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Issue 22
January 1999

Letters to the Editor Greetings! I'm very impressed at the growth and quality of your MLP Monthly. Keep up the great work.


All The Pretty Little Ponies
(A Revisionist Interpretation of the MLP Mythos)
Chapter 11


C. Alan Loewen


For Candice and Allison

Synopsis: Megan, an eleven-year-old orphan who lives with her Aunt Constance, has been given guardianship over seven magical ponies also known as the Seven Sisters. Megan and the seven ponies have discovered that the ponies are the enchanted daughters of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, turned into ponies by Arthur's evil half-sister Morgan. Megan is now taking the ponies back to their parents through the Wood of the World that can take them to any time and any place on Earth. Megan and the ponies are accompanied by Madra, an Irish Wolfhound; Spike, a baby dragon; Aunt Constance; and Sarah, a distant granddaughter of Morgan. Unknown to them, Morgan has sent Hydia and her two daughters after them, armed with Morgan's book of spells. In their first encounter, the winged pony Medley lies injured, having saved Draggle from a spell that backfired on Hydia. Comments and constructive criticism may be sent to

Megan knelt on the grass, shocked at the extent of Medley's injury. Her right foreleg was definitely broken and they were miles and probably years away from anybody who had the skill to set a pony's broken leg.

Megan looked up as the whole cap of the Mushrump flamed. The Moochick, the Mushrump's strange little innkeeper, hadn't even turned to look at his house; his whole attention was centered on the winged pony that lay on the grass.

Twilight carefully nudged Medley with her nose. "Medley?" the little unicorn asked. "Can you hear me?"

Medley groaned and lifted up her head, blinking, and stared at her foreleg. "Looks like I had a bad landing." She suddenly groaned. "It hurts bad."

The Moochick stroked Medley's face. "Now don't worry, Mistress Medley. I do have some other talents other than innkeeper." He turned to the group and asked them to step back. "I have to set the leg and you can help me by going into the shed out back if it hasn't burned down and get me some pieces of thick stout wood and some cord.

"You," he said to Aunt Constance, "can help me by going to the garden over the hill. You'll find a large tall plant with a spike of yellow flowers and very large leaves. Get ten of the largest leaves for me."

The six ponies and Megan went in search of the shed while Sarah accompanied Aunt Constance.

When they returned, they found Medley with her leg straight, but in great pain. "There, there, Mistress Medley," the Moochick said as he tenderly wrapped the leg in the large leaves, "the worst is over."

Skillfully, the Moochick then braced the leg with the stout wood and tied it securely with the cord. During all this time, the Moochick never once glanced at the burning remains of his mushroom inn, centering all his attention on the injured pony.

"There," he said some time later. "Not a bad job for an old mushroom of a man like me." He turned to the ponies. "She has to stay off that leg for at least a week. Then she can take some small steps and see how she does. And no flying for at least six weeks.

"Now," he said anticipating the questions that were surely to come. "I believe that I have a small wagon just large enough to transport a wounded pony and I will need volunteers from your sisters to pull it."

All six sisters volunteered to pull the cart. Ember was too small and Firefly's wings would be in the way of the traces. That left Twilight, Starlight, Bowtie, and Applejack. Taking turns, they would be able to pull the cart through the Wood of the World providing the roads were smooth.

Working with Aunt Constance, Sarah, and Megan, the Moochick showed them how to put the leather harnesses on the ponies so they would be comfortable. After a lengthy review and practice session with the harness, the Moochick was able to rummage up enough straw to make the cart comfortable.

The only guests that remained behind were the bears who snuffled and snorted as if waiting patiently for something. The Moochick nodded at them and carefully, though Medley cried out several times, they gently lifted the pony up onto the cart. Twilight and Applejack were the first volunteers to pull the cart, and with that they prepared to resume their journey.

"But, Mr. Moochick," Megan asked. "What about the Mushrump?" She pointed sadly at the smoking ruin that had finally burned down to the ground. The Moochick sighed and surveyed the damage.

"I suppose it is a complete loss, yes?" he said. "Well, never mind; I'll just have to grow a new one."

"A new one?" Megan asked.

"Oh, of course," the Moochick replied. In fact, that one at your feet will do quite nicely."

Megan jumped back and scrutinized the ground. There, almost buried within the grass, stood a tiny mushroom whose cap was no larger than a dime. "That?" she asked incredulously.

The Moochick knelt and studied it carefully. "Yes," he said nodding vigorously, "that one will do quite nicely. I'll have everything right as rain in just two weeks.

"Now, go with good speed and may the Wood show you your way."

Before they left, the Moochick took Aunt Constance aside and spoke low so that only she could hear. "There are some things you need to know, madam," he said. "A pony or a horse cannot lay for long. They get very ill, but as Medley is not a true pony, it may be that her laying still for a week may not harm her. If she begins to cough, you need to make her walk regardless of her leg. Nonetheless, I hope the Wood delivers you to your destination quickly.

"Finally, I know that was no normal fire that destroyed my inn. I can smell magic, and magic was behind that fire. I suspect the old woman and her two daughters for many reasons, so if you meet them in the wood, take care."

Megan's final glimpse of the Moochick was of him waving goodbye, while, behind him, the ruins of the Mushrump continued to smolder. At his feet, there was a mushroom at least a foot tall and visibly growing.

Before they had traveled any great distance, the landscape slowly changed until once again they found themselves walking among the monolithic trees of the great silent Wood. Mercifully, the path had grown wider and more level making the cart easy to pull and more of a gentle ride for Medley. Spike insisted on riding in the cart next to Medley and after several attempts to make him walk under his own power, Twilight and Applejack assured everybody that the weight of the little dragon made no great difference in pulling the cart.

Sad and depressed, Firefly walked close to the cart where she could be next to her twin sister. She did not feel like flying without her constant companion, and Madra was doing a good job as a scout, racing ahead and sniffing among the great trees so Firefly's services were not really needed. The rest walked in silence with none of the usual conversation or friendly banter that marked their earlier walks into the Wood.

That night, they set up camp next to a small stream, and after looking after Medley's needs and rubbing down Twilight and Applejack from their day in the harness, they all fell into a deep sleep, except for Medley. Her leg throbbed and, though not in any great pain, it was enough to keep her focused on the dying fire.

