My Little Pony Monthly Issue 8 (November 1, 1997)

My Little Pony Monthly
Established June 1997

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Issue 8
November 1997

Letters to the Editor

Subj: If you didn't get the answers the first time....


Okay, Pony Friends! :)

In the last newsletter, Sugarberry spun a wonderful tale about a Halloween party that involved going through a maze where the participants were asked riddles to help them navigate through it, and Windwhistler won. <----That was for those of you who don't recall this terrific tale or missed it when it came around--SHAME ON YOU! ;) Anyways, after the story Sugarberry posted the 8 riddles that Windwhistler was asked; here's where I add my two bits. She tells us that the riddles came from a book that Miss Hackney makes all her students read. If you accidentally deleted the riddles and want them again, you can check out THE HOBBIT from a library or watch the animated movie THE HOBBIT. The riddles are the same ones asked when the Hobbit (Bilbo Baggins) and the creature Golem had a riddling contest. (Sounds like they went to school with Miss Hackney too.... :) You will get the answers there too, of course. (How else could one of them win if they didn't answer all the riddles correctly?) So, there the riddles are, anytime you want to read or hear them. Enjoy, and keep the great Pony stuff coming, guys! :) Bye ‘till next we meet! ----Donielle Hare aka Ryo-ohki Cabbit =^.^= Miya meow!

Subj: Re: My Little Pony Monthly(part 1)


Fizzy asked if there was ever a Baby Sundance... as chance has it I was cleaning a Baby Sundance when I read that, so go ahead and tell her it exists.


Oh, and those riddles... When did Miss Hackney make the ponies read The Hobbit?

Subj: Re: "Have You Ever Wondered"...


"Was there ever a Baby Sundance?"

Yes there was, I have her. She's got Beddy-Bye eyes.

Subj: Re: My Little Pony Monthly



Thanks an awful lot for the MLP Monthly, it was excellent! I can't wait till the next issue!

Subj: M L P



Thank you for putting me on the mailing list! I just Love the newsletter! Finally some contact with other people who have a weird obsession with collecting My Little Ponies! (hehehehe)

Subj: Re: My Little Pony Monthly(part 2)


The monthly newsletter is really good! I enjoy reading it. Thanks for sending it to me!


Riddle answers-
The winner of the riddle answers is! She supplied the following correct answers:

Riddle #1- Mountains

Riddle #2- Teeth

Riddle #3- Wind

Riddle #4- Sun to a Daisy

Riddle #5- Dark

Riddle #6- Egg

Riddle #7- Fish

Riddle #8- Time

She said this: "It is so funny because I had just given some friends these riddles to try to figure out. They are from The Hobbit."

Others who identified the book the riddles came from:

If you missed the riddles the first time, here they are:

Riddle #1: What has roots as nobody sees,

Is taller than trees,

Up, up it goes,

And yet never grows?

Riddle #2: Thirty white horses on a red hill,

First they champ,

Then they stamp,

Then they stand still.

Riddle #3: Voiceless it cries,

Wingless flutters,

Toothless bites,

Mouthless mutters.

Riddle #4: An eye in a blue face

Saw an eye in a green face.

"That eye is like to this eye"

Said the first eye,

"But in low place,

Not in high place."

Riddle #5: It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,

Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.

It lies behind stars and under hills,

And empty holes it fills.

It comes first and follows after,

Ends life, kills laughter.

Riddle #6: A box without hinges, key, or lid,

Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

Riddle #7: Alive without breath,

As cold as death;

Never thirsty, ever drinking,

All in mail never clinking.

Riddle #8: This thing all things devours:

Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grinds hard stones to meal;

Slays king, ruins town,

And beats high mountain down.


Can you guess what these Ponies are being for Haloween???
by Applejack





Lemon Treats



Fire fighter



Applejack is not being a fire fighter.

Tootsie is not being a ballerina.

Lemon Treats is being what Tootsie is not being.

Firefly does not want to be a cow.

Lemon Treats does not want to be an Indian.

But Tootsie does.

Applejack wants to be what Firefly does not want to be.

Firefly is being what Applejack doesn't want to be.

Answers at the end of the issue!***


Tabby's Not-So-Perfect Day
by Galaxy

"BRINGBRINGBRINGBRING!!!!!!" Tabby awoke with a start, jumping quickly out of bed and banging off her alarm clock. "Oh, my!" gasped Tabby as she noticed the time. "Ten past eight!! I must have set my alarm clock wrong! Dream Valley Junior High School starts at EIGHT!!"

She ran a comb through her pink hair, not getting one tangle out. She grabbed her school books and raced down the stairs. "Waah!!" she cried, suddenly noticing Baby Whirly Twirl's skateboard on the stairs. But she was running so fast, she couldn't stop in time, and fell head over heels down to the bottom of the staircase. "Oof!" she let out a groan and tried to blink away the stars in front of her eyes. When her vision cleared, she saw four familiar yellow hoofs.

"Really, Tabby, watch where you're going!" Lofty's voice remarked.

"L-lofty?" Tabby murmured. "Why didn't you wake me up??"

Lofty shrugged nonchalantly. "It's not my job to make sure you guys get to school on time." Lofty had just recently graduated from college and was slightly stuck-up about it.

Tabby leaped up and scampered out the door, to find it was pouring down huge drops of rain. "Ooh.." muttered Tabby. "Why do I have a feeling this day will get worse before it gets better?"

BANG! The door to Miss Scarlet's door flew open and slammed against the wall, revealing a very disgruntled Tabby. "Tabby!" said Miss Scarlet, her face even redder than usual. "Late, again? And I doubt you bothered to study for today's math test, either?"

Tabby moaned and slumped down in her desk. Miss Scarlet shook her head, her red mane flying, and swept around back to the chalkboard. "So four to the ninth power would equal..."

Tabby stopped listening and turned her head towards her crush, Salty. Salty met her glance, raised a critical eyebrow, stifled a chuckle, and leaned over to his left, whispering something to Mimic, the most popular girl in school. Mimic listening, turned her head towards Tabby and burst into crazy giggles. She elbowed Crumpet and Best Wishes, who after seeing Tabby, laughed too. Tabby raised her hand.

"Yes, Tabby?" Miss Scarlet said.

"M-may I go get a drink of water?" Tabby questioned.

"Fine. Just hurry."

Tabby raced out of the room and into the girls bathroom. She gasped in horror as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was tangled and puffy, sticking out every which way. "Oh, no," she moaned, running back to Miss Scarlet's room.

She raced around a corner. WHAM! Tabby looked up in horror to see she had run into Principal Ponymeyer! "EXCUSE ME, MISS!!" Principal Ponymeyer snarled in his booming voice. "NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!! THREE WEEKS DETENTION!!"

Back in the room, Tabby was getting her test grade back. She bit her lip and opened the folded paper. AN F!!!!! But there was a note... the note said...


I do not think you deserve a F. (Oh! Tabby thought. Is there hope?)

But there wasn't a lower grade I could give you!!! You obviously did NOT

study, judging by the ignorant answers by which anyone could tell you only

guessed!! Extra homework for you, Tabby, or you'll be facing summer school!!

Miss Scarlet

Tabby let out a shaky breath. What am I gonna do? she thought.

Finally, it was lunch. Tabby skipped to the cafeteria, happy to be out of the classrooms. She plopped down next to her best friend, Fizzy, who always brought her lunch. "Hi, Fizz!" she said.

Fizzy smiled. "Hello, Tabby-- shouldn't you be getting your lunch before everyone else gets all the good stuff?" UH OH, thought Tabby. "Noo!! I just remembered... I forgot my money!"

* * *
School was over. Tabby trudged back home, wanting to get to sleep so her miserable day could be over. She opened the door to Paradise Estate and wandered in. Fizzy met her at the door. "Tsk, tsk," remarked Fizzy. "You look so sad... well, I'm going to make the rest of this day wonderful for you!! Tabby, pretend like it's Saturday afternoon... me and you are going to Pony Pete's Pizza Parlor, then Speedy's Roller Rink, and then wrap it up with going to DV Treats and Arcade House!!"

