My Little Pony Monthly Issue 7 (October 1, 1997)

My Little Pony Monthly
Established June 1997

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Issue 7

October 1997


Letters to the Editor

Subj: Boiling about the Newsletter


I am very disappointed that Windwhistler was not included in any of the stories or activities. I have lots of interesting stories and at least like to be invited to things like the Olympics, etc. No, my life is not at all sucking up to Megan and trying to act like a smart aleck.. I have feelings too... I just don't like expressing them at the drop of a hat. Please include or at least invite me to events such as Baby Bonnet School of Dance Recitals, etc. I would love to see the babies dance and enjoy themselves. I would love to add more stuff into the newsletter but I don't have any time! Excuse me! You would think in 4 pages you would put one word... one name... WW...(wipes tear) Thank you, Tabby, for at least including me in your Newsletter so that at least I can see what I am missing...(sniffle) Bye...

~ Windwhistler

Subj: Re: MLP Monthly(part 1)


Just wanted to let you know that I think you have done a GREAT job on the MLP Monthly :)

Thanks for including me on your list!


Subj: mlp news


I just have to say that I LOVE your MLP newsletter. Keep up the good work! (-:

Subj: Great newsletter


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know....I think you are doing a GREAT job on the newsletter. I REALLY enjoyed reading it. Please pass these Congratulations on a job WELL done to the other pony writers.

Happy pony collecting!!


Subj: newsletter


I just found out something kinda neat!! Well, reading a story on Tabby's newsletter, I read the story "Happy b-day Baby Glory." Ha! My birthday is the same as my favorite Baby Pony!!

Blu Flyer



Today I saw Firefly, Snuzzle, Salty, and a Bushwoolie running across the yard with Quackers and Duck Soup chasing after them. No, I wasn't dreaming; they're some of my pets! Firefly, Snuzzle, Salty, and Bushwoolie (Woolie for short) are kittens that are four months old. Quackers and Duck Soup are two rouan ducks, also four months old. Firefly is a very affectionate black and white kitten. Snuzzle is curious, and she's gray. Salty is an independent exploring kitten; he's gray and white. Quackers, a male, is very protective of Duck Soup, the female. They are inseparable and constantly happy.

by Tabby

If you would like to send something in about some of your pets that you named after MLP's, e-mail it to Tabby at and it will be in the next issue of MLP Monthly.


"Have you ever noticed....?"
by Fizzy

Hi, pony fans!! Here are some little facts about ponies that not everyone notices. Here's a list to think about and look for. =)

Have you ever noticed.....

#1 Look for Shady's evil twin in My Little Pony the Movie... you can catch a glimpse of a pink pony with yellow hair but flowers on her instead of sunglasses!!

#2 In My Little Pony Tales, in Somnambula, that is the only show you ever see Baby Sleepy Pie in... but she never talks!!

#3 How the moms are twinkle-eyed, and the babies never match.

#4 How the babies have mommies but never dads.

#5 Was there ever a Baby Sundance?

#6 How those bubbles get out of Fizzy's horn... hehehe.

#7 Why some peek-a-boo babies are first-toothed, and others aren't.

#8 The bad Blockbuster movie reviews they gave the MLP's.

#9 Why ponies get that black stuff inside them..

#10 Why we adore, love, and cherish them so very much!! =)

Happy pony hunting everyone!!


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 1

It was a mild autumn day in the hills north of Ponyland. Brightblade stood atop a high hill. The sun gleamed off the whorled horn of his war-helm. He felt a slight breeze in his mane, breathed deeply the fresh air, and remembered the last time he had stood atop this hill.

It had been spring, only five months earlier, but it seemed like an eternity. The weather had been similar, but the breeze was warmer, from the lowlands rather than the mountains. It had been on that spring day so long ago that Brightblade had first encountered the mysterious Epona. Brightblade had been enjoying a pleasant walk when a strange unicorn appeared, as if out of nowhere. Her coat was the color of sunlight and her main and tail were fiery red, much as Brightblade's own. On her rump was the image of a key.

"Good day!" Brightblade had greeted her. "I've not seen you here abouts before; what part of Ponyland do you hail from?"

The unicorn ignored his question. "Brave warpony!" she called playfully, "join me, won't you, on a grand quest!"

Brightblade answered in fun, "Surely maiden, but what manner of quest do you propose?"

"For a champion as dashing as yourself, only the grandest quest will do; you should slay the beast that threatens Ponyland." The last part was spoken with deadly seriousness.

Realizing that the stranger was not speaking of play, Brightblade inquired as to her name. She replied, "I am called Epona, and as you may have guessed, the quest I have proposed is all too real." Brightblade was too shocked to reply. Epona explained further. "Ponyland is in danger; I need your help to save it."

"M-me, but why?" was all Brightblade could manage to utter.

