My Little Pony Monthly Issue 4 (July 15, 1997)

My Little Pony Monthly

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The Cleaning Guru
by Blossom

It's sticky; it's stinky; it's crusty; it's gloppy; it's that stuff on your pony!

Most common stains or crusts:

Pen- The only thing that even begins to get it out is warm water and bleach. If you are young, get your mom to mix some together and scrub. But if you scrub too hard, bye bye pony! Always try an eraser on the pen marks first. Someone might have used erasable pen!

Nail Polish and Paint- Nail polish remover and a good scrub brush should take that stuff off. If not, try some paint solvent. Ask your parents for some. If push comes to shove, you can (very gently) sand it off with sand paper. Don.t scrub hard.

Marker- Again, a very tough stain. I say, don't let you little brothers and sisters near markers. But try water and bleach.

Greasy Dirt- You really can't get this out, unfortunately. I hate greasy dirt because the only stuff that will take it partially off is pure bleach, and that's dangerous to use. Don't bother with grease dirt. You have to soak the pony for days and by then it's ruined anyway.

Regular Dirt- A bar of soap, and a scrub brush. Just go at it and the dirt should come right off! Be careful about scrubbing near the symbol, you don't want to scratch it off.

Make Up- For lipstick, try to get it off right away because it can become the dreaded greasy dirt. For eye shadow, blush powder, etc.; just use water. Follow greasy dirt directions above for lipstick if its really old and on there. If it's fresh, try a kleenex dipped in alcohol.


Porcina's Ponyland Fashion Show Scheduled
by Medley

For all you Ponies out there who love to dress up, there's a nice surprise for you this weekend! Porcina, the famous fashion designer, has come up with a few new lines of clothing for all the non-nudist Ponies in Ponyland.

First up is Moondancer, ready to hit the slopes in her stylish pink skisuit. With matching goggles, ski cap, and skis, she's set to go!

Next in line is Mimic looking cozy in her white printed jammies and matching nightcap. She's ready for a midnight snack of milk and cookies with her yellow blanket and pillow.

And then comes Bubbles. She can get into the groove while wearing her blue and yellow dress with green trim. With matching blue socks and yellow shoes, she's ready to clip her hair back and dance to the tunes coming from her green radio!

Sugarberry rolls along on her skateboard while wearing a shiny orange dress. This sidewalk surfer listens to music on her headphones while paying attention to safety by wearing knee pads, as all young Ponies should do.

Twinkler prances along, her sparkles shining in excitement as she prepares for her vacation. With a yellow floral print dress and magenta shoes, she's ready to don her straw hat, grab her yellow suitcase, and go on a pony holiday.

Wind Whistler shows her artistic side while still being pretty as a picture in her art smock, stylishly splattered with paint from her pallet and paintbrush, comfy pants, and pink shoes.

With these stunning designs and more to come, Porcina shows her mastery of the needle and thread!


From Dr.Rosedust's desk...
How to fix eyelashes in sleepy eyed babies!

You will need a cheap paintbrush, the children's kind with the black plastic bristles. You will use the bristles of the brush as new eyelashes. You will also need Super Glue and a pair of tweezers, as well as steady hands and patience. :)

Cut some bristles off as close to the bottom of the brush as possible. Pick up one bristle with the tweezers, holding it by the end, and dip one end a little into the super glue. Then, put it into the eye! Keep on doing this until the eyelashes are all in; then slowly and carefully trim the ends to the right length! It really helps to have a BBE baby in good shape to use as a model. -Dr. Rosedust, Ph.D. MD


Mystery Pony Results:

1st Prize: Anijel

2nd Prize: Sharnox(Rosedust)

3rd Prize: MLP Girl

Runners-up: Star)





Abi Short

I apologize to anyone I forgot! If I forgot you, please e-mail me and I will put your name in next issue.


Tip of the Day
by Blossom

Cleaning Rusty Beddy Bye Eyes

If they still have their eyelashes, they are salvageable.

What you need:

tooth picks

cotton swabs




Wet eyes gently with alcohol, as it will loosen the rust. Take toothpick and scrape at the rust. This is time confusing, but worth it. You can clean most of the rust with the tooth pick and frequently wetting with alcohol. Then take the cotton swab, and dip them in peroxide. Peroxide kills rust components and can help get the rest of the stain off. Just scrub with the swab. It may not look like it can scrape rust off, but cotton is very coarse and it's like a mild sand paper. The eyes won't be perfect, but they will look a heck of a lot better.