Two hours later and still awake, Medley heard somebody stumbling up the dark path. Medey raised her head to cry out a warning when she saw in the dim firelight it was the girl who had ridden on her back from the window. Putting her finger to her lips to ask for silence, she quietly made her way among the sleepers until she stood next to Medley's cart.

Medley simply stared at the thin, homely girl: her hair a wreck, her face stained with dirt, and smelling like she desperately needed a bath. In the firelight, the girl simply stared at the wounded leg while one solitary tear cleared a path through the dirt-stained face.

"I feel bad," she whispered to Medley. "My mother didn't really mean for this to happen."

A million questions ran through Medley's mind; a million things to say, but of all the questions, she merely asked, "What's your name?"

"Draggle. Your leg's broke, isn't it?"

Medley nodded her answer.

"I feel so bad. I've never felt bad about anything before, but Morgan's spell book has nothing in it about fixing broken legs. My mother said so."

"Why does your mother want to use Morgan's magic against us?" Medley whispered.

"Mother—her name's Hydia, but it used to be Hilda—wants to be a sorceress so bad. All she's done before is cook and slop pigs. Anyway, Morgan said if we took her spell book and used it to stop you from going where you're going, mother would finally be a sorceress. Mother wants to be a somebody, but if it means hurting ponies, then I don't think that's really so good." She sniffled and wiped away another tear. "I feel so bad," she whispered again. "I feel sick and sad and I want to make it right and I can't.

"Hydia, Reeka, and I are camping not that far away. I had to come after they fell asleep to make sure you were all right."

"But, Draggle, you didn't break my leg. We had to do something to escape the fire. There was nothing else to do."

"But if mother hadn't started that fire, you would never have needed to jump out that window."

Medley nuzzled her softly. "It's okay, Draggle. For your part, it was an accident. I know you're sorry. I forgive you."

Draggle looked at her quizzically. "Sorry," she half-muttered to herself. "Is this what feeling sorry is like? This bad feeling? This feeling of wanting to go back and undo it?"

"Yes," Medley said, puzzled at Draggle's ignorance. "And I forgive you."

"And what does that mean?" Draggle asked.

"It means that in my heart, I make a done thing undone," Medley said gently.

Draggle burst into tears. "But that doesn't fix your leg; it's still hurt."

"True," Medley said, "but the hurt in our hearts is much less."

Draggle paused for a few moments as the realization of Medley's words sank into her heart. Impulsively, she hugged the pony about the neck and kissed her. "I will always be your friend," Draggle whispered. "Always."

"Then come with us," Medley said.

"No," Draggle said sadly. "Hydia may be Hydia, but she is still my mother. And Reeka may be Reeka, but she is still my sister." Once again, she gave the pony a quick, though pungent, kiss and disappeared back into the night.

As Draggle disappeared down the path, Twilight raised her head and looked at Medley. "I did not know you had such wisdom," she whispered just loudly enough for Medley to hear. "I'm very proud of you."

Medley clucked her tongue and lay down in the sweet-smelling straw. "My, my," she said, "all this over a broken leg."

Draggle squatted by the fire and tossed some more twigs onto it to get the flames shooting higher. Her mother and Reeka lay snoring on the ground. It had taken some work, but Draggle had managed to gently wrestle the heavy book from underneath her mother's head, who had used it as a pillow.

Laying it carefully on the tiny fire, Draggle smiled with contentment as she watched the book burn with an eerie green flame.


=/\=PONY TREK=/\=
by Blu Flyer

======= Episode 3: A.I: Part Three =======

Previously on Pony Trek--

The Artificial Intelligence living in Lollypop's warp core has made reason for the Captain to evacuate the crew of the ship.


Medley stared out the window in the Briefing Room. The Captain was talking.

"...get started. Medley and Ensign Countdown, I'd like to see you in the Engineering deck of this Segment."

"Yes ma'am," Medley stuttered, blinking. She yawned discreetly. She hadn't had any sleep for two days. The Captain and the Commander seemed to be faring well, but she was feeling the wear. She followed the Captain out of the room, and into the turbo lift.

"You're handling this well, Lieutenant," the Captain said in a reassuring voice.

"Thanks," Medley said, shaking her head. "Engineering," she told the turbo.

Countdown stood next to Medley, on the opposite side from the Captain. He yawned. Medley gave him an I-know-how-ya-feel look. He gave her a sleepy-eyed grin.

The turbo doors opened, and Medley followed the Captain out into S2 Engineering.

S2 Engineering was a room about the size of the Bridge. S2 was just in case of situations, like this, when Main Engineering was inaccessable. Medley walked to the closest console, and accessed Operations.

"I have a theory," she began.

"I'm listening," Captain Flyer said.

"The Intelligence raised the temperature of the Warp-Core before attempting communication. I was theorizing that if we drop the temperature, such as ejecting the warp core into open space--"

"--the AI will either abandon ship or leave!" Countdown finished.

"There's only one problem," Medley said. "The only way we can eject the warp core is by going onto S1. The ship was built with all main controls on the Main Bridge, just in case hostile beings ever got control of any other sections. But the computers that regulate important things like self-destruct and warp core ejecting are heavily guarded with encryption and security codes. The only way any of the important events can be executed is if every Senior Officer is present and gives the order."

"That presents a problem," the Commander stated. "I see that now. So what we need to do is find a way to get on board without the form knowing about it."

Medley thought. "The being inside the core really has no sensory organs; it is completely confined to the warp core, and its power only controls the main computer. The main computer regulates members of the crew by their comm-badges. Perhaps the entity is tapping into the comm, and identifying the crew via the computers. If we take off our comm badges, it won't be able to identify us."

"But it will still be capable of detecting life-forms," Captain Flyer said. "Even if it doesn't know our identities, it can still monitor all life forms aboard the ship."

Medley growled under her breath. "Then what..."

"I know!" Countdown blurted. "Remember when we first encountered it? It contacted us at the engineering console, instead of heading straight for the bridge. It needed to be transferred. Perhaps it hasn't... assimilated the entire network yet. Maybe there are still sections of the ship that it can't detect and control, and those areas are left out of its consciousness."

Medley smiled at the Ensign. "Triumph!" she said. "Now all we need to do is figure out where those areas are!"

Blu Flyer looked more doubtful. "IF this theory holds true," she said, "perhaps it has already taken the entire ship. If that is so, we will be in great danger, and I do not wish that. Is there any way to test?"

"I'm sure there is. I can get on it right away," Medley said.

"Right away," the Captain agreed.