"You are a warrior, if not yet in action then in spirit. You alone among the ponies have the power to save Ponyland."

"But I'm no warrior! What could I do?"

"Come near and see." Epona touched her horn to a pool of water, all that remained of the morning's showers. As the ripples spread in ever increasing circles an image appeared.

Brightblade recognized the land as Ponyland, but it had changed; the sky was filled with dark clouds, the rivers and ponds were stagnant and green, the grass was brown. Thorn bushes choked out all other vegetation. Once open fields were crowded with row on row of dark mud-brick buildings; through the dark windows the glowing red eyes of the inhabitants could be seen darting about. The ponies Brightblade could recognize were in a similarly pathetic state as their land. Tex, thin and bony, pulled a heavily laden cart along a muddy path; others tread straw into mud for bricks.

"You asked what you could do, Warpony? You could prevent this."

Brightblade stared, spellbound, at the pool as the image faded. "W-what? How?"

"That was the future, or at least one possible future. The most probable future, if you do not partake the quest I have proposed."

Brightblade was silent for a time and when he spoke, he spoke softly, "Where am I in this future?"

"Do not ask a question unless you want to know the answer," Epona warned.

"Show me ... please."

"I cannot, unless - until - you have accepted the quest."

"If you show me, then I will accept your quest."

Epona hesitantly touched her horn to the water once again. Again the image appeared of a Ponyland cloaked in gloom. This time there were no mud-brick houses or hard-driven ponies, only a clearing in the thorns where the grass was still a little green. Brightblade recognized the place, it was a favorite spot of his to picnic, but there now stood a number of crosses carved from stone. Names were chiseled into the crosses: Sundance, Fizzy, Windwhistler, Firefly, and Brightblade. "G-graves," Brightblade stammered.

Epona nodded, "You have a warrior's spirit, and you will find it, now or later. Now you can make a difference; later it will be useless."

Brightblade was silent again, longer this time. When he spoke, it was with a sense of despair; "But how can I slay a monster that can destroy all of Ponyland?"

"You ask too many questions, Warpony." Epona's voice was less grave. "You have strong hooves." She reared and kicked at the air with forelegs. "Use your head." She fenced with her horn.

"But I haven't got a horn," Brightblade complained.

Epona paused a moment, "Oh? Then you'll have to get one."

"How can I get a horn? You've got to be born with them."

"Do you think I would have gone to all this trouble had I not prepared for such an obvious occurance? You will find your horn to the west, beyond the Valley of Thorns. There, in the temple of light, lies the Warrior's Horn. All you have to do is claim it. Once you have the horn, return to this place; then the true quest will begin."


Find these hidden pony names! Glory, Cherries Jubilee, Baby Halfnote, Applejack, Tootsie, Morning Glory, and Whizzer. Have fun!!












-By Lickety-Split


Invento Ponies
by Tabby

Name: Iggy

Body Color: lime green

Hair Color: white

Symbol: green iguana

Breed: earth pony

Name: Dundee

Body Color: dark green

Hair Color: gold

Symbol: Nile crocodile

Breed: big brother

Name: Alli

Body Color: dark lavender

Hair Color: off white

Symbol: American alligator

Breed: pegasus

Name: Slither

Body Color: gray-brown

Hair Color: black

Symbol: black mamba snake

Breed: earth pony

Name: Shelly

Body Color: yellow

Hair Color: red

Symbol: painted turtle

Breed: unicorn


by Sugarberry

"She's no fun. Don't invite her!" A group of ponies were sipping hot cider and eating snacks in the cozy kitchen at Paradise Estate. A chilly wind was whistling through the trees outside.

"Remember at last year's party?" asked Tossles. "When we bobbed for apples, she explained the physical principle of objects floating on water." The other ponies giggled.

"Yes, and when we played ‘Pin the Crown on the Bushwoolie' she gave a lecture on how dizziness is caused by turning in a circle," added Confetti. More laughter and titters followed.

"Worst of all," said Bouncy, trying not to choke, "when we carved the pumpkins, she carved mathematical equations into her pumpkin." The ponies held their sides as they guffawed and howled in glee.

Sweet Pop waited for the noise to settle down before she spoke. "Windwhistler is very intelligent," she began. "She sees so much more in what we do than just the action-- she sees why it happens."

"Who cares why it happens, as long as it's fun!" gasped a collapsed pony.

"Yeah," agreed Tossles. "A party is a time for fun."

Sweet Pop thought while the others began discussing party decorations. Suddenly, a smile lit her face. "I have it," she exclaimed.

"You have what?" queried Best Wishes, who had just finished describing her ideas for hanging cobwebs and spiders from every ceiling in Paradise Estate.

"Well, I was just thinking of how we could involve Windwhistler in our party," Sweet Pop explained.