"A Day in Ponyland"
by your inside reporter, Baby Princess Tiffany!

Hello, everyone! I'm here at the Ponyland Cinema, and boy, is this place crazy tonight! The line to get tickets is so long, it circles the whole block! The new hit movie, "A Day in Ponyland," features Sundance, Megan, and Molly. Since it's only in theaters, everyone is dying to see it!

Minate and Pony give the movie 2 hooves up. The dolls are selling out in only hours! The line's moving. I'll give a revue of the movie next time. Bye for now!


by Tabby

In kindergarten, my teacher let me declare a "My Little Pony Day." Everyone in class brought a pony to school that day. One boy didn't have any ponies, but I had brought extras; so I let him have Barnacle to play with for the day. (But I wouldn't share any of the other ponies I'd brought along!)

Mom and I had made My Little Pony sugar cookies (we'd once found one My Little Pony cookie cutter at a rummage sale) to serve for snacktime. We duplicated pages from My Little Pony coloring books so everyone had a picture to color.

When some older girls walked by our party, they made comments like, "Oh, look at the cute little ponies!" "Isn't that sweet!" "Look, everyone has a pony!" and "I've got some of them at home!"

One of my big brothers had painted Baby Noddins on poster board with a detachable tail; we all took a turn at "Pin the Tail on the Pony."

I, of course, had worn my My Little Pony shirt for the special day and thought I was really "cool" because I was in charge of everything. It was a happy day for me and for all the other kids, too, thanks to My Little Ponies!

[If you have a favorite pony memory that you would like to share, please write it up and e-mail it to Tabby at]


Great Ways to Get and Keep Your Ponies Looking Their Best!!
by Applejack

For Crimped or Frizzed Hair-

Wet and shampoo hair; brush while wet; let air dry; brush again

For Marker-

Give pony a bath; use handsoap and a washcloth or towel; scrub your MLP vigorously yet gently until undesired mark is removed **Note-- some marker is permanent and will not come off**

For Dirt-

Get a damp washcloth and a little soap and scrub

For Spray Paint (I put this in because I got an Applejack who had been hit with spray paint and this took most of it off)-

Use a little bit of lemon juice and a little liquid soap; scrub gently **Be careful!! You might remove color, so don't use too much lemon**

I hope this helps anyone with dirty MLPs. These techniques have been tested on my dirty MLPs. Good luck and clean ponies :-)


Baby Sundance
(white baby earth pony with pink hair and triangles, dots, and hearts in a circle on her rump)

Good Day Gone Bad
by Tabby

"Gotch ya," called Baby Sundance as she tagged Baby Lofty. Baby Lofty squealed, and turned to chase down Baby Half Note.

"No fair," pouted Baby Half Note. "You wing ponies move fast!" Baby Lofty just giggled as she sped away.

The baby ponies were playing tag in the meadow; it was a warm, sunny day with fluffy white clouds hanging in the blue sky. The ponies ran through the soft green grass, occasionally stopping to smell the fragrant and colorful flowers of Dream Valley. They got especially excited when a delicate butterfly would come to sip nectar from a beautiful blossom; the friendly butterflies were always willing to spend a little time frolicking with the frisky ponies.

When the babies tired of their game of tag, Baby Gusty suggested they play hide-and-seek. So off they went, each to her own "secret" spot. Baby Heartthrob was the first to do the seeking. She found Baby Lofty in a tree, Baby Sundance behind a bush, Baby Gusty in a patch of daisies, and Baby Half Note behind a rock.

After a few more times of hiding and seeking, Baby Sundance frowned and asked, "Why so dark?" The baby ponies looked around, and realized it was definitely too dark for this early in the day.

"Mommy not even called us to lunch yet!" Baby Half Note whimpered.

Baby Sundance looked up at the sky, and shivered. The puffy white clouds had become mean-looking black clouds, thick and heavy with rain. In the distance, lightning streaked through the darkness. "A storm coming," cried Baby Sundance. "Must get home!"

Baby Heartthrob started to cry as thunder rumbled across the valley. Baby Half Note and Baby Lofty were close to tears. Baby Gusty called, "Mommy! Mommy!" as loudly as she could.

In the meantime, Baby Sundance tried to remember what her mother had taught her about storms like this. As she surveyed the menacing clouds overhead, she gasped in alarm. One of the clouds was beginning to circle around and around, going faster and faster, and dropping lower and lower toward the ground. A tornado!

