more flowers?"

The flower pony walked over to the group. "I could see if they had any more flowers at the Dream Valley location, but they might be all out, too."

"You mean you don't have any more in Friendship Gardens?" Petal Blossom said in dismay.

"Your order cleared us all out. Like I said, I could try the Dream Valley location, but I wouldn't count on getting any more," the driver explained.

Sugar Belle and Petal Blossom sighed.

"I could help you get replacements!" Spike offered.

"But how could you? All the flowers are dead for the season," Petal Blossom said.

"Oh, yeah," Spike realized. "Too bad."

"Why don't I just summon some up!" Sugar Belle suddenly burst out.

"Sugar Belle! You're right! That's your magic power!" Petal Blossom explained.

"I'll be on my way now," the flower pony said hastily and walked over to the cart.

"You can summon flowers up?" Spike asked in awe, as the flower pony went away with the cart.

"Sure!" Sugar Belle said. "Too bad I didn't think of it earlier."

"Let's get back inside and hurry up!" Petal Blossom urged.

The three hurried inside Petal Blossom's house.

"Now, what kinds do you want in what locations?" Sugar Belle questioned.

Petal Blossom thought for awhile. "Uh... roses in the entryway... and violets in the powder room..."

"Okay, let me take care of those two first," Sugar Belle said. As they were already in the entryway, she closed her eyes in concentration-- and suddenly there were roses decorating the room! Above the doorway and windows, bouquets sitting on each side of the staircase-- everywhere!

"How do you do that!" Spike asked, wide-eyed.

"Now for the violets," Sugar Belle mumbled as she went up the stairs into the main room of Petal Blossom's house. She stood outside the powder room and concentrated again. Similar to before, dozens of violets appeared in the room.

"Isn't is beautiful?" Petal Blossom breathed.

Sugar Belle went throughout the house doing the same thing to every room-- chrysanthemums in the main room, tulips in the living room, and pansies in the kitchen.

"You did a great job, Sugar Belle!" Petal Blossom congratulated her. "I don't know what I would have done without you!"

"Yeah, Sugar Belle, it looks really cool," Spike commented, fingering a chrysanthemum. "I'd better start back home, huh?"

"Why don't you just stay for the party?" Petal Blossom invited him.

Spike's face brightened. "Aww... that'd be great!"

"The other guests should start arriving any minute now," Sugar Belle said after glancing at a clock.

"You're right!" Petal Blossom exclaimed. "I've still got to put whipped cream on the fruit salad!" She dashed off into the kitchen.

The doorbell rang at that point, and Sugar Belle went to open the door. "Hi, Seabreeze!" she greeted the aqua pony that stood outside the door.

"Hello!" Seabreeze exclaimed. "Where's Petal Blossom?"

"She's just putting the finishing touches on the fruit salad; she'll be out soon," Sugar Belle explained.

Seabreeze brushed past Sugar Belle into the main room. "Oh, Spike! You're here too!"

"Yeah! I promise not to start any fires, though!" Spike said.

Seabreeze laughed. "I'm sure you won't. What brings you to Friendship Gardens?"

"Well... that's really a long story," Spike explained.

Just then Petal Blossom came out of the kitchen carrying two bowls full of fruit salad-- one with whipped cream, one without. "Seabreeze! Hi!" She quickly set the two bowls down on the food table.

"Looks like Light Heart and Sundance are coming up the walk now!" Sugar Belle called.

"Great!" Petal Blossom exclaimed. She rushed over to the door so she could be there to greet them.

"And these flowers look absolutely wonderful!" Seabreeze commented to Sugar Belle.

"You really think so, huh?" Sugar Belle said, smiling secretly to herself.

"Yes, they're so pretty they're almost... magical!" Seabreeze said in awe. "I'd like to found out who did the decorating."

But just then Light Heart entered the room. "Hey, Sugar Belle! So we meet again!"

Sugar Belle nodded her head in acknowledgment. "Your hair looks great!"

Light Heart tucked a stray strand of her curly hair back in with the rest of her mane. "Ivy didn't do half bad, eh?"

"Certainly not," Sugar Belle said. "Oh, look, there she is now!"

Ivy walked in and stared around in bewilderment. "Wow! The flowers in here are so very pretty!" she exclaimed.

"Hey, that's right!" Light Heart echoed. "They are awfully nice. Never saw anything like them."