"You mean, like play twenty questions from the Advanced Nuclear Physics textbook?" snickered Bouncy. The ponies erupted into another laughing fit.

"Not exactly, but you have the right idea," continued Sweet Pop. "I'm thinking of a huge maze built in the meadow out of hay bales; at each intersection, a question will be asked. If the pony answers correctly, she will be directed along a safe path. If, however, she answers incorrectly, she will be directed onto a path that deadends in a dark, haunted room."

"Sounds to me like wrong answers would be the most fun," giggled Hippity Hop as she refilled her mug of cider.

"Depends on your idea of ‘fun,' of course," admitted Sweet Pop, "but the first pony to successfully get through the maze would be the winner."

"Of what?" asked Confetti.

"Hmmm, I don't know. It would have to be something really special," said Sweet Pop thoughtfully.

"How about a dozen caramel apples?" asked Sweet Tooth as she nibbled on the last caramel apple in the kitchen.

"Not everyone likes food as much as you do, Sweet Tooth," griped Confetti. "I say the prize should be something athletic, like season tickets to the Ponyland Pigskins football games."

"Or how about a free style and perm at the Perm Shoppe?" asked Star Gleamer. "We all like that."

"What about the guys?" wondered Best Wishes.

"Okay," said Sweet Pop. "We could offer the winner a choice: either tickets to the Pigskins or a visit to the Perm Shoppe."

"Sounds good to me!" declared Wave Runner. "I need to do something with this sun-bleached mane of mine. Think I can win?"

"No, because I'll win," grinned Tossles.

"Hey, what kind of questions will we have to answer; if you make them hard enough for Windwhistler, I'll never stand a chance," groaned Yum Yum.

"I can't reveal that information," stated Sweet Pop. "However, I'll only include questions that are fair to all ponies."

Just then, Sweet Tooth yawned. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to call it a day."

Hippity Hop looked at the clock. "Yikes, it is late and I have to be up early to help Bouncy pick pumpkins," she exclaimed. "Good night, all!"

* * *
The party was set-up and all preparations were made. The Paradise Estate had taken on the appearance of a dank and dreary dungeon. Spider webs and spiders were draped with careless abandon over every nook and cranny. Candlelight was the only source of illumination, giving a ghostly aura to the entire scene. In the spirit of the season, Reeka and Draggle had agreed to serve the party refreshments to the ponies.

In the meadow outside of the estate, Sweet Pop had constructed a huge hay-bale maze with the help of the Grundles. Only she and they knew the directions on how to successfully navigate through the tangle of lanes.

At each intersection within the maze stood a Grundle ready to ask a question of any pony who reached his or her station. A correct answer would receive the correct directions; an incorrect answer would receive directions to........well, let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight.

As more and more ponies showed-up to party, Paradise Estate filled with sounds of laughter, conversation, and music. In addition, eerie sounds were being heard in every part of the estate, thanks to the loudspeaker system and CD of spooky noises which Swinger had assembled just for the party.

Sweet Pop seemed to be everywhere, making sure everyone was happy and well-fed. "More spiced cider?" she asked Cherry Treats. "Try a pumpkin bar," she urged Lemon Treats. "Move those chairs over there so ponies can dance," she directed 4-Speed. "Oh, Windwhistler, welcome to the party!"

Windwhistler's first concern was the safety of Paradise Estate with all the candles burning. "Are you sure it's safe to have so many candles lit with all the ponies around?" she worriedly asked.

"We're covered!" Sweet Pop explained. "After the Bushwoolies bad experience at Spike's birthday party, they volunteered to be fire guards. Each Bushwoolie is patroling the estate grounds with a fire extinguisher in hand; Chief was able to pull a deal for us. In addition, Edgar is standing by at the pool."

"That is a wise precaution," Windwhistler said. "We do not want to endanger anyone."

At that moment, Reeka approached Windwhistler with a refreshment tray. As Windwhistler chose her cider and pretzels, Confetti commented to Sweet Pop about the hay bales. "I hope they're not on the menu for tonight!" she quipped.

"That certainly would not supply us with a well-rounded supply of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins," Windwhistler stated. "In fact, hay would be mostly roughage, which is beneficial but only in a well-rounded diet."

Fortunately for Windwhistler Draggle happened to trip over a Bushwoolie at that moment and the resulting confusion as the tray and its contents splattered across the room covered the true source of the ponies merriment. In a dark, webby corner Tossels whispered to Bouncy, "I told you so!"

* * *
Suddenly a frightening scream pierced the jovial sounds of the festivities. Every pony looked around for the source of the horrifying wail that raised the hair on their manes. In the ensuing stillness, Sweet Tooth raised her voice, "Sorry if we frightened you, but we figured it was the only way to get your complete attention. Thanks, Sea Breeze, for that petrifying scream."