Then, before Tabby knew what happened, Fizzy swept them out the door and headed to Pony Pete's Pizza Parlor! Tabby smiled as she raced alongside her best friend. "You know.." muttered Tabby. "This may not be such a bad day after all!"


by Mimic

Mimic: An air head at times, she still has friends (and boys)... what will she do with Galaxy?

Galaxy: Wrapped between her friend, and her boyfriend, what will she do now?

Tex: not in the best position. Being fought over isn't fun for him, but he wonders, who will win?

Tabby: Tex's friend is wondering what to do with herself. Should she root for Tex, or help Galaxy and Mimic?

Princess Sparkle: The new high queen is visiting pony land for a day, and encounters Mimic and Galaxy in the streets. Will this wise ruler of Ponyland know what to do?

Sundance: Holding a picnic at Paradise Estate, she doesn=t want the two girls fighting over Tex at HER picnic!

"Why Tex! I'd love to go out on a date!" said Galaxy, blushing.

"Oh, no, I don't mean a date! Me and a couple of the guys are going to the cinemas to see ‘Whinny'.. or, if you want, we COULD go to my house and watch it on Pay-Per-See," Tex replied.

"I'd rather go to your house!" Galaxy said, delighted.

"Then it's a date! Or, I mean, see you there!" Tex said, galloping off.

* * *
"One Cherry Berry Bash, please!" Mimic said, as Galaxy came in the door. "Oh, make that two! Hi, Galaxy! I ordered you a Cherry Berry Bash. They don't call it the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for nothin'!"

"Oh, I have the most wonderful news!" Galaxy said, sitting down. "Tex asked me out for a date!"

"Oh, heh heh, umm, that's great!" Mimic said, getting a little steamed. When they were all done with their ice cream sodas, Mimic dashed out the door saying, "Hey, Galaxy, I gotta run! Diving practice! See you later!"

"Gee," Galaxy said. "I thought Mimic was out of the diving class. I thought she finished it!"

* * *
"Why that no good rotten lousy... OHHH!" Mimic said, picking up the phone. "Hello, Tex? Could you get him, then? Thank you…Tex! Hi! I've been wondering, why'd you ask Galaxy out on a date? Oh…OK…OK…I understand…bye!" Mimic said, hanging the phone up. "So, Tex just wanted to ask her out because she was going to be most popular in school…if popularity is his thing, I'll go all out!"

* * *
"Hey, have you seen Mimic yet, Steamer?" Salty asked.

"Well, no, why?" Steamer said, looking puzzled.

"Oh, you're about to find out! Here she comes!" Salty said. Mimic walked down the hall of Ponyland High School, wearing a very short skirt, blue nail polish, and black lipstick.

"If it's popular he wants, popular he gets!" Mimic thought to herself.

Tex walked down the hall wondering what all the ponies were saying about Mimic, but then he saw her. There she was, walking down the hall, the NEW most popular girl in school, Mimic. "Umm, hi Mimic!" Tex said, his voice quavering.

"Hi, Tex!" Mimic said in a peppy voice.

Tex suddenly took her hoof in his. "Would you like to go out on a date with me?" he said.

"Why, yes!" Mimic said happily.

"How does my house sound?" Tex said.

"It sounds lovely, Tex!" Mimic said, looking happily at Galaxy.

Then Tex saw Galaxy running down the hall, crying. "Galaxy, wait!" Tex cried.

"You're right," Mimic said, grabbing Tex. "Galaxy CAN wait!"

Then, simple as that, Mimic and Tex walked down the hall together.

* * *
All day long, Galaxy was wondering what she did wrong. Why didn't Tex like her anymore? Then, later that day, Tabby sidled up next to Galaxy and said, "Hiya! Galaxy, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing is wrong," Galaxy said, holding back tears.

"Well, usually when a Twinkle-Eyed pony's eyes aren't shining, something IS wrong," Tabby said, feeling a little hurt that Galaxy would hold things back from her.

"Tabby, why doesn't Tex like me? He asked me out on a date yesterday, and now he's taking Mimic instead," Galaxy said, looking at her shoes.

"Galaxy, some boys are just so low…so rude, that they actually LIKE to dump girls for others," Tabby said, looking over her shoulder at Tex.

"Oh, but Tex wouldn't EVER do that!" Galaxy said, looking over her shoulder, too.

"RING!" went the bell over Galaxy's head. "Oh, Tabby! I'm gonna be late for next period!" Galaxy said, running down the hall.

"Hey, Galaxy! Call me after school, OK?" Tabby yelled after her. She heard a faint "OK" coming from the end of the hall.

* * *
That night, when Mimic got home, there was a letter in her mailbox for her, from Sundance. She ran inside and tore it open, thinking maybe it was some coupons for food at her grocery down the street, called "Colt Foods." When she tore it open, she excitedly read:

Dear Mimic,

We are happy to invite you to a fund-raising picnic for the "Salvation

Pony Army" to help raise enough money to buy blankets and food for

poor ponies. The admission price is $1.00. Hope to see you there!



"Oh darn!" thought Mimic. "No coupons for free food!" So she put the letter up on the refrigerator. "Well, I think I'll go anyway... sounds like fun!" she said aloud.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the "Pony Times." "Well, what have we here?" she said, looking at the front page. "Royal High Queen of Ponyland is coming down to visit Dream Valley. Well, that's cool. Wonder if I'll see her in the streets somewhere, driving her big fancy limo," Mimic said, as she sat down to look over the rest of the paper.

* * *
"Hi, Tabby," Galaxy said gloomily, while twirling the cord of the phone in her hoof.

"Hey, Galaxy!" Tabby said, cheerfully. "Sundance is having a fundraising picnic Monday. Would you like to come with me? It's only a buck!"

"OK," Galaxy said, sounding more cheerful. "Maybe I'll meet Tex, and he'll tell me what happened this morning!"

"Then I'll see you there!" Tabby said, hanging up the phone.

* * *
Tex woke up, yawning, and got into the shower. He got his clothes on, and walked downstairs for a cup of coffee. Oh! Today's Monday! Sundance's picnic! Tex thought.

He drank his coffee, ate his cereal, and walked down to the park where the picnic was being held. "Here's your dollar!" Tex said, cheerfully running inside to find a bench.

Then he saw Mimic. He walked up to the table, and sat down. "Hi Mimic!" he said, looking at her.

"Oh, hi, Tex," Mimic said, looking at him.

"So, how are you?" Tex said, now looking at his shoes.

"Fine," Mimic said looking down at her shoes, also. "Tex…why did you ask Galaxy out on a date?" Mimic said, softly.

* * *
"BBBBRRRIIINNNGGG!" said the clock, as Galaxy jumped out of bed, moaning. Then she looked at her clock. "OH, DANG!" she said loudly. "I'M GOING TO MISS THE PICNIC!" she whined, while jumping into the shower. She got out, got dressed, and ran out the door…a few minutes later, she was at the picnic.

"Oh, will I ever find a seat?" she asked herself as she bought a ticket. She looked around, and finally spotted one... right by Mimic and Tex. "Oh, just great. I hope I don't start anything!" She walked over and sat down near them, trying to look away from Mimic's cold stare.

"So, Galaxy, any new dates?" Tex asked, trying to be friendly.

"Not lately..." Galaxy said, munching on a chip.

"Well, I hope you find one soon!" Tex said, encouraging her.

"Yes, please do!" Mimic said, looking at her, hatefully. "But, this time, find one that isn't already taken!"

"But Mimic!" Galaxy insisted.

"Galaxy! Just be quiet! I wish you'd just leave me alone!" Mimic said, closing her ears.

"WELL, FINE!" Galaxy said, standing up and yelling at Mimic. "MAYBE I JUST WON'T BE YOUR FRIEND!" She had gotten the whole table's attention now.