The rest of the ponies slowly trickled in, and everyone had to comment on the beautiful flowers. Sugar Belle considered her decorating a success.



How many strawberries does Sugarberry have on her body? E-mail your guess to Tabby ( The person who sends the first correct answer will win a free My Little Pony sticker of Light Heart, Sweetberry, Sundance, Morning Glory, or Ivy (winner's choice).


Dancer's Story
Part Two
by chamber@www.LakeNet.COM

"So this is Arabia!" Dancer said as she and Wonder looked around.

"The United Arab Emirates," Wonder said. "We have three weeks before the race, so what do you want to do after we get settled into our stalls?" Wonder asked Dancer.

"Let's go shopping!" Mindy suggested.

Wonder smiled. "I knew one of you were going to say that; great idea."

Magic looked at her watch and frowned. "I'll have to get my watch set on the right time," she said as she tapped it with her hoof.

* * *
As Wonder, Dancer, Mindy, and Magic walked the streets of Dubai, Dancer and Magic talked about all the fun they were going to have in the next three weeks.

"Look, here is the Dubai River," Wonder announced as they stopped on a bridge.

"Cool!" Dancer said as she peered over the side.

"I'm hungry; when can we eat?" Mindy said.

"It must be lunch time. What kind of food do Arab horses eat?" Magic laughed. All four of them thought about it, but they couldn't remember any Arabic foods.

"We can always have fried scorpions," Wonder laughed.

* * *
"Boy, was that pizza good!" Dancer exclaimed a half hour later as they walked through the marketplace.

"Yeah, I'm stuffed!" Mindy said as she licked her lips.

"Hey! Check this out!" Wonder said as she picked up a glass pyramid with a scorpion inside. "Jazzman bought me something like this with a seahorse in it. Maybe I should start collecting these," she said as she paid the pony behind the table.

"Good idea," Magic told her.

"I found Stinger, the scorpion Beanie Baby!" Dancer said as she held two of them up.

"Would you each like one?" Wonder asked.

"Yes, please!" Dancer and Mindy both said.

* * *
Later that night, Wonder and Magic met with a few reporters and business horses, leaving Dancer and Mindy free to explore the Nad El Sheba track by themselves.

"This is so cool!" Dancer cried as she and Mindy cantered around the track. It was late after dinner and most of the horses were at the evening meetings and parties.

"You said it!" Mindy agreed as they walked to the gap.

"You two brats stay off the track!" a dark horse shouted as he walked up to them. It was Townsend Victor, one of the horses that would be racing in the Dubai World Cup.

"We were just leaving," Mindy said as they walked past him and off the track.

"Well, look who got to come to Arabia!" another voice said from behind Dancer. She spun around and came face to face with Triumph.

"Go away and leave me alone!" Dancer said.

"Whatever," Triumph sneered as he followed Victor back to their reserved stables.

* * *
"Who is that?" Dancer asked the next day after morning workouts as they watched a white Arabian filly dancing by the track.

"I don't know," Mindy answered. The arabian filly was doing beautiful caprioles, levades, piaffes, and passages to music that played from her stereo on the ground by her.

"She is good," Mindy said.

"I think they call that Dressage," Dancer thought out loud. Only after the song had ended did the filly notice her admirers.

"Hello!" she said as she walked over to Dancer and Mindy.

"Hi! I'm Dancer, and this is my friend, Mindy," Dancer introduced themselves.

"I'm Hope. Are you here for the Dubai World Cup?" she asked.

"Yeah," Dancer told her.

"You are a great dancer," Mindy said with awe.

"Thanks! I've been practicing ever since I grew into myself and got over that clumsy foal stage," Hope told them.

"How long will you be here?" Dancer asked Hope.

"At least until after the race. Then I suppose I'll go to Paris; then maybe London and Italy," Hope considered.

"Aren't you a little young to be traveling around the world?" Mindy asked in amazement.

"I don't think so," Hope said. "I like to see the sights, and I go to a lot of shows and watch all the famous horses! Like Smooth Movin', Shining, Signature Required, On My Honor, and, uh, all the others," Hope finished with a frown.

"We better be getting back to our reserved row. Maybe we can see you later?" Dancer asked.

"Sure! I'll find you later!" Hope said as she waved goodbye to her two new friends.

