My Little Pony Monthly Issue 5 (August 1, 1997)

My Little Pony Monthly
Established June 1997

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Near Disaster Averted
by Sugarberry

Late Sunday evening, two young ponies, Lucky and Clipper, camped out behind a home at 165 Rainbow Lane and attempted to start a campfire as the evening turned cold. The fire got out of control and caught the tent on fire while the ponies were inside. Fortunately, Edgar the elephant was visiting friends nearby and heard the youngsters cries for help. He saw the flames and quickly filled his trunk from the swimming pool at a neighbor's house and squirted down the tent extinguishing the flames in time to save the ponies from any serious harm. The two frightened boys were treated at Ponyland General Hospital for minor problems arising from smoke inhalation, and released.


Garden Walks
by Sugarberry

The annual Pony Garden Walk will be held this weekend, weather permitting. Gardens included in this year's walk are those of Posey, Blossom, Honeysuckle, Brilliant Bloom and Wildflower. Light refreshments will be served at each location. Donations to cover expenses will be accepted.


The Votes are in!!!!

Your Favorite Baby-

Baby Glory!

Your Favorite Earth Pony-


Your Favorite Pegasus-


Your Favorite Flatfoot-


Your Favorite Unicorn-


Your Favorite Rainbow-


Your Favorite Boy-



New Families Should Register
By Sugarberry

Pony families who have moved into the Ponyland School District are encouraged to contact Miss Hackney at 123-ABCD or at her office at 23 Education Place. Early knowledge of ponies attending school will enable Miss Hackney to plan for class sizes.


New My Little Pony web site
by Flutterby

I'm going to create a web site designed to preserve the MLP stories that were written on the backs of the MLP and MLP friends packages so that others can read them. I will need some help; I don't have the slightest idea about how to create a web site and also I need help collecting stories for my web site. I will start on my web page as soon as I get a modem that can handle the job. If you have any info or MLP package stories email me at
I'll tell you what I don't need; that is what I can find at home. Thank you for reading this message.


Survey Results!
Baby Sundance- is there a First Tooth version?


Sure, I do think Sundance was made. She is in checklists and on package backs. If she wasn't made Hasbro could get in trouble for false advertising, so I do believe she is out there somewhere.


Yes, we believe there was a First Tooth Baby Sundance. Why, because Hasbro went all out with Sundance and it seems only logical for them to have gone all out with Baby Sundance as well.

I don't think there is a first tooth Sundance. I have an ad that came in an MLP box and only baby Lickety Split, Fifi, Bouncy, Quackers, North Star, and Tic Tac Toe are shown. Of course, Sundance could have been in a separate series.


Next Survey!

What do you think the new MLPs Hasbro is coming out with will cost? E-mail what you think and why to Tabby at


Baby Shower
By Sugarberry

A surprise baby shower was given on Saturday afternoon for Minty who is expecting her baby next month. Guests were entertained by music from Garth Hoofs. Refreshments were served, games played, and gifts presented. Guests included Bowtie, Tickle, Ribbon, Tic-Tac-Toe, Peppermint Crunch, Sky Dancer, and Boysenberry Pie.


To clean so-softs:

You can use a toothbrush on them as long as the toothbrush is a super soft bristle variety (kid's work best). Use some sort of handsoap; we use Dial and/or Soft Soap. Both work nicely. Rub EXTREMELY gently with the way the flocking lays or you may run the risk of brushing it off. Also, to get rid of pesky stains that won't come off with soap and water, you can use Goo Gone. It is even able to be used on the symbols (of non So Soft ponies even!!) to clean the symbols; just don't push too hard or too long. Apply directly to the bristles of the toothbrush or a Q-tip. Q-tips work best. Gently massage area of stain for a few moments. Then rinse and rewash-- Goo Gone will leave a film if not rinsed off but does not hurt the ponies at all-- unless you use a whole lot of elbow grease on the symbols. We'll let you know if we think of any other way to keep our ponies looking clean! :)

Twilight and Moondancer


Pony Support Network

This is a new feature; send in questions about MLPs that you need answered. I'll post them and if anyone has an answer I'll post it in the next issue.

Some of my ponies have these light tan spots that simply do not come out. Does anyone know how to get them out?


Little Flitter's Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies


1 cup flour

1 cup oats

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar

½ cup dried cranberries

½ cup Walnuts

½ cup + 1 TBSP Oil

1 egg

½ tsp Vanilla

Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Mix oil, egg and vanilla in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, stir the other contents together. Add oil egg and vanilla to the bowl with the sugar, etc. Stir until it is well blended. The dough will be stiff. Shape dough into 1" balls and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 11-13 minutes. For best texture, do not overbake. Makes approximately 2-2 ½ dozen cookies.


