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Issue 94
January 2005

Who is the youngest G3 pony? The "official" answer is Pinkie Pie, because it says on her box that she is the youngest. But where does that leave the babies? Hmm... Well, anyway, here are the winners!

Berry Brite (
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Moonstar (

Honorable Mentions

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Posey (posey@drsasquach)

And our prize winner is Moonstar! You have won Cha Cha's glitter eye gel! Please e-mail me your address and I'll send it off to you right away!

~Contest and Survey are currently on hiatus until further notice~
Holiday Blues (a belated Christmas story)
by Clever Clover (

Belle Star and Coral trudged wearily into New Pony. The city streets were blanketed with snow. The two fillies were cold and hungry, and out of money.

"Oh! What are we going to do?" whined Belle Star. "We spent our last jangles in the last town and we don't know anyone here we could stay with."

Coral grinned. "Don't worry about anything! I'll take care of everything! Come on!" She grabbed Belle Star's foreleg and dragged her down the street. Coral looked about frantically. "I know there's an art gallery around here somewhere."

"Art gallery? Do they have food?"

"Sure, some. But there's much better things to be found at galleries."

"What's better than food?"

Coral's face brightened. "There it is! Come on!" She dragged her friend across the street to a brightly lit building. They stormed up the steps and through the door, almost barreling over a well dressed stallion.

"You two seem to be in a hurry! To tell you the truth, this exhibit isn't really worth getting that worked up over."

Belle Star bowed deeply. "I'm so sorry..."

"It's all right. No harm done. Are the two of you fans of Sergio?"

"Ah... who?" Belle Star scratched her head.

Coral shrugged. "I heard he was an up and coming painter who might just be the next big thing."

The stallion nodded. "Yes, that was last week. His latest efforts have been somewhat lacking. The one to watch now is Rodan."

Belle Star's face brightened. "You mean like in the monster movies?"

Coral and the stallion regarded the tan pony with quizzical expressions. The stallion broke into laughter. "What a breath of fresh air you are, my dear. Now, let me introduce you two to Rodan. I think I saw him just a couple of minutes ago. Oh, by the way, my name's Roger, Roger Smith."

Belle Star bowed. "Oh, nice to meet you Mr. Roger Smith. I am Belle Star."

"And I'm Coral."

"Well, Miss Belle Star, Miss Coral, I'm honored to make your acquaintance. Now, let's find Rodan, shall we." Roger led the two fillies through the crowded gallery, craning his neck to see over the crowd. "Ah, there he is. Eh, Rodan! I've got a couple of ponies I'd like you to meet."

Rodan, a red pony with orange hair, turned from the painting he had been scrutinizing. "Not more critics, I hope. The last thing I need is more criticism."

"Oh, not at all," Roger assured him. "Just a couple of beautiful young fillies with an interest in the arts."

Rodan regarded Coral and Belle Star. "Yes, beautiful indeed. And I am sure much better company than critics. So, you two are interested in the arts? Then whatever are you doing here? I suppose if one needed a new doormat, one of these canvases might do; but art, you'd be better off hanging the palate on the wall than any of these... paintings."

Belle Star looked about the room. "Um, I don't see any paintings."

Rodan clapped his forehooves together. "Well said! You are truly a pony of vision."

Coral nodded. "Yes. It does seem that the works seem to be lacking something. It's like he forgot the meaning of his art."

"Oh yes. I dare say he was blinded by money. Quantity over quality. He gave only enough effort to get himself recognized, and now he's simply trying to get as much money as he can before they realize he's a fraud."

Just then, Belle Star's stomach growled. "I'm sorry. Do you have anything to eat?"

"Well, there are some hors d'oeuvres," said Rodan. "Two beauties like you deserve a proper meal, and some good company. What do you say, Roger? Your treat?"

Roger shrugged. "Oh, I suppose. Can't expect you to dirty your hooves with money."

* * *
The four ponies sat around the table at a rather expensive restaurant. Belle Star looked nervously through the menu. "It's all so expensive."

"Oh, don't worry about it; just order whatever you want," said Rodan.

"Yes, it's not like it's your money."

Belle Star shook her head. "I... I couldn't."

"Why don't I order for you?" offered Rodan.

Roger shrugged. "You might as well..."

"That would be very kind of you," said Coral.

"I'm beginning to wonder why I'm even here," mumbled Roger. "I could have just given you my wallet."

"Nonsense! Your charming personality would have been sorely missed. Besides, you're the one with standing reservations. I doubt the rest of us would have gotten through the door."

Coral and Roger laughed; Belle Star was confused. "Oh, Belle Star!" Coral said. "They're just joking!"

Belle Star smiled and giggled, but didn't join in the full fledged laughter of her companions.

Rodan ordered for the group, and the meal was quite delicious. Once they were finished, Roger asked the girls, "So, what brings you to New Pony for the holidays?"

Belle Star hung her head; Coral answered Roger's question. "Well, Belle Star is having some problems with her boyfriend and she needed some space and time to work out her feelings for him. I figured a cross country trip would do her good, and we just happened to get into town today."

Rodan nodded. "I see."

"Where are you staying? It would be ungentlemanly for Rodan and me not to walk you home."

"We haven't really made any plans yet..."

"Then I insist you stay with me while you're in town!"

Belle Star shook her head. "Oh no! Mr. Roger, you've been too generous already! We couldn't..."

"But Belle Star," Coral cut her friend off, "we don't want the gentleman to think us rude."

"Oh, it's quite all right. If you'd rather make other arrangements, I'd fully understand."

"No!" Coral blurted out. "To tell you the truth, we don't really have any money. We spent our last jangles to buy sandwiches yesterday, and..."

"Oh. Well, in that case I must insist that you stay with me. The streets are no place for a couple of delicate fillies like you to be spending the night. And you'll have a hot breakfast in the morning; in fact, you'll have hot meals for as long as you choose to stay!"

Coral bowed. "You are too kind."

Belle Star followed her friend's lead. "Well, I guess, if you insist..."

"Then it's settled!" announced Rodan boisterously.

Roger shook his head. "I don't think I'll ever understand those artist types."

"But Coral is an artist," Belle Star pointed out.

"Really! Why didn't you say so sooner?"

Coral shrugged. "I'm not really in Rodan's league. I just do portraits and landscapes to pay the rent."

"Well, I've dabbled in painting a bit; never really caught the knack, though," said Roger. "But I still have a small studio set up. If you'd care to do some painting while you're staying with me, you're welcome."

Coral bowed deeply. "Oh! You really are too kind!"

"And I'd love to see some of your work," Rodan said. "I'll have to stop by after you've had a chance to get something done and have a look."

After Roger had payed the bill, the four ponies walked several blocks to Roger's home.

"This is an unusual house," Coral commented at the sight of the imposing facade of the building.

Rodan nodded. "Yes, Roger's father was a banker, and a successful one at that; but he squandered the family fortune and left Roger the debt. To settle the debt, Roger sold the family house, and moved into the bank. Caused quite a stir when it happened, but people have gotten used to it."

Roger led his guests up the front steps into the grandiose lobby of the bank. "This place is every bit as elegant as the house was, but it's much more convenient; within easy walking distance of all the best restaurants and galleries."

Belle Star looked about in awe. The floors were polished marble, fluted columns lined the walls, and the vaulted ceiling was gilded in gold.

Roger ushered them to the elevator. "The living quarters are on the top floor," he explained.