* * *
"...and so Hope got talking about all the horses that she admires and she mentioned Shining!" Dancer told Wonder that night as they stood on the track in the cool night air. Dancer remembered Shining, because Wonder had told her that Shining was her aunt and Wonder's half-sister.

"Maybe tomorrow you can introduce me to your friend," Wonder suggested as they walked back to the barn.

"Sure, I know she would love to meet you," Dancer told her.

* * *
"This is fun!" Dancer laughed a couple days later as Hope tried to teach her and Mindy how to dance. They had packed a picnic lunch and went swimming at a pool near the racetrack.

"I can do a levade!" Mindy whinnied as she leaped one, twice, three times, and right into the pool. Dancer and Hope started laughing.

"Come on in!" Mindy challenged as she swam around. Dancer and Hope jumped in and splashed their friend.

"Wait ‘till I tell Hollywood!" Dancer exclaimed as she swam in a circle.

"Who is she?" Hope asked.

"She is out friend back in Dream Valley," Mindy explained.

"Dr-Dream Valley? Did you say Dream Valley!?" Hope gasped.

"Yeah, we live close by," Dancer said as she shrugged.

"I have always wanted to go there!" Hope squealed.

"Maybe you could come back with us!" Dancer suggested.

"Do you have friends there?" Mindy asked.

Hope smiled and nodded. "You guys!" she said.

* * *
That night, Dancer, Mindy, and Hope found Wonder just as she came off the track. "Wonder, can Hope come back with us to Dream Valley?" Dancer asked.

"Hmmm, I don't know..." Wonder began.

"Pleeeeeeaaaaaase?" Dancer, Hope, and Mindy begged.

"She can stay in Triumph's old stall," Dancer said.

"And Magic needs a few more jumpers in her training program," Mindy added.

"Okay, she can come," Wonder said with a smile. "I've seen you perform, Hope. You are great," she said. "I'll go find Magic."

Dancer smiled at Hope as Wonder trotted out the door.

"Did you hear that! My favorite star's half sister said I'm great!" Hope said as she laughed with joy, leaping up into a levade, then prancing in place.

* * *
"One, two, three, four," Dancer counted as Hope balanced on her hind legs. "Hope, is there anything to do here? Watching and helping you practice is fun; but after that, what can we do?" she asked once Hope was back down on all fours.

"Well, I could show you my favorite spot, if Wonder will let you come with me!" Hope said.

"Great! Let's go ask her!" Dancer said. They found Wonder resting in her stall.

"Can Hope and I go to her favorite spot to play?" Dancer asked.

Wonder thought for a minute, then looked up. "Where is this place?" she asked.

"Oh, just a mile outside town. It's a pyramid replica, sort of a fun-house, and there are trees and a pool," Hope told her.

"Sounds nice! You may go; Mindy might want to also, but be back before dinner," Wonder told them.

* * *
"I can't find Mindy," Dancer sighed fifteen minutes later as she and Hope met outside the Whitebrook shed row. "I've checked the track, the clubhouse, and the other buildings," she said.

"And I've searched most of the backside!" Hope gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"What about the Townsend Acres stabling?" Dancer suggested, making a face.

"It's worth a try!" Hope said as she followed Dancer towards the Townsend stabling.

"I'm sorry I acted like a jerk back at Whitebrook," Hope and Dancer heard as they stopped around the corner from the Townsend stables.

"Triumph!" Dancer whispered in Hope's ear.

"It's okay, Tri," Mindy's voice cooed. "I wouldn't have been a jerk right back if I knew you really did like me," she said in a sweet voice.

"Yeah, you're so beautiful; palomino is better then black or white, or even gray," Triumph said as he put his foreleg around Mindy.

Dancer peeked around the corner just as Triumph leaned down and kissed Mindy on the mouth. Dancer gasped, then jumped back so she wouldn't be seen.

"What?" Hope asked as she jumped back too, so she wouldn't get knocked over.

"They're kissing!" Dancer hissed. Hope shook her head.

"Let's go. I really don't want her coming along now," Dancer grumbled.

* * *
"This is fun!" Dancer giggled as she and Hope walked out of the Pyramid Maze. "You knew your way around pretty good, even though everything was lit; and you didn't look once at the arrows on the floor," Dancer said as they walked over to the ice cream shop.