Mimic stood up. "WELL THAT'S JUST FINE WITH ME, YOU, YOU, OHHH! I HATE YOU!" she said turning her back to Galaxy. Now the whole picnic was staring at the two girls.

"Umm, girls, do you mind?" Tex said, pointing at the crowd. Then Sundance came up. Her face was red. "Girls, would you mind taking this elsewhere?" she said, through clenched teeth.


Now Sundance was angry. "I don't mind if you girls have a rational talk together, but if you're going to fight, get out of my picnic!"

"You know, girls, she's right…let's just sit down and talk about this..." Tex said, his face flushing with red.

"NO! I WILL NOT SIT DOWN!" Mimic said.

"ME EITHER!" said Galaxy.

"WELL, IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF MY PICNIC RIGHT NOW, I'LL CALL THE POLICE!" There were hushed whispers coming from the crowd after Sundance said that.

"WELL, FINE!" Mimic yelled. "I DON'T LIKE YOUR CRUMMY PICNIC ANYWAY!" And Mimic and Galaxy ran out of the picnic.

* * *
It was a beautiful day, and Princess Sparkle was happy she had chosen to come to Dream Valley today. Until she heard some ponies arguing. "Ah, my first challenge as High Queen!" Princess Sparkle said, running towards where she heard the ponies yelling.



"BUT.." but Galaxy couldn't finish. She saw Princess Sparkle standing in the alley with them. Galaxy bowed.

"Well, I'm glad you're actually giving me some respect now!" Mimic said to Galaxy.

"HMM HMM!" Princess Sparkle cleared her throat.

"WHAT NOW?" Mimic said turning around. "PRINCESS SPARKLE!!!!! Oh, I'm sooo sorry!" Mimic said bowing numerous times.

"What seems to be the problem?" Princess Sparkle said, looking at the two ponies.

"Oh, Princess Sparkle, your majesty, madam…" Mimic said.

"Oh, just call me Sparkle," Princess Sparkle said.

"Umm, Sparkle, this girl is stealing my boyfriend!" Mimic said, looking at Galaxy; Galaxy shrunk back.

"Hmm, that is a problem…" Princess Sparkle said, looking at the two ponies. "Galaxy, would you mind telling me what's wrong?" Princess Sparkle said.

"How'd you know my name?" Galaxy said, gasping.

"Oh, the princess pony, whoever she is, is given the power to know everything," Princess Sparkle said, with a "No duh" expression on her face.

"Oh, well, Prin…. Sparkle, her boyfriend asked me out on a date, and I said I would go. All he did was ask me out on a date!" Galaxy said, looking at Mimic.

"Mimic, would you tell me what happened?" Princess Sparkle said, tapping her hoof.

"Yes, Sparkle... that's what happened! She's trying to steal my boyfriend!" Mimic said, staring at Galaxy.

"So, Galaxy, he just asked you out on this one date?" Princess Sparkle said.

"Uh huh," Galaxy said.

"Well, Mimic, I hardly see that as trying to steal your boyfriend!" Princess Sparkle said, looking at Mimic. "Are you two friends?"

"Well, we used to be," Mimic said.

"Well, I don't see any reason why you two should fight!" Princess Sparkle said. "Just let Galaxy go out on a date with him this one time. If you really are her friend, you'll enjoy making her happy, Mimic!" Princess Sparkle said, reaching out her hand. "CUT!!!" Princess Sparkle yelled.

"Yes, Sparkle?" Cut said, running around the corner with a camera.

"I want you to take a picture of me and these two girls, so I can put it in the paper!" Princess Sparkle said to Cut.

"Yes, princess," he said, putting his camera equipment out for a shot. "CLICK" went the camera, as Mimic and Sparkle shook hands. "CLICK" went the camera again, as Galaxy shook hands with the princess. "CLICK" it went, one last time, as Mimic, Galaxy, and Sparkle all stood together.

* * *
"WOW!" Tabby yelled with excitement, as she looked at the front page. "You guys really DID meet the princess!"

"I had a great time with Tex, too!" Galaxy said, smiling.

"Yeah, well, I had a great time having a sleep over with Tabby!" Mimic said.

"We even watched "Whinny" like you guys! But you could hardly hear it with all the racket we were making pillow fighting and playing with our My Little People!" Tabby said, blushing.

"Well, I gotta get to class!" Galaxy said. "Rumor is, there's a foreign exchange student from Ponyland, and he's cute, too!" Galaxy laughed, running to her next class... but that's another story!


Teddy and Ace were walking home from school the other day when Teddy said, "December and January both have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?"

Ace thought awhile, and then gave Teddy the correct answer. What was it? (See the end of the newsletter for the answer.*)

Teddy came back with the following problem:

"What is it that is never in fashion and never out of date?"

What do you think Ace answered? (Answer at end.**)


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 2

As Brightblade stood atop the hill, remembering, flame-maned Epona appeared as if out of nowhere. "Greetings Warpony, you have changed since we parted."

"In many ways."

"Are you ready for the quest?"

Brightblade nodded, "Where shall I find the beast?"

"Far away, but first tell me of your journey."

"Do we have time?"

"It is nearly dusk; we shall wait until dawn to begin the quest."

"Very well."

After we parted I went west, as you directed me. It took me more than two weeks to reach the Valley of Thorns. It was a dismal place. Though the valley was cut of from the surrounding countryside by a high stone wall, I could see through a wrought iron gate an arid land of brambles and ancient, gnarled trees. There was no sign if life save the circling vultures.

I was discouraged at first for the wall was too high for me to climb and the gate was securely locked. I decided to rest for a time and partake of the juicy apples that grew outside the valley. After a short nap I began to search the length of the wall for an open gate or other way through. I searched for the rest of the day and after a restless night resumed the search.

By afternoon of the second day the land became rough. This slowed my progress but offered me several opportunities to mount the wall from the numerous rocky outcrops which dotted this territory. Unfortunately, all I found beyond the beyond the wall was a sea of thorns; had I entered the valley at this point I would have been torn to shreds before any progress would have been made. Because I had seen a path through the thorns at the gate, the only gate I had encountered, I decided to turn back the next morning in hopes of finding a way to pass the gate.

A day and a half later I was back at the gate but could still find no way through. I even tried kicking it down but it was far too solid. As I studied the gate hoping to discover the secret to passing the portal I noticed some movement in the thorns. Out of the shadows of the bramble a white rat scampered. He slipped under the gate and darted toward an apple tree and disappeared into a hole among its roots. A moment later he reappeared.

"'ello'" he squeaked from the entrance to the hole. "You're making quite a racket banging on the gate like that. Y' might disturb the neighbors."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am Ramon," he replied. "Now would you mind explaining what you've got against that gate?"

"I need to get through the valley," I explained.

Ramon shook his head, "Nobody goes into the Valley of Thorns, not unless they know their way around, and even then they'd need an awfully good reason."

"I need to get through the valley; the future of all Ponyland depends on it!" I told him.

"Sounds like you've got a good reason," he replied, "Too bad you don't know your way."

"But you do," I said to the rat.

"And I suppose you want me to be your guide?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Sorry, I can't help you," he said. "I've never gone very far into the valley, just far enough to gather some medicinal mushrooms."

"Well I still need to get through and you know the valley better than I," I argued.

"That place is dangerous," Ramon replied, "We'd likely get ourselves killed; I just don't want to take such a risk."

"Well could you at least help me open this gate so I can get on with my quest?" I asked.

"You just won't give up, will you?" he asked in return.

"No," I replied.

Ramon sighed, "Very well, if you're determined to kill yourself I might as well come along to see that you get a proper burial."

I smiled, "Your help will be greatly appreciated, by all of Ponyland."

Ramon disappeared into his hole for a moment and reappeared with a twisted piece of bronze wire. He scampered over to the gate and swiftly climbed to the lock. After inspecting the lock for a moment he inserted the wire and began to carefully manipulate it with his forepaws. In less than a minute the lock was loosed and the gate swung open with an eery creak.