Rodan bowed politely at the elevator door. "I'll be headed home for the night. It was a pleasure meeting you, ladies."

Belle Star returned his bow, and almost got her mane caught in the closing elevator doors.

When the elevator doors opened on the top floor, an old, dark gray pony greeted them. "Ah, Master Roger, you're back. And you've brought guests. I'll go make up the guest rooms."

"Very good, Norman. Now ladies, I forgot to mention, but I have only one rule for my guests: you must wear black."

"Ah, but Mr. Roger..." Belle Star began.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot make any exceptions. It's a matter of aesthetics. Don't worry, the guest rooms have fully stocked wardrobes.

"Norman! Are the rooms ready yet?"

The dark gray pony returned and bowed. "Yes, Master Roger."

"Why don't you show the ladies to their rooms." Roger yawned. "I'm beat. I'll be turning in now."

"Very good, Master Roger. This way, ladies." Norman led Coral and Belle Star down the hallway into a spacious room with a sofa and big screen TV. There were three doors leading from the room. The butler gestured to two of the doors. "Those are your rooms. The third door is the facilities. Feel free to use the telly, but keep the volume to a polite level. If you have any questions, just ring." With that, he gestured to a velvet rope hanging in the corner.

"Ah... I've got a question..." said Coral.

"About the black?" Norman nodded. "Master Roger is an eccentric; he lives in a bank and collects model robots, but he has money and ponies have learned to put up with him. I suggest you just play along."

Coral and Belle Star nodded.

"Very good; now, if that will be all, I'll be turning in myself for the night."

"Good night, Norman," said Belle Star.

"And to you as well," he replied with a bow, and departed.

"Wow! This place is great!" said Coral once Norman was gone.

Belle Star surveyed the richly furnished room in awe. "Yeah, we sure are lucky we ran into a nice pony like Roger."

"Luck had nothing to do with it! You just have to know how to play these society types."

Belle Star was confused.

"Don't worry, these society types are always looking for stray artists to take in. It makes them feel like they're doing a good deed, and if the artist has any talent, they get the credit for 'discovering' the new artist."


"Come on! Cheer up! Just enjoy yourself! That's what we're here for, after all. Now come on, let's check out our new wardrobes!"

The two friends spent several hours going through the various black outfits left them by their host before turning in for the night.

* * *
The next morning, Norman fetched the girls bright and early for breakfast and escorted them to the dining room. Coral was wearing a black vest and Belle Star had a big black bow tied in her tail.

"I hope you ladies slept well last night," Roger greeted them. He wore the same black tie he had worn the night before, or one just like it.

"Oh yes, quite well," replied Coral.

Belle Star yawned.

"Was there a problem with your room?"

"Huh? What? Oh, I'm just not a morning pony, I guess."

Roger nodded. "I see. Well, tomorrow you can sleep in, and Norman will fix you breakfast whenever you get up."

Just then, Norman arrived with the breakfast, eggs, toast and jelly, and a pot of black coffee.

"Oh, do you have any green tea?" Belle Star asked.

"I'm sorry, we only have coffee," replied Norman. "But I can be sure to have some on hand for tomorrow, if you like."

"Oh yes, that would be very nice of you."

"Would you have any requests, Mistress Coral?" the butler inquired.

"Not at all. Good old fashioned black coffee is just fine by me. But would you have any salt?"

The ponies ate their breakfast, Coral finishing several cups of heavily salted coffee, and then Roger showed them to his studio. It was a large room with high ceilings. The entire north wall was glass and offered an excellent view of the city. There were two large easels and numerous canvases scattered about the room. Some of the canvases had unfinished paintings or just sketches, but the majority were empty. There was also a stack of sketchpads and pencils. Across from the windows was a sink and counter scattered with tubes of paint, brushes, knives, jars, and bottles. On the far side of the room from the door, to the east, the windows had been shaded and there was a large table with an elaborate lighting arrangement suspended over it. The whole room smelled of linseed oil and turpentine.

"Well, here it is. Feel free to use any of the canvases; I don't plan on finishing any of them."

Belle Star regarded one of the unfinished paintings. "It doesn't look that bad to me."

Roger blushed. "Oh, you flatter me. But I'm sure Coral will be able to point out their failings. Now, I've got to be going. You two enjoy yourselves and if you need anything, just ring Norman."

Roger left and Belle Star continued to regard the painting. "Ah, Coral, what do you think?"

The painter studied the painting. "Hm, I'd say his failing as an artist is lack of self-confidence. This is actually pretty good, for a beginner." Coral picked up the canvas and set it on an easel.

"You're not going to paint over it, are you?" Belle Star whined.

"Of course not! I'm going to finish it!"

While Coral gathered supplies from around the room, Belle Star went to investigate the table at the far end of the room. She pulled the string to turn on the lights suspended over the table to illuminate a detailed model of the city. She looked out the windows and then back at the model; it was a perfect likeness for the city below the studio, except for the giant robots. Unlike the city outside the window, the model was devoid of giant robots wreaking havoc. Actually, it was the other way around; model robots wreaked havoc on the model city.

"Wow!" Belle Star leaned close to the model to study the intricate details. She was so lost in the detail of the miniature world that she didn't realize she was leaning too far over the table and was about to lose her balance. But just before she extended herself across that line, Coral called out to her.

"Belle Star, could you give me a hand with this for a minute?"

"Oh! Yes." Belle Star spun around, bumping into the table, knocking half the robots over. "Oh my!" she fretted, turning back to the table. "Now what have I done? Mr. Roger is going to throw us out on the street now!"

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll forgive you. Now just come here and give me a hand before you cause any more trouble."

"Oh, all right." Belle Star helped Coral move the easel until the light was to her liking. Then Coral began to paint. Belle Star watched for a while as she began to fill in the foreground on the unfinished landscape. But she soon got bored watching her friend paint and wandered off. She sat down next to the stack of sketchbook and began to flip through them one by one. This bored her quickly, as they were mostly empty. She picked up one of the pencils that laid next to the stack of books and began to doodle on one of the blank pages. After half an hour of intensive drawing, she held up the sketchbook for Coral to see, a drawing of two ponies in a heart.

"It's me and Clever Clover!" Belle Star announced proudly.

Coral glanced at the drawing and smiled. "That's pretty good, but you're supposed to be getting your mind off of him. Why don't you try drawing something else? How about something for the holidays?"

Belle Star hung her head. "Oh. All right." And she began to draw again.

When Coral was finished with the painting, she turned to her friend, who had been quiet for quite some time. "So, what have you come up with?"

Belle Star showed her friend her new drawing, a huge Christmas tree in a grandiose hall, all decked out for the season.

"Wow! That is really great! Would you mind if I did a painting of it?"

Belle Star tore the page from the book and handed it to her friend. "I'd like that." Then she went back to sketching.

Coral paused for a moment before returning to the easel. "Belle Star, don't feel bad. I know you miss Clever Clover, but you've got to get your mind off him if only for a little while. It's for your own good." Belle Star didn't reply. While Coral was taking the finished canvas from the easel, Belle Star wiped a tear from her eye.

Coral spent the rest of the day painting Belle Star's Christmas tree, but Belle Star had grown bored with her drawing by early afternoon. She wandered from the studio and bumped into Norman, whom she asked for a bag of potato chips. With her chips in hoof, she went to the room adjoining the guest rooms to watch some TV.