Blu Flyer returned to the Bridge. Well, not the real Bridge. Why had the ship been built so strangely? Good idea to put main computer access AND warp core AND life support systems all on the same section. She'd have to report this malfunction to Admiral Night Glider herself...

Her comm badge chimed. She tapped it. "Captain here."

"Captain? This is Medley--"

"You've got something already?"

"Well, yes and no. Could you redirect your ready room moniter to frequency 37?"

"Sure. Wait a second." Flyer moved to her ready room, and switched on the monitor. A schematic appeared, and Medley's voice came over the comm. The layout was that of the main ship.

"Alright. Take a look at this." The screen changed, showing a bi-section of the ship. Medley's voice narrated.

"The AI started in the warp core... here." The warp core brightened. "It then spread to the main engineering computers, like this. The process took well over five hours. It took the AI another two hours to create a contact via the console. Ensign Countdown and I have been analyzing the main computer located throughout the ship; Main Engineering, holodecks, and Bridge. These computers have easiest access. If the AI is cybernetic, synthetically engineered like we think it is, it will go straight for energy supplies. After the time I've been away, the Ensign and I think this will have been its range."

Blu looked at the bi-section. The brightened warp core spread along the core of the ship, fluctuating on the bridge and the holodecks. But--

"It's left the crew's quarters and the mess hall untouched," Flyer said. "Along with cargo and hydroponics. Can we access warp core ejection from there?"

"Yes. And a few more things: first, I don't think the AI'll spread. It has all the power it needs. I suspect it hasn't been able to activate the warp nacels yet, but other then that, it's sittin' pretty. Secondly, I found this while looking at a systems analysis." The screen flickered, showing a sort of microscoped fluid. Small... machines seemed to be floating around inside of it.

"What is this?" Blu asked.

"Warp Core plasma," Medley said. "I was able to access this via unprotected visual data concering the warp core. Look closer." Medley magnified the screen, then focused it on an individual machine. It seemed to have a symbol on it.

Blu sat back, shocked. "Lieutenant, that's the PonyFleet emblem."


To be continued? Of course! I wouldn't stop there!


The Tabby and Sugarberry Gossip Hour!
by Tabby and Sugarberry

Sugarberry: Happy New Year, Tabby!

Tabby: Yeah, whatever.

Sugarberry: One more year to the big 2000!

Tabby: Hooray. Big deal.

Sugarberry: How was your New Year's celebration?

Tabby: I stayed up until midnight and was sorely disappointed. Nothing happened. The digital clock just went from 11:59 to 12:00.

Sugarberry: What did you expect?

Tabby: That's a good question!

Sugarberry: I actually went to sleep early last night. Not a party animal, I guess.

Tabby: Anyway!

Sugarberry: Did you get all the presents you wanted on Christmas?

Tabby: Let's see... I got the salsa My Little People doll from Friendly.

Sugarberry: Aren't Bushwoolies sweet?

Tabby: Especially Friendly. I got a present from Tex, too, which was probably another salsa doll, but I didn't bother opening that one.

Sugarberry: What do you mean, you didn't open it?

Tabby: Just like I said: I didn't open it.

Sugarberry: Are you ever going to open it?

Tabby: I tossed it into one of my closets.

Sugarberry: What if it wasn't a salsa doll, and was something perishable instead?

Tabby: Well, I haven't noticed anything strange yet.

Sugarberry: I'd keep an eye on it if I were you.

Tabby: How about your Christmas presents?

Sugarberry: Spike gave me a CD of one of my favorite singers!

Tabby: You got more than that, didn't you?

Sugarberry: Tiffany went all out this year with her gifts, didn't she?

Tabby: Why, what'd you get?

Sugarberry: I got a diamond bracelet.

Tabby: That sounds expensive... all I got from her was a certificate for one free strawberry sundae at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.

Sugarberry: Well, better than nothing, I guess.

Tabby: You could sound more sympathetic than that.

Sugarberry: Poor Tabby.

Tabby: That's better. Not much, though.

Sugarberry: How did you fare at the after Christmas sales?

Tabby: Ooh... I don't like thinking about that.

Sugarberry: I was beaten out of a beautiful Christmas wreath at 75% off by Skylark.

Tabby: Tell me about it! I nearly broke my hoof fighting off the hordes to get the very last special limited edition Calico Kitten figurine!

Sugarberry: Was that on sale, too?

Tabby: No, but you would have thought it was by the way ponies were kicking and scratching and everything. While they were fighting, I snuck in and grabbed it; then I ran for my life.

Sugarberry: Isn't shopping fun?

Tabby: Whatever you say.

Sugarberry: What's this I hear about Clever Clover taking up a musical instrument?

Tabby: He's taken up bagpiping, Sugarberry. Bagpiping!

Sugarberry: Aren't they those strange instruments that make those really weird sounds?

Tabby: Right on.

Sugarberry: What made him decide to do that?

Tabby: Well, he is on break from his archeology work for the winter, so he needed something to pass the time.

Sugarberry: Where did he ever find a bagpipe in Ponyland?

Tabby: He bought it out in the Flatlands. I really hate those Flatlands. Even before he got his bagpipe from over there.

Sugarberry: What actually does a bagpipe look like, Tabby?

Tabby: It's exactly like a plaid scarf with wooden chairlegs sticking out of it.

Sugarberry: Groovy!

Tabby: You could say that, I suppose. If you really wanted to.

Sugarberry: The Bushwoolies are sponsoring their annual ice sculpture contest.

Tabby: I'm not anywhere near creative enough to enter that.

Sugarberry: I've heard that Patch and Starlight are going to sculpt a replica of the Royal Paradise.

Tabby: That would get awfully intricate.

Sugarberry: Wigwam and the Playtime Baby Brothers are going to make a life-size space ship.

Tabby: That's one boring idea. Butch and Sundance are doing a giant hot pepper.

Sugarberry: We've got to think of something we can sculpt!

Tabby: Let's do a cat.

Sugarberry: Callie, or Fluff?

Tabby: Why, Callie, of course!

Sugarberry: I know! You do Callie; I'll do Fluff! We'll have them sitting side-by-side.

Tabby: All right!

Sugarberry: Let's invite Friendly to sculpt Fuzz, too!

Tabby: The Bushwoolies aren't allowed to participate in the contest; too bad.

Sugarberry: Well, we can't leave Fuzz out! Maybe Spike could do Fuzz.

Tabby: That's a good idea! We'll have to ask him.