All the ponies applauded as Sea Breeze took a bow. Sweet Pop continued, "It's time for the Maze Craze. Anyone who wants to try their hoof at conquering the maze should report to the meadow now. The path to the entrance of the maze is lit with torches; once you're inside, you'll each need a flashlight to see. Barnacle will be handing them out when you get there. When you reach a Grundle, he or she will ask you a question and your answer will determine your path. Good luck, and may the best pony win!"

With a shout and high spirits, the ponies headed to the maze in the meadow. Seashell nervously wondered if she dared to go into the dark, ominous maze. By the time she arrived, she'd convinced herself to sit this one out. Windwhistler volunteered to keep her company, but Seashell told her to go ahead; she'd wait with Barnacle.

One by one, the ponies entered the intimidating tunnel of hay. "Can you imagine eating this stuff?" Hippity Hop commented as she disappeared into the darkness. To Seashell, it seemed as if a giant mouth was swallowing each of her friends in turn. As Windwhistler entered, she turned to Seashell and winked; "See you later," she called. And she disappeared within.

* * *
As Seashell, Barnacle, Sugarberry, Snuzzle, and Sundance waited in the flickering light of the blazing torches, they could hear paralyzing screams intermittently from within the hay maze. "I made the right decision," quivered Seashell. The rest agreed with her.

Just then a deep-voiced whinny from within the maze was heard to exclaim, "I hate snakes!" Everyone stepped back further from the prickly hay bales. "Sounds like Slugger met his match," laughed Barnacle.

More time passed as the ponies exchanged stories of their spookiest memories. Seashell was beginning to look nervously left and right. Just then, an excited, happy sound filled the air. "Windwhistler! Windwhistler! You made it through the maze!" Sweet Pop had been waiting at the exit, and her voice carried the news of the winner to the waiting ponies.

Barnacle called into the maze to the nearest Grundle to pass the word that a winner had made it. The other participants who had failed in their attempt could be released from their waiting area.

Tossles was the first pony to reappear. "It was gross in there--spiders, snakes, ghosts, lizards, all kinds of yucky things. It was SUPER!" she chattered.

"Wait until I get my hands on the pony who put snakes in there," declared Slugger. "I'll show no mercy!"

"Sorry, Slugger," giggled Sweet Pop as she and Windwhistler joined the rowdy group. "But they were only plastic."

"A snake is a snake," grunted Slugger. "My worst nightmare is being trapped in a snake pit, and this was as close as I hope I ever get to that reality."

Confetti was still trembling. "Someone stuck a bat in my mane; and, see, it's still there!" She closed her eyes as Best Wishes carefully removed the black plastic bat.

Cherry Treats looked mischievously at Sweet Pop. "You may have only put plastic snaked in there, but a few local residents decided to join the party." She held out a wriggly four-foot long garter snake.

Slugger and Seashell and some of the others immediately headed to Paradise Estate. Sea Breeze and Hippity Hop took the startled snake from Cherry Treats and returned him gently to a quieter spot in the meadow. Then everyone trailed off to join the continuing festivities at Paradise Estate.

Sweet Pop led Windwhistler to a raised platform near the doorway and as Windwhistler stepped up, every pony, Grundle, Bushwookie and even Reeka and Draggle cheered for her success in defeating the Hay Maze; Sweet Pop proudly presented her with her prize and everyone burst out singing, "For she's a jolly good pony." Windwhistler blushed.

"Speech! Speech!" called out Wigwam.

As the room quieted down, Windwhistler thanked everyone for making her evening so much fun, and for making her think so hard. When she was finished, Tossles, Confetti, and Bouncy showered her with streamers and popcorn. Windwhistler had never looked happier.

Sweet Pop stood back and sighed contentedly. It had been a lot of work but her plan had been successful. Windwhistler had truly enjoyed the party and everyone was happy to have Windwhistler join the festivities. "Yes," she thought contentedly, "it certainly was worth it!"


NOW PONY FANS: How would you have fared in the Hay Maze? Would you have equaled Windwhistler's performance? Here's your chance to find out.

Sweet Pop chose riddles for the Grundles to ask the ponies to solve. Each riddle is listed below; can you solve them? They came from a book that Miss Hackney has every one of her students read. If you were a good student, the riddles should be easy. If not, they might prove tough. Good luck!

Let us know how you do on these; we'll post the results next time.

Riddle #1: What has roots as nobody sees,

Is taller than trees,

Up, up it goes,

And yet never grows?

Riddle #2: Thirty white horses on a red hill,

First they champ,

Then they stamp,

Then they stand still.

Riddle #3:
Voiceless it cries,

Wingless flutters,

Toothless bites,

Mouthless mutters.

Riddle #4: An eye in a blue face

Saw an eye in a green face.