"I do travel the world a lot; but I was born here in Dubai, and I spend most of the year here," Hope said after she ordered two large hot fudge sundaes. "And this is my favorite place in the Middle-East."

Dancer and Hope took their desserts over to a table in the shade and sat down. "Will you miss it?" Dancer asked as Hope took a bite of her sundae.

"Miss what?" Hope asked once she had licked the hot fudge off her lips.

"Arabia. You did want to come to Whitebrook with us, right?" Dancer asked.

"Yes! More than anything. Arabia is a great place, but my dream is greater," Hope told her.

"What is your dream?" Dancer asked Hope.

"To be a accepted in the Global Equine Olympics team. They have a different manager than the one they had when Shining and Signature performed, but that is a good story," Hope said.

* * *
After a day of racing, playing, swimming, and sightseeing, Dancer and Hope returned to the track ready for a great supper; and they weren't disappointed.

"So where were you two all day?" Mindy asked as Hope and Dancer walked into the dining room.

"The question is, where were you?" Dancer asked, adding a glare in Mindy's direction.

"It's none of your business who I like, Dancer," Mindy challenged.

"Then it is none of your business what me and my good friend did today!" Dancer snapped.

"Triumph just wants to start trouble and you know it!" Hope said, coming to Dancer's side.

"What would you know!" Mindy yelled. "At least he is acting nicer then you two!" she said, then walked out of the room.

"I know how you feel," a voice said from behind. Hope and Dancer turned around to see Wonder. "Everything will be okay. Hungry? The cook has made a spaghetti dinner," Wonder said as she stretched out her leg pointing to the kitchen.

"Yeah! I can smell it!" Dancer said as she smiled at Wonder and Hope.

* * *
"I can't believe Mindy hasn't even talked to us!" Dancer sighed as she looked down onto the track.

"Yeah, I haven't seen her at all today, but Triumph is over in the Townsend Acres seats and he has a white filly nuzzling him," Hope said.

"Oh well, hey! There's Wonder!" Dancer said as Wonder walked to the starting gate.

"And they're off for the Dubai World Cup!" the announcer shouted.

"Go, Wonder!" Dancer and Hope cheered.

"Hiho takes the early lead with Townsend Victor in second, Ritzy Mitzy in third, with Wonder in fourth and gaining on Ritzy Mitzy with every stride," the announcer said.

"She's in fourth!" Hope said.

"She will win! I know she can!" Dancer said.

"And down the stretch they come! Here is the match race we've been waiting for! Wonder and Townsend Victor are neck and neck with a furlong to go!" the announcer shouted, his voice growing with excitement.

"Go, Wonder!" Dancer shouted again.

"Wonder shoots in front of Townsend Victor to win by two lengths and going away! Wonder has done it again!" the announcer cried.

"She did it! She did it!" Dancer and Hope cheered as they hugged each other. "Yeah!"


Friendly's Apple Dessert


2 1/4 C. flour

½ tsp. salt

1 T. sugar (optional)

½ C. cooking oil

4 T. milk

1. In a 9X 13 pan, combine flour, salt, and sugar.

2. Whip together oil and milk; add to flour mix in pan.

3. Stir to moist; pat dough evenly over bottom of pan.


11/3 C. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

4 heaping T. flour

dash of salt

3 T. butter or margarine

Apples, pealed and sliced (approximately 8 cups---more or less to suit your preference)

1. Combine sugar, cinnamon, flour, and salt.

2. Cut in margarine with fork until crumbly.

3. Layer sliced apples in pan alternately with sugar mixture, ending with topping.

4. Sprinkle additional cinnamon on top.

5. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes.

P.S. For low-sugar diets, cut sugar amount to ½ cup sugar. When dessert is finished baking and has been out of the oven approximately ten minutes, sprinkle with Nutrasweet.


The Tabby and Sugarberry Gossip Hour!
by Tabby and Sugarberry

Tabby: Oh, Sugarberry! Oh, Sugarberry! What is there to talk about?

Sugarberry: I know there isn't much exciting going on, but I didn't know it was something to sound so dramatic over.

Tabby: You're right, but I needed something dramatic to start us off, see?

Sugarberry: Whatever you say, Tabby.

Tabby: I'm glad you agree!

Sugarberry: So what's the first item on the agenda?

Tabby: Hmm...