Sugarberry: Guess who had a birthday back in December?

Tabby: Barnacle! On December 4.

Sugarberry: I suppose it's rather difficult to send a present to a pirate.

Tabby: I wouldn't trust the Ponyland Postal Service with anything. Who knows what they'll lose next?

Sugarberry: A little bitter, aren't we, Tabby?

Tabby: If you'd lost as many packages as I have, you'd be bitter, too.

Sugarberry: Do you ever wonder where all those lost packages end up?

Tabby: The postal service must have a special room set aside where they store those things.

Sugarberry: Wouldn't it be fun to find that room!

Tabby: And then there's the most exciting news of all!

Sugarberry: What's that?

Tabby: Why, the closing of my vet clinic, of course!

Sugarberry: You're sounding awfully cheerful about it.

Tabby: Sorry, but it's just so much more thrilling than what we usually get to talk about.

Sugarberry: You're thrilled that your clinic is closed?

Tabby: Really, Sugarberry, it's not as bad as we're making it out to seem.

Sugarberry: You mean because you hardly spent any time there, anyway?

Tabby: Of course that's not it, Sugarberry.

Sugarberry: You'll still be practicing though, won't you, Tabby?

Tabby: Sugarberry, don't you even know what's going on?

Sugarberry: Of course I know what's going on! I just didn't want to ruin the plot of your story.

Tabby: Oh, yeah, that's right! We can't do that. You'll have to read my story, Tabby's Trauma, to actually find out what's happening.

Sugarberry: What'd you think of Queen Serena's open house on Christmas Eve?

Tabby: O-o-oh... Santa Pony was there.

Sugarberry: You had quite a run in with him, didn't you?

Tabby: Yeah, you could say that...

Sugarberry: What really happened, Tabby?

Tabby: I tried to pull his beard off.

Sugarberry: You what?!

Tabby: To prove that he wasn't real. It didn't come off, though.

Sugarberry: How did Santa Pony take that?

Tabby: He said I'd get coal for Christmas.

Sugarberry: And did you?

Tabby: Now that you mention it, there was a lump of it sitting on my doorstep... I thought Cleve Clove might have left it there, with his forge and all.

Sugarberry: Trust me, coal at Christmas comes from Santa Pony, and no one else.

Tabby: Well, anyway... at least the food at the open house wasn't that bad.

Sugarberry: Ooh, there were so many delicious treats that I gained five pounds.

Tabby: Let's see... there were Scottish Shortbread cookies baked by Cleve Clove, and Spritz cookies by Quarterback.

Sugarberry: What did you think of my cut-out sugar cookies?

Tabby: They were burned, Sugarberry... burned, I tell you!

Sugarberry: They weren't burned, Tabby; they were delicately browned. But knowing your fettish for raw cookie dough, I can see why you'd think they were burned.

Tabby: Everything at that party was burned... cookies don't need to be baked!

Sugarberry: Just like you think pie crust doesn't need to be baked?

Tabby: Ahhh, raw pie crust!

Sugarberry: Raw egg, Tabby?

Tabby: Oh, no... even I don't go that far. Eggs must be fully cooked. No raw yolk.

Sugarberry: Now it's time for some New Year's resolutions!

Tabby: Friendly's resolution is 640 by 480.

Sugarberry: Clever Clover said that he resolves to become the best Pokémon trainer in Ponyland.

Tabby: And Quarterback resolves to follow his team all the way to the Super Bowl.

Sugarberry: I resolve never to eat that many Christmas cookies again. How about your resolution, Tabby?

Tabby: I'll get back to you on that.

Sugarberry: Spike says he'll cut back to only five glasses of chocolate milk a day.

Tabby: And then Tiffany resolves to spend some more time with "that cute Clever Clover from Friendship Gardens."

Sugarberry: And a direct quote from Barnacle: "ARR! Barnacle be resolvin' ta give no more rides ta strange Bushwoolies! ARR!"

Tabby: On that note, let's wish everyone a happy New Year.

Sugarberry: Happy New Year!


Tabby's Trauma
by Tabby

"So here I am back from Atlantis!" Tabby exclaimed cheerfully. She and Sugarberry were sitting at a table in the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. Tabby had recently returned to Dream Valley after she and Clever Clover had been on a quest to find Atlantis.

"It's good to have you back," Sugarberry said warmly. "It must have been exciting, being in Atlantis."

"Yes, it was extremely exciting. Especially when I nearly got myself killed several times."

"I could never do anything that daring," Sugarberry commented.

Tabby took a spoonful of her strawberry sundae. "I suppose I'll go back to working at my vet clinic again now."

As Tabby said that, a shadow passed over Sugarberry's face. "Err... that's right."

Tabby noticed that there was something wrong with her friend's manner. "What's up, Sugarberry?"

"Umm..." Sugarberry stalled.

"Spill it," Tabby ordered.

"Well... you see... while you were gone... someone opened... a new vet clinic," Sugarberry stuttered, fearing Tabby's wrath.

"What? WHAT?" Tabby screeched.

"He's a new pony in town," Sugarberry went on to explain.

"So I go off to find Atlantis and some creep thinks he can go and open a new clinic!" Tabby slammed a hoof down onto the table, making the dishes rattle and attracting the attention of several nearby tables. "So who is this new pony?"

"His name's Thomas... he's a unicorn stallion."

"And what kind of a name for a pony is that?" Tabby demanded.

Sugarberry cocked her head. "It's really not any worse than Tabitha, when you think about it."

"Don't you dare call me Tabitha!... and he's disgustlying handsome, I presume?"

"Yeah," Sugarberry nodded.

"And that means I have absolutely no chance against him."

"I did take Fluff into the new clinic for his yearly check-up," Sugarberry ventured.

"Talk about loyalty!" Tabby said bitterly.

"And I heard Tex took Emilio in once."

"What is this; is everyone ganging up on me?" Tabby exclaimed.

"Well, you were out of town... we really didn't have a choice," Sugarberry stammered.

"What I'd really like to do is to give this Thomas a piece of my mind!" Tabby declared.

"Are you sure you want to go that far?" Sugarberry said timidly, knowing that Tabby often took her anger too far over the edge.

"Of course I--"

"So you want to give me a piece of your mind, huh?" interjected a mildly amused voice.

"AIEEE!" Tabby shrieked and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw who it was.

"Uh-oh." Sugarberry shrank back in her seat.