"That eye is like to this eye"

Said the first eye,

"But in low place,

Not in high place."

Riddle #5: It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,

Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.

It lies behind stars and under hills,

And empty holes it fills.

It comes first and follows after,

Ends life, kills laughter.

Riddle #6: A box without hinges, key, or lid,

Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

Riddle #7: Alive without breath,

As cold as death;

Never thirsty, ever drinking,

All in mail never clinking.

Riddle #8: This thing all things devours:

Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grinds hard stones to meal;

Slays king, ruins town,

And beats high mountain down.


Web Pages for Ponies
by Tabby

A class for making web pages will be held at Pony Pride University each Wednesday night in October. The basics of web page development will be taught. Some computer experience is preferred. A charge of $20 can be paid at the first class.


A grooming tip from Sailor Scorpio/Seashell: I've found that Barbie curlers are just the right size for forelocks. Also, be sure to let curly hair dry totally before combing through after a bath.


The Big Night
by Magic

"One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four!" Buttons projected across the stage. Some of the babies were huffing and puffing and looked out of zip. Maybe that's enough for now, she thought to herself. "All right, little ponies! Time to take a break! You all did great!" She watched as, one by one, the little ones fell to the floor gasping for air.

"That long workout, Buttons," breathed Baby Heart Throb.

"I know, but we need more practice. The recital is tomorrow night," the teacher told her.
"Is that all for today? Please?" whined Baby Lickety Split. Buttons looked around at all those pleading faces and sighed.

"Oh, okay. But... this evening I want to see each of you perform your dance one more time."

"Okay, Buttons. Bye!" they all cried back.

Buttons smiled to herself. Maybe I did work them a little too hard today, but the way they're running, you'd think they just got up from a nap. Then she noticed one little baby who hadn't run off with the others. A small yellow pegasus was twirling and leaping in one corner of the stage all by herself.

"Baby Lofty, you can go play now," she told her softly.

"That's okay, Buttons. I'm practicing. Can I show you my dance now?" she looked questionably into Button's eyes.

"Baby Lofty, you need your rest. Why don't you take a nap so you'll have lots of energy for tonight?"

The baby thought about this for a while, and then said, "Okay, Buttons. I'll go take a nap. Bye!"

Satisfied, Buttons spun and pranced her way backstage to work on the backdrops for the recital.

* * *
That evening, the baby ballerinas were enjoying themselves perfecting their dances in the cool air. They now were overflowing with energy and bouncing all over the place. Buttons' eight students seemed to double before her eyes.

"Great, Half Note! Just work on that last turn and you'll be all set. Who's next?"

"Me, Buttons," Baby Lofty squeaked. She came up and nodded her head in front of her teacher. All of a sudden, her body swerved and she spun on her toes quickly many times to end up in a corner. There she jumped three times and then stopped.

"What's wrong, Baby Lofty?" asked her teacher worriedly.

"I, I forget what's next," she replied sheepishly.

"Here, Lofty. Why don't you go and practice some more. You can use that sheet to memorize your moves. Then when you're ready, you can show me again," Buttons smiled.


Baby Lofty went in the practice room of the school and began her routine again... and again... and again. The sky outside had grown darker and almost all the other babies had already left. Soon only Baby Heart Throb and Baby Lofty were still there.

"Baby Lofty, are you going to show me your dance again?"

"I'm not ready yet, Buttons!" the pegasus baby yelled back.

"It's getting late!"

"Hey, Lofty, can't you remember your dance like everyone else?" Baby Heart Throb teased her.

"I... I'm getting better. See!" And Baby Lofty twirled and jumped and did almost her whole dance perfectly.

"Show off," mumbled Baby Heart Throb. Lofty winced.

* * *
Buttons saw Baby Heart Throb approach. "Good night, Heart Throb," she said. "Where's Lofty?"

"Oh, she left already. She went out the side door."

"Okay, just making sure. See you tomorrow."

After Heart Throb left, Buttons closed up the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. Lofty was probably just too embarrassed to try again.

It was in the very middle of the night when she stopped for a break.

"Buttons, you wanna see my dance now?" she called out. "Buttons?" she started running around the school and was about to run outside when she saw the wall. "Oh, no!" she cried. She started beating on the door and yelled, "Help, Buttons!"

When she had exhausted herself, she slumped down against the wall and started crying. She thought she saw shadows moving towards her and she heard strange noises. Then she started to hum to herself the song that accompanied her performance tomorrow, and pretty soon she found herself dancing. She went through her dance and then flopped onto the floor and fell asleep.

That morning, Buttons was surprised to see a sound asleep Baby Lofty in the practice room of the ballet school.

"Baby Lofty!"

"Wha... Buttons?"

"Baby Heart Throb!" Buttons fumed. "You lied to me!"