Sugarberry: Oh, Tabby, you never know what to talk about... but we agreed that you'd lead the first discussion topic!

Tabby: Ah, yes, we did...

Sugarberry: Just start talking about something; don't keep us waiting all day!

Tabby: I shall talk about what happened at the Bushwoolies' apple party, then.

Sugarberry: It took place earlier last month.

Tabby: Yes, and the baby ponies caused trouble, as they always do. The Bushwoolies had made Applejack a crown made of apples to wear, since she was declared Apple Queen of the day.

Sugarberry: But, when the festival was being set up in the morning before the festivities would start, the crown was left sitting out on a table.

Tabby: And those nasty little baby ponies came along and saw the crown, and since there wasn't any other food out, they ate most of the apples off of it.

Sugarberry: The Bushwoolies took it quite well, though.

Tabby: Yes, they don't get mad at anyone... anyway, when Princess Sparkle found out that Applejack wouldn't have any crown to wear, she was deeply moved, as she couldn't imagine a queen, even if the queen was only queen for one day, without any sort of crown.

Sugarberry: So Sparkle loaned her diamond tiara to the Bushwoolies for the day. And the Bushwoolies crowned Applejack with it.

Tabby: The diamonds looked rather out of place at an apple festival.

Sugarberry: I think it was a very kind thing for Sparkle to do.

Tabby: Perhaps. But the baby ponies were still awfully nasty by eating the original crown.

Sugarberry: Oh, Tabby...

Tabby: Let's talk about something more pleasant.

Sugarberry: Such as?

Tabby: Halloween! Not exactly pleasant, but better than baby ponies, don't ya think?

Sugarberry: Yes, that holiday is coming up again at the end of this month.

Tabby: All the baby ponies are coming up with costume ideas. Rather pathetic ideas at that, though.

Sugarberry: Some are quite creative, Tabby! Like Baby Cotton Candy dressing up as a Bushwoolie.

Tabby: Only a Bushwoolie can look like a Bushwoolie, Sugarberry.

Sugarberry: But the baby ponies are all very excited over going trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Tabby: Hey! We started talking about Halloween to get off the topic of baby ponies!

Sugarberry: True.

Tabby: On the happier side of Halloween, me and Sugarberry and some others are going to have a bonfire in the Dark Forest on Halloween night!

Sugarberry: Yes, we'll sit around and tell scary stories. I'm sure Clever Clover will have some good ones.

Tabby: I never have any to tell, for I have no imagination to come up with any.

Sugarberry: You have an imagination, Tabby. You just never use it.

Tabby: No, no, it's not there at all. I heard from Friendly that Seabreeze is going to tell a really cool story about one of Cleve Clove's ancestors.

Sugarberry: Sounds interesting!

Tabby: Oh, I absolutely cannot wait!

Sugarberry: Aren't you a bit scared of being in the Dark Forest at night-- Halloween night?

Tabby: Oh, Sugarberry, what's to be scared of!

Sugarberry: But who knows what monsters will be lurking around!

Tabby: If there are any, they can just join us... I'm sure they'd enjoy themselves.

Sugarberry: Hmm... maybe. I suppose they'd have good stories to tell!

Tabby: Exactly!

Sugarberry: The Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe is serving special ice cream on Halloween-- colors that have never before been seen in ice cream!

Tabby: Yes, there will be bright orange and black ice cream... it looks quite tasty.

Sugarberry: And it's a Halloween-exclusive item, so be sure to go and try it out!

Tabby: Anyway, enough about Halloween. We've got more important things to talk about-- the opening of the movie Spike has been filming-- "Godzilla Comes to Ponyland"! Yes!

Sugarberry: I think just about everyone in Ponyland went to see it.

Tabby: I should hope so! It was a totally wonderful movie. The best I've seen in a long time! Of course... this is the first movie I've seen in a long time.

Sugarberry: I have to agree; the film was a masterpiece.

Tabby: And with ol' Princess Tiffany playing Mothra! I couldn't keep from laughing when I saw her on screen-- she just fits the part so very perfectly!

Sugarberry: Oh, and what Godzilla did to Mothra in the end--!

Tabby: Oh, yeah!

Sugarberry: I've heard that the movie will be coming out on video next month.

Tabby: Oh, I'll just have to get a copy for myself!

Sugarberry: As will everyone else, I presume.