It was early evening when Roger returned. He found Coral putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree when he arrived.

"That is brilliant!" he beamed. "You are truly a great artist!"

Coral smiled. "Well, I can't take all the credit. The idea was Belle Star's." She held up the drawing her friend had done.

"Well, you are both very talented. Now, where is Belle Star?"

"She is watching the television," Norman informed him.

"Well, bring her here! This painting, and the two lovely fillies responsible for it, are going to be the centerpieces for my Christmas ball!"

When Norman returned with Belle Star, the tan pony's eyes welled up with tears at the sight of the finished painting. "It... it's just like Malachite Castle, two years ago. Oh, that Christmas was so romantic; it was sort of like Clever Clover's and my first date."

Coral shook her head. "You are hopeless."

Roger looked thoughtfully at the painting. "This Clever Clover is the one she's having trouble with? That sort of intense emotion is always good for a creative mind. If only I'd had someone as dear to me as that, maybe my paintings would have amounted to something. Oh well. Christmas is only two days away, and if the two of you are going to be the stars of the party, you'll have to go out tomorrow and buy some nice clothes, something tasteful, in black."

* * *
The next afternoon (Belle Star slept until noon), Coral and Belle Star hit all the most exclusive dress shops in New Pony, with a note from Roger promising to pay for any purchases in full, as long as the dresses were black. Coral was thoroughly enjoying herself. Belle Star, however, was rather down. Coral was aware of her friend's emotional state, but had learned better than to try and cheer her up. All she could do was wait it out.

When they got back to the bank, they found Norman in the process of decorating the lobby.

"Could you use a hand with that?" Coral offered.

"That's very kind of you, but I don't think Master Roger would approve of his guests laboring alongside the hired help. But don't worry, I'll manage."

Coral shrugged and made for the elevator. Belle Star set down her bags and walked over to the pile of decorations that still needed to be hung. She picked up a large wreath and asked, "Where does this go?"

Norman stared at her for a moment then smiled. "That would look quite excellent over the front entry. There is a step ladder in the closet next to the elevator."

"I'll get it!" called out Coral. A warm grin spread across Belle Star's face.

The girls spent most of Christmas Eve helping Norman finish decorating, much to Roger's objections. By evening, everything was ready for the grand ball on Christmas day, and Rodan stopped by to wish his friend a Merry Christmas, and to deliver some Christmas presents. He had one for everyone- Roger, Coral, Belle Star, and even Norman- and he insisted that they open them immediately, though they were only wrapped in the bags of the boutiques he had bought them at earlier that day. For Roger there was a bright red scarf; for Coral, an art book; for Belle Star, a charm bracelet with a gold star charm; and for Norman, a black bow tie.

They sat and talked for much of the night before turning in. Rodan slept on the couch. They were up bright and early the next morning, even Belle Star, who was actually up by nine o'clock.

On Christmas morning, Roger was the one handing out gifts. He started by giving his butler a bright red scarf that looked surprisingly like the one Rodan had given him the night before. Norman was so moved that he gave Roger a black bow tie. Rodan received a black beret. For Coral there was a set of very expensive paintbrushes; and for Belle Star, a silver star charm for her bracelet.

"Your gifts are so wonderful, both of you; I only wish I had something I could give you in return," said Belle Star.

"Nonsense!" replied Rodan. "A gift is not truly a gift if one expects to be repaid!"

Roger nodded. "Besides, we all know you two don't have any money. As far as we're concerned, your company is gift enough."

"Here here!" added Rodan.

"Right-o," Norman chimed in.

* * *
The evening came, and the ball started. Coral's painting of the Christmas tree hung high on the wall in the bank lobby. Roger insisted that the girls be available for the first couple of hours of the ball at least so that they could be shown off. Coral was reveling in the attention, but Belle Star was uncomfortable. It was only an hour into the ball when she excused herself for some fresh air.

The fresh cold air felt good as she walked down the front steps of the bank. "I'll just go for a walk around the block," she said to no one in particular. She walked slowly, almost oblivious to the world around her, except for the snow. She had always liked the snow. It was so pure, and clean, and gentle as it drifted down to earth. She watched a large snowflake land on her nose. It lifted her spirits, a little. Just then she heard something from across the street, the sound of laughter. She looked, and saw five baby ponies having a snowball fight in a park. She walked over toward them.

"Merry Christmas!" she greeted them. "But what are you doing out here all by yourselves this late at night?" Now that she was closer, Belle Star could see that the baby ponies seemed not to have bathed in quite some time.

One of the babies, a little boy, blue with red hair, looked up at her and shrugged. "We don' 'ave no place 'go."

Another baby, a little filly, tugged on Belle Star's skirt. "A' you a pwincess?"

Belle Star smiled at the little pony. "No. But I do know a princess, and a prince."

The little girl's eyes widened. "Wealy? Tew me bou' the pwince an' pwincess!"

"All right." Belle Star sat down on a park bench and set the little girl on her lap. "Would the rest of you like to hear a story?" The other baby ponies gathered around and stared at Belle Star with rapt attention.

"Well, once upon a time there was a brave and handsome prince who lived in a far away land. And this prince had three friends, a pirate, a princess, and a common girl. The pirate and the princess both wanted to marry the prince, and they fought furiously over him, but the common girl was happy just to be his friend. One day, the prince and his three friends went for a walk in the woods, but it started to snow very hard. They all got separated and lost, but the brave prince was determined to find his friends. He found the princess and the pirate and took them to a cave where they would be safe from the storm. Then he went looking for the common girl. He looked and he looked, and just when he thought he would never find her, he stumbled onto the place where she had taken refuge from the storm next to a big rock. The prince was overjoyed to find his lost friend, because she was the one he truly loved, and right then and there he asked her to marry him."

"Oh! Oh!" cried the little girl pony in delight. "What did she say?"

"Well, at first she didn't believe that the prince was really asking her, the common girl, to marry him. She thought it was just a dream brought on by the cold. But when she felt the prince's warm forelegs around her, she knew that it was true, and she said yes!"

"And did they live happiwy eva' afta'?" asked the little girl.

Belle Star's smile faded a bit. "I... hope so." She took a folded piece of paper from her purse and handed her drawing of her and Clever Clover to the little girl. "There, you see? It's the prince and his common girl."

The little girl looked at the page with wide eyes full of wonder, then handed it back to Belle Star, but the tan pony shook her head. "You keep it, as a Christmas present."

"Oh! Tank you vewy much!"

Belle Star set the little girl down. "Now, I want you to go get your parents, your brothers and sisters, and all your friends, and I'll give you all a Christmas present!"

"Yay!" the little ponies cheered in unison as they scampered off in all directions.

* * *
Roger surveyed the crowd at his ball. Coral was playing her part well, but Belle Star was nowhere to be seen. Then something caught his eye that seemed out of place, a scraggly looking pony wearing a tattered and dirty scarf. Not wanting to make a scene, Roger made his way toward the out-of-place pony. But on the way he noticed another, and another, a whole swarm of dirty street ponies! Then he saw Belle Star, leading them to the buffet!

"Belle Star!? What is going on here!?"

The tan pony stepped forward with a big grin upon her face. "These are my dear friends, and I asked them over for a bite to eat."

Roger was flabbergasted. His mouth opened and closed several times, but no words came out. An awkward silence fell over the room. The silence was soon broken by the sound of clapping hooves. "Bravo! Bravo, Belle Star!" It was Rodan. "You truly are a breath of fresh air!"