"Follow me!" Baby Sundance screamed. She knew they must find a low spot to hide in before this awful thing reached them. She remembered a rocky ravine nearby that cut into the meadow. The frightened baby ponies moved quickly toward the ravine as raindrops began to pound them.

Baby Sundance became aware of a terrible roar in the sky behind them, and sensed that the noise was part of the swirling tornado cloud she'd seen. She whispered a prayer that she and her friends would reach the sheltered spot in time.

Just them, the rocks of the ravine were in front of her; Baby Sundance and the others dropped into the ravine and huddled together in the shelter of some large rocks.

Now the wind was blowing fiercely around them, pelting them with raindrops. They clustered tightly together, their faces touching, whimpering and shivering. And so they stayed as the storm raged around them.

Then as suddenly as it began, the storm was over. Baby Sundance lifted her head and whispered, "You hear someone?"

Baby Gusty jumped up and called out, "Mommy! Mommy!" Baby Lofty, Baby Heartthrob and Baby Half Note joined in the happy cries. They slipped and tripped up the slope to the grassy meadow, and met the worried mothers amidst a shower of hugging, kissing, crying, and laughing.

Lofty spoke through her happy tears. "The storm came up so quickly, we couldn't get to you! We were so afraid for your safety!"

Baby Heartthrob, feeling brave now with the danger past, nipped at Baby Sundance's mane. "Baby Sundance saved us from to-na-do!"

Sundance looked at her baby and hugged her close. "I prayed you'd remember what I taught you," she smiled.

Baby Sundance snuggled against her and smiled back. "Me, too!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I'm taking a survey to find out how many people think a First Tooth Baby Sundance was made and how many don't. E-mail me what you think, and why to


Word Search
by Applejack








Baby Moondancer's First Visit to the Dentist
By Mimic

It was a bright and beautiful morning in Ponyland (like all of the other mornings) and Baby Moondancer woke to the smell of her favorite breakfast dish-- honey oatmeal! She ran through the nursery like a bolt of lightning, and straight to the Dream Castle kitchen.

"Hi, Baby Moondancer!" said Cherry Treats.

"Oh, hi, Cherry Treats!" answered Baby Moondancer.

"Wash your hooves and go sit at the table with all the other ponies, ‘cause breakfast will be done in a minute," said Cherry Treats, but Baby Moondancer was already seated, hooves washed and ready to eat. Some of the other baby ponies started snickering.

I wonder what is so funny? thought Baby Moondancer to herself, but she soon forgot, because breakfast was on the table, and it was time to eat.

* * *
After breakfast, Moondancer came up to Baby Moondancer and said, "Hi, baby! I planned a special car trip for just us today!"

"Where are we going?" asked Baby Moondancer.

"It's a surprise!" replied Moondancer.

* * *
Later that day, she was playing ball with Baby Glory, Baby Splashes, and Baby Tiddley Winks.

"You know where you're going today, don't you?" asked Baby Glory.

"Actually, no; I don't," replied Baby Moondancer.

"You're going to the dentist!" Baby Tiddley Winks burst out with a cruel laugh at the end.

"Where?" asked Baby Moondancer.

"The Dentist!" they all yelled with laughter.

"Who's the dentist?" Baby Moondancer asked with a worried tone.

"The Dentist is someone who looks inside your mouth, finds problems, and drills into your teeth!" Baby Splashes blurted out.

"It's true!" Baby Glory insisted. "A friend of mine went there, and when she came back, all of her teeth had holes in ‘em!"

"No, no, my mommy wouldn't take me to such a mean man!" Baby Moondancer cried, and she ran off to her room.

* * *
"Baby Moondancer, Baby Moondancer?" Moondancer called out. "It's time to go on our special car trip!"

"I DON'T WANNA GO TO THE DENTIST!" screeched Baby Moondancer. "I don't wanna get my teeth ripped up!"

"Why, where did you get that idea?" asked Moondancer.

"The other baby ponies told me so!" sobbed Baby Moondancer.

"They're just saying that stuff because they're frightened themselves! The dentist is nice! Why, I even go there, and my pearly whites are as beautiful as any tooth could be!" Moondancer told her.

"Really, Mommy?" Baby Moondancer asked.

"Of course! Would your mother lie?" Moondancer said.

"No," answered Baby Moondancer. So they got in the car, and left for the dentist.

* * *
RING A LING the bell on the door went as Baby Moondancer walked in.

"Hi, folks!" said a very nice old lady at the desk. "So you must be Baby Moondancer! My name is Dr. Floss n' Gloss, and I will be your dentist! Go sit in that chair over there!"