"Well," I said, "we should get moving."

"No," responded Ramon. "We should gather provisions and rest, it'll be dark soon."

The remainder of the day was spent gathering provisions. Ramon produced a large sack from his hole. We filled the sack with apples, mushrooms, and three clay jars sealed with corks and wax. One of the jars was decorated with geometric designs in brown, red, and black. Ramon told me that he thought it was filled with wine. The other two were filled with water he had melted from snow last winter.

After a good nights rest we set out into the Valley of Thorns.


Pony Limericks

Enter the pony limerick contest! To refresh your memory, a limerick is an amusing verse of five lines. Lines one, two, and five are long lines that rhyme. Lines three and four are short lines that rhyme. Compose a limerick about any pony or pony situation you desire! They will all be printed in the next issue and you can vote for your favorite!! E-mail your limericks to Tabby at

Below is a sample limerick to get you started:

Tabby, a talented, beautiful, unicorn

Was able to change with her horn.

In the evening a cat

At night, a bat

And back to herself in the morn.


by Glory

Many My Little Ponies have been to the Perm Shop searching for a beautiful hairstyle. The shop looks like a gigantic vanity that you can walk inside. Inside the shop is a sink, styling center, and a rack of beautiful hair ornaments such as ribbons and barettes. Fifi, their professional hair stylist, is extremely well known in her field. Celebrities such as Firefly and Glory have been seen at the shop, and model Tootie Tails was seen on the cover of "Pony Magazine" wearing a style Fifi gave her. What is her secret? She says it's "Fifi's Foam," her own special combination of curling and perming agents which make hair truly beautiful.

Now you can experience beautiful hair from the Perm Shop! Fifi is having a special during November. For only a basket of apples, you can have your mane and tail cut and permed. So stop in the shop today for beautiful hair!


Here are the results for Wonder's Contest! (Readers' favorite ponies)


Newborn Sticky-2

Baby Glory-2

Newborn YoYo-2


Sweet Stuff-1

Wind Whistler-1


Morning Glory-1


Newborn Shaggy-1

Magic Star-1



Princess Sparkle-1

Boysenberry Pie-1

Diamond Dreams-1


Merry Treat-1

Baby Shady-1

Newborn Sniffles-1

Little Flitter-1

Baby Racer-1

Cool Breeze-1

Baby Lofty-1

Baby Sweet Celebrations-1




How many bones in the body of a horse?

Winner gets Sundae Best- Sherbet


Here's what all the ponies were for the 2nd annual Dream Valley Costume Party!!!
by Sparkler

Cotton Candy: A Pink Cloud

Blossom: A Daisy

AppleJack: A Candy Apple

Bubbles: A Goldfish

Seashell: A Mermaid

Bowtie: A Bonnet

Firefly: A Lightbulb

Medly: An Orchestra Conductor

Glory: A Sailor Scout(Sailor Shooting Star)

Moondancer: A Moonbeam

Twilight: A Star

Sunbeam: A Sailor Scout(Sailor BeamRay)

Posey: A Rose

Lickety-Split: An Ice Cream Cone

Cherries Jubilee: A Cherry Tart

Tootsie: A Lollipop

Sparkler: A Firecracker

Powder: A Powder Puff

Skyfiler: A Sailor Scout(Sailor Kyte)

Surprise: A Clown

Heart Throb: A Valentine

Confetti: A Sailor Scout(Sailor Rainbow)

Starshine: A Twinkle Light

Parasol: An Umbrella

Trickles: A Raindrop

Tickle: A Feather Boa

Windy: A Thundercloud

Starflower: An Alien

Sundance: A Patchwork Quilt

Shady: A Tourist

Magic Star: A Fairy

Cupcake: A Chef

Truly: Scarlett O' Hara

Windwhistler: A Coach

North Star: A Trekkie

Paradise: A Toucan

Lofty: A Kite

Ribbon: A Package

Buttons: A Glass Slipper

Gusty: A Spider

Masquerade: A Mystery Pony(the pony in red.)

Fizzy: A Can of Soda

Galaxy: A Pumpkin

Sweet Stuff: A Party Favor

Gingerbread: The Gingerbread Pony

Sweet Pop: A Popsicle

Speedy: A Wheel

Sky Rocket: A Space Shuttle

Fifi: A Fifties Pony

Angel: A Prom Queen

Hippity Hop: A Bunny

Bangles: A Queen

Crumpet: A Tea Pot

Mimic: A Parrot

Tex: A Mustang

Chief: Dracupony

Salty: King Kong

Wigwam: An Arrow

Barnacle: A Pirate

Baby Ponies:

Baby Firefly: A Gloworm

Baby Surprise: A Baby Clown

Baby Cotton Candy: A Pillow

Baby Blossom: A Sunflower Seed

Baby Glory: A Baby Shooting Star

Baby Moondancer: A Sunshine

Baby Lickety-Split: A Sundae

Baby Shady: A Mushroom

Baby Lofty: A Baby Kite

Baby Hearthrob: A Cupid

Baby Half-Note: A Ballerina

Baby Ribbon: A Bow

Baby Gusty: A Party Horn

Baby North Star: A Movie Star

Baby Sweet Stuff: A Mouse

Baby Noddins: A Kitten

Baby Racer: A Puppy-dog

Baby Paws: A Lion

Baby Fifi: A Poodle

Baby Crumpet: A Cherry


The Halloween Party
by Night Glider

One beautiful day in Pony Land, Pillow Talk and Pink Dreams sat on a fine grassy hill, sunning themselves, trying to think of an idea for the baby ponies Halloween party, when Baby Nightcap came running up to them.

"Pillow Talk! Pink Dreams! I've got the greatest idea!" Nightcap panted, trying to catch her breath.

Pillow Talk laughed. "Nightcap, calm down and catch your breath! Now tell us what is this great idea?"

"You know the Halloween party, we should make it a SLUMBER party!" Nightcap breathed excitedly.

"You know, Pillow Talk, that's a great idea." Pink Dreams said as they all nodded their heads in agrement.

* * *
"You know, Pink Dreams, this is gonna be fun!"

Pillow Talk and Pink Dreams were at the park passing out invitations to all the baby ponies' parents about the party.

Pillow Talk giggled. "We're probably more excited then the babies are!"

Later that day, Pillow Talk, Pink Dreams, Majesty, Baby Nightcap, and Whizzer were setting up decorations in Paradise Estate for the big party.

"You know," Nightcap said between licks on her lollipop, "this is gonna be fun!"

"It better, I am exausted!" Majesty sighed, collapsing into a chair.

After they all finished, they went to bed, but Pillow Talk, who couldn't sleep, got up and turned on the T.V.

"Tonight on ML Pony News, Halloween may be cancelled, says Queen Majesty," the news pony said.

Pillow Talk couldn't believe it as she turned the volume up.

"Yes, that's right. Majesty has called off Halloween after a local candy store was robbed of all it's candy. MLPDP officers are stumped, for the owner of the store, Sweet Tooth, was found missing. We'll have more on this story when we've learned more about it."

Pillow Talk was shocked! "What's gonna happen to the babies if Halloween is canceled!"



By Sugarberry

Word has it that Munchy dared Steamer to a cream puff eating contest. Cupcake agreed to bake 25 of the yummy confections, and then the race was on! Munchy's technique seemed to be to slurp up the whipped cream first and then gulp down the puff, while Steamer went with shoving the whole thing into his mouth in one bite. Both ponies were a credit to pigging-out, but Munchy came in on top. Her comment after the win was, "Where's the restroom?" while Steamer refused comment except for some rather pathetic sounding groans.

Patch and friends were seen at the Shoe and Shod Shop trying on the latest pony footware styles. Patch was the only one buying, however. It seems that one of her shoes had mysteriously disappeared and she was in dire need of a new set.