"I'm, I'm sorry Buttons," she whispered.

"But why did you do it?"

"I was mad at her..."

"That's no excuse. Now I want you to apologize when you're good and ready and you better mean it. It was a very cruel thing to do." Buttons turned to Baby Lofty. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Buttons... and I think I'm ready for the recital now," she smiled.

That evening, the lights were on and the music was playing. All of the ballet students' parents were watching the recital and eagerly awaiting the time when their child would be on.

All too soon, it was Baby Lofty's turn. She felt herself being pushed through the curtain and watched Buttons, waiting for her nod. She vaguely remembered seeing Buttons' head bob and heard her music and began to dance. Her flowing yellow mane and tail glistened in the spotlights and her hooves were swift and graceful as she lost her stage fright instantly and only thought of the beautiful music surrounding her. She didn't even need to concentrate on her moves, it seemed to come naturally.

She was surprised when she ended and heard the crowd erupt with cheers. She bowed gracefully and smiled when she heard her mother cheering the loudest; her eyes glowed with happiness.

Well, at least there was something good about Heart Throb's trick, she thought to herself as she pranced off the stage.


Book Discussion
by Tabby

The monthly book discussion group will meet Monday evening at Ponyland Public Library. The selected book to be discussed is The Pony in the Iron Mask. For those interested in getting an early start on next month's book, November's selection will be Fizzy in Wonderland. Streaky will be the discussion moderator. New members are invited to attend.



How many My Little Ponies do you have in your collection? E-mail Tabby at The results will be in the next issue of MLP Monthly!!


Magic Star
(yellow rearing So Soft earth pony with green hair and wand on rump)

I Wish I May
by Tabby

Magic Star was shopping at the mall with Taffy.

"So what did you have to tell me?" Taffy asked Magic Star.

Magic Star answered, "I got asked to be one of the chaperones at the Dark Forest High School Homecoming this year. I'm so excited!"

"Well, congratulations!" exclaimed Taffy. "You'll definitely need a new outfit. Let's go look for something!"

"Oh, you're right! I will need something new to wear! Let's go!" Magic Star said excitedly.

The two ponies rushed off to Dream Valley Fashions, the best clothing store around. When they got there, Magic Star stared at a display in the window.

"Just look at it! Wouldn't it be absolutely perfect?" Magic Star sighed dreamily.

Taffy had to agree with her; it was a set with black velvet pants, red silk blouse, and a jacquard vest.

Magic Star excitedly said, "Come on! I have to find out the price!"

She ran inside the store to check the price. When she saw it, she gasped. "Seventy-five dollars!" Magic Star told Taffy. "And I only have fifty!"

"It's too bad," Taffy said sympathetically. "But maybe you'll get more money before the Homecoming."

"I don't think so," Magic Star said gloomily. "I might as well just forget about it."

"We can at least see what else they have," Taffy suggested. "Maybe you'll see something you like for less money."

So they looked at everything in the store but Magic Star didn't see anything she liked.

Magic Star said, "Let's go back home. Maybe they'll have something new another day."

* * *
That night, Magic Star was taking a stroll outside. She looked up into the dark sky and saw a bright star twinkling. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight," she said while watching the star. Then she silently wished for the outfit at Dream Valley Fashions. She turned and walked back to her room for the night.

* * *
The next morning Magic Star ran into Speedy outside the Perm Shoppe.

"Oh! Magic Star!" Speedy exclaimed. "I just heard you're going to be a chaperone at the Homecoming!"

Magic Star said, "I just can't wait!" and then frowned when she suddenly remembered the outfit she wanted.

"What's wrong?" asked Speedy, curiously.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking of an outfit I want for Homecoming, but I can't afford it," Magic Star explained.

"That's so sad!" Speedy said. "But, you never know what will happen before then!"

"I guess," said Magic Star, forcing a smile. "Hey, what are you doing today?"

"After I get my hair done, I was planning on going over to the mall," Speedy answered. "Want to come with me?"

Even though she didn't want to go to the mall again, Magic Star said, "Sure!" to Speedy's invitation. After Speedy was done at the Perm Shoppe, they walked over to the mall.

"It's air-conditioned in here, at least!" Speedy exclaimed. "It was absolutely boiling outside."

But Magic Star had already wandered over to Dream Valley Fashions and was staring at the outfit displayed in the window.

"I'll go over to the bookstore, then," said Speedy to herself. "Hopefully Magic Star will be done over there when I come out."

Speedy browsed through all the books and finally picked one out. After she'd payed for it, she went looking for Magic Star. She was still looking at the outfit.

"Magic Star!" Speedy said. "While you were drooling over that outfit, I got done at the bookstore!"

"That's great!" said Magic Star. "Where do you want to go next?"

"You pick," Speedy answered.