"Okay," Baby Moondancer said, barely able to push out the two syllables.

"What we're going to do today is a simple procedure," the dentist reassured her. "We'll look for cavities in the teeth; then we'll clean them. Not too bad! You don't have a single cavity! Now, to clean the teeth. First we'll put some foam on this funny looking contraption, and put it in your mouth... then we clean it up and brush our teeth, okay?"

"Okay," Baby Moondancer answered, feeling a bit more secure.

A few minutes later, the dentist came out with Baby Moondancer and said to her, while pulling a basket off of a shelf, "Since you were such a good baby pony, go ahead and pick out what toy you'd like out of this basket!"

Baby Moondancer picked out a lovely purple ring.

"There you go now," said Dr. Floss n' Gloss. "Now run along! I hope to see you later!"

"Buh bye, misses dentist lady!" Baby Moondancer said with delight. "Be back soon!"

And with that, Baby Moondancer and Moondancer got in the car and headed home.

* * *
When they got there, Baby Moondancer could instantly smell her favorite dinner, oats and fruit! At dinner, all the baby ponies gathered around Baby Moondancer, asking questions like, "Was it scary?", "Did the dentist look weird?", or "Did she drill in your teeth?"

During that time, Baby Moondancer was probably the proudest and happiest pony in Ponyland, and that's the tooth!



Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
by Applejack

1 cup of butter

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 large eggs

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/4 cup of coco powder

1 ½ cups of flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 ½ package of chocolate ships

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cream butter, sugars, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Stir in remaining ingredients and blend well. Refrigerate dough for about a half an hour (it is hard to work with when warm :-D)

Take out of fridge and make little balls of dough (tablespoon size) and put them on an ungreased cookie sheet 2 inches apart. Bake for 5-8 minutes. Cool and remove from cookie sheet.

Try one!! I hope you like them!!!


Name that Pony Friend!
Yellow giraffe with white hair and pink leaves all over.

E-mail your answers to Tabby at


MLP Jumble!! :-D
by Applejack

What MLPs are these? Their names are all jumbled up!!

E-Mail me with the correct answers and you will get recognized in the next issue!!

E-mail to-- Good luck!!








A Vote!!!!!!
by Applejack

Okay, pick one in each of the categories . Send your answers to me-- Outcome in next issue!!!

Favorite Baby (out of these):

Baby Rainribbon

Baby Cotton Candy

Baby Blossom

Baby Glory

Baby Sweet Bouquet

Favorite Earth Pony (out of these):




Cotton Candy

Favorite Pegasus (out of these):





Favorite Flat Foot:




Blue Belle

Cotton Candy


Favorite Unicorn (out of these):





Favorite Rainbow (out of these):




Favorite Boy MLP (out of these):




Be sure to e-mail me at I am very excited and I hope you are to about the outcome! :-D


A MLP Joke by Applejack

What goes pink, white, pink, white pink, white and pink white?

Cotton Candy doing somersaults!


By Baby Firefly

Hi, fellow baby ponies! Did you hear about the new baby swim team at the Dream Valley Swim Center? That's right! Starting August first, the Dream Valley Dolphins will meet twice weekly to practice for the first meet, which will be held sometime in late August. Don't worry if you're not such a great swimmer-- if you sign up for the Dolphins, you'll also get free swimming lessons (at least until they fill up all the spots). And all the babies can participate, because there will be separate groups for newborns, regular babies, and teenagers (although the newborns do not get to compete in events)! So be sure and sign up as soon as possible by calling 555-SWIM if you want to be there for the team-- I know I will!


Who can name the most MLPs?
THE RULES- You canNOT go to Dream Valley and look them up. You MUST number the list you have made; I don't want to sit at my computer counting the names :-) I am using the honor system ‘cause there's no way I can prove you cheated, but I might get suspicious. And also, wouldn't you want to win fairly? I'd hope so! :-)

So now that the rules are straight let the contest begin!!!!

E-Mail me with your numbered list at--


The winners from last month's contest to see who could get the most words from Honeysuckle:

1st prize winner, Twilight(!! She found all these words: Honey, sun, son, neck, house, no, on, luck, eel, suck,soy, sulk, suckle, yuck, heck, yes, heel, cone, he, she, clue, yen, hen, keen, one, eon, Eos, yock, yokel, yolk, yon, you, yule, lone, lee, leech, leek, lees, lech, lock, loch, eye, knee, kneel, lousy, louse, lose, louche, key, sol, soke, sole, so, sone, soul, sou, souk. Congratulations, Twilight!