Roger began to laugh. "Yes, well done! Any friend of yours is surely welcome at my party! Please, all of you, enjoy yourselves. And have a Merry Christmas, everyone!"


No Looking Back
by Sugarberry (

"I still can't believe you accepted my invitation," Splotch said, dropping onto the sofa. She and Icon had spent the holidays in Happy Hollow with Splotch's family, and her lightly issued suggestion that her sister accompany her and Icon back to Woodlawn for some rest and relaxation had surprisingly been accepted with alacrity.

A dedicated royal lawyer in Queen Majesty's service, Lattice would normally have laughed at such an idea, pointing out that she had far too much work to tend back in Golden City. This year, however, she had seemed to anticipate such an invitation and had accepted it with sincere pleasure.

Lattice, Icon, and Splotch had journeyed to Woodlawn still surrounded by the merriment of the season so that the journey had been quite pleasant, but the sight of her and Icon's simple but comfortable apartment had reminded Splotch how much she had come to consider Woodlawn her home. Tucking her legs under her, she now shot her sister an inquisitive glance, awaiting her elder sibling's response.

"If you must know the truth, Mom was pushing hard for me to spend a week with her and Dad. Now, you know I love them both dearly; but with Ripples at the house, too, I just couldn't say yes."

Splotch giggled, hugging a pillow to her. "It's not so much Ripples as those two brats of hers. I hope cousin Ranger returns home before Mom and Dad run out of patience."

"Mom and Dad would do anything for Ranger; he was more of a son to them than a nephew... which makes this a good time to ask, Splotch, which are you yearning for, a son or a daughter?" Lattice asked, her eyes twinkling.

"Icon is determined that because he is from a family of boys and that Vanguard has so far issued nothing but boys that our firstborn will be a son also. But Mom and Dad had only the two of us and Stillwater has both a girl and a boy, so I'm not so sure." Her expression became soft and wistful. "But I couldn't care less which sex it is, Lattice. Just think, when summer comes, I'll have a little one to care for. Isn't it exciting?"

Lost in her enchanted thoughts, Splotch did not notice the shadow of unhappiness cross Lattice's face; and the entrance of Icon caused both mares to abandon their private musings. In his hooves was a freshly baked pizza from the local parlor and a motel key. "You're room is all set, Lattice. I drew the line at emptying your suitcase, however. It's waiting for you inside the door."

"Thank you, Icon," Lattice grinned. "I appreciate you help... and your good sense."

"I still don't understand why you won't stay here with us," Splotch pouted, uncurling her legs and standing wearily. "You know you're welcome."

"I love the two of you dearly," Lattice smiled, "but I remember too well the disagreements you and I had when we were at home yet." Lattice fixed Splotch with a teasing look. "And don't say those days were perfect. You and I often didn't see things in the same light."

"Don't you think we've outgrown our petty differences?" asked Splotch, refusing to remember the rivalry she had once felt toward her too-perfect sister or to admit to her own temper that could be unsettling to those around her.

Icon and Lattice shared a knowing look before Icon intervened. "Lattice explained that she wants to be free to come and go as she pleases. This is her respite, after all, and she shouldn't feel obligated to be at our beck and call." He flicked a kiss across his wife's cheek. "Now, let's eat this pizza before it's as cold as the night."

"I am hungry," Splotch admitted, sending Lattice and Icon into uncontrolled laughter. Pregnancy had turned her into a ravenous creature, as everyone who knew her well was aware.

"Boy or girl, this foal is going to be a butterball," Lattice choked, hugging her sister to her.

"From what I hear, Coppice is a bit on the chubby side," Splotch defended.

"Sugarberry and Vanguard are in town, you said."

"Yes, for a few days."

"Good. It will be nice to see them again... and meet the newest member of their family."

* * *
Several blocks away, Sugarberry and Vanguard were eating supper with Vanguard's parents. Banderol sat in the highchair while Coppice slept peacefully in the next room. Floral Breeze was just serving the dessert when the phone rang.

"You answer it, Sugarberry. It's probably Splotch, letting us know she and Icon are safely home."

Floral Breeze was right, and Sugarberry and Splotch had a lighthearted visit. "Lattice is here?" Sugarberry questioned as that information was relayed. "How wonderful for the two of you to have this time together."

"Well, she's distancing herself by staying at the motel.

"I'm sure she didn't want to intrude."

"Yeah. That's what she said."

Another voice came on the line. "Sug, is that you?" Icon asked. " I just got one sister-in-law settled and now I get to say goodnight to another."

"How nice to hear your voice, Icon. You made good time on your journey back from Happy Hollow."

"No thanks to Splotch. We had to stop at every restaurant on the way."

In the background, Sugarberry could hear a wail of protest. Sugarberry giggled, but defended the mother-to-be. "Don't be too hard on her, Icon. You have no idea how she's feeling."

"She feels as good as ever to me," Icon retorted, and Sugarberry could hear him deliver a sloppy kiss to Splotch and could imagine the bear hug she had received along with it. She rolled her eyes.

"No wonder Lattice didn't want to stay with you two."

"Speaking of Lattice, Splotch and I are going to show her the town tomorrow evening. Could you and Vanguard meet us at Hood's Place around eight?"

"Only if you and Splotch and Lattice will have lunch here with us at noon." She and Floral Breeze had already discussed that option.

"Sounds great; we'll be there. And remember, make extra for Splotch."

Sugarberry shook her head as the phone went suddenly dead; she knew that Splotch was making Icon pay for his teasing remark. She reseated herself at the table and glanced sweetly at the others. "Icon and Splotch are home and already at dagger's drawn."

Whirlpool chuckled. "Everything's normal, then." He shrugged. "Those two sure do love to haggle."

* * *
Hood's Place was a festive environment with barely an empty chair or stool. Icon had made sure that everyone in the small town of Woodlawn had heard that there would be out-of-town visitors at the popular ice cream shop. Some local residents came to look in awe upon one of Queen Majesty's cohorts; some showed up to critique Sugarberry's latest romance book; the majority came because of a relationship to Vanguard.

Besides Splotch and Icon, the third brother in Vanguard's family, Stillwater, arrived with his wife, Morning Dew. This left Floral Breeze and Whirlpool at home babysitting not only Banderol and Coppice, but also Droplet and Cascade. The brothers' closest cousin, Chiffon, and her husband, Tribute, were in attendance as were other cousins at home in Woodlawn- Stormy, Biscuit, Petal, Cadet, and Silver Frost. Friends and neighbors filled out the numbers.

Those who had come to get a glimpse of Lattice, whose high-ranking position put her in daily contact with the leading citizens of Ponyland, were to be disappointed. There was no doubt that she was sophisticated and beautiful; but if they had not known better, they would have mistaken her for one of their own. She talked animatedly with everyone, regardless of status. She laughed over local humor, shared amusing anecdotes that offended no one, and listened politely to arguments concerning governmental policies.

Throughout it all, however, an astute observer would have noted that Lattice's gaze often rested on the ice cream shop's front door as if awaiting the arrival of someone special. Her perusal of every new face that came into the shop was discreet but pointed; and as the evening grew later, her enthusiasm waned as if she had given up the hope of seeing whomever it was that she was watching for.

"Are you tired, sis?" Splotch leaned over to ask, concerned that Lattice seemed to be wilting. She knew that Lattice normally had unflagging energy. "You didn't pick up a cold or flu from those runny-nosed brats of Ripples, did you?"

