My Little Pony Monthly Issue 6 (September 1, 1997)

My Little Pony Monthly
Established June 1997

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Issue 6
September 1997

You may have noticed that My Little Pony Monthly actually came out twice a month in June and July when a person could spend more time on the finer things in life (namely, My Little Ponies); but with the start of school in August, publication has gone to once a month and will be sent on the first day of the month.


by Sugarberry

With her head deep in a patch of Queen Anne's Lace, Bangles was surprised when a voice asked, "What're you doing, Bangles?"

Bangles lifted her head and smiled to see one of her friends, Mint Dreams, standing close by. "I'm picking flowers to use in my potpourri," giggled Bangles.

"What's that?" questioned Mint Dreams with interest.

"A mixture of flowers, leaves, and fragrance that makes a room smell nice," explained Bangles. "See all the lacey while flowers I've picked already?"

Just then, Seaflower bounced up. "Hi, Mint Dreams! Look, Bangles, I found tons of clover; isn't the deep purple shade beautiful?"

"It sure is!" exclaimed Bangles. "Purple's my favorite color!"

"Is that Night Glider I see over by the lane?" asked Mint Dreams. "Let's see what flowers she found."

Bangles, Mint Dreams, and Seaflower raced to Night Glider, laughing and teasing as they ran. When they reached Night Glider, Cuddles had also arrived with her bag of flowers.

"Look at my bergamot blossoms," Night Glider squealed. "They smell like mint!"

Cuddles had found the only yellow flowers, toadflax. "My Mom calls this ‘butter and eggs,'" she informed the girls.

After finding some fern-like green leaves from the yarrow plant to add contrast to their flower blossoms, the group scampered across the meadow to the Paradise Estate where they raided the refrigerator for ice-cold lemonade. Night Glider found cookies and Cuddles found cupcakes, so they were soon refreshed.

"What will you do with the flowers now?"Mint Dreams asked.

"Oh, now I'll spread them on a screen in the sunshine to dry them," explained Bangles. "It takes awhile before they are completely dry."

"Then what?" queried Seaflower.

"When the flowers are dry, I'll put them between circles of lace material in a wooden hoop--add bow trim and hang on the wall to bring the delicate scent of the meadow indoors. I'm planning to sell them at the Craft Fair next week," breathlessly finished Bangles.

"Sounds cool," quipped Mint Dreams.

"And tomorrow," continued Bangles, "Posey is going to let me pick some of her garden flowers for my potpourri, too. Anyone want to help?"

"Sure thing! Yes! I'll be there!" rang out a chorus of voices.

"Great!" said Bangles. "See you at Posey's at 1:00 P.M. tomorrow!" Then everyone went her own way to do her chores for the day.

* * *
The next morning was sunny and bright. After hours of drying and sorting flowers, Bangles headed for Posey's garden. When she arrived, she found Posey busy watering her plants.

"Hi, Bangles!" Posey called. "The flowers are beautiful today, if I do say so myself."

"Oh, Posey, they are beautiful," Bangles exclaimed.

Just then, Cuddles appeared at the garden gate. "Come on in," invited Posey.

"Your flowers are the best," complimented Cuddles. "How do we decide which ones to pick?"

"You definitely want roses," Posey suggested. "They have the longest-lasting fragrance."

"And lavender and lemon verbena work well, too," added Bangles.

So Bangles and Cuddles spent a happy afternoon choosing the brightest, most colorful, and best-smelling flowers in the garden. Afterwards, Posey treated them to ice cream cones, triple-decker. Then they headed home.

"Why didn't Mint Dreams or Seaflower or Night Glider show up?" wondered Bangles. Cuddles had no idea, either.

* * *
"Bri-I-I-ing." Bangles' alarm clock roused her from her dreams in which she was drowning in a huge tub of flower petals. She fought her way to wakefulness to find herself wrapped mummy-like in her floral comforter.

As her mind cleared, Bangles exclaimed to herself, "Today's the Craft Fair! I've got so much to do! Hope all the girls show-up to help!" After breakfast, she packed all her beribboned potpourri hangings in a big box and headed for the Craft Fair. She found herself singing along with the birds as she happily walked along.

Shortly, Cuddles joined Bangles. "Bangles, you'll never guess why Mint Dreams and the others haven't been around to help us!" she exclaimed.

"Why? They aren't sick, are they?" asked Bangles.

"Worse!" said Cuddles. "They went into the potpourri business on their own! They will be selling them at the Craft Fair, too!"

"No!" said Bangles. "They wouldn't do that!"

"Oh, yes they would....and did! Mint Dreams even asked me to help," Cuddles admitted.
To Bangles, it seemed as if the birds had suddenly quit singing and the fresh morning air felt suddenly cold. "Why would they steal my idea?" asked Bangles; a tear slowly stole down her face and landed on the potpourri with a rustle.

Cuddles looked sadly at her friend and tried to cheer her. "Look at all the people coming To the Craft Fair already! We'd better hurry, Bangles!"

"I hope Mint Dreams flowers weren't properly dried and end up moldy," Bangles muttered under her breath.

* * *
Cuddles and Bangles were soon busily setting up their display on a table reserved for them. The aromatic arrangements soon attracted many shoppers who spent time choosing between the different combinations of petals and colors.

When Posey stopped by the table, she was already carrying a woven willow basket with dried meadow flowers in it. "Look, Bangles," she cried. "I bought this from Mint Dreams. Isn't it lovely?"

"Sure is," groaned Bangles. "But why did she make potpourri just like me?"

"Yes," added Cuddles. "It was Bangles' idea."

"Girls," said Posey, "there's plenty of room for two potpourri crafters in Ponyland. We all enjoy the beauty of flowers."

"But look, you've chosen Mint Dreams' arrangement over mine," sniffed Bangles. "How many others will prefer hers?"

"Bangles, I don't ‘prefer' her's. I like both of you girls' ideas. I bought Mint Dreams' basket for my powder room, and I'm going to buy one of your hanging arrangements with my rose petals in it for my kitchen," explained Posey.

"Really?" queried Bangles shakily. "Do you really mean that?"

"Of course, Bangles!" smiled Posey. "You both have done an excellent job."

"Oh, Posey," interjected Cuddles, "you'd better pick one soon, or they'll be all gone."

It was true. Only two of the potpourris remained on the table. Posey picked one with lots of red and pink rose petals along with the white Queen Anne's Lace. "This will be lovely hanging over my telephone stand," she decided, "and I can enjoy the fragrance of my flowers even when I'm stuck indoors."

* * *
All too quickly, the Craft Fair was over. Bangles and Cuddles were helping clean-up when Bangles caught sight of Mint Dreams at the other end of the room. Bangles headed towards her just as Mint Dreams caught sight of her; the two met at the center of the room.

"Hi, Mint Dreams," began Bangles. "Posey showed me one of your baskets, and you did a nice job."

"Thanks, Bangles," said Mint Dreams. "Your potpourri project looked like such fun that I wanted to try me hand at it. Hope you don't mind."