Thomas slipped into the chair between Tabby and Sugarberry. He was a white unicorn stallion, with brown mane and tail and the symbol of a brown cat. "Hello again, Sugarberry. And who is this?" he questioned, glancing at Tabby.

"I'm Tabby." Tabby held up her head up defiantly and added, "The other vet in town."

"I was just telling her that you had opened a clinic as well," Sugarberry piped up.

"I've been hearing a lot about you from my new clients," Thomas directed at Tabby.

"Oh really? What did they have to say?"

"Actually, they all said your service was good... but they find my clinic to be more efficient," Thomas said.

Tabby snorted. "Figures."

"They especially liked those magic injections you give... I've been meaning to ask you, where do you get those?"

"I get them from a secret supplier in the Dark Forest, and I'm not allowed to give out his whereabouts to anyone," Tabby said haughtily.

"Well... I've heard you've been off exploring, Tabby," Thomas changed the subject.

"Yes, I was off finding Atlantis," Tabby said.

"So Atlantis really does exist!" Thomas exclaimed.

"Yes-- but getting back to the vet clinic business--" Tabby glared across at Thomas-- "I'm sure that I'm still the best vet in Dream Valley."

Sugarberry sat back in her chair and listened to their conversation with interest.

"Why don't we just see about that?" Thomas challenged.

"All right, we'll see who can run the other out of business first!" Tabby said brightly, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

"This ought to prove interesting," Thomas said. "Let's do it."

"You're on!"

* * *
Early the next morning, Tabby was busy at her clinic. She wasn't open for service yet; she was working on cleaning the place up.

"Okay... I've vacuumed, straightened the chairs in the waiting room, and put the magazines in a neat stack." Tabby paused in the middle of the floor and tapped her hoof on the ground. "What else is there to do?"

Tabby glanced over at her filing cabinet. Papers were piled up on top of it and many were laying on the ground. "Maybe I'd better arrange those better," she decided.

After about half an hour, she had all her files in much neater order. Her clinic was actually looking pretty neat now. "Not a half-bad job!" she said aloud.

"Now for the advertising." Tabby pulled out several large sheets of poster board she had found in her house the previous night, along with a pack of markers, and sat down at her desk in the main room. She started writing out in big letters on one of the sheets: "Come to Tabby's Vet Clinic! Offering the Exclusive **Magic Injections**! 25% off all visits today!"

Tabby stood back and surveyed the poster. "If that won't get ‘em, nothing will." She got to work copying the message onto the other sheets of poster board.

As she was working on the last poster, the door opened and someone walked in. Tabby looked up from her work; it was Princess Tiffany who had entered.

"Hey, Tiff," she greeted the princess.

Tiffany came over and glanced at the paper Tabby was working on. "Advertising, I see?"

"Yes." Tabby hastily wrote out the last words. "Thomas and I are seeing who can run the other out of business first." Her eyes gleamed.

Tiffany raised her eyes. "Personally, I think that Thomas's clinic is the best there is."

Tabby narrowed her eyes. "We'll just see what everyone else thinks... hey, what're you doing here, anyway?"

"I was just on my way to Sparkler's jewelry store, and I saw you were working in here so I thought I'd stop in and have a little chat," Tiffany explained.

Tabby sighed. "Now I'll go put these posters around Dream Valley... you can go on to the jewelry store.

Tiffany flounced out of the clinic and Tabby followed. Tabby's first stop was the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. "Scoops!" she called inside the shop. "Can I hang a poster out here?" She pointed towards the bulletin board outside of the shop.

"Oh, sure, Tabby!" Scoops called back. After all, Tabby was one of her best customers.
Tabby got permission to hang posters at several area businesses, including the Perm Shoppe and Pony-Mart.

After all her posters were hung, Tabby headed back to her clinic and waited for the ponies to start coming.

She waited. And waited. And waited...

Tabby tapped her hoof impatiently on the counter. "Where is everyone?" she sighed in exasperation.

At that moment, the door came open again. In came Posey, with her pet iguana.

"Hey, Posey!" Tabby greeted her.

"Hello, Tabby." Posey's eyes shone with worry.

"So what's wrong with your iguana?" Tabby questioned.

Posey's lip quavered. "Well... I was hoping you could tell me."

"What're his symptoms?" Tabby prodded.

"He's stopped eating," Posey said softly.

"And that's it?"

"Yes; he hasn't eaten since yesterday morning. You can help him, can't you?"

Tabby sighed. "Of course I can help him. I'll just give him one of my magic injections, and he'll be all better!"

Posey smiled with relief. "Oh, I hope it works!"

"It'll work; trust me," Tabby assured her. She whipped out one of her magic injections and pricked it into the iguana's skin.

"He's looking hungry already!" Posey exclaimed with delight. "Look, he's poking his head around, looking for food! Oh, thank you ever so much, Tabby!"

"No problem," Tabby said. "That'll just be twenty-five jangles."

Posey quickly paid the twenty-five jangles. "I'm sure you're the best vet in all of Ponyland," she said earnestly.

"Just be sure to spread that around to all your friends," Tabby said as she took the jangles from Posey.

"I will!" Posey called as she walked out the door with her iguana.

"Hooray, one visit for today," Tabby said dryly.

A few minutes later, Sugarberry came in the door. "Tabby! How's business today? I saw that you put up some posters."

"Yes! And I've still only had one visit today!" Tabby said. "That Thomas must be getting everyone to go to his clinic!"

Sugarberry paused in thought. "Well, most of the inhabitants of Dream Valley are female, and since the new vet is a very handsome male--"

Tabby sighed. "Yes, that's it, of course. And that means I'm doomed," she said dramatically.

"Don't give up yet," Sugarberry said encouragingly. "Why, look, here comes Salty now!"

"Two visits for today," Tabby said sourly.

Salty brought his pet guinea pig up to the main counter. "He cut his foot up on the floor of his cage," he explained.

Tabby inspected the guinea pig's cut-up foot. "This is easy enough to fix," she said, and took out another of her magic injections. She pricked the guinea pig with it.

Sugarberry was also looking at the guinea pig with interest. "Look! The cut is healing over already!"

The magic injections certainly worked fast; within a few minutes the guinea pig's foot looked normal again.

"Wow, you're good!" Salty said. "What's the total cost?"

"Twenty-five jangles," Tabby responded immediately.

Salty gave her the twenty-five jangles, picked up his guinea pig, and left.