"Okay, let's get some ice cream then!" Magic Star exclaimed.

So Speedy and Magic Star walked over to the ice cream shop and each ordered an ice cream. When they were done, they walked throught the mall again.

When they went past Dream Valley Fashions, Magic Star exclaimed, "Oh, no! Look! Somebody else must have bought my outfit!"

She was right; the store window was now empty. Magic Star walked home looking gloomy. When she got to Paradise Estate, she met Mimic, Gusty, and Tabby around the pool.

"You're just in time," Gusty called to Magic Star, "to see Mimic dive for us!"

So Magic Star sat down with Gusty and Tabby. After Mimic dived, she dared Tabby to do it.

Tabby went out on the diving board but before she could jump into the water, she fell off the board. Magic Star turned to tell them that she was going up to her room, but they were already busy splashing each other.

Magic Star wandered up to her room and when she opened her door, she gasped. Sitting on her bed was the black and red outfit from the mall! She rushed over to it and saw that there was a note on top of the outfit. But when she picked it up and unfolded it, she found it was only the receipt.

Magic Star then ran back down to the pool to tell her friends.

"Why're you back?" asked Gusty.

"Did you miss us?" chimed in Tabby.

Magic Star just thrust the receipt she'd gotten with the outfit at them.

After looking at it, Mimic exclaimed, "Wow, Magic! So what came with this?"

Magic Star explained, "An outfit from the mall I really wanted for Homecoming!"

"I wonder who sent it," mused Gusty.

"Can we see the outfit?" asked Tabby.

"Of course!" said Magic Star. So they all went up to her room.

Mimic went over to the outfit and picked it up. "It's beautiful!" she exclaimed. "But I wonder why whoever did it left the receipt?"

"Yeah! That's hilarious!" giggled Gusty.

"I'm dying to know how it got here, and from whom," frowned Magic Star. "Did you guys see anybody?"

Tabby, Gusty, and Mimic thought carefully. "Hmmm, I saw the mailman go, but he only delivered some letters," said Tabby.

"Oh, yeah, I saw Taffy cut through the kitchen, but she seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn't speak to her," remembered Mimic.

"Taffy!" yelped Magic Star. "That's it! She was with me when I first fell in love with that outfit."

"It makes sense then," agreed Gusty, "but where would Taffy get that kind of money?"

"Good question," said Magic Star. "Let's go ask her."

So the three ponies marched off to Taffy's room. The door was ajar, so they walked on in. Taffy was sitting by the window reading a book. "What's up?" she asked wonderingly.

"That's what we're here to find out," said Mimic.

"Yes, Taffy, what do you know about the red and black outfit on my bed," asked Magic Star.

"Spill it, Taffy," ordered Tabby.

A puzzled look spread over Taffy's face. She closed her book and stood up. "I'd think the note was self-explanatory," she stated.

"What note?" questioned Magic Star.

Taffy looked annoyed. "The note with the outfit!" she blustered.

"There was no note," wailed Magic Star. "There was only a receipt!"

Taffy's eyes grew large. "A r-receipt?" she whispered. "Oh, no!" Quickly, Taffy ran to her purse and looked inside. "Oh, no," she repeated as she took out a note the same size as the receipt. She sheepishly handed it to Magic Star. "This note," she said.

Magic Star took the note and quickly read the following:

Dear Magic Star,

I was talking with Taffy last evening and she mentioned

how much you liked this outfit for Homecoming. As I needed

to buy a new suit for that event, too, I picked-up the outfit for

you. There's only one string attached....will you be my date for




"What's it say? What's it say?" Tabby, Gusty, and Mimic clamored. Magic Star handed it to them so they could read it.

Gusty squealed, "I always suspected that Chief had a crush on you, Magic Star!"

"And he was too shy to say anything," added Mimic.

"Oh, this is so romantic!" sighed Tabby.

Magic Star blushed as the girls kept chattering. Her eyes sparkled and her face was aglow. Just then, the telephone rang.

"Paradise Estate, Taffy speaking," said a breathless Taffy as she answered the phone. "Yes, she's here. Just one moment."

Taffy covered the receiver and grinned at Magic Star. "It's Chief."

Magic Star took the receiver; Taffy, Mimic, Gusty, and Tabby hovered over her. "Yes, Chief?" she demurely answered.

And the rest is Homecoming history.



Guess who this pony is:

yellow pony in the sweetheart sisters pose with aqua hair, lace covered rose bouquet on rump

And e-mail your answers to Tabby at The winners will be listed in the next issue!


by Sugarberry and Tabby

It's been rumored that evidence was found that provides the "missing link" in the evolution of Bushwoolies and Wookies! Scientists have named this link, "Bushwookies."

Rapunzel was seen at the Perm Shoppe getting her treses cut to shoulder length! She says she is delighted with her new look.