Tabby: The stores had better get in a lot of copies.

Sugarberry: Hopefully.

Tabby: And now what?

Sugarberry: Have you noticed that the tree leaves are turning pretty autumn colors?

Tabby: Now that you mention it, not really.

Sugarberry: How could you miss it, Tabby?

Tabby: I just don't take the time to notice trees very often, that's all.

Sugarberry: Anyway, the leaves are turning pretty colors. They certainly seem to brighten up Ponyland.

Tabby: I liked summer better than fall. It was warmer.

Sugarberry: It hasn't gotten that cold yet.

Tabby: But it will!

Sugarberry: Hmm... what's next?

Tabby: We need something disgustingly exciting to gossip about. We never have anything like that anymore.

Sugarberry: Yes, you're right about that.

Tabby: Nothing is going on. Absolutely nothing.

Sugarberry: Well, I don't know if I should be mentioning it now, but Tex has announced that he's opening a salsa store!

Tabby: That's the awfullest thing I've heard in a long time!

Sugarberry: Aw, Tabby, what's wrong with a salsa store?

Tabby: Salsa is the vilest thing on the face of the planet... along with licorice, that is. What kind of an idiot would start a SALSA STORE!

Sugarberry: I wouldn't quite call Tex an idiot, Tabby.

Tabby: You wouldn't? Well, I know I would.

Sugarberry: I think the store should be very entertaining to look through after it's opened.

Tabby: No one in their right mind would buy salsa, especially from Tex!

Sugarberry: I don't know about that... the idea seems popular with all the ponies I've heard talking about it so far.

Tabby: Well!

Sugarberry: And I heard about another interesting thing concerning the salsa store...

Tabby: Like what?

Sugarberry: There's going to be a free My Little People doll given away to the first twenty-five customers!

Tabby: Exclusive to the store, I suppose?

Sugarberry: Of course!

Tabby: What do My Little People have to do with salsa?

Sugarberry: Well... the person has a salsa theme.

Tabby: I'm not going to get one.

Sugarberry: But your collection won't be complete!

Tabby: I don't care; I don't want anything to do with Tex's salsa.

Sugarberry: Oh well...

Tabby: That is all for this time, Sugarberry. Next time we'll have something exciting to talk about.

Sugarberry: I thought the salsa store was exciting...

Tabby: Not even close.

Sugarberry: Anyway, be sure to check back in with us next month!

Tabby: Same time, same place! As always!



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It's that time again! Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy ride! It's: "Gusty and Applejack's Talking Time!" The radio show that informs you, entertains you, and has guests to boot! Heeeeeeeere's Gusty and Applejack!!!

Gusty: Greetings one and all-- I'm Gusty-- the HockeyPony.

Applejack: And I'm Applejack-- the Basketball Pony.

Gusty: Welcome to the show today! We have a barrel of fun all lined up.

Applejack: That's right, Maple Leaf Eater-- M.L.E.-- we'll be having loads of fun today!

Gusty: Yep, Applesauce Head-- A.H.

Applejack: On the show today, we'll be talking about things happening all over Ponyland!

Gusty: And don't forget our special guests!

Applejack: That's correct! Today on the show Tickle and Bubbles are stopping by! And a surprise guest, too!

Gusty: This ought to be good.

Applejack: That's right! So be sure to stick around!

Gusty: We'll be back right after these words from one of our sponsers this month-- the Ponyland Perm Shoppe.

Fifi: Are you tired of walking around Ponyland with a mane that's full of knots? Are you sick of having plain, straight hair, and not the beautiful curls you want? Well, your problems are over!!! Just come on down today to the Ponyland Perm Shoppe. Today only we'll be having our special on crimps!! If you come in to get your mane crimped, you can get your tail crimped, too-- at no extra charge! We have a staff of trained professionals awaiting business! So come on down and have the hair you've always wanted! We're located on the corner of Fifth and Rainbow... right by the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. Trot on by! Hope to see you soon!

Applejack: Welcome back, everybody! First item today... ummmm...

Gusty: The Ponyland Library update!

Applejack: Oops! Oh, yeah!

Gusty: The sale the library held last month was a HUGE success. Hundreds of ponies turned out to get their hooves on their favorite books.

Applejack: Yep! And we found out, from our sources, which books some ponies got.