"All right! Two visits for today!" Tabby cheered. She frowned. "What am I saying? I'm never gonna beat the new clinic with two visits a day!"

Sugarberry shrugged. "It's better than nothing."

Tabby survived the rest of the day at her clinic; she got several more patients to take care of. Finally, it was time to close up for the day. Sugarberry had since left.

It was now evening, and Tabby headed over to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for her daily visit. If she was lucky, Sugarberry would be there as well, and maybe even Tiffany.

As she entered the shop, Sugarberry waved to Tabby from a table she was sitting at. Tabby waved back, and after she got her order (a strawberry sundae, as always) she headed towards the table Sugarberry was at.

"Hello again," Sugarberry greeted her. "Tiffany's supposed to be coming, too."

"I'll never be able to run this other clinic out of business!" Tabby complained.

"Maybe you shouldn't aim for actually running it out of business," Sugarberry pointed out.

"That's no fun," Tabby said.

"Hi there, you two!" came Tiffany's voice as she joined them at their table.

"You're really getting into this peasant thing, aren't you, Tiffany?" Tabby commented. "You're at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe almost as much as I am!"

"Yes, I've found out that it's rather fun being a peasant," Tiffany said. "You were just talking about the new vet clinic, weren't you?"

Tabby groaned. "It's a tragedy."

Tiffany sighed dreamily. "I simply cannot wait until Theodora gets sick again!" she said, referring to her pet Bombay cat.

Sugarberry and Tabby both looked up at her in shock. "Why would you want her to get sick?" Tabby questioned.

"So I can take her in to that handsome new vet," Tiffany explained.

Tabby shook her head. "Really, Tiffany!"

Tiffany swung her head around to face Tabby. "And I don't think you'll be able to beat Thomas's clinic."

"You don't have to rub it in," Tabby grumbled.

"Just stay in business without competing," Sugarberry suggested.

Tiffany looked paused in thought. "Why not get employed at the new clinic!" she exclaimed.

Tabby stared at her. "Why would I want to do that?"

"Think about it, Tabitha!" Tiffany said dramatically. "You'd be able to do the work you like but not have any responsibilities of keeping the place up!"

Tabby scowled. "I don't want to have anything to do with this new clinic."

Tiffany, however, was very pleased with her idea. "I'll bring up the idea to Thomas tomorrow; I'm scheduled to have lunch with him then."

"You can ask, but don't expect to get anything out of me!" Tabby warned.

Tiffany waved her hoof in the air. "Just leave it to me, Tabitha."

* * *
The next day was another slow day at Tabby's clinic. Tabby had to admit that Tiffany's idea was actually pretty appealing-- but she wasn't going to give into anything involving the new clinic that easy; no way!

That evening, Tabby finished up at the clinic and trotted along home. As soon as she was in the door, the phone jangled. She ran to pick it up. "Yes? What? Who is this?"

"It's Tiffany... this is Tabitha, isn't it?"

Tabby clenched her jaw. "That's Tabby to you!"

"Yes, well, anyway, Tabitha-- I talked my idea over with Thomas this afternoon."

"Oh, really?"

"And he thought it was an extremely good idea to get you employed at his clinic."

Tabby sniffed.

"And he said he'd be calling you concerning details tonight," Tiffany went on.

"I don't see how you got me into this mess!" Tabby said. "I never even wanted to get employed at another clinic!"

"Just think it over, Tabitha," Tiffany said briskly. "I'm sure you'll decide to take the job in the end."

Tabby sighed. "Whatever you say, Tiff... goodbye..."

"Yes, goodbye, Tabitha. I'll see you tomorrow." With that, Tiffany hung up.

Tabby slammed down her receiver. "I don't care what they say; I am not getting a job at the new clinic!" she said stubbornly.

She was still silently fuming when the phone rang once again. Tabby picked up the receiver. "What?" she said irritably.

"This is Tabby, I presume?" It was Thomas.

"Yeah, yeah," Tabby responded, very annoyed. "It's Thomas, isn't it?"

"Yes, and Tiffany was just explaining an interesting idea of hers to me at lunch today," Thomas went on.

"Look, I already know what this is all about," Tabby interjected.

"Uh-huh," Thomas said. "So, would you want to be employed at my clinic as a vet?"

"No," Tabby said immediately.

"Won't you at least think it over?"

"I'll think it over, but the result will be the same," Tabby said haughtily.

"All right then... good night."

Once again, Tabby slammed down the receiver.

* * *
By the next evening, Tabby was beginning to regret not accepting the new job. Sure, she didn't want to have anything to do with the new clinic, but it might not be a half-bad job...

"Well, maybe I'll decide to take it anyway!" she said aloud. "But I don't have to worry about it now. I'll just go to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe and see if Sugarberry's there."

And so, Tabby trotted on along to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. Luckily Sugarberry was there, again, and Tabby soon ordered and sat down at the table her friend was at.

"Hi, there!" Sugarberry said.

"Yep." Tabby took a spoonful of her strawberry sundae. "Watcha been doing today?"

"Working on my latest novel," Sugarberry explained. "But I was talking to Tiffany earlier--"

"So, Tabby, have you decided to take the job yet?" interjected Thomas's voice.

Tabby turned to face him. "I'm considering it."

"Great!" Thomas said.

"What would my working hours be?" Tabby questioned him.

"Eight in the morning to four," Thomas said promptly.

"And the pay?"

"Two thousand jangles a month."

Tabby tapped her hoof on the table. "Make it three thousand a month and I'll take it," she challenged.

"Three thousand it is. All right, you're hired," Thomas said.

"Wow, Tabby!" Sugarberry exclaimed.

"You can come in to work at eight o' clock on Monday," Thomas went on to say.

Tabby smiled smugly. "I'll be there."

"And that reminds me." Thomas turned to Sugarberry. "I'm looking for a new secretary and receptionist. How would you like that job, Sugarberry?"

Sugarberry turned slightly pink. "Umm... I could do that!" she exclaimed.

"Then both of you are hired." Thomas sat back in his chair.

Sugarberry leaned over towards Tabby. "Then you and I can still talk between times at work!"

Tabby's smile broadened. "Yes, this won't be half-bad."

"What, there's no job for me?" came Tiffany's voice. She looked slightly hurt.

Tabby snickered.

"Sorry, but all the positions are filled now," Thomas explained. Tiffany sniffed.