"I feel just fine. I'm on vacation, remember? I don't have to meet any deadlines, so I probably look lethargic by comparison." Lattice smiled and patted Splotch's hoof assuringly. "I'm having a great time."

Interrupted by the talkative Vivi, Splotch turned her attention to that friend and missed a series of events that might have given her a clue to Lattice's preoccupation.

The door to Hood's Place had opened, and a soft-beige mare stepped in out of the cold; she took one look at the crowd of ponies inside and turned back to the door where a fawn-colored stallion followed. She whispered something into the stallion's ear, and both ponies grinned companionably before entering further into the noisy diner.

Lattice's attention had been caught by the entrance of the young mare, the sight of her triggering some forgotten recognition that Lattice could not pinpoint. The stallion following so close behind, though, triggered a completely different emotion in the royally-connected mare.

Her face in the first moment had registered total approval, as if this was the pony she had been waiting for; but upon seeing the stallion respond so familiarly with the mare, a look of confusion had enveloped her. Lattice watched as the stallion escorted the mare to one of the few empty chairs, then turned her eyes away. Only then did Lattice realize that Icon was asking her if she wanted coffee or soda, and she shook her head dismally.

"Neither, thank you."

"Are you okay?"

Unusual for her, Lattice returned a sharp retort. "Would you and Splotch stop worrying about me as if I'm some sort of invalid?" Realizing how trite that sounded, she reached out to touch Icon's foreleg. "I'm sorry, Icon. The trip must have tired me more than I realized. Would it ruin the evening if I quietly slipped out the back door?"

Throughout this exchange, Lattice had lost track of the fawn-colored stallion; now he spoke from close to her shoulder.

"I'd be disappointed, Lattice. I've barely had a chance to get a good look at you."

Lattice turned her head, her gentle dove-gray eyes meeting the stallion's tawny ones. "A... Anchor. How nice to see you again." Her words were sincere, yet there was an edge to them.

"It seems like an age since you were in Woodlawn last."

"Only six months ago," Lattice returned coolly, referring to the time of Icon and Splotch's wedding in which Lattice and Anchor had served as one of the attendant couples. "How have you been?"

"Busy," Anchor said, drawing back as if he sensed Lattice's reticence. "But I'm sure your schedule puts mine to shame."

Icon intervened. "Lattice is here to escape work, so no shop-talk. How's Cammie enjoying her stay?"

"Like she enjoys everything... to the limit. I'm sure Splotch has informed you of her suggestions to improve the office."

"Actually, Splotch is afraid you'll hire Cammie to replace her."

With a chuckle, Anchor shot an admiring glance in the direction of the beige mare. "As much as I love Cammie, I don't want to put up with her in my office for any length of time."

"It'll be great, though, if she decides to fill-in for Splotch when the foal's born."

"We'll see; she can be a hoof-full." Anchor turned again to Lattice, his voice suddenly formal, his eyes hooded. "It was nice seeing you again. I wish you well in the new year." And before Lattice could respond, he turned and walked back to the waiting Cammie.

Icon had turned his attention to some good-natured kidding from his cousins, so Lattice was free to pursue her own thoughts for the moment. She watched as Anchor returned to Cammie's side; she saw Cammie cast a bright smile on him and pull him into the chair next to hers; she noted the fact that Anchor draped a foreleg around her shoulder as the two of them engaged Blake and Silver Frost in conversation; and she felt her heart constrict as is something very important had just wafted away, for it had been Lattice's intent in coming to Woodlawn to ascertain whether or not she and Anchor could possibly cultivate a future together.

What she had seen stifled that hope.

* * *
Lattice raised her head from the motel pillow to check the time and groaned. Raising a foreleg to cover her eyes, she debated getting up and unpacking one of the books she had left in her luggage, but found she did not have the energy to move. She had not slept well all through the night; and now, at four in the morning, she was feeling the adverse effects of her insomnia.

For the most part, she was exasperated with herself. What had come over her that had turned her decisive, career-oriented personality into that of a waffling romantic. She could not believe the resentment and envy she had felt toward Cammie when she did not even know the young mare. Lattice felt herself floundering, pulled by some force she did not understand.

All Lattice knew for sure was that for the months since Splotch and Icon's wedding, she had looked back on her time spent with Anchor as something of a reprieve, a calming experience that had seen her through some trying times of late in Golden City.

The mare rubbed a weary forehoof across her eyes. She had met high-ranking stallions without blinking an eye; worked with wealthy, influential businessponies without a twinge; conversed with movie stars without a flutter. Then why could she not get Anchor out of her mind? Why did an deep-seated peacefulness invade her being when she relived the hours that she and Anchor had shared as attendants to Icon and Splotch?

Why did every day of her future now seem bleak and lonely?

Good grief! Lattice chastised herself. She stared at the ceiling, lit only vaguely by the outside lights being filtered through the drawn curtains. I came close to making a complete and utter fool of myself by declaring my feelings to Anchor. How he would have squirmed to be faced with my dream of a life together when he has already found the mare of his own dreams.

A lone tear trickled down Lattice's cheek and soaked into the pillowcase. Lattice angrily dashed her hoof over her cheek, refusing to allow her emotions to run away with her. She rolled over, ignoring the glaring red numbers of the digital clock, her mind made up.

Tomorrow morning, she would take control of her life again. She would leave Woodlawn behind and return to Golden City. That settled, she fell into a dreary sleep.

* * *
"No!" Lattice groaned, covering her ears with her pillow. The telephone on her bedside stand was ringing, loudly and incessantly. When the eighth ring sounded, Lattice knew she was defeated. Opening one bleary eye, she gasped to see it was already nine-thirty in the morning. Always an early riser, Lattice was dismayed. She sat up, throwing the covers to the side, and jumped out of bed, picking up the receiver in the same motion.

"Lattice here." She was pleased that her voice sounded as if she was in complete control.

"Did I get you out of the shower?" Splotch's voice asked.

"You're lucky I heard the phone at all," Lattice prevaricated.

"Well, I would have called you earlier, but I thought you might be sleeping in on your vacation. I should have known better. But isn't the snow beautiful? I bet you're glad you got here when you did, or you would have been stranded along the road somewhere."

"The snow..." Lattice moved to the windows and pulled back the drapes, her mouth gaping open as she took in the fluffy white mounds of snow that had enveloped the earth overnight and that was still falling. "Oh, yes, it's beautiful all right," she said pleasantly, but her face registered a severe grimace. So much for her plans to escape Woodlawn as quickly as possible. Not even her personal self-determination would allow her to face the hazards involved in traveling in such weather.

"Why don't you come down to the office, and we'll have lunch together. The sidewalks were shoveled earlier, so you shouldn't have too difficult a walk. Just be careful. Icon's going to join us, too."

"I was thinking..."

"He's treating us to lunch at Fernwood; Biscuit promised us royal treatment, in lieu of you being here. Can you meet us here at twelve-thirty?"

Lattice could not help but smile. "Twelve-thirty? Can you hang out that long?"

"I'm eating a snack now to tide me over," Splotch informed her sister. I've got fruit, cheese, and crackers..."

"That sounds healthy and nourishing."

"... and some frosted sugar cookies from Floral Breeze."

Lattice laughed. "I should have known."

"I'm eating for two now," Splotch defended. "And believe me, this little one is as hungry as I am."