Toys 4 Ponies R Us received it's latest shipment of My Little People dolls on Monday. Eager pony shoppers had been waiting since midnight for the doors to open at 9AM. When the store did open, several customers were slightly injured in the stampede to get the best selection. The store limited each purchase to three My Little People, yet still sold out by 9:15AM. Tempers flared as the short-packed MLP, Heather, was gone within the first five minutes. One customer complained that she missed out on the Kim person by a hoof. Another was delighted because she was able to obtain Annemarie, Maria, and Katy, all three of which she needed for her collection. Most of the purchasers gathered in the parking lot after the buying spree to open their packages and brag about their finds. No word from Toys 4 Ponies R Us on when the next shipment is due, but rumor has it that a special 12" person will be included. Start saving your money, people collectors!

Collection bins are located in all Ponyland major businesses for the collection of food items for poor pony families. Please be generous!

Princess Tiffany was hosting a private dinner party last Saturday when several disgruntled ponies in Halloween constumes crashed the party. They helped themselves to hors d'oeuvres and champagne while Princess Tiffany and her guests stared in shock. Several serving trays were upturned during the trespassers rousing rendition of "Friends in Low Places". Princess Tiffany phoned the police after the renegades had left the premises, but the only clue found as to their identity was a green shoe. Anyone with knowledge of this incident should contact the Ponyland Police. Princess Tiffany has offered a reward for any information.


Editor's note: This story appears unedited and in its original form.

Baby SugerStar
By Cotten-Candy

North Star looked down at the baby pony who was fly just over her head. She did not remeber the pony or having heard of her. But she could fly very well. Firefly had seen her too but could not think who the baby could be other. The baby had a little pink body and purple main, but her sysblem was two bon-bon and a smiling star. As the baby pony landed in a the waterfall both North Star and Firefly land near by. "Are you lost?" asked Firefly and North Star. But the baby pony just look scaerd. Parades see Firefly and North Star landing in a fun place now come by to see what was up. The baby pony eyes glow when she saw Parades and started to jump up and down but to both Fireflye's and North Star's surpies did not talk or make some type of sound. Parades landed and the baby pony ran over to her. "You know her Parades?" asked North Star in surpies. Parades looked up from the baby pony. "Yes she Baby SugerStar, Baby SugerStar why didn't you talk to North Star and Firfly? asked Parades. "I thought they where tring to seal me" anwser Baby SugerStar.

Which just goes to tell you that you should know your friends and there Moms befor going it alone.


by Tabby

This month students were asked to write a composition on ‘who do you look up to or admire'. Here are some of the entries!

Baby Heart Throb

Who do I look up to? That's easy! Snuzzle! Snuzzle is the kindest, most helpful pony I know. And that's the way I want to be, too. When anyone is sick or gets hurt, Snuzzle brings food and does the housework. If the school needs volunteers, Snuzzle is always available to tutor or watch the playground. When poor ponies need winter clothes, Snuzzle organizes a donation drive. And no matter what, Snuzzle always has a smile and a kind word for everyone! That's why I admire Snuzzle!

Baby Lickety Split

I admire Scoops! That's ‘cause she owns the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe and I just love ice cream! I wanna work their too when I grow up. My favorite part of the job would be testing all the new ice cream flavors! And Scoops always gives us free ice cream on our birthdays! Scoops is great!

Baby Ribbon

I look up to Fizzy. That's because whenever I'm around her I feel so intelegant and then the other baby ponies can't make fun of me and call me stupid. Like the other day, Fizzy was making cookies and put in baking powder instead of salt. Her cookies turned out kinda funky, but the ones I made tasted fine. My cookies were eaten up first.

Baby Lofty

Of all the ponies I know, I respect Windwhistler most of all. She has the intelligence and ability to solve problems. I want to be a scientist when I grow up, and I hope I can be as smart as Windwhistler. Then I can do great things. When I have a hard time learning math or remembering dates in history, I think of Windwhistler. She is my inspiration to do the best I can do.

Baby Shady

I really admire Sweet Notes. She's a musician, and I want to be one too. And she's very helpful in showing me how to be one. A few days ago she showed me how to play a guitar. She said I was really good. I hope I really am good. I can't wait to be a famous musician and then everyone will like me a lot!

Baby Gusty

My favorite pony in the whole, wide world is Tex! Tex has been everywhere and done everything. I think he is so strong and brave! I admire the way he dresses, too. He is really cool!


Wonder's Pony Tales
I'll Trick Or Treat You

Introduction: Wonder- the star of the stories

Magic- Wonder's best friend

Jazzman- a horse Wonder likes

Nightshade- a horse Magic likes

The Wild Gang- a herd of Pinto Horses everyone thinks are ugly

Wonder and her friend Magic were finally going out to celebrate their first Halloween. At two years old they were old enough to go out and trick-or-treat.

"Let's go to the party first," Magic said as they walked down the driveway.

"Okay," Wonder replied.

Wonder and Magic got to the party just as the doors were opened. They talked to their friends, danced, drank punch, and ate cookies. After the party they went out to get some candy. They went to every house in the neighborhood, and when they were done, their saddlebags were full. Then they saw Jazzman and Nightshade hiding behind a tree holding a rope. The Wild Gang was coming down the sidewalk and as the leader passed, Jazzman yanked the rope and tripped them. Then they laughed and ran away. Wonder and Magic ran over and helped them up.

"Why are you two helping us?" said one black and white horse.

"They might just feel sorry for us!" said another.

"Well, we like the way you look, and can help you get even with Jazzman and Nightshade," Wonder told them.

"Cool! What can you do?" the horse asked her.

"They were headed to the square dance, let's go!" Magic said. Then Wonder led the group over to the red barn where the square dance was.

They climbed up the ladder to the hayloft one by one. Magic found a can of black paint, a sack of feathers, and a bag of flour. Wonder opened the trap door and looked into the barn. Jazzman and Nightshade were standing right under them. Wonder took the paint, Magic took the flour and the brown horse took the feathers. Then they dumped the paint, then the feathers and flour onto Jazzman and Nightshade. They both jumped and screamed as the stuff covered them and made them look like chickens. Nightshade looked up and saw the trapdoor slam shut. Wonder, Magic, and their new friends, The Wild Gang, ran down the back steps and into the barn to join the laughing crowd.

The End


Guess who this pony is:

purple adult earth pony with dark pink hair, vanilla ice cream cone on rump, head turned to side

e-mail your answers to Tabby at Winners will be listed in the next issue!

Last months-

The Mystery Pony from last month was Cha Cha, the Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister! This was a tough one, because Cha Cha and Frilly Flower are almost identical! The only difference between the two is the flower bouquet on their rump. Cha Cha's roses and lace bouquet are entirely pink, while Frilly Flower's bouquet is pink flowers, green leaves, and a pink ribbon. I'm an expert on these two, for it took four times buying Frilly Flower to get Frilly Flower and not Cha Cha!

The one and only correct winner is! She said this upon hearing that she had won, "Well, the reason I knew was because I just got her a couple days ago! Funny! : )"

The people that guessed Frilly Flower are:

Congratulations to everyone!



Original artwork will be on display this weekend as the Ponyland Art Center. Contributors include Dancing Butterflies(watercolors), Merriweather(oil), Salty(sculpture), Barnacle(woodworking), and Blossom(quilting). A wine and cheese reception will be held from 2 - 5 on Sunday in conjunction with the exhibit, and the artists will be on hand during that time to answer any questions about their work. Door prizes will also be awarded.


Package Back Stories


Fizzy is a silly little pony who is always stumbling or bumping into things. One hot afternoon on her way to the Waterfall for a swim, Fizzy tripped over a tree stump and landed on a bed of moss. The moss was so soft and comfortable that she decided to take a nap. While she slept, she dreamt of the Waterfall overflowing with streams of root beer and cream soda. She imagined mounds of chocolate and vanilla ice cream floating at the bottom. Suddenly, Gingerbread shook Fizzy awake! "Look, the Waterfall turned into a soda fountain!" Gingerbread exclaimed. Fizzy's eyes sparkled at the site! Lickety-Split added the ice cream while Cherries Jubilee topped it off with a juicy cherry. "My dream came true!" Fizzy chanted, dancing over to the Waterfall for a taste. The ponies joined her for a treat that tasted like a dream!