"Bangles cringed for just a second as she remembered her original unhappiness at learning that Mint Dreams was doing a similar project, but managed a smile and said, "No, I don't mind. There's plenty of room for the two of us."

Cuddles, Night Glider, and Seaflower rushed up, and Night Glider called out, "I'm hungry! Let's eat!"

Mint Dreams looked at Bangles, and Bangles grinned at Mint Dreams. "Let's treat this crew to banana splits at the Ice Cream Parlor," said Bangles.

"Good idea," giggled Mint Dreams. "I was wondering how I'd share the profits of this venture. Everyone to the Ice Cream Parlor!"

So off they ran--tears forgotten and friendship stronger than ever.


Hasbro's Dilemma

One of the biggest toy companies, Hasbro, has had a big decision to make about bringing back one of their extinct toys, My Little Ponies.

For a whole decade those six-inch high horses were the titans of the toy business, standing tall with Barbie and G. I. Joe. They were the perfect toy. Boys and girls loved them and could play with them without stereotypes kicking in. These colorful colts didn't mandate that you want to grow up to be a seven-foot tall anorexic blond bubble head, or a high-ranking Army murderer. If anything, they encouraged you to make your own choices.

Now Hasbro (having been scared away from continuing the line by competitors threatening to take them to court for pushing the toy too much in their popular cartoon) wants a second chance with disenheartened pony collectors to re-erect the MLP dynasty. Most are skeptical about quality and variety of this new breed proposed, but Hasbro has assured consumer reporters that the quality will be the same, and new breeds will roam Paradise Estate and Dream Castle. I only hope for their sake that they're right.


How to make pancakes: (stove needed)

You will need:

2 eggs


1 cup



frying pan


How to make:

Put the pan on the stove & fill the bowl with 2 cups of flour. Then crac k 2 eggs into the bowl & throw the egg shells in the trash. Next put 1 cup of milk into the bowl. Then put some butter in the pan. Afterward turn the stove on lo w. Put some of the pancake mix in the pan. Turn the pancakes over after a while. When they're brownish yellowish you can put syrup on the pancakes & you can eat them.

Recipe by:

By Tabby

The sixth annual Tour de Dark Forest bicycle tour which takes in portions of the Dark Forest National Wildlife Refuge is planned next Wednesday.

The Wednesday event will offer a 20- mile ride as well as a 50- mile ride.

Lunch will be provided for those that ride 50 miles. All participants are invited to the after-ride party.

The Tour de Dark Forest will raise money for the benefit of Ponyland General Hospital.

Registration starts at 8 at the parking lot of the Dark Forest National Wildlife Refuge.

Pound Cake
by Applejack

6 eggs

2 cups sugar (mix those 2)

2 tsp vanilla

3 cups flour, sifted

1 pint sweet cream, whipped

Your pan needs to be 10 inches across 3 ½ inches deep 8 ½ in at bottom

Mix eggs and sugar; add vanilla and flour; beat well; fold in whipped cream; bake in a 250degree oven for 1 and 1 1/4 hours.

It's really good!!!

The Pony Olympics, a behind the scenes report by Applejack

Last week the ponies held the "Pony Olympics." Of course, I watched!! They had soo many events-- swimming, gymnastics, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse. The winners were as follows--


100 meter freestyle - Backstroke

500 meter freestyle - Sea Winkle

50 meter butterfly - Tiny Bubbles

100 meter butterfly - Wave Dancer

1650 freestyle - White Cap


All Around - Lickety Split

Beam - Dainty

Vault - An unexpected Applejack!

Bars - Tootsie

Floor - Shady


The Sweetheart Sisters!


The So Softs!!


The Unicorns!!


The Pegasi!!


The Happy Tails!!



Last week the Pony Olympics were held. All the "athletic" ponies were in it. Applejack was a replacement for the injured favorite, Posey . Posey suddenly broke her hoof. Applejack stepped up and said, "Okay, I'll do it." She had NO training. Besides all the controversy that had to do with it-- Can she compete?

Gusty, the coach, showed her a simple vault. She tried it in the 25-minute warm-up; Applejack caught on and learned another.

When competition time rolled around, Applejack was sweaty and ready. She was first event, vault, last seated and last to go. Applejack watched while one after the other, Lickety Split, Sweet Stuff, Heart Throb, and Firefly flopped their vaults and she was next!! Buttons, the announcer, called Applejack and she went up. She started her run and said to herself, "Up, strong hooves, over."

It worked! She completed the vault with only a slight step on the landing! Her score for the first vault was 9.05. To win she needed a 9.0 or higher on her second vault . She walked nervously down to the start, started her run and said to herself, "Come on push, up, over."

BOOM! Strong off the vault, perfect in the air. Her second score was a 9.75!! The crowd went crazy chanting "Applejack, Applejack!!!"

Will she do it next year?? We'll just have to wait and see :-)



Hello, my name is Joey and I have a baby MLP that I got in good condition at a second-hand store. The only problem is that I don't know what her name is! She's lavender with purple\blue hair, and she's got little blue and purple flowers all over her sides. The flowers have a little bit of orange in them. Her foot is scratched so I can't tell what year she is. Please help me.

Blu Flyer


By Tabby

Dream Valley High School cheerleading tryouts will begin on Monday.

All interested ponies are asked to meet in the gym lobby at 9:00 sharp and be dressed for a workout.

Practices will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9 to 11:30 with the final cut being on Wednesday.

Those who make the squad will continue to practice on Thursday and Friday.

If you have any questions, you are asked to call Flower Dream at 567-CHEER.


by Glory

Don't you just hate it when one of your ponies has spent a little too much time in the water and, as a result, they have rust in their hair. Rust is a very common problem in MLPs, especially the drink and wet ones. How do you get rid of it? Simple.

Go to the store and buy a bottle of "The Rust Gun." The company that makes it is called "FAST." Test the product on inconspicuous areas of the body and the hair. If nothing happens, then the product is safe to use on your pony.

Spray some "Rust Gun" on the rusty areas and work the stuff into the hair. Let it sit for about three minutes, and then wash it out with soapy water. Most of the rust will be gone! And if you repeat the procedure, you will be able to remove 100% of the rust and your pony will once again have beautiful hair!