In a wave of an unnamed sorrow, Lattice was engulfed once more with all of her feelings of disappointment from the previous evening. Her shoulders slumped, and she moved to sit down on the bed. Struggling to stifle the black mood that had settled on her, she forced a smile to her lips. "You'll be a great mother, Splotch."

"I hope so, Lattice! Sometimes I can't believe that Icon and I are going to be parents. Am I ready for all that responsibility?"

"Take it one day at a time," Lattice advised, "and you'll do just fine."

"Thanks, Lattice. Your confidence in me is appreciated. Oh! I have to take another call. Don't forget, be here by twelve-thirty... no later!"

Setting down the phone, Lattice sighed. One day at a time. That was advice she was going to have to use herself.

* * *
Arriving at Anchor's downtown legal office, Lattice stopped a moment to brace herself. She would remain pleasant and in control of herself if Anchor happened to be present; he need never know what thoughts she had entertained in regard to their mutual future. She would meet him as one legal professional to another, with polite reserve. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Her resolve was squelched in the first moment. Clustered around the receptionist's desk stood Splotch, Icon, Anchor, and an older pony that Lattice had not previously met, all of them laughing over something the fourth pony in the scenario had said. In the chair behind the desk sat Cammie, her brown eyes sparkling with merriment.

"I promise you I won't make that mistake again," Anchor was saying. "Robby, you can have complete confidence in my ability to handle your situation."

The unknown stallion, Robby, gave Anchor a friendly punch in the shoulder. "Make sure you do it up right, or I'll transfer my account to Cammie as soon as she settles here." With that, Robby headed for the door, coming up short as he encountered Lattice. "Excuse me, ma'am," he smiled as he walked around her and stepped outside where the snow was once again accumulating on the sidewalk.

"Lattice!" Splotch exclaimed, coming to her sister's side. "Don't just stand there with the door open! We'll all freeze to death!"

"I... I didn't want to interrupt," Lattice stuttered, avoiding looking at either Anchor or Cammie. "Icon, I hope I haven't kept you waiting."

"You're right on time; and now that Robby is gone, Anchor can close up the office so we can all get something to eat."

"All?" Lattice questioned, her gaze unconsciously meeting Anchor's.

"I hope you don't mind that Cammie and I are joining your luncheon," Anchor said, frowning slightly as he realized that Lattice was disturbed by his inclusion in the party.

Lattice could think of nothing original to say. "The more, the merrier," she managed, hating her use of the trite phrase. She tried to smile, but found her lips set stiffly in a straight line.

Cammie stood up and moved around the desk. "Anchor's been promising to take me to Fernwood forever, but something always comes up. Icon was kind enough to invite me." She sent an appealing pout Anchor's direction, then kissed Icon's cheek.

Anchor looked at Cammie sternly, then grinned at Lattice. "You haven't been introduced to Cammie yet, have you? Lattice, I'd like you to meet my baby sister who is a sore trial to all the family. Cammie, this is..."

"I don't need to be told who this is," Cammie stated, coming forward to extend her hoof to a dazed Lattice. "I know you're Queen Majesty's best lawyer... as well as the prettiest. I'm honored to meet you."

"Thank you, Cammie," Lattice managed, looking at the mare closely. How had she missed the obvious similarities between the two ponies? Although Cammie was a much paler shade of Anchor's fawn coloring, the brother and sister were crowned with dark green manes, although Cammie's sported apple green highlights. But it was the eyes that branded them most effectively as siblings... brown orbs that could deepen to rich chocolate or pale to a mellow topaz. "It's a pleasure to meet you, too. I heard last evening that you're helping out at the office here."

"Yup! I'm on semester break from Binksville University, so Anchor is giving me a chance to earn some money."

"I'm trying to give her some direction in her life," Anchor intoned. "She has no idea what she wants to major in."

"And big brother is pushing me toward a career in the legal profession," Cammie grimaced. "I'm not so sure."

"That's the whole idea," Anchor argued. "After a month of working here, you'll have a better idea of what's involved and can make up your own mind."

"You promise you won't put me on a guilt trip if I opt out?" Cammie asked.

"I promise."

"Well, then, let's get out of here," Splotch said, grabbing Icon's forehoof and pushing Lattice ahead of her out the door. "Minikin and I are hungry."

"Minikin?" Lattice asked, turning her head to meet Icon's gaze.

Icon shrugged and grinned. "It's a temporary name for the foal."

"How... original," Lattice said

"You realize that he or she will be stuck with that for a nickname for the rest of his or her life," Anchor laughed.

"It's better than being called bratling," Cammie sniffed, casting her brother a sideways glance.

"The name fit... and still does," Anchor retorted. Everyone laughed as Cammie sent her brother a withering glance and a hoof-full of feathery snow.

Lattice's attention, focused on her companions' antics, did not notice an icy patch on the sidewalk and her back leg began to slip out from under her; but Anchor was at her side in an instant, steadying her with a strong foreleg. His touch sent a tingling sensation along Lattice's dark pink side, but all too soon he released her and put some distance between them, causing Lattice to shiver from the cold.

"Thanks for sparing me a sudden set-down," she stated softly, wishing he would offer his protection once more.

"I wouldn't want to face our queen's wrath if something happened to extend your stay here in Woodlawn," Anchor brushed off the thanks, not knowing how much his stark words froze Lattice's heart.

* * *
Impressed with Fernwood's luncheon menu, Lattice enjoyed the meal, yet added little to the bantering conversation carried on by the other four ponies at the table. Her emotions were on a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows as she assimilated the fact that Anchor was unattached romantically, yet seemingly uninterested in her as nothing more than Queen Majesty's royal assistant. Lattice gave no thought to the fact that she had been less than encouraging in her recent attitude toward the stallion.

She noted the familiarity with which Anchor interacted with his sister and Splotch and Icon and felt the cool politeness with which he addressed her. His manner was charming and correct, but Lattice longed for some sign that he held her in some affection on a personal level. She was so absorbed in her own bleak thoughts that she did not hear Splotch's question until she became aware of a hoof waving in front of her face.

"Lattice, stop mulling over your latest court case," Splotch reprimanded. "We need your input on our sledding party."

"Sledding?" Lattice asked, blushing slightly, glancing at her companions. What would they think of her if they knew where her thoughts were taking her?

Icon explained. "There's a hill just outside of town that's perfect for sledding. Stillwater and Vanguard and their families are going to join us there tomorrow," Icon gestured to include everyone at the table, "and Mom's fixing lunch. Does that sound okay to you?"

"I haven't been sledding since I was in grade school," Lattice hesitated. "I'd be happy to help Floral Breeze prepare lunch, though."

"Oh, no, you don't!" argued Splotch. "You're here to have a good time, and I'm going to make sure you do!"

"But, I..."

"Oh, do come, Lattice," Cammie begged. "It'll be such fun!"

Lattice looked from one to the other of the pleading faces of Cammie and Splotch, and her heart skipped a beat as she saw that Anchor, too, seemed to be begging for her acquiescence. "Okay," she capitulated. "I'll come along. But," she warned in her most authoritative lawyer's voice, "I'm not promising anything more than to watch."

"Great!" squealed Cammie.

Lattice did not miss the wink that Anchor sent her way, and she found herself looking forward impatiently to the morrow's activities.