Also thanks to Mimic(Kim H for entering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The MLP Name Game!
by Applejack

What MLP(s) am/are I/we

I am considered "The Queen of the Ponies." I came with the Dream Castle. Who am I?

We are the only two MLPs made sitting. Who are we?

I am an orange pony with apples on my rump and orange hair. I have freckles! Who am I?

I am a Baby Sea Pony with orange hair and pink body. Who am I?

I am the So-Soft Pony in the Party Pack. Who am I?

I am a blue Rainbow pony with a moon on my rump (unicorn). Who am I?

I am a Baby Pony. My mommy is an original. I am pink with white spots on my rump. Who am I?

Answers - Majesty




Best Wishes


Baby Cotton Candy


Type: Earth pony

Symbol: pigs

Color: light purple

Hair: light pink

Name: Curly Tails


Type: Space pony (LOL)

Body Color: dk. blue

Hair Color: white w/ sparkles

Symbol: a comet w/ stars around it

Misc.: has space helmet on head


Type: Pegasus

Body: yellow

Hair: orange

Symbol: peace sign and flower


Type: Twinkle-Eyed Earth pony

Body: yellow

Hair: olive green

Symbol: Volkswagon bug


Type: Playtime Baby Brother

Body: lt. blue

Hair: dark blue

Symbol: jar of peanut butter


Type: So-Soft Unicorn

Body: lt. powder blue

Hair: white

Symbol: snowman

Type: Unicorn

Symbol: bears hugging

Color: white

Hair: pink

Name: Bear Hugs

Type: Pegasus

Symbol: a clothesline

Color: light blue

Hair: gold (not glitter, though)

Name: Hangin' Out

Type: Earth pony

Symbol: a running girl

Color: blue

Hair: pink

Name: Fearless

Type: Unicorn

Symbol: a fire with a roasting marshmallow

Color: light brown

Hair: blonde

Name: Toasty


by Glory

So-soft ponies are scary to some collectors because they are afraid that cleaning them will ruin their lovely fur. But don't worry; here are the steps to making your so-softs beautiful once again-- without ruining their fur!

Here is what you will need: liquid soap, baking soda, and Comet.

Smear liquid soap all over the pony, but do not work it into a lather. Cover the soap with Comet, and cover the Comet with baking soda. Work into a lather, and rinse. Repeat these procedures as necessary to completely rid the ponies coat of dirt.

Never use a toothbrush or extremely harsh cleansers, as they may ruin the flocking on your so-soft pony.


Lickety Split's Yummy Chocolate Fudge
by Glory

2C sugar

4tbs cocoa

3/4 C milk

1tbs vanilla

3tbs butter or margarine

1. Combine sugar, cocoa, and milk in a large pan. Put over medium heat and stir.

2. Bring to a boil.

3. Test to see if fudge is ready by taking a drop of fudge and dropping it into cold water. When the small chocolate ball feels hard, the fudge is ready for the next step.

4. Remove fudge from heat and add vanilla and butter. If you like creamy fudge, add more butter than the recipe calls for. Stir until butter is blended into the chocolate. The mixture will begin to harden.

5. Pour mixture onto a buttered platter and cut into pieces.

6. Let cool and enjoy!!!


by Glory

Want the up-to-date fashion guide for fillies? Well, you'll only find it here, in My Little Pony Monthly!

Hair: This summer, all kinds of styles are in. Some of the favorites are straight and silky, curly, and wavy. Fifi's Perm Shop has been so full, she's booked through next week with appointments by fillies who want to look their best. The most popular perm is a curly one.

Clothes: Neat and tidy clothes are in this summer, as well as colorful, striped patterns. Models Baby Tic-tac-toe and Baby Lickety Split were seen on the runway wearing denim cut off shorts and striped tees.

Another hot item this summer is hats. They seem to be popping up in all the fashion magazines. From caps to beanies, straw hats with flowers to berets, you can't go wrong wearing a hat.

Another hot thing for fillies this summer is nailpolish. Hasbro created special polish especially for ponies years ago, and now it's making a comeback! The two most popular looks are elephant fingernails, sets of three or four half ovals at the base of the foot, as well as nailpolish horseshoes!

So, fillies, now you know how to look hot this summer! Have fun with the new fashion!


*********REMEMBER: If trying any of the above cleaning hints, always use caution. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur. Try any cleaning solution in a small, hidden area first (like the bottom of a hoof) to check for any problems that may arise.


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