Invento Ponies
by Applejack

Mommy and Baby Fun Sets with matching outfits-

SSSSKIER and Baby SSSSKIER (hehehe love the name)- light light blue Earthlings with white hair and skis and falling snow on rear; come with little skis you can strap on and matching snowsuits :0)

Sweet Lovin and Baby Sweet Lovin- red Unicorns with candy hearts on rumps purple hair with a red streak; come with a little box of those Valentines Day heart candies and matching purple dresses

Lightning and Baby Lightning- white Pegasus with purple hair wing and silver lightning on rump; both come with matching roller blades and blue shirts

Sweat and Baby Sweat- light blue with pink hair Earthlings with weights on rumps; come with matching outfits like little spandex shorts and tee shirts and both have a set of weights

2 Tone Ponies!! These ponies had one color at the head and it fades to another by the rump their hair is another two colors but mixed like the rainbow ponies hair

Jumper- Earth, starts blue at the head fades to purple, has pink and white hair and a fence like that real horses jump over on rump

Book Worm- starts mint green and fades to pale purple Earthling, white and pink hair a book on rump

Byte- yellow, fades to green, white and gold hair (not tinsel), a computer on rump, Earthling

VVVRRROOMMM!!!- fades red to purple, blue and white hair, Pegasus, sports car on rump

Flight- pegasus, fades white to yellow, mint green and light light purple hair, blue sky and a cloud on rump

Boy and Girl Twins

Girl- Doris, purple with light blue hair, blue teddy on rump, Earthlings

Boy- Danny, light blue, purple hair, blue teddy on rump

Girl- Hippety, pink with blue hair, a hopping bunny on rump, Unicorns

Boy- Hop, blue with pink hair, a hopping bunny on rump; 1st boy unicorn, right?

Girl- Fly Away, pegasus, yellow and purple (hair), stars on rump

Boy- Fly Away same name :0); the only twins in this set with the same name and colors, and the 1st boy pegasus!! Right?

(In that set the boys would be stockier and a BIT taller than the girls.)

Ski Ponies!! These ponies would all come with a pair of skis. (Big name ski companies like Dynastar and Rossingol would sponsor Hasbro in making these ponies) They are all Earthlings and come with the latest fashions in ski gear :0) They would also have boots that clipped into skis like real bindings.

Bump- light purple with blue hair, a mogul (snow bump) on rump, comes with my skis!! Black, yellow and green Dynastars, yellow poles, black boots, a bright yellow fluffy jacket, a toboggan hat (a real long hat that ends near butt)

Jump- yellow with white hair, a ski on rump, comes with purple Rossingol skis, black poles, a purple parka jacket, a simple black hat, and purple boots

Extreme- green with purple hair, a wild skier on rump, comes with bright yellow and black Elan skis, black poles, a jester hat, and a yellow and black jacket, black boots

Havin' Fun- orange with yellow hair, a blue parka, Black Solomen skis, blue boots, a black fluff hat, a smile on rump

Gym Ponies!!- These ponies are workin' out!! All come with a gym bag filled with weights and a sweatband and come with two gym outfits!

Work It- pink with purple hair w/ white streak, legs running on rump, Unicorn

outfits- purple sweatsuit and black shorts and a white tee shirt

Feel the Burn- blue pony with red hair, a sneaker on rump, Earthling

outfits - a red sweatsuit and purple umbro shorts and a striped tee

Fit- Pegasus, yellow, golden hair, drops of sweat on rump

outfits- a red sweat shirt and black pants and blue Umbro type shorts and a purple tee

Buffly- Earth, green, white hair, a sweat band on rump

outfits- a yellow sweatsuit, and black shorts and a white tee

Sports Ponies These ponies play sports!! They all come with the appropriate gear and uniforms; all Earth ponies.

SoccerLuvn- white, purple hair, a soccer ball on rump, a purple tee shirt, blue umbro shorts, and a soccer ball and cleats!!

LAXLuvn- a lacrosse player, white, blue hair, a lacrosse stick on rump, comes with a lacrosse stick and ball, a blue sweatshirt and purple UMBRO type shorts and cleats!

GolfLuvn- white, yellow hair, a golf ball rolling on grass on the rump, comes with golf shoes, a putter, and a ball, and plaid pants and a Polo tee

BaseballLuvn- white, green hair, a bat on rump, comes with a baseball, a bat, and a baseball tee shirt and sneakers

BasketBallLuvn- white, orange hair, a basket on rump, comes with a basketball, shorts , and shorts, and sneakers

SwimminLuvn- white, blue hair, waves on rump, comes with a little Speedo, a swim cap, goggles

CheerleadinLuvn- white pink hair, a pompom on rump, comes with a skirt, and shirt, pompoms, and sneakers


Pony Mountain- for the Ski Ponies! Their own ski resort: a plastic mountain that when you put out in the snow you can play with, or not in the snow; comes with base lodge, mountain itself which is 4 feet height!!, extra skis and boots, trail maps, trail signs that snap onto the mountain and stand up so the ponies can see what trail they are on, ski shoppe: extra skis, boots, jackets and hats

Comes with- Beep the ski pony!! She is white with green hair and a hat on rump

Pony Gym!!!

For the gym ponies

Stands two feet high, comes with a big main room, a baby room, a bathroom, and a fitness shoppe: extra outfits, sweatbands, bags, weights

Comes with- Crunch the fitness expert!! Purple with white hair a person doing a situp on rump

Mommy and Baby Havin' Fun at the Park Playset-

For the mommies and babies; swings, slides, a jungle gym!!, benches, monkey bars, in a circular arrangement with plastic trees!!


Mimic's Ritz Cracker Pie

What You'll Need:

3 large egg whites

1 cup sugar

½ teaspoon baking powder

14 Ritz crackers, coarsely broken up

½ cup walnuts

1 teaspoon pure vanilla

1 cup heavy whipped cream (Not ultra pasteurized)

Pie pan (greased)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

Beat egg whites to stiff stage, while gradually adding sugar and baking powder. Fold in crackers, walnuts, and vanilla.

Pour mixture into greased pie pan and bake in preheated oven 30 minutes. Cool; cover with whipped cream, and refrigerate ‘till served.


By Tabby

A neighborhood block party will be held in Ponyland the first Monday in September, the last summer fling before the confinement of school limits activities. Balloons will be available for all the young ponies. A pot luck supper will be served under a canopy on First Street. In-line skating routines will be demonstrated; bicycle races will be held for elementary school ponies. Pre-schoolers will participate in bubble-blowing; Tex's Country Band will provide dance music. Everyone is invited to attend.


Dance for Quarters
by Mimic

This weekend, Scoops will be having a Dance for Quarters to raise money for the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. She will be playing songs for a quarter a piece that you can pick and dedicate to any pony you'd like. There will also be an ice cream sale, and games for the tots. So come on down to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for games, food, and music..... It's Dance for Quarters, this Saturday and Sunday. Bring a friend! No admission fees!


Movie Review:
My Little Pony, The Movie
by Applejack

Rating- G
My Rating- ****
Key- * stinks, ** OK , *** Good, ****, Great!!, ***** Masterpiece

This movie was great! Wonderful family entertainment. If there weren't so many animation flaws it would have gotten *****. I mean, two Sundances at the fair; Shady was at the Estate when she was really searching for Lickety Split. It was a good movie; SEE IT!!!!!!

2 Hooves up :0) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Need any advice? I'm here :-)

Cleaning Tips From Applejack
-Giving your ponies a bath can be healthy and rewarding :-) Have fun!

1- Fill tub or sink with water and a little bit of Bubble Bath

2- Put 10 MLPs in the tub or 3 in the sink; let ‘em soak !