Scrumptious was caught shop lifting a book from Bushwoolie Bargain Books yesterday! Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Twist had jokingly placed the book in Scrumptious' backpack without her knowing it. After finishing their browsing at the store, Twist completely forgot to remove the book. The ponies were given a stern lecture on the penalties of shoplifting. I sure don't think Twist'll ever try that stunt again!

A new cosmetic company, ERAM, has recruited five salesponies to sell their products door-to-door. Twisty Tail, Glittering Gem, Red Roses, Bright Glow, and Sparkler were the first five representatives hired by ERAM. Right now they're going to training classes to learn about the products and to polish their selling skills. Once they start knocking on doors, watch for even more beautiful fillies in Ponyland!

A food fight erupted at Snuzzle's Diner when Angel and Quackers began arguing about who was the best dart-thrower. At first, only the two ponies were involved, slinging mashed potatoes and peas; but as the other ponies got caught in the crossfire, the affair turned into a free-for-all! By the time it was time to close, every patron at the diner was covered in food products from ketchup to ice cream! The diner is going to be closed tomorrow for massive repairs.

Princess Tiffany and Princess Primrose were chosen to represent Ponyland at Princess Diana's funeral. After returning from England, both princesses were totally overcome with emotions at the tragedy of the situation!


Tabby's Cat Treat Lasagna
a recipe
by Tabby

You will need:

˝ Pkg. Lasagna Noodles

1 Pound Ground Beef

2 Cans Tomato Sauce (15 oz. each)

4 Cups Grated Cheese

1 Can Mushroom Pieces (7 oz.) (Optional)

1 Small Onion

1 Clove Garlic

Cook and stir ground beef, onion, and garlic until beef is browned; drain. Add tomato sauce and mushrooms; simmer 20 minutes.

Prepare lasagne moodles; drain.

Arrange one layer of noodles in parallel strips in bottom of greased 9 x 13 pan. Top with 1/3 of the meat and 1/3 of the cheese. Continue, repeating layers (ending with cheese).

Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.


Package Back Pony Stories
Each issue MLP Monthly will feature two stories from MLP packages. Enjoy!

Magic Star

Baby Blossom watched as Lofty flew up, up, to the sky. "I wish I could fly," she sighed. Magic Star waved her wand outside and Baby Blossom magically sprouted pegasus wings and happily flew out the window. "Hello, Mr. Moon!" she laughed as she flew past him. Even the baby stars peeked out from behind their mothers to wave. Then, Magic Star tapped the ground and the Milky Way poured Baby Blossom a big glass of chocolate milk! When morning came, Magic Star made a slide of glittering stardust that led right to Baby Blossom's crib. As she climbed in, the wings disappeared. She fell sound asleep, dreaming of her adventure in the sky. "Sweet dreams, Baby Blossom," Magic Star whispered as she whisked off in search of another pony with a special wish.


"What's for dinner?" Bouncy asked, standing in the doorway of the Paradise Estate kitchen dripping wet from her swim in the pool. "Spaghetti," Taffy answered, grabbing a mop to soak up the puddle around Bouncy. No one noticed the mop handle accidentally knocking over Cupcake's jar of "Magic Sticky Stuff" and pouring it into the pot of spaghetti. "YUMM-- this is delicious!" the ponies chanted as Taffy served dinner. As they ate, the noticed that the spaghetti stuck to their plates and forks. It took all the pulling and yanking they could muster to get the food into their mouths! Taffy couldn't understand what went wrong until Cupcake spotted the empty jar. "I think you added an extra ingredient," Cupcake laughed. Quickly, Taffy added some sugar and spice, and turned the spaghetti into the best dessert the ponies ever tasted.



The baby ponies in First Grade submitted the following paragraphs about what they did in the summer.

Me an my mommy went to the Grand Canyon in the sumer. It was big. I was scared I'd fall in. We rode a trian to get hom. BABY FIREFLY

I plantd a garden tis summmer. I had fun. I plantd flowes. They were prette. Now them are dreied up. I want one nex summer. BABY BLOSSOM

I had swimin lessons all summer. I learn how to swim. There was a lot of baby ponies in the clas. I was glad wen I got done. BABY MOONDANCER

My moomy and me went to lots of rumge sales in the summer. I loked for dols. I got lots of dols. Mommy got lots of stuf two. BABY SURPRISE

This summer I red lot of boks. I red lots of books bicuse there was a summar library progam. I won a lot of pizes for reading boks. BABY COTTON CANDY

In the summer I fly across the watar in a airplan with my momy. We fly to England. I had a good tim. It was fun. I was sad wen we lef. BABY GLORY


E-mail me with the name of your favorite pony. I am curious to see who is the most popular pony. In the next newsletter I will put the names of ponies and the number of votes they got.




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