Princess Tiffany

The night of the Pony Ball arrived! Princess Tiffany smoothed her gown as she prepared to make her royal entrance. But as she reached the staircase, her heel caught the hem of her dress, and she stumbled down the stairs! Everyone rushed to help, but all Tiffany could do was cry. Suddenly, Princess Starburst had an idea! She waved her magic wand and Tiffany's teardrops turned into sparkling diamonds that covered her gown. Princess Sparkle waved her wand and, and a lovely bouquet of flowers appeared in Tiffany's hand. Tiffany smiled, ready to try her entrance again. Everyone agreed it was a splendid evening after all, especially for Tiffany.


Theater Date

Next Thursday evening, the ponies will be treated to the production of the play, The First Thanksgiving, by the Ponyland Players, a local theater group. An outdoor stage will be the scene of this historic re-telling of the feast shared by the Pilgrims and Native Americans.


Adventure on Ice
by Sugarberry

"Mommy, when will it be cold enough to go ice skating?" Clipper asked for the umpteenth time.

Clipper's mom smiled weakly and responded as so many times before, "It will take many days of below freezing temperature before the ice on the pond is thick enough."

"But Mommy," whined Clipper, "it's been cold for days and days now."

"Yes," replied his mom, "but not cold enough."

"Mommy, I'm bored," complained Clipper.

"Aren't we all," his mother muttered under her breath. But to her son she suggested, "Why don't you invite Spike over for the afternoon? You can surf the net for awhile."

Clipper's mood brightened. "Okay, Mommy. Spike is always a lot of fun!"

Later, over cookies and milk, Clipper asked Spike, "Do you like ice skating?"

Spike finished his cookies before answering. "Sure, it's alright, but I never know when I'll accidently melt the ice!"

"Ya, that could be a problem," agreed Clipper. "But I can't wait to go skating! Ever since I read Hans Brinker or the Sliver Skates I've wanted to glide along the sparkling ice, feeling the wind against my cheeks, with tail and mane streaming behind me!"

"The water hasn't frozen yet," Spike reminded him.

"I know," groaned Clipper "and I can't wait.

"You'll have to," Spike said. "You can't skate on water."

* * *
Several days later, Clipper's mom was preparing breakfast when Clipper came running into the room. "Mommy, Mommy, there is ice on the pond! I could see it from my window!"
"I'm not surprised. It has been very cold lately," his mother agreed. "Colder than normal for this time of year."

"You mean I can go skating?" asked Clipper excitedly. "Oh, boy, this is great!"

"Hold on one minute, young man," his mother firmly replied. "It takes time to get the ice thick enough. It wouldn't be safe to skate yet."

"Oh, Mommy, you always say that," Clipper responded poutingly.

"I just want you to be safe," she responded.

"You just don't want me to have any fun!" yelled Clipper as he ran from the room and went into his bedroom, slamming the door.

He threw himself on the bed and beat the pillows, then rolled over and stared at the ice skates hanging from a hook on the wall. The longer he looked at them, the more he wanted to skate. Finally, with a sudden determination, he jumped off the bed and grabbed a coat and scarf. After bundling up, he reached for the skates. For a second, his hoof held back, but then with renewed enthusiasm, he took the skates and tiptoed out of his room and out of the house. The click of the closing door seemed to seal his adventure; there was no turning back.

Clipper took a round-about path to the pond so his mom wouldn't catch sight of him. As he walked, he envisioned the thrill of skimming over the ice and hurried his pace. The cold air hit his cheeks and turned his breath to white vapor.

When Clipper arrived at the pond, he sat on a log to put on his ice skates. His eyes sparkled in anticipation of the joy of flying over the ice light as a feather. He only wished he had someone with him to share the excitment. He looked around in hopes that some other pony would be coming down the path, but there was no one in sight.

Suddenly, Clipper felt very lonely and just a little frightened. His mother's warnings rang in his ears and for a moment, his resolve melted away. But then he shook his head to drive away his insecurity, and stood up on his ice skates.

It was a shakey walk to the edge of the pond; Clipper tottered and nearly fell, but finally succeded in reaching the smooth, flat ice. Facing the sheer, shiney surface, his enthusiasm returned. He took one step onto the ice, then slowly began moving his hooves. He found it tricky to keep all four legs moving in the proper coordination, and stayed close to the edge of the pond as he practiced the art of staying upright while on skates. Little by little, he became proficient enough to manage a smooth and steady flow. He smiled and imagined himself skating the canals of Holland with Hans and Gretel.

Needing a challenge, Clipper now eyed the opposite shore and wondered if he dared cross over the center area of the pond. He had been staying at the edge, but the far shore seemed to beckon to him. Taking a deep breath, Clipper headed out to cross the pond. Feeling like an Olympic champion, he sped like the wind. He was thinking of how he must have been born to be a skater when, quite without warning, the bottom seemed to fall out, and Clipper was dropped into the bitter cold water as the ice cracked under his weight. With a terrifying whinny, Clipper disappeared into the watery prison.

* * *
Spike and Wigwam had been tramping about all morning trying to track down an injured white-tailed deer that needed attention. At one point they had spotted the deer in the distance but had lost him when Spike had inadvertently sneezed, spouting fire across the frozen earth. Finally Wigwam suggested, "Maybe the deer headed for the pond to get a drink of water."

"Wouldn't it be frozen by now?" asked Spike.

"Sure," replied Wigwam, "but there would be open water where the spring feeds into the pond."

"Sounds like a good idea then," asserted Spike. "Let's head in that direction."

The two were enjoying the freshness of the crisp air as they walked across the frozen meadow. Wigwam had just shared a rather amusing story with Spike about a time when he and 4-Speed had mistaken a tarantula for a pony comb when the calm was broken by a whinny that struck terror into their hearts.

"Someone's in trouble," called Wigwam as he took off at a gallop toward the pond. Spike hurried after him, and he groaned inwardly as he saw the dark hole in the pond where someone had broken through.

By the time Spike reached the pond, Wigwam had removed a rope from his backpack and was fastening it to the log at the pond's edge. "Spike," he instructed, "you are lighter weight than I am so you will have to carry the rope to whoever that is out there."

Spike nodded silently as he quickly took the rope and crossed the ice. As he neared the hole, he saw a pony bob to the surface. "Clipper! It's Clipper!" Spike got down flat to distribute his weight and continued to the edge of the ice. "Clipper, grab the rope," yelled Spike.

Clipper's mind was cloudy and his hooves were numb, but he recognized the voice of his friend. With a surge of sudden energy, he grabbed the rope in his teeth and clung to it with his front hooves.

"Pull," screamed Spike to Wigwam; both of them began to haul back on the rope, gently but steadily. At first, the ice kept breaking away from the edge of the hole, leaving Clipper in the frigid water; but finally the ice began to hold and Clipper was pulled clear. Wigwam and Spike continued to drag him in until they were sure the ice would support them; then they carried him to shore.

"Spike, if you've ever been able to control your fire, now's the time! Get that log burning to warm this poor little guy up!" commanded Wigwam.

Spike breathed deeply, then blew out....nothing. But on the second try, a burst of flame came and ignited the log. Wigwam laid Clipper within range of the flame's comforting warmth and began massaging his stiff legs. All but one of the skates had fallen to the bottom of the pond in Clipper's frantic efforts to escape. Clipper himself lay silent, with eye's closed.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the numbing cold began to leave Clipper's body. He felt confused and sleepy and scared all at the same time. He was exhausted, yet he opened his eyes to see Wigwam working on him and Spike hovering nearby. He wanted to say "thanks" but no sound came. He knew he was in good hands so he gave himself up to the warmth and the fatigue, and fell asleep.