3- Lather up!! Put mild soap all over your MLPs

4- Wash the ponies' hair with Baby Shampoo (I like Baby Magic); lather ‘till bubbly

5- Rinse and repeat if a shiny mane and tail are desired use a mild conditioner/detangler

6- Dry ponies' hair with a towel then a hair dryer on LOW

7- Comb!! and enjoy your sparkling MLPs


**Special Care**
If MLPs hair is dry, frizzly, and brittle do a deep conditioning. Here's how!-

Use a deep conditioner - I like The Detangler and Suave Clarifying

Put in hair and tail,

Put MLP in plastic bag,

Leave for 20 mins,

Take out of bag,

Comb hair,


May need to repeat.


A Pony Game-- What's The Secret Word?? Print First!!
by Applejack

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _

8 1 7 1 6 2 4 3 3 4 5 1 5 3

1- If Bubbles is a seated pony put an E in every box marked with a 3, if not, put an A in

2- If Twilight is a Pegasus, put a D in all boxes marked with 7's, if not, put R's in

3- If Buttons is a TAF and a So Soft, put P's in all boxes marked with 8's, if not, put M's there

4- If Applejack is my favorite MLP put A's in all boxes marked with 1's, if not, put D's there

5- If there IS a Baby Applejack put D's in all boxes marked with 6's, if not, put S's there

6- If Bowtie is an Earthling, put T's in all boxes marked with 5's, if not, put V's there

7- If Applejack is a unicorn, put a P in box 2, if not, put an I there

8- If Minty came out in Year 2, put T's in all boxes marked with 4's, if not, put S's there

**They are really spaces not boxes!! :0)**

**In order to play you must print this out :-)** Have loads of fun!!


More!! A MLP Game! You must print and play!!

D _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ R _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _


M _ _

C _ _


S _ _ _ _ _ _




1- a Baby Newborn who's twin is Nibbles

2- Cherries Jubilee's symbol

3- an orange MLP with yellow hair

4- My Little Pony abbreviation

5- Tabby's symbol

6- a seated MLP


How do you get ink stains out that have, like, sunk in their skin. I have tried pure acetone, but it won't work on things like that. Please help!


Contest Winners(Name all the ponies you can with a food item in their name)

Cotton Candy

Cocoa Berry


Crunch Berry


Peppermint Crunch

Li'l Cupcake

Banana Surprise

Li'l Sweetcake

Raspberry Jam

Sweet Scoops

Boysenberry Pie

Baby Sugarcake

Blueberry Baskets

Baby Milky Way

Cherry Treats

Milky Way

Strawberry Surprise

Baby Sugarberry

Cranberry Muffins




Sweet Pop


Baby Frosting

Sugar Apple

Mint Dreams

Sugar Sweet

Carmel Crunch

Lemon Treats

Cherries Jubilee

Lemon Drop




Peach Blossom

Apple Delight Family







Pony Prices From the Past

These prices came directly off of MLP packages purchased in Wisconsin:

Baby Sparkle Pony $3.99

Newborn Pony $3.42

Colorswirl Pony $3.78

Pretty Pony $4.19

Glittery Sweetheart Sister $5.74

Fancy Mermaid Pony $2.86

Flower Fantasy Pony $3.78

Sundazzle $3.78/$3.99/$3.49

Sweet Talkin' $9.78

Precious Pocket Pony $5.47

Baby Rainbow Pony $3.99

Teeny Tiny Pony $3.26/$3.99

Paradise Baby $2.86

Rockin' Beat Pony $5.47/$5.26

Teeny Tiny Twins $3.78

Sweet Kisses Pony $3.78

Glow n' Show Pony $5.98/$2.48

Twice as Fancy $5.47

Sweetberry $5.47/$6.99

Sparkle Pony $4.99

Baby Ballerina Pony $3.96

Sunshine Pony $6.99

Sundae Best Pony $6.99

Rainbow Curl Pony $4.95

Sweetheart Sister Pony $6.00

Merry Treat $5.48

Watercolor Baby Sea Pony $5.49

Twinkle Eyed Pony $5.99

Pony Friend $4.99/$4.49

Peek a Boo Baby Pony $5.99

Candy Cane Pony $8.99/$6.99

Merry Go Round Pony $5.99/$6.99

Fancy Pants Baby Pony $6.99

Baby Brother Pony $7.99

Sweetsteps Ballerina Pony $7.99

Sippin' Soda Pony $5.96

Secret Surprise Pony $9.78

Happy Tails Pony $7.99

Princess Baby Buggy $14.99

Bed $14.99

Loving Family $17.99

Baby Pony and Pretty Pal $9.97/$8.99

Birthday Pony $5.96

Megan and Twice as Fancy Sundance $9.99

Dance n' Prance Pony $9.99

Perfume Puff $7.00

Bridal Beauty $8.99

Princess Brush n' Grow $11.99

In the last issue of My Little Pony Monthly, we asked for your opinions as to the price that Hasbro will put on the new MLPs. Here are the results:


$5 on card, $6 or $7 in box



$4 or $5

original cost

$3.99 or $4.50





twice as much as original cost




by Glory

This fall, the My Little Ponies are getting all dressed up in Pony Wear with Jewelry! Any jewelry items from necklaces to bracelets to earrings is in style.

Models Posey and Glory were seen on the runway wearing necklaces with their outfits entitled "Sweetness and Lace," and "Hearts and Candy." Movie Star Lickety Split was seen wearing a jeweled headpiece in "Lights, Camera, Action." And when Parasol was crowned "Pageant Queen," she wore a lovely tiara!

As you can see, Pony Wear with jewelry is the hottest fashion statement you can make this season, so why don't you try it out?


DID YOU KNOW.........
By Sugarberry and Clipper

Minty and Maverick announce the birth of their first baby on August 16 whom they've named Midnight; she is yellow with pale green hair and a moonflower design.

Speckles and Bunkie were grounded from surfing the web for ten days by their parents after the twins accidentally erased their father's customer list from the computer.


Found: Football helmet near the athletic field; owner can claim by accurately describing it. Call 111-1111.

RUMMAGE SALE: Tuesday 4-8 PM; Wednesday 8 AM - Noon. Posey's house at 265 Garden Lane. Items: 2 garden hoses, watering can, assorted flower pots, a rake, 2 shovels, a hoe, large collection of baskets, wrought-iron garden pot hangers, straw hats, sundresses.

Tragedy struck when the Bushwoolies threw a surprise birthday party for Spike. The Bushwoolies are being treated for major burns at Ponyland General Hospital.

Serious studying has paid off. Frilly Flower has received a scholarship to finance her higher education at Pony Pride University where she will be studying law this coming semester.

Salty will be back in Ponyland for a two-week leave from his training at Water Trough Naval Station. While home, he hopes to visit each and every pony and Bushwoolie.

On a hike along the Meander River, Baby Countdown, Baby Drummer, Baby Leaper, Baby Waddles, Baby Paws, and Baby Racer discovered the fossilized bones of prehistoric dragons that appear to have reached a height of 40 feet. The site is being excavated by paleontologists from Pony Pride University. Upon hearing of the find, Spike commented, "I've got a long way to grow!"