Little Flitter (Cindy)


Pony Gossip
By Tabby, Clipper, and Sugarberry

Last night, right before a huge party Dainty was throwing in her garden to show off her flowers, the Bushwoolies came in and destroyed her garden! They picked all the flowers because they wanted to surprise Dainty by pulling the "weeds" out of her garden. Dainty lost her temper at them and banned them from her garden.

Sundance has reportedly received word that her long lost brother, Butch, will be returning to Ponyland. Although she is excited about the reunion, not all ponies share her enthusiasm. Tex was quoted as saying, "Butch, that varmit, I thought I'd seen the last of him in Bolivia!" but refused further comment.

GARAGE SALE: Wind Whistler will be holding a rummage sale at her home at 35 Estate Blvd. from 8AM to 3PM on Saturday. Items include a set of encyclopedias, a microscope, two working calculators, a chemistry set, an Apple computer, clothes, hats, and various miscellaneous.

Salty enlisted in the Ponyland Navy and is stationed at the Water Trough Naval Station where he will undergo three months of extensive training in the operation of sea-going vessels.

Pony-Mart is holding it's annual back-to-school sale all next week. All clothing will be 25% off. Shoes will be bargain priced at "buy one, get one at half-price." All school supplies will be specially marked for this money-saving extravaganza.


Well, on behalf of all ponies in Ponyland, I'd like to wish Moonpony (UnknownSlr) a very happy, but also very late (July 29th!), birthday!

by Mimic



Name all the ponies you can think of named after food items! Answers will be in next issue. E-mail your answers to Tabby at


How Well Do You Know Your Ponies
by Buttons

Can you do these things with out looking them up?

1) Name most of your ponies?

a) less than half

b) more than half

c) all

2) Name a pony by description?

a) usually

b) hardly ever

c) most of the time

3) Name a pony by picture?

a) almost all ways

b) not usually

c) always

4) Figure out the type from the description?

a) usually

b) sometimes

c) always

5) Name this pony with out looking it up

a) blue unicorn with purple hair (red streak in mane) and diamonds on rump


1) a-2, b-1, c-3

2) a-2, b-1, c-3

3) a-2, b-1, c-3

4) a-2, b-1, c-3

5) named her - 3

Now add up your answers using them above values. Example: You answered b for #1 so the value is 1. Add the values from each of your answers together for your total. Then find you total below:

4-6: need to read up on your ponies

7-11: very good knowledge of ponies

12-15: excellent, way to go!!!


The winners of the MLP Jumble are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunblossom Gypsy

The people that named the most MLPs!!! 159!!!!! 155!!!

KimHMLP- 101!!!

TJGeraci-33 !!!


Winners of Name that Pony Friend!

The correct answer was Creamsicle!



Java Bar


Twilight and Moondancer


By Dr. Rosedust, MD, Ph.D. (Sharnox)
How to Fix Broken Flutter Pony Wings

You will need the wing and the stub that broke off of it. If you do not have the original stub, don't despair; the wing can still be saved. :) You will need another stub that has more shimmery plastic on it than the area that was broken off on the wing.

Fixing a wing with its original stub is very simple: Using super glue, trace a very thin line of glue along the break on the wing. Gently match the stub to it, and hold it for about a minute. You will need VERY steady hands to do this. If you aren't sure your hands are steady enough, then DON'T DO IT because if you get super glue on the good, shimmery part of the wing there is no way to get it off. Have someone else do it for ya. :) Let the glue set for an hour or so... and voila! The break is stronger than it was when it was unbroken! Now, if you are using a different stub, you will need to trim the shimmery plastic on the stub to match the break line on the wing. After you have an EXACT match, follow the gluing directions above. Some wings are a problem: they have a very large break spot. You will need to get ahold of some similar shimmery cleap opalescent plastic to fill the gap. I have not yet checked but I am sure that such a thing would be available from a craft store. I have seen a very similar shimmery flat wing; they are on "fairies" being sold for $7 at toys r us right now. The fairy wings are comparatively very large and would last a long time as wing repair material. :) Oh, I do wing repairs; if you do not want to do the job yourself then send the wing to me! My repairs are dynamite, it's hard to even see the break, unless you look closely! :)


Some Make Up a Ponies!!
by Applejack

Type- Unicorn

Color- mint green

Hair- fire red with a white streak

Symbol- a pie with flies buzzing round

Name- Shoo Fly!

Type- Boy

Color- pearlized pink

Hair- white with a pink streak

Symbol- two dumbells

Name- Buff


Pony Popularity!

1st prize, Baby Moondacer!! With 4 votes!!

2nd prize, Princess Tiffany!! With 3 votes!!

3rd prize, Starflower!! With 1 vote!!