* * *
"I've said it before, and I meant it: I'm not going down that hill on a sled," Lattice said, the tone of her voice leaving no room for doubt. She had refused to take on the steep slope, shaking her head emphatically whenever she had been offered the opportunity of an empty sled.

"But, Lattice," Cammie wailed. "You're missing all the fun!"

"That's not true, and you know it," Lattice argued. "I've been cuddling shivering foals while they wait their turn on the slope, and that's more than enough fun for me."

She had thoroughly enjoyed the foals' companionship- and their innate honesty- over the course of the outing and would have accompanied them and their mothers back to Floral Breeze's home if Cammie and Splotch had not intervened, convincing her to stay and watch one final race which was to include Icon, Anchor, Vanguard, Stillwater, and Cammie herself.

Splotch was relegated to the sidelines with Lattice, as Icon refused to let her take the steepest run for fear of doing harm to the unborn foal. She had, instead, taken runs with Banderol, Droplet, and Cascade on the gentler slope that offered safety as well as a taste of the sport. Splotch was now situated at the end of the run to determine the winner.

As Icon and his brothers and Cammie lined up at the starting line, Anchor held back. "I concede victory to one of you," he grinned when Cammie took him to task for chickening-out. "I'm fully aware that I lack the talent to be a champion sledder... and I've been in the snowbank enough for one day."

"Coward!" Cammie shot back as she positioned herself on the sled, maintaining a low profile to provide the least resistance.

Lattice took up her position to signal the start of the downhill race and sent the participants on their way. She watched gleefully as the four contestants pushed off, noting that Cammie actually jumped the gun by a few seconds. The only sound was of the metal runners slipping through the snow as the racers concentrated on keeping their bodies streamlined and their sleds aimed at the fastest areas on the slope.

"Oh my gosh!" Lattice choked as she watched Cammie maneuver her sled in front of Stillwater's, causing that stallion's sled to careen to the side when the runners screeched together momentarily. Stillwater recovered full control, but lost his lead. At the base of the slope, Vanguard skidded out of control and hit a bare patch of ground that brought him to a sudden stop, allowing Icon to pass his brother by. Icon and Cammie were neck-and-neck coming into the finish line, but Cammie made the mistake of celebrating a victory too soon, lifting her head to shout a depreciatory remark at Icon which only served to slow her pace enough that Icon won the margin of victory, much to Splotch's glee. She greeted her husband with an exuberant hug that sent both of them onto the cold snowy ground, and Splotch's laughter echoed up the hill to where Lattice stood.

Again, a feeling of loneliness washed over the mare as she watched her sister and Icon share a tender kiss before Icon accepted the congratulations of the other racers. When they turned to wave and shout goodbye did Lattice realize that she was alone with Anchor at the top of the hill. She resisted the urge to call the others back, fighting against a self-consciousness that she had not felt since she was a teenager. She wildly searched her mind for something to say that would not sound too forward but would open the door between her and Anchor.

She opened her mouth and turned to comment on the race, but closed it abruptly when she found Anchor standing close beside her.

"We can take the slow route down or jump on the sled and close the gap between us and the others," Anchor said, his eyes laughing down at her.

"I'm sorry Cammie lost the race."

"She'll be fine," Anchor chuckled, nodding toward the disappearing ponies. Lattice followed his gaze and saw that the young mare was indeed enjoying her loss as she peppered the others with snowballs which they returned in kind. Cammie's laughter tinkled back through the wintry air. "But I think we should get you back to a warm house before you suffer from frost bite." He took her hoof in his and tugged her toward the sled. "The sooner, the better."

"I'm not all that cold," Lattice protested, offering little resistance to Anchor's gentle prodding. She found his touch comforting to the extreme and felt warmed by it. Right at this moment, she did not care if she ever went home- not as long as Anchor's brown eyes looked at her so caringly.

"Come. We'll take the sled down."

Anchor settled himself on the sled without releasing his grip on Lattice and pulled her down in front of him, wrapping his forelegs protectively around her. "Now trust me in this," he whispered in her ear, gathering the rope lead in one hoof and pushing off from the summit with the other.

For a moment, Lattice was terrified by the thought of hurtling down the slope; but as the sled picked up speed and she was forced to lean back into Anchor's strength, she relaxed, enjoying not so much the wind against her face and the rate at which they were traveling as the proximity of Anchor and the comfort she experienced from his nearness and the knowledge that he would protect her from any harm. In a moment of blinding clarity, she knew that she had fallen totally and irrevocably in love with Anchor. In the next moment, she found herself half-buried in a snowbank as the runner encountered the edge of a snow-covered rock and tipped, expelling its occupants.

* * *
"Sorry about that," Anchor grinned, his face only inches from hers. "Are you okay?"

"So much for trusting you," Lattice snipped, feeling the chill of the cold snow settling into her body. She struggled to sit upright, but Anchor blocked her progress.

"Here, let me help," he suggested, rolling over to get to his hooves and offering her his assistance. He pulled her effortlessly up, and the two stood facing one another for a second or two, their gazes locked, before Anchor slowly and deliberately lowered his head to meet her lips. Lattice closed her eyes in anticipation and...

"Lattice! Are you okay? You're not going to faint, are you?" Cammie's worried voice echoed through Lattice's senses. "Anchor, how could you do something so stupid as to spill Lattice off the sled?!! She might have broken something, and then what would Queen Majesty do? And you call me the irresponsible one!"

Cammie tucked Lattice's foreleg possessively in her care and led her after the stallions who had stopped to wait for the runaway Cammie who had- unfortunately for the tender moment that was budding between Anchor and Lattice- witnessed the sled's mishap. Lattice's emotions were running rampant after that near kiss, and she had no energy to resist the younger mare's ministrations. She did, however, dare a quick glance at Anchor who still stood where Cammie had found them, bewilderment clouding his face.

Bewilderment, Lattice wondered, over having dared the attempt to kiss her?

Suddenly, Lattice saw what had happened between them from a different perspective... and she cringed. What if Anchor had been merely going to whisper a warning that Cammie was coming to smother her with unnecessary concern? And she had responded in so wanton a manner as to prepare herself for his kiss! What must he think of her!

She turned her eyes away, wondering how she could ever face him again.

* * *
The weather was turning colder, and Lattice was feelings the effects of it and her dumping off the sled by the time the party reached Floral Breeze's comfortable haven. Icon made sure she was cozily situated in front of the fireplace where the warmth of the burning wood could sooth her battered muscles and ease her aching heart.

She had seen little of Anchor. He had seemed to avoid her on the walk to the house, keeping his distance and letting the others carry on the conversation. Once inside, Anchor had disappeared entirely, stepping into the living room only for a moment to announce that he had to meet with a client over some unexpected development; he had made his apology to Floral Breeze and bid a general goodbye to the rest of the guests with barely a glance in Lattice's direction. Lattice needed no further proof that she had misread his intent and that he had been repulsed by her reaction.

* * *
Regardless of her troubling day, Lattice had no trouble sleeping that night and awoke the following morning at her regular time, rested and energetic. She had showered and curled her shimmering white hair and then had packed her luggage which now stood waiting at the door. All she had to do now was place a call to Splotch, informing her that she had been called back to Golden City on an emergency. That this was a lie had no significance. She had been chasing a pipe dream; and now, knowing it to be false, she was ready to move on.

Startled to hear a knock on the door, Lattice frowned. She had specifically told Splotch and Icon not to disturb her this morning, claiming fatigue as her excuse. She should have known it would only make Splotch all the more concerned. "Oh, well," she sighed. "It will save me making a phone call to break the news."