Gusty: That's right. Steamer was seen getting a book on trains.

Applejack: Tex-- sorry to mention him, Tabby-- but he got a book on ranching.

Gusty: Salty got a book on sailing, while Milky Way got an astronomy book.

Applejack: Did you get any books, Gusty?

Gusty: Of course I did!

Applejack: Which ones?

Gusty: I got three hockey books, one baseball book, and some books on various other sports.

Applejack: Want to know what I got?

Gusty: Not really...

Applejack: I got lots of cookbooks! I figured that I should try some new recipes!

Gusty: Uh... that's nice... moving on...

Applejack: And I thought Cupcake could borrow some of mine... even though I bought them.

Gusty: Yeah... anyway...

Applejack: ...I'm sure Cupcake would let me borrow hers if she got new ones...

Gusty: All right... next thing...

Applejack: But then again, I didn't even see Cupcake at the sale. Was she there? I didn't see her.

Gusty: Uh... A.H...

Applejack: Oh, wait! She was working the bake sale booth! She couldn't have gotten any cookbooks then! Well, I'll have to show her mine when we get home--

Gusty: APPLESAUCE HEAD!!!!!!!!!

Applejack: Huh?


Applejack: Okay, what's next?

Gusty: Next topic is some of the rules in Ponyland.

Applejack: What do you mean by that?

Gusty: One of our surprise guests today is Majesty!! Come and have a seat, Majesty.

Majesty: Hello, Gusty and Applejack.

Applejack: Hiya!

Gusty: There seems to be some confusion among some of the little ponies on a few of the rules and speeches you've made here in Ponyland. I figured that most of them would be listening to this radio show, so they'd be able to hear your answer. Will you do it?

Majesty: Of course! What first?

Applejack: In one of your past speeches, you made a comment about a new basketball court being built.

Majesty: Yes. What of it?

Gusty: Well, most of the babies claim that you said it'd be built right next to Paradise Estate. Most of the adult ponies said you said it'd be built next to Dream Castle. This has caused an unhappiness and uneasiness between the babies and adults. Which is it?

Majesty: Well, in my speech I said it'd actually be built in between the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe and the Beauty Parlor down on Rainbow Lane.

Applejack: No one was right!

Majesty: Yep.

Gusty: Okay, next thing. There's been some talk of you and Princess Tiffany being very angry with each other, because you both think you have the most power of Ponyland.

Majesty: Tiffany is only queen over her kind. I am queen over the other breeds of ponies.

Applejack: Hehehe, I bet Tiffany won't be too happy about you saying that.

Gusty: Hey, we have a caller! Hello! You're live on the air on the Gusty and Applejack Talking Time!

Caller: Uh-- hi. This is Fizzy. I have a statement... kind of a question... for Majesty. I noticed a lot of the baby ponies like to swim. I also notice that the newborns WANT to swim, too. However, they aren't old enough yet, and I'm afraid one of them might fall in one day.

Gusty: Thanks for calling, Fizzy. Majesty, can you answer her?

Majesty: Well, Fizzy, I never had thought of that before. That'll be something I'll have to bring up immediately at the next board meeting. Perhaps we can have a fence installed around the pool for safety reasons.

Applejack: We have ANOTHER caller! Hello, you're on the air on the Gusty and Applejack Talking Time!

Caller: Greetings. This is High Queen Tiffany. I demand to know WHY Majesty says SHE is the queen. I am clearly queen over the ponies.

Majesty: No, you're not. No one is really "Queen." You just appointed yourself queen over everyone-- and you really aren't! I am!

Caller: Ha! Surely you jest. I am the High Queen!

Gusty: Uh, Tiffany--


Gusty: Yeah, whatever. Anyway, Tif, who appointed you "queen"?

Caller: Ummm...

Applejack: That's our point, Tiffany.

Caller: High Queen Tiffany.

Majesty: Maybe we can have an election next year for true leader of the ponies.

Caller: That will do... I suppose.

Applejack: Well, thanks for calling in, Tiffany... or... ehh... High Queen Princess Tiffany. But we have to take a short break now. Majesty, it was an honor having you here. Hopefully we can talk again!

Majesty: Thank you, Applejack and Gusty. Bye everyone!

Gusty: And now a word from one of our sponsers!