Ponyland inhabitants were treated to a spectacular nature show this past month as meteor showers streaked through the night sky. "Awesome" was the general consensus of those willing to watch the display in the wee dark hours.

Ponyland General Hospital is holding a fund-raiser for their Burn Unit as a rash of fire-related incidents has severely taxed their supplies and personnel. Anyone wishing to participate may purchase raffle tickets from the doctors and nurses at Ponyland General, or from the sponsoring business places which include Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, Pretty Parlor, Baby Bonnet School of Dance, Perm Shoppe, and Pony-Mart.


(orange earth pony with yellow hair and apples on rump)

Pie, Anyone?
by Tabby

"Applejack, when are you going to pick apples for your wonderful apple pies?" asked Sweet Tooth. "Usually by this time of year you've picked the apples already!"

"I'm going to do it this afternoon," answered Applejack smiling. "Would you like to help?"

Sweet Tooth shook her head. ‘No, sorry, I can't. I already promised Party Time I'd help her set up for the huge party she's throwing tonight! I just can't wait for it!"

"Me either!" Applejack exclaimed. "Party Time is really going all out on this party! She invited all the ponies, and Bushwoolies, and everyone else in Ponyland!"

"You'll have to make some of your apple pies for it!" Sweet Tooth said, grinning at Applejack. ‘Everyone will be dying to taste a piece!"

"I know!" exclaimed Applejack. "I'll have to make tons of pies!"

After lunch, Applejack walked out to the apple orchard, which was on the edge of the Dark Forest. Applejack had gotten Crumpet and Munchy to help her pick apples. They'd brought nine baskets to fill.

Applejack told her friends, "Crumpet, you work on the side facing Paradise Estate, Munchy, you pick from the middle and I'll be over by the forest."

Crumpet and Munchy agreed to this, so the three ponies each went to their part of the orchard and started picking apples.

It seemed to Applejack she'd only been picking apples for a little while when she had filled two of her three baskets with apples. "I want to find some extra special apples for my last basket," she thought to herself. She wandered around her part of the orchard looking for the best apples and before long she was in the Dark Forest!

She was about to turn back when she caught site of an apple tree IN the forest! But the apples on it were so much bigger and redder than the ones that grew in the orchard!

Applejack exclaimed, "These are really extra special apples! They'll make wonderful pies!" She started picking the huge apples and her last basket was soon filled with them.

"I wish I could pick more!" she said to herself. "But I can come back later, I suppose."

Applejack looked for Crumpet and Munchy back in the orchard and found them just finishing filling their baskets.

"Did you finish, Applejack?" Munchy asked.

"I did!" exclaimed Applejack. "I found an apple tree in the forest that has apples much bigger than the ones that grow here! I filled my last basket with them!"

"I'm sure they'll make your pies even more delicious!" said Crumpet, smiling. "Now, let's get these back to Paradise Estate!"

After baking pies for hours and hours, Applejack and Crumpet finally got to the last basket of apples. They were the ones Applejack had gotten out of the Dark Forest.

"I'll save the pies we make with these apples for the party," Applejack told Crumpet.

Crumpet said, "That sounds like a good idea; those apples look so delicious!"

After the two ponies had finished all the pies, Applejack went upstairs to her room in Paradise Estate to get ready for Party Time's party that was tonight. It was 5:00 now; the party would start at 7:00.

"Only two more hours to get ready! And I have to take my pies over early!" exclaimed Applejack. "And I need someone to help me take them over! I'll never be ready in time!"

But Applejack soon found Dancing Butterflies who agreed to help her take the pies. They each carried two pies; they'd come back for four more.

"I hope there's enough for everyone!" remarked Applejack to Dancing Butterflies.

"I'm sure there'll be plenty!" said Dancing Butterflies cheerfully. "Don't worry!"

After the two friends had brought all eight pies to Party Time's house, they relaxed at Paradise Estate until it was tine to leave for the party.

When they got there, lots of ponies had already arrived. There were five tables piled with food; and in the center of one, Applejack's pies were displayed.

"Applejack! Come over here!" called out Cloud Dreamer.

Applejack started walking over To her friend to see what she wanted but before she could get to her, Romper pulled her off to the side.

"Did you see how fast your pies are going?" exclaimed Romper. "I'll be lucky if I get a piece for myself! The bushwoolies really made a mess of one though!" she giggled.

"Wow, I didn't think they would be that popular!" said Applejack.

After the party had been going on a while longer, Applejack remarked to Cloud Dreamer, "It seems like a lot of ponies are leaving. There's not near as many here as there was before!"

"You're right," remarked Cloud Dreamer. "I wonder why. It's such a great party!"

"And I didn't even get to eat a piece of my pie before it was gone," sighed Applejack.

Suddenly Cloud Dreamer turned pale. "You know, I don't feel so good all of a sudden."

"You should go home," Applejack said, concerned. "You don't look...."

Cloud Dreamer went running to a bathroom.

"...good," Applejack finished, watching her friend run off.

Sweet Tooth ran up to Applejack then. "Everyone's leaving! It's getting really boring!" she exclaimed. "I was just talking to Sunspot and she got sick all of a sudden and had to go home!"

"The same thing happened to Cloud Dreamer," Applejack told Sweet Tooth. "It's really strange."

"I know!" Sweet Stuff said. "Hey, did you get any of your pie? I didn't! And I wanted to try I so badly!"

There were only a few ponies left at the party--Applejack, Sweet Tooth, Party Time, Sugar Apple, Sunblossom, Posey, Sparkler, and Pinwheel.

"That's it!" Applejack exclaimed suddenly.

"What?" Sweet Tooth asked; but Applejack had already pulled her over to Posey.

"Posey, did you get a piece of my pie?" Applejack asked her.

"No," answered Posey, frowning. "And I heard it was so good, too!"

Applejack asked all the ponies left at the party that same question, and she got the same answer from all of them--they hadn't gotten a piece of her pie.

"So explain what you're doing!" whispered Sweet Tooth to Applejack.

Applejack answered, "The only ponies left are ones that didn't eat any of my pie! All the ones that got sick and left probably had eaten some! There must have been something in it that made them sick!"

"Oh, NO!" exclaimed Sweet Tooth. "That's HORRIBLE! What'll we do?"

"I don't know," admitted Applejack. "Let's just see what everyone's like in the morning."

But the next morning everyone was the same--sick (except for the ones that had ‘t had any pie).

Sweet Tooth met Applejack in the kitchen of Paradise Estate.

"What do we do now?" Sweet Tooth asked.

"Well..." Applejack answered slowly. "I guess we'll have to go the library and try to find a book with something about apples that make ponies sick."

Sweet Tooth asked, "Why haven't they ever made us sick before? We've been eating them for years!"

Applejack answered, "The apples in the pies I took to the party were from the tree I found in the Dark Forest."

"Oh!" exclaimed Sweet Tooth. "That makes it even worse! There's so many horrid things that happened in there!" She shuddered just thinking about it. "Well, let's get over to the library," she said, trying to sound cheerful. The two ponies walked over to the library but found it locked up.