Upon opening the door, however, she found not Splotch but Anchor awaiting her. In the stallion's hoof was a tissue-wrapped parcel that could only be flowers. He seemed anxious, as if unsure of his welcome.

"Good morning, Lattice. I wanted to apologize for my poor handling of the sled yesterday." He offered her the flower bouquet, which she unconsciously accepted. "Cammie said she thought you were hurt, but unwilling to admit it. I hate to think I caused you pain."

Raising a hoof to silence the stallion, Lattice smiled. "Please, don't be concerned. I suffered no ill effects from the incident. I'll admit that I never felt quite so cold, but that was nothing you did."

"You certainly look well." He visibly relaxed. "I was wondering... have you breakfasted yet? We have an excellent little diner that I'd like to introduce you to."

"Under other circumstances, I would be pleased to accept; but I've been summoned back to Golden City by Queen Majesty. I'll be leaving within the hour."

"You're leaving... so soon?" The disappointment on Anchor's face was easy to read.

"That's part of the job; I'm sure you understand." Lattice felt her resolve begin to crumble, so she hastily added. "I really am pressed for time..."

"I'll take myself off then," Anchor said, his eyes searching her face as if memorizing every detail. "Have a safe journey, Lattice."

"Thank you. And good day to you as well." Lattice turned quickly and closed the door, unable to keep up the charade any longer. She closed her eyes against the welling tears and fought them down. Her future did not include a life with Anchor, nor with any stallion. What had taken possession of her to even consider the matter? She was married to her career.

Opening her eyes, Lattice dashed away one stray tear that had escaped, then headed for the telephone to inform Splotch of her plans. She was very anxious to get away from Woodlawn and back to her busy world. And, she promised herself, there would be no looking back.

As if to seal her vow, Lattice dropped the flower bouquet, without a glance, into the wastebasket.


Dreamscape III
by Clever Clover (

Clever Clover sat in the midst of the blackness. He had lost track of time, not that time had any meaning in a dream. He had already talked to his parents, and another ghost whom he didn't recognize, but that seemed like ages ago. He was beginning to wonder if another ghost was going to appear to him, or if he would wake up soon. "I wish something would happen. All this black is getting boring."

"Well," said a voice from out of nowhere, "I don't know if this counts as something, but I wouldn't mind having a little conversation to pass the time."

Clever Clover shrugged. "That'll do. My name's Clever Clover."

"Oh yes, you're quite well know among certain circles. I'm pleased to finally have the chance to meet you."

"I'm flattered. But I didn't catch your name."

"Ah, but what is in a name?"

"Now, don't go getting all poetic on me."

"I'm sorry. But I found his work, so insightful and inspiring. I thought it might lighten the mood."

"Normally I'd be all for some classical literature, but this dream has been rather frustrating. I just wish someone would give me some answers."

A tall, thin, dark red stallion stepped out of the darkness. "Forgive me for my insensitivity, my prince. As to my name, it would mean little to you; and if this is a dream, what meaning would it have anyway?"

"You have a point, but otherwise I'll just have to call you 'hey you'."

"You have a point. My name is Mescal."

Clever Clover shook his head. "You're right, it doesn't ring any bells."

The dark stallion nodded. "Well, if it will help you relate, you are acquainted with my children, Hemlock and Nightshade."

"What! You're from the Night Clan?!"

"I didn't think it would come as such a shock, especially considering the circumstances."

"True. And that last ghost struck me as a Night Clan sort, especially with a daughter named Toadstool. But Sanjiro isn't a Night Clan name. Do you know who she was talking about? She said I was close to Toadstool, but I don't know anyone who goes by that name."

Mescal shrugged. "She must have been from before my time."

"You know, I didn't even know Hemlock and Nightshade's father was dead. Why am I dreaming about his ghost?"

"Hm, good question. Maybe this isn't a dream at all."

"So what, am I dead?"

Mescal shrugged again. "Maybe your consciousness has opened up to a new level of awareness. It is not unheard of for ponies who have suffered some traumatic event to suddenly find themselves with the ability to see and communicate with spirits."

"Right. So I hit my head and now I can see ghosts? Then why can't I see anything else?"

"Well, I would hypothesize that your conscious mind is unaware of any of this, possibly not aware of anything, while your sub-conscious wanders in the dark places that your conscious mind was ignorant of, or unwilling to accept."

"Ah... okay."

Mescal grinned. "Sorry. I am a wizard, you know. This sort of thing is second nature to me. Perhaps it is best not to question what and why, and just enjoy the company. So, what do you want to talk about? Nothing too heavy, hm, how about women?"


"Women, you know, fillies. Minoko, Morning Glory, Belle Star. What I want to know is how you do it? How do you get so many beautiful fillies just throwing themselves at you? Not that it will do me any good now, being dead and all, but I'd like to have some good advice to pass on to Hemlock. He's always been a little shy with the fillies, you know."

Clever Clover didn't know what to say. "I did not know that," was all he could come up with.

"Oh yes. He seems to have a crush on this Enchantment from Malachite Castle, but whenever she's around, he turns to jelly. When I was his age I was sweeping the fillies off their hooves. I didn't have them throwing themselves at me like you do, but if I put my mind to it, I could win the heart of any filly I chose."

Clever Clover shrugged. "To tell you the truth, it's not like I go out looking for fillies; they just sort of come looking for me."

"Ah, I see. Playing hard to get. I was too impatient for that sort of thing. Some ponies say the chase is half the fun, but I prefer to get right to the death of the relationship. Like they say, 'time is money' and 'a penny saved is a penny earned'."

Clever Clover scratched his head. "All right. I'll just take your word for it. As for me, I always liked, 'slow and steady wins the race'."

Mescal nodded. "Yes, I see. Well, I guess it worked out all right for you. That Belle Star is quite the catch. Not that the other two wouldn't be just as fine. Oh, if only I were still alive..."

"Ah, Mescal, not to be a downer, but I think I would be lax in my duty as prince and regent not to take advantage of this opportunity to find out what I can about the Night Clan."

Mescal shook his head clear. "Quite right, duty before pleasure. What is it you'd like to know?"

"Well, for one thing, what happened to them while the rest of the clans were making the trek to the isle?"

"Well, you know how the Atlanteans scattered the clans. The Night Clan had the ill fortune to end up under the governorship of an ambitious pony named Zotikos. He sought to use our wizardly abilities to place himself on the imperial throne. To make sure no one interfered with his plans, he had us secreted away to a dark isle well away from the watchful eye of the imperial authorities.

"But once Atlantis fell, his dreams were shattered, though he would not let them die. His ghost haunted our island. He possessed our leaders and drove them to paranoia. He had us convinced that the other clans had abandoned us. By the time I came to power, even I was convinced that the other clans were against us and we had to stand strong on our own against the world. And I guess that is why my children turned out the way they did.

"I finally learned my lesson, but it was too late. Zotikos' plans were set into action, and I was not part of them. Jack O Lantern took my place as leader of the Night Clan, even though he was not of the clan. I wish I could have done something to stop him, but I was too old.

"But I have had some opportunity to speak with my son recently. Hopefully I have been able to heal some of the damage I have done during my life."

"I... see. Well, you have been very helpful, assuming this is more than just a dream. Thank you, Mescal."

"You are welcome, my prince."

And Clever Clover was once again alone in the blackness.


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