Wind Whistler: It's going to be a hot rest of the summer. In summer, it tends to precipitate quite frequently. You may become bored and not know what to do-- and do not want to go anywhere in the rain. I have the answer to your predicament. Stay inside and have entertainment come to you. Order the Ponyland Press Newspaper. It comes every other day. It's filled with exciting news, sports, classifieds, upcoming events, and so much more. It will be delivered right to the doorstep! Order it now and have something to do on the rainy hot days of summertime.

Applejack: Weeeelcome back to the show! I'm Applejack!

Gusty: And I'm Gusty. We have a very short time before Tickle and Bubbles arrive. What should we talk about?

Applejack: Uhhh...

Gusty: I know. I'll talk about the new rock band mania that's sweeping Ponyland by storm!

Applejack: Yes, of course! The Rockin' Beat ponies have started touring all over Ponyland.

Gusty: Some of their more popular songs include, "Don't Turn Away," "Over the Rainbow is Where I'll Be," and "When Bushwoolies Cry Into the Night."

Applejack: Well, MY favorite is "Colors of the Magic Rainbow."

Gusty: My favorite is probably one of their sport songs-- they wrote them especially for me, you know.

Applejack: Yeah... I saw you asking them to write a few for you.

Gusty: Look who's here! Tickle! Bubbles! Have a seat!

Tickle: Hello! I can't believe I'm on the radio!

Bubbles: Same here! Hehehe

Applejack: Welcome, welcome! Glad you could make it. First off, we have some certain question for Tickle on her "Most Beautiful Pony" contest she is holding.

Tickle: Hehehe... ask away!

Gusty: I know all about the contest-- I am in it you know.

Bubbles: Yep! You sure are, Gusty!

Applejack: Ahem... anyway, is it a pretty tight contest, Tickle?

Gusty: Oh, I can imagine! Everyone in the contest is very pretty... especially me.

Applejack: GAG ME!!!!!!!

Tickle: Hehehe. You're up against some tough competition, Gusty. I'm sure you'll do fine. Just to be a finalist is a great achievment!

Gusty: I'm honored to be in it... but I'd rather be in the "Best Athlete" contest.


Applejack: On to another subject. Bubbles, what's been up with you lately?

Gusty: That's cool. Did you go see Heart Throb's play that was performed earlier this month-- "When the Clock Strikes Twelve"?

Bubbles: Of course I did! I think every pony in all of Ponyland was there!

Tickle: All those furry Bushwoolies and Furbobs, too!

Gusty: Well, I hate to cut you so short, but it's almost time for us to hit the road.

Tickle: Well, thanks for having us come in!

Bubbles: Yep! It was fun! Thanks!

Applejack: And once again, that was Tickle and Bubbles.

Gusty: I think we have time to take ONE call before we have to go.

Applejack: Hello! You're live on the air on Gusty and Applejack's Talking Time!

Caller: Cheerio! This is Crumpet!

Gusty: Hi, Crumpet!

Crumpet: I just wanted to say, this is a fun show to listen to. I like to tune in everytime.

Normally Taffy and Angel come over and we listen together!

Applejack: Well, that's cool!

Curmpet: Well, I just wanted to tell you that you're doing jolly well. Keep up the good work!

Gusty: Thanks for the compliment, Crumpet. I hope we'll be doing this show for quite some time.

Applejack: But now it's time to go! This broadcast was made possible by} A grant from Bushwoolie Books... a great place to buy food for your brain!

Gusty: And by} Sweetstuff's Candy Store-- the candy made there is just too good!

Applejack: And also by} Ponyland Press-- the news delivered to your doorstep!

Gusty: And also by} The Perm Shoppe. Can't stand you mane and tail? Come in today! There's a trained staff all ready for you! Your business means a lot!

Applejack: This is Applejack, the basketball pony singing off.

Gusty: And Gusty, the hockey pony, too. Bye-bye everybody! Tune in next time! We're hoping to get Tabby and Sugarberry, from Tabby and Sugarberry's Gossip Hour, on as our guests! That'll be fun! Until then-- bye!

Theme song: Where do you go to, get all the info., your sweet heart so gratefully wants? Where do you go to, have all the fun you, ever can possibly want? Gusty and Appy, they're normally happy, to entertain you! Gusty and Appy, Gusty and Appy, they'll know just what to do. They'll love tooooo iiinnnnform yooooou!

Written by: Gusty


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