Glittering Gem

Baby Tappy


Getting That Frizz Out of Your MLPs Hair
by Appplejack

Doesn't that frizz annoy you? Well, with these instructions it'll help :0)

1- Get your MLP's hair very wet!

2- Later, get a thick, rich lather and let sit for about 30 secs

3- Wash

4- Put a lot of thick conditioner in the hair and comb through the hair

5- Let sit for 5 minutes

6- Wash well

7- Blow dry far away from hair on LOW ‘till a BIT damp

8- Comb hair through

**May have to repeat!!**


Pink Dreams
(mint green flutter pony with dark pink hair and pink sleeping cat on rump)

Pink Dreams and the Kitten
by Tabby

Pink Dreams was on her way to Flutter Valley. She was going there for an afternoon picnic with the other Flutter Ponies. After the picnic, she had to fly back to Paradise Estate for a slumber party that some of the ponies had invited her to.

When she got to Flutter Valley, all the flutter ponies greeted her happily. "Come over here, Pink Dreams!" called Wind Song to her friend. "See what we found!"

Pink Dreams quickly went over to Wind Song to see what she had. "Oh, it's a kitten!" Pink Dreams shrieked happily. "Isn't she SO cute!"

"We knew you'd like her," Rosedust said. "This morning Forget-Me-Not found her in the bushes over there." Rosedust pointed to the other side of Flutter Valley where a bunch of berry bushes grew.

Pink Dreams smiled happily at the black and white kitten, who was playing with Honeysuckle's curly tail.

"Well, let's get on to the picnic!" said Peach Blossom brightly. "We have tons of food!" All the Flutter Ponies gathered around a large yellow picnic table and started digging into the picnic baskets.

Pink Dreams had the playful kitten sitting next to her. "Hey, don't do that!" exclaimed Tropical Breeze as the kitten tried to steal a cookie off her plate.

"We have to think of a name for her!" Wind Drifter said.

"Whitey?" Wind Song suggested.

"That's boring!" exclaimed Rosedust.

"Well, do YOU have any ideas?" Wind Song shot back.

"Come on everybody, let's not fight!" shouted Honeysuckle.

"I have a suggestion," Pink Dreams called. All the Flutter Ponies fell silent.

"What?" Rosedust asked.

"Playful," Pink Dreams answered.

"Well, what does everyone think of that?" asked Yum Yum.

"I think it's great!" called Hollywood, and everyone else agreed.

"Okay, then the kitten is now officaly named Playful!" said Rosedust.

"Oh, no!" yelled Pink Dreams. "I have to go now or I'll be late for the slumber party! I'll see you guys tomorrow!"

"Bye, Pink Dreams!" all the Flutter Ponies shouted.

As Pink Dreams was flying away, Tropical Breeze called to her, "Wait! Take Playful with you! You can bring her back tomorrow!"

Pink Dreams smiled as she took Playful, who settled down for a nap on her back. "Thanks! She'll be safe with me!" Pink Dreams called to her friends as she flew out of Flutter Valley.

When Pink Dreams arrived at Paradise Estate, Pillow Talk, Night Cap, Sleepy Head, and Sleep Tight greeted her. "You're just in time for the party to start!" said Pillow Talk. "Come upstairs!"

Once upstairs in Pillow Talk's room, Pink Dreams took Playful off her back. "Look who I brought!" she said to her friends.

"Oh, it a little kitten!" exclaimed Sleepy Head and Sleep Tight.

"What's her name? Where'd you get her?" asked Night Cap.

"Her name is Playful, and the other Flutter Ponies found her in Flutter Valley. They let me bring her here for the party tonight," answered Pink Dreams. And Playful was the hit of the slumber party!


by Minty

1. Which pony has umbrellas on her rump?

A. Gusty

B. Parasol

C. Windy

2. Who is the only unmarked baby?

A. Baby Surprise

B. Baby Blossom

C. Ember

3. Which of these are not a flat foot?

A. Snuzzle

B. Powder

C. Butterscotch

4. Which pony has two molds?

A. Firefly

B. Medly

C. Surprise

5. Which of these are TAFs?

A. Medley

B. Minty

C. Buttons

6. Which unicorn has kites on her rump?

A. Powder

B. Majesty

C. Skyflyer

7. Which pony has pink hair, white freckles and is blue?

A. Minty

B. Bowtie

C. Blossom

8. Which company made MLPs?

A. Hasbro

B. Little Tykes


9. Which pony has rainbow hair?

A. Windy

B. Minty

C. Bowtie

10. Which was the first pony made?

A. Playtime twins

B. Majesty

C. My Pretty Ponys

1)B, 2)C, 3)B, 4)A,5) C, 6)C, 7)B, 8)A, 9)A, 10)C


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