* * *
Clipper's mom was busy fixing lunch when the doorbell rang. She set down the lettuce she was washing and opened the door.

"Wigwam, Spike, what a ......." She began, but then she realized that the object they carried was her little boy. "Oh, no, Clipper!" she cried. "What happened?" She pulled the trio inside the cozy room. Wigwam laid Clipper on the couch. His mom dropped to her knees by Clipper and began stroking his ice-encrusted mane.

As his mother's tears struck his cheek, Clipper became aware of his surroundings. He opened his eyes and reached out to his mother; she engulfed him in a huge hug, laughing, crying, and questioning. "I thought you were in your room," she kept repeating.

Clipper felt tears burning his eyes. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I snuck out. I wanted to skate so badly."

Clipper's mom wiped the tears from his eyes and held him close. Eventually she asked her son, "And the experience......was it worth it?"

Clipper thought back to the thrill of speeding across the ice with tail and mane flying in the wind and then the sudden drop into the ice-cold water. He looked at his mom and replied, "Mommy, can I have a pair of roller blades for Christmas?"

The Doctor is In!

Doctor Rosedust here. ::shakes iridescent wings and whinnies::

I need suggestions to cover in my column! I need questions on repair and any other kind of ‘medical' help your well loved Ponies might need. I'd like to do this in a "Dear Abby" style. For this month, we will cover how to put tight curls in pony hair! These curls are just what your Candy Cane ponies and ::whinnies:: flutter ponies came from the store in.

You will need soda straws, tough paper towels and no-rust bobby pins. First, cut the paper towels into as many inch-by-inch squares as you will have curls. Then, cut the straws into the length you want your curls to be. Dampen the pony's hair; then put the end paper-- the paper towel-- around the end. Anchor to the straw with a bobby pin, then wrap around the straw in *the same way you want it to look in the end.* Don't wrap the hair on top of itself; wrap it like the stripe on a candy cane around the straw. Bobby pin it in place when you are happy with your curl. (Don't worry; you can redo any mistakes and it will look fine; and this is going to take some practice to do well.) Then, dip the curl in near boiling water and hold it there for a while. Like, a minute or so. Then, set the pony aside to dry. Just let her drip and air dry, and when you take the curler out the following day you should have amazing curls! You can perhaps get even tighter curls using a pipecleaner instead of a straw. I have never tried it. -Dr. Rosedust!


A My Little Pony Collection in honor of the Native Americans:
These ponies would be of the big brother type, and each would come with a pony friend.

For the Southwest-

A turquoise pony with yellow mane and tail and a kachina symbol on his rump. His friend would be a yellow coyote with a green corn symbol on his rump and green hair.

For the Plains-

Sporting a teepee on his rump, this pony would be green with yellow mane and tail; his friend would be a white buffalo with white hair and a peacepipe symbol.

For the Northwest-

A gray pony with blue mane and tail and a totem pole symbol on his rump. His friend would be a black raven with purple hair and a clam shell symbol.

For the Far North-

A white pony with blue mane and tail and a kayak symbol. His pony friend would be a purple walrus with pink hair and a drum symbol.

For the Northeast-

A blue pony with lavender mane and tail and a turtle rump symbol; friend would be a pink beaver with turqoise hair and a star cluster symbol.

For the Southeast-

An orange pony with green mane and tail and a mound temple rump symbol; friend would be a beige panther with blue hair and a pearl bead necklace.


(blue bushwoolie)

The Trouble With Turkeys
by Tabby

Friendly was walking through the walnut grove picking up nuts. As he walked past a clump of goldenrod, Friendly heard a gobble. He looked behind the goldenrod and saw a scared, trembling, turkey.

"Hi!" said Friendly to the turkey. "What are you doing here?"

"Running away," answered the turkey.

"From what?" asked Friendly.

"There were some nasty people who were going to kill me for Thanksgiving!" said the turkey sadly. "So I managed to escape from my pen, and then I found this rainbow. So I climbed up the rainbow and got here."

"That's horrible!" exclaimed Friendly. "Why would anyone want to kill you?"

"For some reason, people think cooked turkey meat tastes good," said the turkey.

"That's sad," Friendly said. "By the way, what's your name?"

"All my friends back home called me Rex," answered the turkey.

"I'm Friendly!" exclaimed Friendly. "Where are you going to go now?"

"I don't really know," said Rex. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Hmmm..." Friendly thought a while, and then said, "I know! You can stay at Paradise Estate with the ponies!"

"So you have ponies, too?" asked Rex. "But why are they staying in an estate? Shouldn't they be in a barn?"

"These ponies are different than the ones you know about," explained Friendly. "They're in all different pastel colors and there're unicorns and pegasuses, too."

"Unicorns? Pegasuses? What in the world are those?" asked Rex, bewildered.

Friendly said, "Unicorns are ponies with horns, and they can all wink and each have their own special power. Pegasuses are ponies with wings and they can fly."

"Only unicorns can wink? Nonsense!" exclaimed Rex, and winked at Friendly. "See? Anybody can do it!"

"Unicorn winking is different," said Friendly. "They can disappear and reappear in a different place."

"That'd be cool to do!" Rex exclaimed. "So let's go on to this Paradise Estate!"

"Okay, just follow me," said Friendly. He got on the path that led to Paradise Estate. Rex followed him, and in a little while they were there. Friendly pushed open the front gate and he and Rex walked inside.

"No one's around," commented Rex.

"They're probably all outside doing stuff," said Friendly. "Do you want something to eat?"

"Sure, that would be great!" exclaimed Rex.

Friendly walked into the kitchen and pulled open the refrigerator door.

"Let's see, there's some apples and lettuce in here... and some cake. That's about all," said Friendly, after looking in the fridge.

After thinking awhile, Rex said, "I'll try some lettuce. Not what I usually eat, but it'll do for now."

Friendly pulled some lettuce leaves off and handed them to Rex. He ate them all up in a few minutes.

"That was pretty good," he said, "but now I'm thirsty. Is there anything to drink around here?"

"You can drink out of the pool," said Friendly. He walked over to the pool with Rex following.

Rex took a sip of water from it and exclaimed, "Wow, warm water! How does it get like that?"

"The pool's heated in autumn and winter," Friendly explained. "Then it doesn't freeze over and the ponies can still go swimming."

"Interesting," remarked Rex. "I want to see some of these ponies; let's go find some!"

They walked outside and found Medley and Sparkler raking leaves.

"Hey, come over here!" Friendly yelled to the ponies. "There's somebody you have to meet!"

The ponies walked over, and Friendly told them, "This is Rex. He's a turkey. He just escaped from over the rainbow from some people who were going to eat him!"

"Nice to meet you!" exclaimed Medley.

"It must have been so exciting to escape!" said Sparkler. "You'll have to tell us all about it!"

"Are you one of those Pegasuses?" Rex asked Medley. "Friendly said Pegasuses have wings."

"It's actually Pegasi," answered Medley. "And yes, I am one."

"And you must be a Unicorn!" Rex said to Sparkler.

"Yup, I am!" exclaimed Sparkler.

"I want to see a regular pony," said Rex. "Are there any around?"

"There's Tootsie over there!" said Friendly. "She's a regular one. They're really called Earth ponies, though."

Friendly and Rex ran over to Tootsie.

"Are you a turkey?" exclaimed Toosie when she saw them. "I've never seen one before!"

"Yes, and I just came here from another land," answered Rex.

"This is just so cool!" said Tootsie. "Just this morning I was wishing I could see a real, live turkey!"

"And I found him!" gloated Friendly. "Come on Rex, I have to introduce you to everyone else."

By supper that evening, all the ponies knew about Rex. Everyone was talking about him.

"His escape story is so SO great!" exclaimed Night Glider to Blueberry Baskets.