"Of course it's not open! Everyone's sick so Streaky couldn't open it!" Applejack exclaimed. "Why didn't we think of that before?"

"Maybe there's a back door or something that's unlocked," Sweet Tooth suggested.

"We'll have to look," Applejack said.

After looking around the library building for several minutes, Applejack found a window that was close to the ground that was open.

"Come on, we can squeeze in through here," she called to Sweet Tooth.

After Applejack and Sweet Tooth got inside, they went over to the library computer and searched for apples.

"There are only two books listed, Applejack said. "It's not many, but maybe there's something in one of them."

"Let's go find them," urged Sweet Tooth.

After finding the two books about apples, each pony picked one to look through.

"It doesn't look like there will be anything in this one," said Applejack when she was almost done looking through her book. "Are you having any luck?" she asked Sweet Tooth.

"Yes, come over her!" Sweet Tooth answered excitedly. "It tells in here about a mysterious apple tree in the Dark Forest that only appears once every hundred years!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Applejack. "Does it say anything else about it?"

"A little more," answered Sweet Tooth. "It says if you eat any apples from it you'll get deathly sick and the only way to cure it is to find a Frogweed Flower and eat one petal from it!"

Applejack gasped. "Does it say where to find a Frogweed?" she asked.

"Yes, it says they grow near rivers," Sweet Tooth answered.

"Let's hurry down to the river!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Yes, we'd better!" Sweet Tooth answered. "And it says the Frogweed is a deep purple color with ten petals on each flower, and a bright orange center!"

When they got to the river, Applejack and Sweet Tooth searched around the banks until Applejack called out, "I think I found it!"

Sweet Tooth hurried over to her and exclaimed, "That must be it! And look at all the frogs around it; that must be why they call it Frogweed!"

They both picked all the Frogweed flowers and ran back to Paradise Estate where all the sick ponies were.

"Go around to each room and give each pony one petal and tell them to eat it," Applejack instructed. "I'll start on this side and you work on the other!"

After Applejack had given all the ponies on her side a petal, she met Sweet Tooth back at the pool.

"Do you think it'll do anything?" Sweet Tooth asked.

"It had better!" Applejack answered.

By lunchtime, all the ponies seemed healthy again.

"It really did work!" Sweet Tooth exclaimed to Applejack.

"I'm so glad!" said Applejack. "It was horrible seeing everyone so sick!"

"It's good to have everything back to normal again!" Sweet Tooth said. "And Powder is having a special party tonight for us!"

"Oh, not another party!" Applejack groaned. Both ponies looked at each other and giggled.


Purchase Pony Art!

It seems like since everyone heard that MLPs are returning next year, they have been thinking up ideas for new ponies. Wouldn't you like to see one of the ponies you thought of in 3-D? I can make this happen!

I make MLP art. I make paper mache ponies, mixed media on canvas ponies, and I can also paint your custom ponies on 100% silk scarves, so you can take your custom ponies wherever you go!

Since I am not a professional artist, but I am attending art school, the pony art is very inexpensive.

I hope you would like me to make one of your pony ideas come to life! Please contact Glory at

Thank you.

Editor's Note-- Please keep in mind that 4-year-old ponies are not as good at punctuation and spelling as adult ponies.

Happy Birthday Baby Glory!

Hello my name is Baby Glory. This month I celebrated my 4th birthday, at first I thought no one would come. Let me tell you what happend.

That day I woke up, the sun was shinnning the birds were singing, and every thing was going well. I got up and put on my party clothes then thought out loud, "Nothing can ruin this day." I walked out into the gardin on my way to the meadow. I knew that some of my friends would be there.

I was right, there in the middle of field were some of the baby brothers playing football. "Hello boys. How is every one?"

"Fine but we are kinda busy right now." Baby Drummer said as he ran by here.

"But don't you know what today is?" I asked trying to sound calm.

"Sure we know what today is!" Baby Jebber said.

My face lite up, they didn't forget my birthday after all, "You do?"

"Yup" said Baby Jabber, Jebber's twin brother. "Today is Football day."

My heart felt heavy. But there was still a chance, maybe the Ballerina Baby's would remember. So off I raan with out looking back. I could hear the boys laughing behind me. There was still a chance that one of them would remeber. I was out of breath when I reached the studio. "Hello? Is any one here?" I asked frantically.

Baby SweetSteps walked out, "Oh Glory you look tierd, come on sit with us." She said as I followed her into the other room.

"Oh finally I hope you can help me" As I sat on the edge of the stage. "Can any of you help me?" I looked around at all of their faces, hoping that they hadn't forgotten also.

"Sorry Glory we are very busy today. The recital is in one week and we have to practice." Baby Tippy Toes said as she spinned around the stage. "But we can answer just one question for you."

One question only one, but I want to ask so many. Like why didn't anyone know today was my birthday . "Ok can yu tell me what today is?" I asked, hoping for the right answer.

"Well of course we can tell you what today is silly, Today is the 28th of augst." Baby Tippy Toes said looking at me.

"That's it? It's just the 28th, nothing speaial about today?" I asked on the verge of tears again. Is this a reoccuring night mare or something?

"Is it supposed to be something special about today." asked Baby Soft Steps who was streching in the cornor.

There was no way I was going to tell them if they didn't know. What was the point, no one knew and no one cared. But why? There was only one other person I could talk to about this, that was my best friend in the entier world Baby Moondancer. I knew that I could find her by the water fall, her favorite place.

I left the dace studio to find Moondancer, I ran as fast as I could. But that didn't evern seem fast enough. By the time I found her I was crying again. What had happend to my perfect day? Why was every thing going so wrong? "MoonDancer I have to talk to you."

She turned to look at me, she sat there with Baby Shady, and Baby Blossom. "What is it Glory you look upset."

"You know what today is right? Please tell me that you know what today is." I blrted out, chocking back more tears.

"I tinkd we ought to head back to the nursery now. You don't look so good Glory." baby Blossom said as she wolked to me.

"Yeah I think mommy sweet Celebrations should look at you. Your face is al red." Baby Shady said walking towards the path leading out of the woods.

"Come one glory. You reall ought to go back." Baby MoonDancer said as she look out over the water fall again. then she smiled and turned to leave.

My best friend. Even my best friend didn't know what was so speacial about today. I was over come with grief and sorrow. "MoonDancer wait, just a moment. Please tell me the truth, do you or don't you know what today is?" I asked frozen in my place watching them walk away. My mind was clouded with thoughts of running away, leaving and never coming back.

Then it happend. "Of course I know what today is. Do you think I could every forget today" Now come on or we'll be late." Baby Moondancer said as she ran off.

Yes, she remembered. I new she would never forget, not my MoonDancer. But wait? "Late for what?"