"Aw, don't feel bad about it!" Tabby encouraged her. "As long as Theodora keeps getting sick, you'll be in there plenty."

Tiffany's face brightened. "That's true! I'm not very good at working, anyway."

"So now everyone's happy!" Sugarberry said cheerfully.

"You know, I do believe that Theodora is sick again," Tiffany was telling Thomas. "She sneezed once right before I left the Royal Paradise."

Tabby glanced at Sugarberry and smirked. Tiffany will be Tiffany!


Invento Ponies
by Applejack

Holidays Series (all earth ponies)

New Year's Pony

Body- White

Hair- Blue/Silver Tinsel

Symbol- Father Time

Accessory- a Noisemaker

Valentine's Day Pony

Body- Pink

Hair- Red

Symbol- a Red Heart

Accessory- a Valentine Card

St. Patrick's Day Pony

Body- Green

Hair- Green Tinsel

Symbol- Shamrocks

Accessory- a Four-Leaf Clover

Easter Pony

Body- Pink

Hair- Mint Green

Symbol- a Yellow, Fuzzy Chick

Accessory- a White Easter Hat

Mother's Day Pony

Body- Light Purple

Hair- Pink

Symbol- a Rose

Accessory- Two Teeny Tiny Ponies

Father's Day Pony

Body- Blue

Hair- Red

Symbol - a Tie

Accessory- World's Best Dad Plaque

Fourth of July (American Independance Day) Pony

Body- White

Hair- Red, Silver, and Blue Tinsel

Symbol- an American Flag

Accessory- an American Flag and Beach Blanket

Halloween Pony

Body- Orange

Hair- Black Tinsel

Symbol- a Black Cat

Accessory- a Mask

Thanksgiving Pony

Body- Tan

Hair- Orange

Symbol- Horn of Plenty

Accessory- a Pilgrim Hat

Hanukkah Pony

Body- White

Hair- Blue and Silver Tinsel

Symbol- Menorah

Accessory- a Menorah with Candles

Christmas Pony

Body- White

Hair- Green/Red Tinsel

Symbol- Christmas Tree on one hip; an Angel on the other

Accessory- a Nativity Set


Bowling Adventure
by Tabby

"The gang"-- which consisted of Sugarberry, Quarterback, Spike, Clever Clover, Friendly, and Tabby-- were gathered at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for an evening get-together. Tabby was tapping her hoof impatiently on the table.

"Would you stop that annoying tapping, Tabby?" Clever Clover said in exasperation.

"Sorry," Tabby mumbled and tried to hold back her hoof.

Just then, Tex approached their table. "Great, just great," Tabby said under her breath.

All the rest of the table waved cheerfully at Tex as he neared them. "Anyone for bowling later?" Tex questioned.

Quarterback looked pleased at the suggestion. "Hey, let's!"

Clever Clover pondered this. "That might be fun. I haven't bowled in a long time."

Spike also considered it. "Maybe..." he said tentatively.

"I'd go, but I already promised Tiffany I'd go ice-skating with her at the rink tonight," Sugarberry said apologetically.

"Bowling..." Friendly said slowly.

Tabby shrank back and opened her eyes wide. "Bowling?" she gasped in terror.

"What, can't you lift the ball?" Sugarberry laughed. "Too feeble?"

Tabby sniffed. "Of course I could lift the ball!"

"I'll go!" Clever Clover finally decided.

"Yeah, me too," Spike agreed.

"Me won't go, yeah, yeah," Friendly said.

"And how about you, Tabby?" Tex said.

"Why, I wouldn't go bowling, especially not with you around--" Tabby started out.

"Come on, Tabby; why don't you try it out?" Sugarberry tried to convince her friend.

"Yes, come with us," Quarterback added.

"Besides, you've got to prove you can lift the ball," Clever Clover pointed out.

This infuriated Tabby. "I'll lift the ball, all right! You'll see!"

"Then you'll have to come!" Spike said.

"I don't know how I get into these things," Tabby sighed. "Fine, I'll go."

And so, the five of them headed out: Tex, Spike, Quarterback, Clever Clover, and Tabby. When they reached the bowling alley, Tabby tentatively followed the rest inside.

Tex went up to the counter to pay for their games and the rest of the group went over to the shoe rack to each pick out a pair of shoes (for bowling, they only needed shoes for their two back feet). Once she had her pair picked out, Tabby stared out over the long row of lanes stretching out before her.

"We're in lane five," Tex said, coming over from the counter. "Let's go."

Tabby trailed along behind the others as they walked down the short flight of stairs that led to the lanes. Then they all grouped around lane five, and looked over the rack of bowling balls on the wall.

Tabby stared at the balls in confusion. Great. What am I doing now? she thought.

Quarterback pointed out one of the balls. "Try lifting this one," he instructed.

Tabby picked up the ball indicated, but could hardly keep it in the air for a second. "Man! That's heavy!" she gasped as she dropped it back into the rack.

Quarterback frowned. "Hmm, and that's the lightest one here."

Clever Clover and Spike had been watching the performance and they both burst out laughing. Tabby glared at them.

"There's a rack of lighter balls for the baby ponies up there," Quarterback said as he walked back up the stairs toward the other rack of balls.

"Baby pony balls?" Tabby echoed.

"Well, try this one," Quarterback said, pointing to one of the neon pink baby pony balls.

Tabby meekly tried picking up the ball. "Yeah, this'll work," she mumbled.

Quarterback stared back down the stairs. "We can start playing now!" Tabby followed with her head ducked down low.

Tex was typing their names into the computerized scoreboard. He glanced at Tabby's ball and smirked. "A baby pony ball, huh?"

Tabby scowled. "Wanna make something of it?"

Tex ignored the question. "Clever Clover, you're up first."

Clever Clover picked up his ball and boldly strode up to the lane. He went through the three steps, and tossed the ball down the lane. Tabby watched curiously. The ball smashed into the line-up of pins, knocking down nine of them.

"Not bad," Clever Clover said contentedly and waited for his ball to come back. He picked it up from the ball machine and tossed it again. It knocked down the last pin.

Then it was Spike's turn. He hit down two pins.

Next came Tabby. She picked up her ball, and glanced around the room quickly. Good, they were about the only ones there. She didn't want anyone else to catch her using a baby pony ball.

Quarterback walked her through the three steps. "Put your right hoof forward, then swing the ball down, and then let go," he instructed.