"Yes, I know," Blueberry Baskets said. "I especially like the part when he breaks down the fence to get out!"

"And when he had to swim across the river!" added Night Glider.

* * *
The next morning, Friendly was talking to Rex next to the pool.

"What're you going to do today?" Friendly asked him.

Rex answered, "I'm going to try to get back to the farm I escaped from and try to get more of my friends back here. Save as many as I can."

"That's a great idea!" exclaimed Friendly. "I hope it works!"

"Me, too," Rex said. "Well, I guess I'd better start off. I'll see you later."

"See ya!" Friendly called, as Rex walked off.

Friendly wandered around outside, waiting for Rex to get back. When he walked past the garden, he ran into Posey.

"What do you think of Rex?" he asked her.

"He's great!" Posey answered. "I just hope he doesn't get into my garden. Even if everything's pretty much dead, he might damage it somehow."

"I don't think one turkey will do anything," said Friendly. "But when he brings back the others you'd better watch it.

"WHAT??" screeched Posey. "There's going to be MORE?"

"Yes, Rex just left to save more of his friends," said Friendly, "He should be getting back soon."

Posey ran over to the garden gate and locked it. "I hope that keeps them out!"

"It might," said Friendly. "Hey, I think I see him! He's back!" Friendly ran off.

Rex had just reached Paradise Estate when Friendly got there. Behind him were ten more turkeys.

"Is that all of them?" Friendly asked Rex.

"No, there's still five more from my farm. They're coming a little later with turkeys from other places," Rex answered.

"Wow, there's going to be tons of you!" Friendly exclaimed. "Come inside!"

All the turkeys crowded around the pool and took a drink. Then they sat down and rested. Rex told Friendly, "Let me know when some more get here!"

Friendly nodded, and walked off. Half an hour later, he saw another line of turkeys approaching Paradise Estate. He ran over to Rex and said, "There's some more coming!"

Rex said, "Okay, just let them inside when they get to the doors."

Friendly went back to the entrance, and opened the doors when the turkeys got there. He told them to go over to the pool. By the time they had gotten settled, another group of turkeys was there. By evening, Paradise Estate was swarming with turkeys, and there were still more coming. They were starting to stand around outside. A line had formed at the pool, to take turns getting a drink. One turkey was even swimming in it. Some were passing around corn cakes and sunflower seed biscuits to snack on. Another was standing by the oven, making more cakes and biscuits for the growing numbers of turkeys.

Friendly was trying to find Rex. He'd looked all over for him and finally spotted him in the Paradise Estate living room. Friendly pushed his way over to Rex. When he got to him he asked, "Are they all going to stay inside over night?"

"I suppose I can get them to go outside," Rex said. "Do you want them to go out?"

"Oh, no, that's okay," said Friendly. "They can stay in. I'm sure the ponies won't mind."

"But, then, it is getting crowded in here, even for me. Maybe I'll get some to go outside," Rex said. He said something to the turkey next to him and soon Paradise Estate was a lot less crowded. Now there were more turkeys outside, though.

Just then Seashell and Sherbet walked over to the pool.

Seashell said, "Hi, Friendly!" when she saw him.

"Hi! What are you going to do?" Friendly asked them.

"We were just going to go for a swim," answered Sherbet.

Seashell looked in the pool and exclaimed, "Yuck! There're feathers floating all over the place in the water!"

"And there's only about half the water left," added Sherbet.

Sherbet took a step back, and then started screaming and hopping around. "Oh NO! Get if off!"

"What, what is it?" Seashell asked.

"Turkey dung. I just stepped in it!" yelled Sherbet.

Seashell and Sherbet ran off to wash off Sherbet's foot, and Friendly got a hose out to wash off the floor. Then he fished all the feathers out of the pool and filled it up to its normal level. By the time he was done, everyone was asleep. Friendly went home to his Bushwoolies' hole.

* * *
The next few days were the same. The ponies kept getting more and more annoyed at the turkeys. The turkeys kept getting Paradise Estate more and more messed up. Finally Thanksgiving came around.

Friendly and the other Bushwoolies were helping the turkeys set up tables and chairs to eat at. A bunch of turkeys were busy in the kitchen, baking food. Awhile later, everything was set up. All the turkeys, Bushwoolies, and ponies sat down to eat.

Friendly was sitting next to Rex. He tried a corn cake, and had a second because they were so good. Then he was full. Also sitting next to Friendly was Baby Blossom. She complained, "Why isn't there any turkey like last year?"

Blossom whispered to her, "Don't ask that with our guests around!"

After everyone was done eating, Lickety Split brought out ice cream for dessert. All the turkeys thought it was delicious, and Lickety Split gave her ice cream recipe to one of them. Then all the turkies got up and played games, like Spot the Vulture and Run, Turkey, Run.

It was late at night when they finished playing. Then Rex got up and announced, "We turkeys have had a great time here over Thanksgiving, but now that it's past we can all go back home!"

All the ponies felt bad that the turkeys had to leave, even if they had been annoying. Posey even pleaded with Rex that they could stay, but he said they had to go back home no matter what.

So everyone wished them a safe trip home, and the turkeys got in a line to go back over the rainbow. Rex called to them, "But don't worry, we'll be back next year around this time!"

That cheered everyone up. They watched the turkeys climb up the rainbow. It was midnight when they had all gotten across safely.

Friendly went to bed, happy that he had saved all those turkeys from certain death.


Greetings all MLP/Sailor Moon Fans. Do you ever wonder how MLP's would look as Sailor Scouts? Well, now you can have that opportunity. I do MLP art. And I can make them into any Sailor. These ponies have their own Sailor names. I made them all up myself. You can choose one of my Sailor pony names, or you can choose your own. I make Super Sailors, Regular Sailors, and Chibi Sailors(for baby ponies). I don't make Eternal Sailors yet because, frankly, I don't know what they look like. Remember, these are Sailor PONY scouts, not Sailor human scouts. Just send me your MLP alias, or the name if your favorite pony and I'll send you the prices and your sailor name. Thank you for listening. My e-mail is

Sparkler :)


Quarterback's Brownies

2 eggs

1 cup sugar

˝ cup butter or margarine

˝ cup flour

1/3 cup cocoa

1/4 tsp. salt

˝ cup chocolate chips

˝ cup nuts (optional)

1 tsp. vanilla

Grease 8" square pan. Beat egss; blend in sugar and butter/margarine. Add flour, cocoa, and salt; beat until blended. Stir in chocolate chips, nuts, and vanilla. Spread in pan. Bake at 350 degrees until set (about 25 minutes). Cool and frost. This recipe can be doubled and baked in a 9 x 13" pan.



Do you like or dislike Megan, and in which episode did you like or dislike her the most? E-mail me at!

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cleaning tips by Sugarberry

I use Fast Orange hand cleaner to do most of my pony cleaning. It comes in two varieties- smooth and pumice. It's a hand cleaner that mechanics use- found in stores like Fleet Farm.

The smooth Fast Orange takes off ground-in dirt and grease(but not ink or permanent marker). I squirt Fast Orange on the pony(it looks like a white lotion) and brush all over the pony with a toothbrush.

If there is a more stubborn dirty spot, I use the pumice Fast Orange directly on the spot.

(Remember not to scrub over rump patterns, especially sparkly ones)

When the pony is as clean as I can get her, I like to rub some Murphy Oil Soap on her with a soft cloth to finish her off nice.


I give the episode Escape from Katrina ***** 5 stars! I thought it was great. Half the reason is probably because I remember from when I was a kid, but what does that matter? Generally, I liked the original series more. This episode had only one problem, an animation mistake. If you watch the scene where Megan and the baby ponys sing "Let's not take a Nap" watch them play leap frog. Pay close attention to Surprise's forehead (Surprise happens to be a pegasus). You'll notice that she miraculously gains a horn! It disappears later. Other than this amusing mistake, the episode was great, and I highly recommend you snatch it from somewhere.



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