"yu'll see" she said as she and I raved to catch the others. I followed closely for as much of the trip as possoble, but I was very tierd and fell back. At last the nursery cam into view. All I could think of was sleep, so that I could wake up and start the day all over again. But there wasn't time for sleep. daddy sweet celebrations and baby sweet Celebrations met me at the door. "The other's said you weren't feeling so well Baby Glory, is every thing ok?" daddy sweet celebrations asked.

"Yeah you look upset. come on in the game room and we will play chutes and ladders." Baby sweet Celbrations said, leading me off into a different direction.

I though no all I want is sleep. I don't want to play so silly bored game, I want to be alone. But I followed any way. the game room was really dark. "Sweet celbrations, what is going on you silly boy?"

Suddenly all of the lights came on, there were all of my friends. I wa sin the midst of a surprize party.Every one was yelling ‘SURPRIZE'. I was so happy. The did remember my birthday after all. The baby brothers were there, and so where the Blerina babies. It must have been horrible for MoonDancer baby Shady and Baby Blossom to keep such a secrte from me. But none of this matterd ony more they were there and they did know that today was my birthday.

"Happy Birthday Baby Glory!!"


The rumor was true. The My Little Ponies are coming back in stores. My friends said that when the new set comes out there should be new clothes, friends, and houses for them. And will the old ponies be considered collectibles to everyone then? I wonder if the old ponies would be brought back if the new ones are popular. There are so many questions to be answered! So good luck and happy hunting!

Scribbles, Clover, and Cookie


Recently I got some ponies that were in need of cleaning. When I was little I always did try toothpaste when cleaning things other than teeth. This time I tried Colgate baking soda and peroxide Whitening. It worked really well on the white ponies, and didn't discolor the colored ones. Of course, I only left it on for a few minutes. I would put a little toothpaste w/ a little water and kind of rub it all over them like a thin paste coating. Then I'd leave it set and then scrub a little w/ an old soft toothbrush. A long time ago I used that pony make-up on Gusty and it never came off (it was a hideous pine green). Or maybe it wasn't pony make-up but anyway this took it off when nothing else would. It doesn't remove pen but it really brightens them up.



Money Meany
by Mimic

Meet the characters:

Fizzy: A care free air-head, never thinking about what she is doing, and has all the luck in the world. But it's her decision whether it will be bad or good....

Mimic: Another care-free air-head, who is always clueless... can she help her best friend, Fizzy, with her greediness?

Blossom: A very considerate and kind pony, who has her own flower business, and problems.....

Tex: A pony who likes to do his own things, but is always willing to do things for others.... can he work out all the problems?

Blue Bell: Blossom's savior, she helps as much as she can with what she has....

Galaxy: A very shy, but loving pony.. She is very happy that her mom is coming to Ponyland....

Milky Way: Galaxy's mom, who is a very elderly and wise pony. Can she help fix things in Ponyland??

Galaxy was cooking a breakfast of oatmeal, when a telegram came for her. "I wonder who that could be from," said Galaxy, looking very puzzled.

She opened the letter, and read:

Dear Galaxy,

Hello, this is Mommy. Coming to visit in five days. Hope you are as excited as I am!


Milky Way

"Oh, no!" Galaxy cried out. Tex came rushing in to see what was the matter.

"Are you okay, Galaxy?" Tex questioned.

"Everything is fine; it's just that my mom is coming of a visit, and I can't fix my house up by myself!" Galaxy said, with a worried look on her face. Then she smelled something funny. Hmm, I've smelled that before, on one of Sundance's cooking days. It smells sort of like...... BURNING OATMEAL!

"Ahhh! Breakfast is burning!" Galaxy exclaimed.

Tex helped Galaxy pull the pot off the burner, and turn it off. "Phew, close call!" Tex laughed. "You and Sundance should start a business together: The Burning Oats Inn!"

"Ha ha, very funny, Tex," Galaxy said sarcastically. "I have to go get the house ready... could you do the rest of breakfast for me?"

"I'd be obliged, Galaxy," said Tex, as he sauntered off with the oatmeal and a spoon.

"Thanks a lot, Tex!!" Galaxy shouted as she ran off to the market.

* * *
"One, please," Fizzy asked the cashier.

"Like, me too!" Mimic called from the back end of the store. "Popcorn, Pony Pop, two Gobstoppers, and two lotto tickets. That'll be $8.00."

"Hey, Mimic" Fizzy called back. "You got change?"

"Sure do!" Mimic laughed.

As they got in the car, Fizzy said, "This sleep over party is gonna be a blast, huh Mimic?"

"Sure is, Fizzy!" Mimic answered. "Nice of your mom to let us have the house for a night!"

When the two ponies got home and sat down, they instantly turned on the T.V.

"And tonight's winning numbers are..."

"C'mon; c'mon; c'mon; c'mon; c'mon!" Mimic screeched. "I'd love 18 million pony dollars!"

"What would you do with them?" Fizzy asked, giggling.

"I'd buy a million, no, a TRILLION candy bars, and make myself fat on ‘em!" Mimic screamed.

"I don't know what I'd do," Fizzy said.

"Shhhh, they're starting!" Mimic gestured towards the T.V.

"The winning numbers are... 6... 9... 24... 16... 10... and 7."

"Awwww, I only got one," Mimic said, a little disappointed. "How about you, Fizzy?"

No answer.

"Fizzy?" Mimic turned to look at her.

Her mouth was wide open, and she was a ghostly pastel green.

"Fizzy? FIZZY! What's wrong?"

"I won," she said.

"What? What did you say, Fizzy?"

"I won," Fizzy answered.

"No way; you're kidding me, right?" Mimic said, a little suspicious.

"No. I REALLY won!" Fizzy said. "6, 9, 24, 16, 10, 7. Right here. On my card."

"No... I don't believe you," Mimic said. "Let me look at your card!" She reached over and grabbed it out of Fizzy's hand. "6, 9, 24, 16, 10, 7. Oh MY GOSH!" Mimic said, speechless.

Then they both burst out laughing, and crying, and screaming "WE WON; WE WON; WE WON!!!" over and over.

* * *
As Blossom left her flower shop for the night, with the days pay, she started talking to herself.

"If I don't get more money, fast, I'm gonna have to close down the flower shop... I'll have no where to go!"

She got in her car, and started to drive home. "What would I do? There's no where I would..." but she didn't finish the sentence, because BAM! She had been hit by a car.

She got out, dazed, and noticed her car was a wreck. She ran over to see if the other person was alright. It was Blue Bell in the other car!

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Blue Bell. Are you alright?" Blossom sputtered.

"Oh, I'm fine, thanks. What about you?"

"I am too, but my cars a wreck! Now I'll never have enough money to pay the rent bills!"

"Oh, that's terrible! You mean you'll have to close down the flower shop?" Blue Bell asked.

"I'm afraid that, without the money, there's nothing else I CAN do," Blossom said, shaking her head.

"Well, I have enough money here for a taxi. Come home with me, and we'll work this out. You can stay at my house for a while, but I don't have enough money for the flower shop," Blue Bell said.

"Oh, thank you so much, Blue Bell," Blossom said, as they walked off together.