Tabby tried to mimic this. She held her breath as the ball started rolling down the lane. It went into the gutter. Tabby scowled again.

"You'll get another turn!" Spike called out from his seat. Tabby nodded and waited for her ball to come back.

She went through the steps again. Again, it went right into the gutter.

"You'll get better," Clever Clover said encouragingly.

"Yeah right," Tabby mumbled under her breath.

And so they went on. Quarterback knocked down five, and Tex did six.

Tabby went through the next three rounds without knocking a single pin down; it went into the gutter every single time.

"Why don't you set it right at the start of the lane, and push it with your hooves?" Quarterback finally suggested.

Tabby sighed and did as she was told. Sigh, it still went in the gutter. Her second time she tried the same thing, and what do you know? Into the gutter it went. By this point she was beginning to wonder it she'd hit any pins tonight.

The next time around, Clever Clover hit a strike. He walked back with a smug expression on his face.

On her sixth turn, when again she didn't hit a single pin, Tabby was about to give up. The graphic on the computer screen once again flashed, "Oh dear; missed."

"You don't have to rub it in!" Tabby growled.

Interestingly enough, on her seventh turn, the ball stayed rolling in the center of the lane once she pushed it off. Was it possible... was it going to hit?

Yes! It did hit! Eight pins down! She walked back with a look of triumph on her face.
"Not bad," Tex said.

Unfortunately, her next ball wound-up in the gutter again. Tabby nearly screamed.

At that moment, Tabby heard a group breaking-out in laughter behind her. She whirled around. There was the horde of baby ponies.

"Look!" Baby Heart Throb giggled. "Tabby use baby pony ball!" This made the group laugh even harder.

"Nasty baby ponies!" Tabby clenched her jaw. "Just shut up."

The snickering baby ponies ran off to their lane. Tabby ignored the sound of the pins dropping as the babies bowled.

After watching Clever Clover bowl another strike and Spike dropping down eight pins, Tabby went up for her turn again.

She picked up the ball, set it down at the start of the lane, pushed it off, and squeezed her eyes shut. She waited.

Tabby dared to open her eyes again just in time to see the ball reaching the pins. Wow, it was knocking quite a few down... eight... nine. What? However had she managed to do that good? The tenth pin wobbled, and then fell with a crash.

Tabby walked back to the chairs with a smirk on her face. "You can't laugh at me now, can you, baby ponies!" she said smugly.

"That's the way to push a bowling ball, Tabby!" Clever Clover congratulated her.

"Lucky shot," commented Tex.

Quarterback high-hooved Tabby. "Way to go!"

Spike was so happy he nearly burned the bowling alley down; luckily, he got his flame under control.

"I can't wait to tell Sugarberry how well I did!" Tabby exclaimed. "Hey, guys, we gotta do this more often!"

"Works for me," Clever Clover said.

"Yeah, that'd be fun!" Spike added, and Quarterback agreed.

Tex, however, shook his head. "Keep practicing, Tabby. Maybe someday you'll be ready for a real game."

Tabby shot an "if-looks-could-kill" glance at Tex. "Anyone for pizza?" she asked the rest of the group.

"I'm for it!" Clever Clover said cheerfully.

"Let's go to my house, then," Tabby suggested. "We'll order from Pony Hut!"

So off they went.


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 13

"We have come to a critical point in our journey," said flame-maned Epona. The floor of the cavern turned down sharply before them into a vast emptiness. A cold wind emanated from the blackness which chilled the travelers to the bone. Whips of mist carried on the wind appeared like shades fleeing the underworld. A slender rod of ice spanned the void like a bridge; it appeared to be the only way across the pit.

"The crossing will be difficult. The ice is slick and the winds are strong, too strong for flying. There are also spirits about; you must have focus, lest they deceive you. Only when I tell you will you be safe."

"Kharr!" screeched Breeks. "And what if we hear you and it is only the spirits' deception?"

Looking at Brightblade, not Breeks, Epona answered, "The spirits cannot mimic me; I am beyond their power."

Brightblade did not understand what she meant by this; Breeks huffed and ruffled his feathers.

Epona stepped lightly onto the glassy bridge. Her movements were smooth and graceful; she seemed almost to glide across the ice.

"That doesn't seem so hard," said Brightblade.

"She is nearly as bad as the spirits," replied Breeks. "Kraah!"

Brightblade stepped up to the abyss. "Well, we might as well get this over with." The Warpony tentatively put his fore-hoof on the ice. It was cold and slick but he pressed on. The frigid wind from the depth whipped around the pony and the raven perched upon his horn, and it chilled them to the bone. Breeks tucked his beak under his wing.

Brightblade found it difficult to maintain his footing and the wind was getting stronger the further he went, but he persistently moved forward. It was getting so that he could hardly feel his hooves; at one point he almost fell when his hoof missed the bridge.

After he recovered, he continued his crossing. He was beginning to hear the voices of the spirits in the wind, though he could not make out their words. His eyelids were becoming heavy with ice and his vision was blurred but he thought he could see the spirits flying about and, sometimes, through him. He could feel his coat becoming heavy with ice and his legs becoming stiff.

Brightblade inched forward through what had become like a blizzard. He did not know how long he had been going, or how much farther he had to go, but he could not give up. He closed his eyes, lowered his head, and pressed on. Just as he felt his legs about to fail him, the Warpony heard a familiar voice: it was Epona.

"You have done well, Warpony. You have made the crossing successfully; now it is time to rest."

Brightblade opened his eyes. He was standing on solid ground. There was no wind, his coat was cold but not icy, and Breeks had spread his wings. "Kharr! Well done, Warpony," the raven called.

"Now we will rest," said Epona, "while Brightblade continues telling his tale."

Since Kerberus' pack was no longer a threat, we had decided to rest for a time at the Temple of Light before heading back to Ponyland. It was a week before we set out. We traveled eastward toward the Packlands rather than northward toward the Lands of Death from which we came. We reached the Packlands after two days journey. There the Packlands were so rough and rocky that much of the terrain was impassable. Though our destination lay in the north, we were often forced to travel east, west, or even south for nearly a day at a time to circumvent towering, wall-like projections of rock.

It took us three times as long to reach the point where we fled into the Lands of Death than it had taken us to reach the Temple of Light from that juncture. Being there, where we had first encountered Kerberus and his pack, brought back unpleasant memories of a desperate act that had liberated us from one of Kerberus' lieutenants. Little did we know how much that act would haunt us in the days to come…


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