* * *
Ding dong the doorbell chimed, just as Galaxy put the finishing touches on her cake.

"Coming," she said, as she walked up to the door. It was Tex.

"Hey, is your mom here yet?" Tex asked. "I got her a little surprise," he said, smiling.

"Oh, Tex, you didn't have to..." Galaxy said. "Please, come in... you can sit with me, and wait for her."

"Thanks," Tex said politely, after wiping his hooves on the door mat. So they sat, and waited, and waited, and sat, until there was a knock at the door.

"That must be her!" Galaxy said, smiling at Tex. She walked over to the door, and sure enough, it was her mom.

"Hi, Mom!!!" Galaxy said, hugging Milky Way.

"Hello, Galaxy," Milky Way said, hugging back.

"There's someone in the kitchen I want you to meet!" Galaxy said, bringing her mom to the kitchen. "Mom, this is Tex; Tex, this is my mom, Milky Way."

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Milky Way." Tex said.

"Here, mom; sit down right there," Galaxy said, gesturing to the chair sitting nearest to the beautiful "Welcome Back" cake.

"Here. I bought you this," Tex said, giving Milky Way the package.

"Why, thank you very much!" Milky Way said, opening the present. "Oh, earrings! How did you know I collected earrings?" Milky Way laughed.

"Oh, I just thought you'd like them," Tex said.

"Well, I have to be off now. I gotta help Sundance cook lunch."

"It was nice meeting you, Tex," Milky Way said waving.

After Tex had left, Milky Way said, "Oh, he's kinda cute"

"MOOOOMMM!!!!" Galaxy said. "He's not my PONYFRIEND! He's just a friend. That's all..."

"Okay. So, let's have some of this ‘Welcome Back' cake, shall we?"

* * *
"Hey, Mimic," Fizzy said on the phone. "Wanna go to the roller rink? My treat!"

"SURE!" Mimic screamed on the other end.

"Okay. Meet me there at 1:00."

"I'll be there!" Mimic said.

When they got there, it was almost empty. The ponies got their skates on, and went around the rink a couple of times.

"Hey, Fizzy," Mimic said, dodging another skater. "Could I borrow some of that money? My sis needs a birthday present, and I don't have any money."

"No!" Fizzy said, rudely. "It's my money, and I don't feel like giving you any!"

* * *
For the next couple of weeks, Fizzy kept getting greedier and greedier.

"Hey," Mimic said to Fizzy. "Let's go out to the roller rink tonight!"

"No!" Fizzy shouted. "I don't feel like wasting my money on such babyish things."

"Okay, but me and a couple friends are going. It'll be fun!" Mimic said.

"No!" Fizzy said, slamming down the phone.

* * *
"...and she keeps getting greedier and greedier," Mimic said sadly.

"Is there any way you could snap her out of it?" Milky Way asked, dodging a skater.

"I tried everything! Asking if I cold borrow money for a good cause; I even asked her to come with us to the roller rink today, and she said ‘No!' and slammed the phone on me!"

"That doesn't sound anything like Fizzy!" Galaxy shouted over the music.

"I know, but there's nothing I can do to help!" Mimic said, almost running into someone.

"I wish she could understand; she's not gonna have many friends if it keeps going on like this!" Tex said, coming around Galaxy.

"I don't wanna talk about her anymore," Mimic said. "Hey, Blossom! How's your flower shop?"

"It's going to close tomorrow at 2:00 if I don't get the money I need! I wish I could get it, but one million is a lot of dough!" Blossom said, looking down at the floor.

"Oh! That's terrible!" Mimic said, skating over to her friend.

"And I don't even have enough money to pay for fixing mine and Blue Bell's cars!" Blossom whined.

"It's okay, Blossom; I can pay for the damage, but I'm afraid that's all I can do. I don't have enough money to pay for the flower shop!" Blue Bell said, coming up behind Milky Way.

"Hey, girls!" Milky Way said. "I have an idea, but it'll only work if I get some help!"

"I'll gladly help!" Tex said. "Although, I'm not a girl!"

"I'll help!" Mimic shouted.

"Me too!" said Blossom.

"Me three; me four!" Galaxy and Blue Bell sang out together.

"Okay, here's my plan..."

* * *
"There! All done!" Blue Bell said, proud of her work. "I hope Fizzy appreciates this!"

"Oh, don't worry, honey, I'm sure this'll snap her out of it!" Milky Way said, coming up behind her.

"My question is, how are we gonna get Fizzy in here? She's so stubborn, she wouldn't ever come!" Mimic said.

"Oh, I have a plan!" Milky Way told her. "I have it all figured out...."

* * *
Knock, knock.

"Who is it?" Fizzy said.

No answer.

"Who is it?" Fizzy tried again. "Oh, it must have been a prank. Or it could've been UPS or something... let me go check."

She walked up to the door, opened it, and there on the sidewalk was a little note wrapped in a big pink bow. "Now who could this be from?" Fizzy wondered. "Oh, wow! It's a treasure map!" she said, opening it.

After her shower, Fizzy got dressed, and ready for her treasure hunt.

And I'm off!" she said, racing out the door.

* * *
A few minutes later, Fizzy was standing at the front of the flower shop. "The map says I'm supposed to go in. But why would I want to go into Blossom's flower shop?" Fizzy asked herself. "Oh, well, it doesn't matter. As long as I get my treasure!"

She cantered into the flower shop, holding the map in one hoof. "Hmm, it says go to the back of the room, and that's where my treasure should be!" She raced to the back of the room, only to find an old tarp over something big.

"Awww... where's my treasure?" Fizzy asked herself sadly. "Wait! There's a note on the tarp! ‘Please pull off tarp.' Well, it asked me too!" Fizzy said with a laugh. She pulled the tarp off, and what did she see?...

...a big float of her face! It said, "Fizzy Flowers, new at Blossom's Flower Shop," and there was a picture of a pretty pink flower with green and pink highlights.

"SURPRISE!" everyone shouted, popping out from behind the flower rows.

"I'm having a float parade, and you have to pay to get in. This is my float for the parade. I was hoping you could sponsor my shop, and this float, to keep it open!" Blossom said.

Fizzy started getting all teary-eyed. "I'm so happy, I'm crying! Help!" Fizzy said, slowly.

"Here's a tissue," Mimic said, handing her some Kleenex.

"Do you think you have enough money to sponsor me?"

"Sure," Fizzy said, wiping her eyes. "Have it all! I've been to greedy with it, and I'm sorry I was mean to all of you..." Fizzy trailed off, sobbing.

"It's okay, Fizzy," Mimic said. "We'll always be your friends, even if you do win the lottery!"

"Thanks soooo much, Fizzy!" Blossom said, beginning to cry herself.

"Oh, not another crying person!" Blue Bell said.

"You know, she's right!" Milky Way said laughing. "We don't want to flood the flower shop!"

As everyone left the flower shop, laughing, and crying, Tex came up to Galaxy. "Hey Galaxy, would you like to go out tomorrow?"

"What?" Galaxy said. "You mean, like a date?"

But that's another story...



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